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Plants grown happily by strange2u

Common nameLatin nameLocation
Aconitum Species, Aconite, Blue Monkshood, Monk's Coule
Aconitum napellus
Aconitum napellus Hinsdale, il
Aconitum, Carmichael's Monkshood, Wolfbane 'Arendsii'
Aconitum carmichaelii
Aconitum carmichaelii Hinsdale, il
Allium Species, Canadian Garlic, Meadow Garlic, Hyacinth Meadow Garlic
Allium canadense
Allium canadense Hinsdale, il
Allium Species, Chives, Wild Chives, Flowering Onion
Allium schoenoprasum
Allium schoenoprasum Hinsdale, il
Allium Species, Lady's Leek, New Mexican Nodding Onion, Nodding Pink Onion
Allium cernuum
Allium cernuum Hinsdale, il
American Basswood, American Linden, Whitewood, Beetree Linden
Tilia americana
Tilia americana Hinsdale, il
Aquilegia Species, Canadian Columbine, Wild Columbine
Aquilegia canadensis
Aquilegia canadensis Hinsdale, il
Aquilegia, European Columbine, European Crowsfoot, Granny's Bonnets 'Winky Blue and White'
Aquilegia vulgaris
Aquilegia vulgaris Hinsdale, il
Artemisia, Satiny Wormwood, Mugwort,Schmidt Wormwood 'Silver Mound'
Artemisia schmidtiana
Artemisia schmidtiana Hinsdale, il
Asiatic Dayflower, Blue Dayflower
Commelina communis
Commelina communis Hinsdale, il
Bachelor's Button, Cornflower 'Blue Boy'
Centaurea cyanus
Centaurea cyanus Hinsdale, il
Bidens Species, Bearded Beggarticks, Swamp Marigold, Western Tickseed
Bidens aristosa
Bidens aristosa Hinsdale, il
Big Bluestem, Turkeyfoot
Andropogon gerardii
Andropogon gerardii Hinsdale, il
Black Pussy Willow 'Melanostachys'
Salix gracilistyla
Salix gracilistyla Hinsdale, il
Black Walnut
Juglans nigra
Juglans nigra Hinsdale, il
Blue Camas, Atlantic Camas, Quamash, Wild Hyacinth
Camassia scilloides
Camassia scilloides Hinsdale, il
Border Forsythia 'Lynwood Gold'
Forsythia x intermedia
Forsythia x intermedia Hinsdale, il
Canna Lily 'Cherry Red'
Canna x generalis
Canna x generalis Hinsdale, il
Carrot 'Parisienne'
Daucus carota
Daucus carota Hinsdale, il
Castor Bean, Caster Oil Plant, Mole Bean, Higuera Infernal
Ricinus communis
Ricinus communis Hinsdale, il
Chameleon Plant 'Chameleon'
Houttuynia cordata
Houttuynia cordata Hinsdale, il
Cinquefoil, Shrubby Cinquefoil 'Goldfinger'
Potentilla fruticosa
Potentilla fruticosa Hinsdale, il
Common Goldstar, Eastern Yellow Star Grass
Hypoxis hirsuta
Hypoxis hirsuta Hinsdale, il
Common Periwinkle, Creeping Myrtle, Flower-of-Death
Vinca minor
Vinca minor Hinsdale, il
Common Ragweed, Annual Ragweed, Annual Bur-Sage
Ambrosia artemisiifolia
Ambrosia artemisiifolia Hinsdale, il
Creeping Charlie, Gill-over-Ground, Ground Ivy, Hedgemaids, Alehoof
Glechoma hederacea
Glechoma hederacea Hinsdale, il
Curly Parsley
Petroselinum crispum
Petroselinum crispum Hinsdale, il
Cypress Vine, Star Glory, Hummingbird Vine
Ipomoea quamoclit
Ipomoea quamoclit Hinsdale, il
Dark Opal Basil 'Purpurascens'
Ocimum basilicum
Ocimum basilicum Hinsdale, il
Eastern Cottonwood
Populus deltoides
Populus deltoides Hinsdale, il
Eastern Redbud, Canadian Redbud, Judas Tree
Cercis canadensis
Cercis canadensis Hinsdale, il
Echinacea Species, Eastern Coneflower, Eastern Purple Coneflower
Echinacea purpurea
Echinacea purpurea Hinsdale, il
Eggplant 'Black Beauty'
Solanum melongena var. esculentum
Solanum melongena var. esculentum Hinsdale, il
Engelmann's Daisy, Cut-leaf Daisy
Engelmannia peristenia
Engelmannia peristenia Hinsdale, il
Eulalia, Maiden Grass, Zebra Grass, Chinese Silvergrass 'Strictus'
Miscanthus sinensis
Miscanthus sinensis Hinsdale, il
Eurybia Species, Forked Aster
Eurybia furcata
Eurybia furcata Hinsdale, il
Flower Of An Hour, Venice Mallow
Hibiscus trionum
Hibiscus trionum Hinsdale, il
Genovese Italian Basil 'Genovese Italian'
Ocimum basilicum
Ocimum basilicum Hinsdale, il
Giant Foxtail
Setaria faberi
Setaria faberi Hinsdale, il
Gomphrena, Rio Grande Globe Amaranth 'Strawberry Fields'
Gomphrena haageana
Gomphrena haageana Hinsdale, il
Grape 'Concord'
Vitis Hinsdale, il
Grape Hyacinth
Muscari armeniacum
Muscari armeniacum Hinsdale, il
Hairy Bittercress, Common Bittercress, Snapweed, Shotweed
Cardamine hirsuta
Cardamine hirsuta Hinsdale, il
Hardy Geranium, Spotted Geranium 'Album'
Geranium maculatum
Geranium maculatum Hinsdale, il
Heirloom Dahlia, Ball Dahlia 'Kaiser Wilhelm'
Dahlia Hinsdale, il
Hemlock Waterparsnip
Sium suave
Sium suave Hinsdale, il
Honeysuckle Fuchsia 'Koralle'
Fuchsia Hinsdale, il
Horse Chestnut, Conker Tree
Aesculus hippocastanum
Aesculus hippocastanum Hinsdale, il
Vernonia fasciculata
Vernonia fasciculata Hinsdale, il
Japanese Fantail Willow, Dragon Willow
Salix sachalinensis
Salix sachalinensis Hinsdale, il
Joe Pye Weed 'Gateway'
Eutrochium maculatum
Eutrochium maculatum Hinsdale, il
Kentucky Coffee Tree, Kentucky Coffeetree
Gymnocladus dioicus
Gymnocladus dioicus Hinsdale, il
Lamprocapnos Species, Bleeding Heart, Old-fashioned Bleeding Heart
Lamprocapnos spectabilis
Lamprocapnos spectabilis Hinsdale, il
Little Bluestem
Schizachyrium scoparium
Schizachyrium scoparium Hinsdale, il
Littleleaf Linden
Tilia cordata
Tilia cordata Hinsdale, il
Lobelia, Annual Lobelia, Edging, Trailing Lobelia 'Crystal Palace'
Lobelia erinus
Lobelia erinus Hinsdale, il
Lonicera Species, Yellow Honeysuckle
Lonicera flava
Lonicera flava Hinsdale, il
Miniature Collerette Dahlia 'Awaikoe'
Dahlia Hinsdale, il
Mountain Cornflower, Mountain Bluet, Perennial Cornflower 'Amethyst in Snow'
Centaurea montana
Centaurea montana Hinsdale, il
Mugo Pine, Mugho Pine, Swiss Mountain Pine, Mountain Pine
Pinus mugo
Pinus mugo Hinsdale, il
New England Aster, Hardy Aster, Michaelmas Daisy 'Purple Dome'
Symphyotrichum novae-angliae
Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Hinsdale, il
Norwegian Cinquefoil
Potentilla norvegica
Potentilla norvegica Hinsdale, il
Oregano 'Katy's Grandmother's'
Origanum Hinsdale, il
Pin Oak, Swamp Oak
Quercus palustris
Quercus palustris Hinsdale, il
Pink Ladies, Mexican Evening Primrose, Showy Evening Primrose
Oenothera speciosa
Oenothera speciosa Hinsdale, il
Prairie Dock
Silphium terebinthinaceum
Silphium terebinthinaceum Hinsdale, il
Prairie Dropseed
Sporobolus heterolepis
Sporobolus heterolepis Hinsdale, il
Prairie Junegrass
Koeleria cristata
Koeleria cristata Hinsdale, il
Purple Bergenia, Chinese Bergenia
Bergenia purpurascens
Bergenia purpurascens Hinsdale, il
Raspberry, Red Raspberry, European Raspberry
Rubus idaeus
Rubus idaeus Hinsdale, il
Ratibida Species, Gray-headed Coneflower, Pinnate Prairie Coneflower
Ratibida pinnata
Ratibida pinnata Hinsdale, il
Rudbeckia, Black-Eyed Susan, Gloriosa Daisy 'Toto Lemon'
Rudbeckia hirta
Rudbeckia hirta Hinsdale, il
Rudbeckia, Black-Eyed Susan, Orange Coneflower 'Goldsturm'
Rudbeckia fulgida
Rudbeckia fulgida Hinsdale, il
Sawtooth sunflower
Helianthus grosseserratus
Helianthus grosseserratus Hinsdale, il
Sedum, Showy Stonecrop 'Autumn Fire'
Sedum Hinsdale, il
Sedum, Showy Stonecrop 'Autumn Joy'
Sedum telephium
Sedum telephium Hinsdale, il
Showy Sunflower
Helianthus laetiflorus
Helianthus laetiflorus Hinsdale, il
Shreve's Iris, Southern Blue Flag
Iris virginica var. shrevei
Iris virginica var. shrevei Hinsdale, il
Antirrhinum majus
Antirrhinum majus Hinsdale, il
Snowy Wood Rush, Lesser Woodrush 'Ruby Stiletto'
Luzula nivea
Luzula nivea Hinsdale, il
Species Daylily, Orange Daylily, Tawny Daylily, Ditch Lily
Hemerocallis fulva
Hemerocallis fulva Hinsdale, il
Species Narcissus, Wild Daffodil
Narcissus x gracilis
Narcissus x gracilis Hinsdale, il
Spiny Amaranth, Edlebur, Needle Burr, Thorny Pigweed, Calaloo, Calalu
Amaranthus spinosus
Amaranthus spinosus Hinsdale, il
Spring Beauty, Good Morning Spring, Virginia Springbeauty
Claytonia virginica
Claytonia virginica Hinsdale, il
Sweet Iris, Variegated Orris Root, Dalmation Iris, Variegated Sweet Iris, Zebra Iris 'Variegata'
Iris pallida
Iris pallida Hinsdale, il
Sweet Joe Pye Weed
Eutrochium purpureum
Eutrochium purpureum Hinsdale, il
Sweet Pepper 'Gypsy'
Capsicum annuum
Capsicum annuum Hinsdale, il
Sweet Pepper 'Gypsy'
Capsicum annuum
Capsicum annuum Hinsdale, il
Sweet Woodruff, Our Lady's Lace, Sweetscented Bedstraw
Galium odoratum
Galium odoratum Hinsdale, il
Swiss Chard, Seakale Beet 'Bright Lights'
Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla
Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla Hinsdale, il
Switch Grass, Wand Panic Grass
Panicum virgatum
Panicum virgatum Hinsdale, il
Symphyotrichum Species, Eastern Line Aster, Panicled Aster, Wild Aster
Symphyotrichum lanceolatum
Symphyotrichum lanceolatum Hinsdale, il
Symphyotrichum Species, New England Aster, Hardy Aster, Michaelmas Daisy
Symphyotrichum novae-angliae
Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Hinsdale, il
Symphyotrichum Species, Smooth Blue Aster, Smooth-leaved Aster, Glaucous Aster, Wild Aster
Symphyotrichum laeve
Symphyotrichum laeve Hinsdale, il
Tomato 'Polish Linguisa'
Lycopersicon lycopersicum
Lycopersicon lycopersicum Hinsdale, il
Tulip Poplar, Tulip Tree
Liriodendron tulipifera
Liriodendron tulipifera Hinsdale, il
Velvet Leaf, Butter Print, China Jute
Abutilon theophrasti
Abutilon theophrasti Hinsdale, il
Virginia Bluebells, Virginia Cowslip, Lungwort Oysterleaf
Mertensia virginica
Mertensia virginica Hinsdale, il
Virginia Mountain Mint, Wild Basil, Prairie Hyssop
Pycnanthemum virginianum
Pycnanthemum virginianum Hinsdale, il
Virginia Strawberry, Wild Strawberry
Fragaria virginiana
Fragaria virginiana Hinsdale, il
White Baneberry, White Cohosh, White Doll's Eyes
Actaea pachypoda
Actaea pachypoda Hinsdale, il
White Snakeroot
Ageratina altissima
Ageratina altissima Hinsdale, il
Wild Bearded Iris
Iris germanica
Iris germanica Hinsdale, il
Wild Bearded Iris
Iris germanica
Iris germanica Hinsdale, il
Wintercreeper Euonymus 'Variegatus'
Euonymus fortunei
Euonymus fortunei Hinsdale, il
Woodland Sunflower
Helianthus strumosus
Helianthus strumosus Hinsdale, il

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