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Plants grown happily by zone10

Common nameLatin nameLocation
Adenia venenata
Adenia venenata San Diego, ca
Aeonium arboreum var. rubrolineatum
Aeonium arboreum var. rubrolineatum San Diego, ca
Aeonium 'Sunburst'
Aeonium San Diego, ca
Agave, Deformed Agave, Deformed Century Plant
Agave difformis
Agave difformis San Diego, ca
Agave, Foxtail Agave, Dragon-Tree Agave, Smooth Century Plant, Spineless Agave
Agave attenuata
Agave attenuata San Diego, ca
Agave, White-Striped Century Plant 'Alba'
Agave americana var. medio-picta
Agave americana var. medio-picta San Diego, ca
Aloe dorotheae
Aloe dorotheae San Diego, ca
Aloe 'Cynthia Giddy'
Aloe San Diego, ca
Aloe, Aloe Mitre, Gold-Tooth Aloe 'Variegata'
Aloe perfoliata
Aloe perfoliata San Diego, ca
Aloinopsis rosulata
Aloinopsis rosulata San Diego, ca
Deilanthe peersii
Deilanthe peersii San Diego, ca
Antimima ventricosa
Antimima ventricosa San Diego, ca
Asclepias, Pineneedle Milkweed, Threadleaf Milkweed
Asclepias linaria
Asclepias linaria San Diego, ca
Bush Morning Glory, Morning Glory Tree, Badoh Negro, Borrachero, Matacabra
Ipomoea carnea
Ipomoea carnea San Diego, ca
Cheiridopsis pillansii
Cheiridopsis pillansii San Diego, ca
Chihuahua Flower
Tacitus bellus
Tacitus bellus San Diego, ca
Crassula barbata
Crassula barbata San Diego, ca
Crassula columella
Crassula columella San Diego, ca
Cup Kalanchoe, Walking Kalanchoe
Kalanchoe synsepala var. dissecta
Kalanchoe synsepala var. dissecta San Diego, ca
Dwarf Tree Fern, Silver Lady Fern
Blechnum gibbum
Blechnum gibbum San Diego, ca
Echeveria 'Pappy's Rose'
Echeveria San Diego, ca
Euphorbia bupleurifolia
Euphorbia bupleurifolia San Diego, ca
Gasteria excelsa
Gasteria excelsa San Diego, ca
Golden Yellow Cape Honeysuckle 'Aurea'
Tecoma capensis
Tecoma capensis San Diego, ca
Gomphocarpus, Swan Plant Milkweed, Tennis Ball Bush
Gomphocarpus fruticosus
Gomphocarpus fruticosus San Diego, ca
Gymnocalycium bruchii
Gymnocalycium bruchii San Diego, ca
Haworthia 'Hayashi'
Haworthia San Diego, ca
Ivy Geranium, Ivy-leaf Geranium 'White Mesh'
Pelargonium peltatum
Pelargonium peltatum San Diego, ca
Japanese Sedum 'Limelight'
Sedum makinoi
Sedum makinoi San Diego, ca
Lee's Dwarf Snowball Cactus, Lee Pincushion Cactus
Escobaria sneedii subsp. leei
Escobaria sneedii subsp. leei San Diego, ca
Mammillaria hernandezii
Mammillaria hernandezii San Diego, ca
Mexican Weeping Bamboo
Otatea acuminata subsp. aztecorum
Otatea acuminata subsp. aztecorum San Diego, ca
Morten Bay Chestnut, Morton Bay Chestnut, Moreton Bay Chestnut, Black Bean Tree
Castanospermum australe
Castanospermum australe San Diego, ca
Rebutia arenacea
Rebutia arenacea San Diego, ca
Saucer Plant
Aeonium urbicum
Aeonium urbicum San Diego, ca
Senecio scaposus
Senecio scaposus San Diego, ca
Southern Star
Oxypetalum caeruleum
Oxypetalum caeruleum San Diego, ca
Tower of Jewels
Echium wildpretii
Echium wildpretii Jamul, ca
Tower of Jewels, Pride of Tenerife, Tajinaste, Taginaste
Echium pininana
Echium pininana San Diego, ca
Trichodiadema bulbosum
Trichodiadema bulbosum San Diego, ca
Variegated Starburst Bush, Shooting Star
Clerodendrum quadriloculare var. brandonii
Clerodendrum quadriloculare var. brandonii San Diego, ca
Vriesea Bromeliad, Imperial Bromeliad
Vriesea imperialis
Vriesea imperialis San Diego, ca

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