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Mailing Address:
636 Myers Cove Road
McMinnville, Tennessee 37110-6930 (United States)

Phone: 1-800-426-0958

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Positive JeanLewis
Hickory, NC
(1 review)
May 19, 2015
I ordered a number of plants back in the Fall of 2014 and this Spring I noticed one of the Pink Mulhwy was not growing so I reported it to Greenwood Nursery and they responded soon with a replacement. I will be ordering again from them since I know they guarantee their plants.
Positive Sofi
Colts Neck, NJ (Zone 7a)
(5 reviews)
May 18, 2015
My recent order from Greenwood Nursery really exceeded my expectations. I received 40 Vinca minor "Ralph Shugert" in four inch pots and they were outstanding. Each one had several long mature stems and many new ones developing in the center. Every pot was full of healthy roots. I will be back for more!
Positive juni2085
Rolling Meadows, IL
(1 review)
May 15, 2015
I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with Greenwood Nursery’s customer service! I placed a purchase for some old fashioned lilacs for a Mother's Day gift for my mother-in-law. I was not sure if I may have missed the season window for shipping or not, so I shot an email out to their customer service department. Cheryl from Greenwood Nursery responded almost immediately to my email and let me know that she was working with Brenda in scheduling to be sure that my plants shipped in time for Mother’s Day. Not only did she respond right away, she also sent me a follow up email letting me know that there was no reason to worry, Brenda was on it! And to top it off, Cheryl followed up after the plants shipped to let me know if there were any questions or concerns about anything, or any help with planting, that my mother-in-law could contact her directly and she would be more than happy to help her out. These are employees who really care about not only their products, but their customers! I cannot wait to order again through Greenwood Nursery!
Positive EastGreenwich
East Greenwich, RI
(1 review)
May 8, 2015
Ordered some rose bushes for my sister in Arkansas, to memorialize her late father in law. The plants were shipped in April as promised, and they arrived with buds already on them ready to plant. She is thrilled with the first blooming, and they are doing exceptionally well. Very helpful personnel at Greenwood Nursery, and it was my first time ordering from them. I will keep them in mind for future plant needs!
Positive Muffin17
North Chelmsford, MA
(2 reviews)
May 5, 2015
I ordered 100 bare root Vinca Minor which arrived on schedule and surpassed my expectations. Because the price was so reasonable, I expected very small plants with limited roots. To my pleasant surprise, the plants and their roots are VERY SUBSTANTIAL. I would order from Greenwood Nursery again and advise other gardeners not to hesitate.
Positive RBIA
Lenox, IA
(1 review)
May 1, 2015
Hello... just a note to thank you for my plants. For those that are new in gardening,like me; I must tell you that Greenwood's plants are twice as big, with leaves and greens, than the other nurseries that I ordered from. I am starting a "grass garden" and have ordered many ornimental grasses from different places. As I receive them, I will tell you that,for example-
three Karl Foerster grasses from you were a foot tall and about 8 inches wide... the other guys' arrived, and were 4 inches high and three inches across (A PLUG), as if they mowed the yard first, before potting them for me. Just about the same price, and 3.5 inch pots for both.As a bonus for me, you put my first two orders together to save me 2 shipping charges. Needless to say, I ordered more things last night from Greenwood Nursery.
Positive jaynelg
La Grange, TX
(1 review)
April 17, 2015
This was an excellent online ordering experience. I was unsure when I ordered 3 Bi-Color Butterfly Bushes from Greenwood. I really wanted the Bi-Color and could not find them anywhere locally. This was a first time order and I didn't know what to expect. Their communication was great. The let me know when they would be shipping my order and I received another email the day the order actually shipped. It arrived one day before the actual delivery date :) . I was concerned the plants in the 4" pots would be tiny/wilted/dead looking. I was SO pleased when I found plants much larger than I had expected and in perfect condition...the soil was still slightly damp. I planted them right away and they are already growing. I highly recommend Greenwood Nursery! Can't wait for my plants to bloom. Thank you Greenwood!
Positive danielslye
Des Moines, IA
(1 review)
March 24, 2015
I just placed my fourth or fifth order with Greenwood Nursery. I ordered honeysuckle, red twig dogwoods, lilac and giant pussy willows. The pussy willows are just that - GIGANTIC. In fact, I had no idea they'd grow taller than my house. The dog woods I planted en masse and at first wasn't sure if they'd grow so closely together. They did and make a beautiful winter hedge when they are all red (a beautiful contrast against a backdrop of Iowa snowy winters). The honeysuckle are growing and in fact I received one extra plant when placing my order (not sure why). The lilac bushes a doing quite well, though I wish they'd grow as fast as the pussy willow. They are fragrant and healthy. I had two dogwoods that didn't make it, and Greenwood Nursery quickly replaced them the following year (NO QUESTIONS ASKED). I plan on purchasing ground cover plants this year (sedum) and possibly some fruiting trees. I have referred my neighbors and friends to purchase, which is a big deal to me. I would not refer my close friends and family to just anywhere. Greenwood Nursery is great IMHO.
Positive pisces8
(1 review)
July 14, 2014
This is the first time I've ordered from Greenwood Nursery. My plants arrived very healthy, and the packaging was excellent. My plants are growing very well.

I wanted to comment on receiving trees that look like dead sticks. Thirty nine years ago, I ordered a weeping cherry tree from a catalog. I received a four foot dead-looking stick, but planted it. After a period of time, I was ready to pull it out, but my husband said to leave it alone. Seven years it bloomed, and thirty nine years later I have a huge, magnificent tree. If you get a dead-looking stick, give it a chance.
Positive Kayne
Pittsburg, NH
(1 review)
July 11, 2014
I have not received my plants yet, but I did have a very positive experience with Customer Service. I have worked in that field for years, and this was excellent. They are prompt with their acknowledgement emails, quick to advise of any problems, and more than willing to work with you. I had a delay in part of my order, and by my choice, I put off receiving anything until the entire order could be shipped. Not a problem, these things happen. But then our plans changed and I had to cancel part of the problem. No problem on their part. The part of the order I wanted to retain, was processed and will be shipped in due course. I do not expect huge plants, since they would be impossible to ship without damage. So we will see what happens when I get them. However, the customer service has so far been excellent.
Positive MNAndie
Sleepy Eye, MN
(1 review)
July 10, 2014
My experience with Greenwood Nursery from start to end was nothing but excellent.

When I had a question, it was replied to with expertise and timeliness.

When I had problems setting up an account online, the matter was resolved quickly, and I was able to shop that same day.

When my plants arrived, I was so very pleased with the way they were packaged. The damp newspaper and plastic wrap preserved them so well that even though I had to wait a few days before planting due to weather, they were just fine; the leaves never wilted or browned. When I ordered 50 bare-root Vinca, I was nervous about separating them all, but when I saw that each one was hand-tied individually, it made the planting process so much easier. That kind of attention to detail is appreciated.

This year, we had unusual amounts of rain, and I was afraid that I may have lost my newly-planted shrubs, but as the water has dried up, the leaves have begun to bud. Needless to say, I am thrilled with the quality of these plants.

I appreciate Greenwood Nursery's commitment to quality products and customer service, all the while having outstanding prices. It was a pleasure working with them, and I intend to buy exclusively from them in the future.
Positive bruggs10
Watertown, WI
(1 review)
July 7, 2014
This was my first online purchasing experience. I was very leery about ordering online but I had read positive reviews so decided to go for it. I order 10 rose of sharon shrubs that arrived in spring for planting. I followed instructions but for some reason they only one leafed out. I know 2 died for sure so I contacted Brenda at greenwood nursery for help on what to do next. She quickly sent me new cuttings no questions asked and they are now doing great. I was so impressed with the customer service they provided as I have had much worse experiences with brick and mortar nurseries when i needed help with my plants. I will continue to order from them for all my gardening needs.
Neutral BJames1
Elizabeth City, NC (Zone 8a)
(8 reviews)
July 5, 2014
Posted on June 3, 2014, updated July 5, 2014
I had a bad experience with bareroot trees purchased through this company. Ginkgos arrived with all roots cut off. Metasequoia arrived with leader topped. Taxodium and Metasequoia appeared to have been harvested in active growth and then dessicated through the climatic uncertainties of shipping in late fall. I will not order again from this company.
On July 5th, 2014, BJames1 added the following:

A refund was accepted that reimbursed me for the plant material minus shipping costs.
Company representative comment on June 5, 2014:
On Jun 5, 2014 10:01 AM, Greenwood Nursery responded with:

Hi Brian,

A staff member has tried to get in touch with you, but you haven't emailed or returned their call.

When you were in contact with us in late fall, they asked if you would please follow up with them on the status of any plants that did not leaf out.

Thank you,

The Greenwood Team

Positive toddparr
Tomah, WI
(1 review)
July 4, 2014
I have ordered from Greenwood Nursery several times in the past. The plants have always done very well, and I always check availability of the plants I want there first when ordering. My last order was the first time I have had a problem. I received my order and when I opened it, I found an invoice for someone else, and I had their plants. I called Greenwood Nursery and since it was after hours, I left a message explaining what happened. The next morning I received a call from GN and explained the situation. I was told to keep the plants and they immediately shipped another package to me with with the correct plants. They included extra plants with my order. I couldn't be happier with the company or their customer service.
Positive detpar210
Shreveport, LA
(1 review)
June 25, 2014
I would like to say Greenwood Nursery is top notch. I ordered two Persian Lilacs one which died. I wrote an email to the nursery and right away same day service had me a replacement on the way. That is customer service and fantastic PR work MAX! I am very impressed with this nurery compared to another I dealt with in the past which tried to lay the blame off on me for plants succumbing. The only way I got any action was to file a complaint with the BBB then I was over whelmed with apologizes and offers of a replacement. Unless Greenwood Nursery changes their theme as far as CS & PR I will buy here again.

Gary R
Positive elenaOH
Dresden, OH
(1 review)
June 25, 2014
Wow! Ordered a Drift Rose through Greenwood Nursery and was thrilled to receive a much larger plant than expected. Very healthy; lots of foliage, and already with a few blooms! Quick shipping, too--very pleased with this company.
Positive CountryBoy50
Millington, TN
(1 review)
June 12, 2014
I ordered 3 Triple Crown Blackberry plants last year from Greenwood, gave one away and planted the other two in a 6x12 spot in the garden, after working in a goodly amount of composted horse stall cleanings. The plants took right off and gave us a handful of berries a few months later. After that, they spread like there was no tomorrow. I had to cut them back a couple of times when they grew outside the edge. This year, we started harvesting on June 7, picking enough berries to fill a quart bag. Two days later, another quart bag. One day later two quart bags, and yesterday well over 2 quarts. The berries are delicious and incredibly large, some up to an inch wide and 1 3/4 inches long. Triple Crown lives up to its billing!
Negative powerflowers
(1 review)
June 2, 2014
No wonder there are currently 31 negative reviews of Greenwood Nursery.

Their customer service is wretched.

After I received my order for a Major Wheeler Honeysuckle, I noticed it didn't look anything like the photo they have online. It is smaller than depicted in the greenwoodnursery photo and did not come with the "Bamboo arch (perfect for gifts)". Instead of answering my email, they shipped out yet another unnecessarily giant box filled with tons of messy paper, without any apology or explanation, it simply contained the missing bamboo arch. No response about the size difference. No response at all. However I noticed they altered their website to state the plant will look nothing like the photo of the potted plant they still use. Lol, what a company.

- Environmentally wasteful not to mention annoying to wrap up for garbage pick up.

- Terrible customer service. They simply don't care! Nice work Greenwood Nursery.

Company representative comment on May 20, 2015:
On Jun 5, 2014 9:58 AM, Greenwood Nursery responded with:


You did send an email after hours last Thursday and I responded to it first thing Friday morning. Below I have posted the email that I sent to you at that time.

Plus, on Tuesday morning, I not only phoned you asking to please check your junk/bulk email, I resent the email from Friday. I wasn\'t aware that you didn\'t receive any of my correspondence.

I truly feel bad when a customer isn\'t happy with their plant or when something is missing. With proper care, the plant that you purchased will look very much like the one in the picture as the picture was taken around mid to late summer (roughly) last year. A plant in spring will not be the same size as it will be in different parts of the year.

Friday, I boxed up the bamboo arch and mailed it to you. I boxed it so that it would not likely be broken during transit and arrive safely to you. We package orders with recycled paper that is free from print and safe to be re-used in many different ways. It is actually an environmentally safe way to package shipments. the box and packing was not excessive so I don\'t understand why it would be an issue for trash collection. Tuck paper back into box and it\'s ready for trash pick up.

Yes, i did make the notation for that image on the site so that it is clear that plants don\'t always look exactly like the images. The difference in the time of year that plants are shipped directly affect how they look. THis is what I placed on the Major Wheeler Honesuckle page: \"Note: picture of plants will vary with the time they are planted, how long they\'ve grown and when they\'re shipped.\"

I wish you had received Friday\'s correspondence. After i publish this rebuttal, i will try once again to resend the email to you. Though you will have received the voice mail that I left for you and asking you to check your bulk/junk email folders.

Maybe you will take the time here to read the email that I sent to you Friday morning.

We\'ve been listed with Dave\'s Garden since 2001, which is long before many of the new mail order nurseries ever started their businesses. Though I started Greenwood Nursery in 1978, we\'ve been online since 1998.

Cheryl Jones

From: Cheryl Jones []
Sent: Friday, May 30, 2014 9:03 AM
To: \'adrienneb*****\'
Subject: RE: Your Order Has Shipped
Importance: High

I’m so sorry about that. After checking with my shipping department, I found that the grower didn’t include them on their last delivery. We are getting a supply today and I will be mailing one out to you (through Priority Mail – so it should arrive Monday…maybe Tuesday at the latest).
Thank you for pointing that out to me so that I could correct it.

Concerning the plant, the picture was taken about mid to late summer, I believe. Plants vary in size according to the time of year. In spring, they’re just beginning to put on growth or new growth so that as the growing season progresses, they grow taller and fuller. I have taken pictures of plants that are in all stages of growth for our site. Some range in just sprouting to mature size. It depends on what is available to me at the time we add a new item to the site.

Have a wonderful weekend and look for your bamboo arch early week!


Cheryl D. Jones

Cheryl D. Jones
Greenwood Nursery
P.O. Box 686
McMinnville, TN 37111
1.931.668.3041 (local phone)_____________________________________________

On May 20, 2015 11:15 AM, Greenwood Nursery added:

I reached out to Adrienne from her first email and followed up, not only through email but I left a voice mail, the week after as well as later in the growing season to see how her plant was growing. She has not responded to any communications.

Cheryl Jones
Greenwood Nursery

Positive w2okq
Blairsville, GA
(1 review)
May 30, 2014
If one wants to experience the BEST in customer service, then I can wholeheartedly recommend Cheryl at Greenwood Nursery. I am located in the Appalachian mountains in North Georgia and get all my products from Greenwood Nursery over the internet. Last fall I purchased many a bare rooted plant that i planted for rooting over the winter months. This winter was one of the coldest in record for Georgia and 4 of my 5 Fragrant Honeysuckle plants failed to root and were still dormant this spring. There were clear signs that the sub freezing temperatures did them in. Well, a simple and single email message to Greenwood Nursery resulted in Cheryl sending four rooted and actively growing Honeysuckle plants at no charge!!!!!!
Greenwood provides me the best in service and with a friendly professional approach to all my gardening needs....from snake repellent to ground cover to flowering bushes.
Thank you Cheryl and all your staff at Greenwood.
Negative Sander1751
(1 review)
May 13, 2014
I ordered a weeping willow tree that could only be sent in late fall, which I planted according to their directions. The tree appeared dead, but I was hoping it was merely in hibernation. This spring it did nothing and looks no different than when it arrived. It is still dead. The tree arrived about 2 feet tall, but was just a stick. It arrived with no soil and only a few roots. When contacted, they would only replace this tree next fall, and they would not cover shipping, and so it would cost another $20 to get a dead tree. What a terrible experience!
Company representative comment on June 5, 2014:
On Jun 5, 2014 9:16 AM, Greenwood Nursery responded with:

It's horrible when any plant fails to leaf out after planting. Greenwood is committed to working with its customers so the plants that they purchase from us are not only growing but thriving.

When we hear from a customer who lost a Greenwood plant, we work with them to replace it or provide a store credit so that they may select another item, which is what happened with Sander. Sander replaced the willow with gorgeous hydrangea plants. We are curious as to why he made this post and, then, failed to update it.

As do most mail order nurseries, we ship bare root trees and shrubs as they have begun to go dormant in fall...which generally is mid to late October. Leaves are left on the plants to fall off naturally which is healthier for the plants.

After the winter that made record books across the country, many homeowners lost a large amount of plants in their yards, both old and new plantings.

Ordering bare root plants is a new concept for some homeowners as they have not seen what younger trees and shrub and their root systems look like after digging. It's much like a person who wears clothing nicely doesn't necessarily look good naked. The mystery is gone!

Positive maggetybrick
Heathcote, NJ
(1 review)
May 7, 2014
I ordered 10 potted Vinca minor plants and 3 Lady Lavender plants to be sent to friends. They arrived last Friday, and my friends were very pleased and told me how impressed they'd been by the careful and expert packing.

I went to visit them last weekend to help with the planting, and the plants were all thriving and beautiful! We planted the vinca about 18 inches apart with no trouble in the area they'd chosen and planted the lavender in containers on the patio so their fragrance could be thoroughly enjoyed once they blossom and bloom.

I certainly will order from Greenwood again!

Positive hikerbev
Russellville, AR
(1 review)
May 6, 2014
I ordered 2 different types of ground cover. They arrived healthy and looking great. I'm very pleased and plan to order from Greenwood Nursery again.
Positive Valodin
Farmers Branch, TX
(1 review)
April 24, 2014
My order arrived in great condition. I would definitely order from them again. It is difficult to grow a lot of things here in the Texas heat, so I am hoping for the best.
Positive andreacrouch
Bastrop, TX
(1 review)
April 3, 2014
Wow. My Corsican Mint arrived in fresh perfect condition! You can just imagine how the box smelled even before I opened it.

I was super skeptical about the shipping of plants. Shocked at the great packaging and healthy product.

Yea, I have corsican mint! Just moved to the area and couldn't find it locally.

Great product!
Positive Kotosakura
Spring, TX
(1 review)
March 24, 2014
While this may start out with a problem it ends with flying colors... so keep reading!
I placed an order for a crepe myrtle and it was shipped. Unfortunately, when I opened the box, it had not been staked and the poor thing was broken off 1" from the dirt. I called Greenwood Nursery and left them a voice message. 48 hours later, Nancy called me and apologized and told me not to worry, they would send out a new one, and they did. It came in 4 days...was staked with a large bamboo stake, and the pot was fabulously wrapped in plastic so not a bit of dirt escaped. The baby tree was COVERED in buds, and not one was broken. I was astounded.
When you order nursery stock by mail, problems occur. At least over the years, that has been my experience. This company contacted me promptly, APOLOGIZED, and quickly replaced the item. I have never seen such great packing on the second plant... so based on my experience... they are wonderful... and I would not hesitate in the least to order from them again in the future. A very happy customer in Spring, TX
Positive WinkGal
La Vergne, TN
(1 review)
November 1, 2013
Just received my latest order from Greenwood Nursery and am again super happy with my order! The adagio grasses arrived in environmentally friendly packaging(love that!) and are a beautiful addition to my yard. Being a new homeowner, the staff, esp. Brenda, have been a HUGE help when I call with questions about what should go where, recommendations, & proper care of plants. The knockout roses I ordered about 4 years ago are now over 5ft tall and 6ft wide!! They truly are knockouts!! I highly recommend Greenwood Nursery as they are my go-to for all things plants. They always exceed my expectations!
Negative MarianneP
Bellville, TX
(1 review)
October 11, 2013
This is an email that I sent and 2 business days later I still have NO response. Will never order from again:

I received my plants today and I was so excited to put them in my beds. However, much to my dismay the condition of the plants was appalling. Here is what I found:

Box in excellent condition, top 6” filled with shredded paper. This is where the care of packaging stopped. There was nothing at the bottom of the box to cushion the plants and nothing in between the plants. The plants were thrown in the bottom of the box, on their side, on top of each other. EVERY single one of the plant containers was crushed. This prevented being able to extract (what was left of) the plants from their container with the entire root ball/dirt intact. 90% of the plants were broken and bent. One of the plants had only 1 leaf and another had no leaves, only a stick. I have no idea if these plants will survive & I had no idea which was the “good side” as there was no good side. To charge 9.95 each and have them arrive in this horrible condition is, at the very least, not the way to give a good first impression. If a nursery had plants in these conditions they wouldn’t be able to sell them for more than $1-2. I have a gardening board on Pinterest as well as many friends that I garden with. We share our experiences, good and bad, and are always looking for new resources for plants and supplies.

The fact that once you charged my credit card meant that the plants were my property and I expected them to be taken care of. All other nurseries that I have ordered from took care in making sure their plants arrived in pristine condition – full, blooming, and properly packaged/protected (and I paid no more for them than from your nursery). Right now, these plants look like carefully placed weeds in my bed; they certainly don’t resemble anything that anybody would purposely plant.

Please let me know what compensation that I can expect to receive. I can send a multitude of pictures for your reference if necessary. I look forward to hearing from you.

Company representative comment on October 21, 2013:
On Oct 21, 2013 12:30 PM, Greenwood Nursery responded with:

Ms. Paulsen received a full refund on October 14th for her purchase even though she had already planted this plant order in her garden not allowing us to pick up the damaged plants.

Due to the urgency of Ms. Paulsen's situation, a phone call to our office would have been most appropriate in addition to or in lieu of an email. After resending her email on Friday night and cc’ing me, Ms. Paulsen did not respond to my email from early Saturday morning when I followed up with her. Emails can be a very iffy way to contact at times especially when someone desires resolution immediately. It seems that many email providers have been updating their systems recently which can delay and even delete correspondence.

We feel bad that the staff member that Ms. Paulsen had sent her email to was out of the office on Thursday and Friday unexpectedly on a family emergency. Her emails were not forwarded to other staff members until late in the day on Friday.

Greenwood Nursery is a family owned and operated nursery business. We want each of our customers to be delighted with their purchases and are here to help make each planting experience a successful one. Being in business for 35 years, we do understand that oversights can happen and do apologize that Ms. Paulsen's order arrived damaged. It was very disappointing and our shipping department has, also, been reprimanded for the error.

We wish that Ms. Paulsen had given us the opportunity to resolve the damaged shipment before she began blasting throughout the internet with bad and even horrible reports about our company that she has since not updated in any way to note resolved and that she received a full refund. Also, had Ms. Paulsen signed up as a Greenwood Garden Club Member, she could have purchased the plants at the clearance price as well as received a 10% discount off that, her first, order.

We are not owned by a larger corporation, as are many mail order nurseries. Greenwood Nursery has remained privately owned and we provide everything in-house. When you call our 800 number, you are able to speak with one of our staff here at the nursery. Like many who work in small businesses, when one or two staff members are out, everyone else has to pitch in to make up for the lack. It is regretful when any situation slips through the cracks and we do work quickly to resolve any problems, once we are aware of them.

Certainly not that Greenwood wants to turn away any customer, however due to the hurtful and mean behavior exhibited by this Ms. Paulsen, we ask her to not to return to Greenwood Nursery.

The Greenwood Nursery Staff

Positive dijit65
Sierra Vista, AZ
(1 review)
July 12, 2013
I bought two bare root gingko trees. I was doubtful at first, but the one, which was planted well is doing marvelously. After just a few weeks it has many leaves and looks very happy. The other was planted too low and in a swampy spot and is struggling.

I was pleasantly surprised at the results and will probably buy from Greenwood Nursery again.
Positive lcarlson
Arden Hills, MN
(5 reviews)
May 29, 2013
I ordered a Harry Lauder's Walking Stick and paid a nominal price for it! I'm so happy with this plant. I ordered the same thing from Farmer's Seed, and paid more money, only to have it come in a sad dormant state with a 3" stick. The one Greenwood sent was healthy looking, in a trade gallon container, with at least 15" of tree with branches and leaves; appropriate for this time of year. I dont understand sending dormant plants at/above live plant prices at this time of the year.

Besides the excellent condition of the plant, I wanted to comend them for their shipping practices. The plant shipped successfully in shredded brown paper, which I was able to compost. Thank you for not sending packing peanuts and an overabundance of plastic!!! This was the most memorable thing about this company. I ordered from many online nurseries and found this to be the best, and most responsible, method of shipping. Thanks!!
Positive PhyllisNW
New Gloucester, ME
(1 review)
May 24, 2013
I was very pleased with my order. The plants were of a good size and look very healthy. The packing was great! I will definitely order again some time.
Positive jennvav
Chesapeake, VA
(1 review)
May 22, 2013
I was looking for a rose hedge and found Greenwood Nursery online. I was inquiring about Rosa rugosa varieties and Cheryl suggested Rosa Hansen for a living fence. I am so grateful I took her advice and that I came across Greenwood nursery! The prices were so reasonable and the rose hedge went from bare root plants to a full on flowering hedge in 18 months. It is stunning! Tall, beautiful, and tons of flowers. I will definitely shop here again. In addition, their customer service is tops! They promptly answer questions and have great advice - obviously!!
Positive mummaru
East Bridgewater, MA
(1 review)
May 20, 2013
I am totally happy with my first purchase from Greenwood Nursery. I ordered 5 fragrant honeysuckle plants and promptly received 6, all with either buds or leaves or both. They're in the ground and growing already :) Oh, and I was very impressed with the care the nursery took in packaging - nice, recyclable shredded paper. Kudos - I'll be back!!
Positive dmarie1960
Fredericksburg, VA
(1 review)
May 18, 2013
I have ordered from Greenwood Nursery several times. The plants arrived in excellent condition. Very healthy. Every single item is thriving. Customer service is wonderful. I am extremely pleased and will order ALL of my plants from Greenwood Nursery. A very happy customer. Try them !!!!
Positive rald
Clinton, TN
(3 reviews)
May 13, 2013
Trees arrived quickly in good condition and sized as described. Pleasant and prompt notifications.
Positive janieflowergirl
Mentone, IN
(1 review)
May 1, 2013
I received my white Rose of Sharon shrub (Hibiscus Diana) this week~ April 27, 2013~and I am VERY impressed! I have wanted one of these shrubs for quite awhile; they have a large white blossom that stays open over-night!

The shrub arrived in a 5 ft long box. The Rose of Sharon was much larger than I expected. It had 9 branches on the trunk! I was expecting the shrub to be small; this one was well over 4 ft; I think it will bloom this summer.

This was my first order from Greenwood Nursery but it won't be my last! Janie Teel, Mentone,
Positive artslady
Central City, KY
(1 review)
April 15, 2013
I ordered a six pack of "hen and chickens." I was very very impressed with the quality of the plants. Also, they were well packaged and arrived quickly. Thanks so much.
Positive bill_ho
Madison, AL
(3 reviews)
April 4, 2013
Fantastic customer service -- Ordered 3 ea. of 3 varieties thornless blackberries (one was Triple Crown) a week ago. After reading more about the Triple Crown, contacted them by EMail and phone and asked for a substitution. and they agreed. Shipment arrived in 2 or 3 days and included 2 orders of the Triple Crown and only one of the other two. Called them immediately and after their apology said to just keep the 2 Triple Crowns and they would ship the intended ones soon -- they arrived the next day.

All plants were healthy and well rooted.
Positive Frank1965
Shreveport, LA
(23 reviews)
January 25, 2013
I ordered Thuja Spring Grove and got a great deal- they arrrived and are in excellent condition. I will be looking to order again in the near future.
Positive welr50
Dwight, IL
(1 review)
December 3, 2012
Very pleased with my experience with Greenwood nursery. I order 30 plants last spring from Greenwood which they sent on time and were recieved looking ok, but none of the bareroot shrubs every budded. I think during shipping they were overheated. But Greenwook nursery stood by their product and sent me a replacement order this fall when the plants had gone dorment again. The plants they sent were excellent quality and size. The roots were very fresh and abundant fiberous. It is pleasure to do business with a company that stands behind their product and looking forward to this spring when I can order more plants from them Doug
Positive gprados
New Iberia, LA
(1 review)
November 27, 2012
I first received an order from Greenwood Nursery, planted and was disappointed in the outcome. I let them know the outcome of my planting, and to my pleasant surprise they said they would send me another shipment at no charge to replace the plants I lost. I was still skeptical, however they came through. I really appreciate the time, effort and expense they went to in order for me to be satisfied with them. You can bet I will use them in the future, this is what everyone wants from someone you deal with. First rate company as far as I'm concerned.
G Prados
New Iberia, La.

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