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Barboursville, Virginia 22923 (United States)

Fax: (540) 832-0869

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Positive BShrubbs
Bel Air, MD
(1 review)
November 7, 2015
I waited until the very end of the season to place my first order with Lazy S's. In spite of this, the plants I received were beautiful, healthy, and nicely shaped. They suffered no transplant shock at all. Quality plants, huge inventory, expertly packed for shipping. I intend to place another order in the Spring.
Positive sabu99
Bedford, IN
(1 review)
October 10, 2015
I would definitely recommend this company. My order came within the time promised and was received in exceptional condition. I ordered two trees, a mimosa and a magnolia. The only damage to either tree was a broken leaf. The mimosa was blooming when I received it and continued blooming even through planting and the next several weeks until the season ended. The were priced much more reasonably than any that I could find within 50 miles from my home. I will definitely place any of my future online tree and plant orders with their company.
Positive mabeljean
Huntington, IN
(1 review)
September 7, 2015
very informative website; my first order arrived very fresh and healthy. Site lists many unusual varieties. I will shop here again.
Positive lainie30
Youngstown, OH
(1 review)
September 4, 2015
I received my order of perennials two days ago. They were in perfect condition and very well packaged. The soil was moist and the plants were healthy. I used the information contained on the website to unpack the plants which was very useful. The website and emails from them advised also about soil preparation, planting and watering. Very useful information. I will definitely buy from them again.
Positive Delta2
Princeton North, NJ
(1 review)
September 3, 2015
Posted on July 12, 2013, updated September 3, 2015
Lazy S\'s is extraordinary!! I was lucky enough to have found Lazy S\'S on the Dave\'s Garden website and, after spending hours looking at their VAST SELECTION of plants on their EXCEPTIONALLY INFORMATIVE and very easy to navigate website, I placed an order during the hot, humid days of summer. All plants arrived two days after shipping, and they were very healthy, packed in a way that ensured that nothing broke and they remained in moist soil. Communication from Debby at Lazy S\'s was prompt, helpful, and personalized. This nursery is positively phenomenal for their wide selction of plants, communication, and obvious love for what they do. I have bought from several other mail order sites, and Lazy S\'s is now going to be my main source (except for roses, which they do not carry).
On September 3rd, 2015, Delta2 added the following:

I've been ordering from them for the past two years and have found that their plants, packing, service & communication have consistently been exceptional. Lazy S's remains my go-to source for many plants since I know that they will be healthy & thrive.
Positive mygardens
Croton-on-Hudson, NY (Zone 6b)
(3 reviews)
September 2, 2015
I just received my order of Spigelia marilandica, Indian pink. I was afraid to order any plants this time of year as the temperatures have been in the high 80's & low 90's, but I wanted to get a start on these plants this fall. I was notified what day the plants would ship and received a notice that they were shipped on the day promised. The plants arrived promptly and I opened them carefully. To my surprise they were not even wilted. They had previously been pinched back to encourage root growth and they even had new growth on them. Thank you Lazy S'S Farm & Nursery!
Positive jakeofpk
Exeland, WI
(3 reviews)
July 28, 2015
I looked for a long time for a Whitewater Acanthus. Finally found it at Lazy S's. My first order from them. The plant came really well packaged. And so healthy! They were easy to work with and I am impressed with the quality of the plant.
Positive Tuschanz
Peoria, IL
(2 reviews)
July 17, 2015
Perfection! So glad to have received my Calyopteris. The packing was very well-done and the plant is lovely.
Positive guptaas
(2 reviews)
July 11, 2015
Posted on May 18, 2015, updated July 11, 2015
Posted on November 5, 2014, updated May 18, 2015
I was so impressed with my first order of about 16 plants that within the limitations of planting time left, I went back and ordered an equal number again. The plants couldn\\\'t be more robust and the packing couldn\\\'t be more meticulous and scientific. A few communications later, I learnt it is a company run by a couple with just four employees growing >180,000 plants/yr. I also got this interesting link on their shipping process: it all happens.htm

This to me goes way beyond selling plants. Behind their fine products is a work ethic for all to emulate.
On May 18th, 2015, guptaas added the following:

Update May 2015: I have now received 4 orders totaling up to >$1,000 worth of plants from them. They beat everyone including my local nurseries in choice, professionalism, expert packing and supplying the healthiest plants. Lazy S\'s is my favorite source for getting any new plant.
Having such consistency in supplying living plants must be incredibly hard. I have seen emails replied at very very late hours of night. I try to not even write a thank you back to avoid adding to the email burden of such lovely people.
On July 11th, 2015, guptaas added the following:

So far I've had only one out of more than a hundred plants fail. It did not break dormancy. It was promptly replaced twice because I wasn't around to receive the shipment the first time. I feel more like a fan than a customer of this company.
Positive rdtjr05
Franklin, TN
(17 reviews)
June 12, 2015
Posted on June 6, 2014, updated June 12, 2015
Very happy with buying experience. Plants were well-sized and fairly priced for the quality. Looking forward to buying some more plants off my extensive wish list.

PS - Highly recommend signing up and putting together a wish list. Makes remembering what you want and ordering a snap.
On June 12th, 2015, rdtjr05 added the following:

Update for my 2015 order:

Perfection in a box. I've never, ever seen such well-organized packing in my many years of mail order. Not a leaf out of place. Each plant was a small jewel. I was happy to pay their prices for that level of quality.

I should also mention their outstanding communication. I had ordered a Japanese mum. I received both a handwritten note on the packing slip and a personal email from Debby - dated late at night - explaining that it had been cut back and how to cultivate it until the foliage had grown back in.
Positive Leslieandkeith
Charlotte, NC
(7 reviews)
June 8, 2015
Wonderful company! Everything we have ordered has thrived and their selection is amazing! We plan on ordering from them again in the spring...
Positive CaryC
Mount Sinai, NY
(1 review)
June 1, 2015
Every plant (6 variety of plants, 16 total) I bought last year from Lazy S'S survive a very harsh winter in NY while only half of the plants I bought from other nurseries made it. Not only the plants are healthy and well packed during shipping; their selection is HUGE. I just placed another order with them. They are my preferred nursery from now on.
Positive willisjw
Frederick, MD
(7 reviews)
June 1, 2015
Exotic plants came promptly and well-packed. The usual good experience with Lazy S.
Positive Aniela
Garland, ME
(12 reviews)
May 30, 2015
All our dealings with Debby have been excellent! What tops it all, is the way plants arrive, very professionally and carefully packed, and in top condition. Psychologically when we customers receive more casually packed plants from others, we are not inspired to take the extra care they warrant, and in this case, they are so well prepared, we take great pains to see every step to give the plants the best start possible. Lazy S'S Farms truly deserves rating as a top company in the Garden Watchdog, a company we trust. Thank you, Debby, for all.
Neutral Canarykeeper
Menlo, IA
(8 reviews)
May 29, 2015
Posted on May 14, 2015, updated May 29, 2015
Posted on May 13, 2015, updated May 14, 2015
Right now, I am rather upset with this company. First of all, I purchased the plant \\\"Tubby Andrews\\\" in the beginning of this year. Imagine my surprise when the package arrived today and this plant was not in it! And to make matters worse, they are sold out of the plant! They have yet to respond. The only way to communicate with them is via email. Also, I purchased the Indigofera Decora, as they listed it as a zone 5. Davesgarden has it listed as a zone 8. If so, this plant will surely die in winter. And to make matters worse, the golden chain tree purchased is approximately 2\\\" tall. The rest of the 3\\\" stick is dead. It also has NO root system. When I planted it today, the stick fell out of the pot, and I could not believe how terrible it was....less than 2\\\" roots. I have received better trees from Direct Gardening, which are pretty terrible. If only I could post a photo. I am waiting for the company to respond. I will update this review once they do.
On May 14th, 2015, Canarykeeper changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

The company sent me an email that they are refunding my order. Updating this review to neutral for now, as I wait for the check to arrive.
On May 29th, 2015, Canarykeeper added the following:

Just a word of caution. If you order from this company, do not accept "lightly rooted" plants. You will be sorry.

My experience with the company was not positive. Like others have commented on, if there is a problem, expect a strong armed response from them. They do not know how to be amiable in a message. I was treated like a criminal for protesting against the sickly plants received (lightly rooted) dare I! They told me, in so many words, that I was no longer to do business with them. Don't worry, I won't. Once burned, I never go back to be burned again.

To those that say "I can't sing enough praises for this company" or "this is the best place to buy plants from" I question.....are they family members and friends? I had a terrible experience. On a positive note, they did refund the entire order (mostly out of disgust, as they no longer want me as a customer).

If you are wealthy, don't mind sickly/small plants, and don't mind plants that you ordered to not ship, and if you enjoy a combative seller, this is the nursery for you.
Company representative comment on May 13, 2015:
On May 14, 2015 2:14 AM, Lazy S\'S Farm & Nursery responded with:

I'm always surprised when a customer gives a Negative Review until they've heard from a company. No one here on this forum can solve this problem. I am the person who can help you and now, I alas, I feel a bit on the defensive as some might imagine. We guarantee in writing that our plants will arrive in good condition. If there's something you're not pleased with, including the entire order, we pay for return shipment and refund. It's that simple. As soon as I read your mail, that's what will happen.
Debby Sheuchenko

Positive Sequoiadendron4
Lititz, PA (Zone 6b)
(26 reviews)
May 27, 2015
Posted on June 6, 2014, updated May 27, 2015
Posted on April 29, 2014, updated June 6, 2014
Superb company to deal with! Their packaging was excellent and the quality of plants was superb. Email communication was also top notch. I\'m sad that they are selling the nursery but I hope they find the right buyer who will continue their excellence. Remarkable selection of plants as well. I would definitely buy from again!!
On June 6th, 2014, Sequoiadendron4 added the following:

I placed another order recently with Lazy. I was preparing myself that the plants might be really stressed since it is a lot warmer than when I ordered a few months ago. Much to my surprise, the plants were superbly cared for. They were very well watered, so much so that I didn\'t even have to give them water after I opened the box. I was really impressed and the plants looked great. Thanks!!!
On May 27th, 2015, Sequoiadendron4 added the following:

Placed a very large order this spring and received all the plants in excellent condition. They continue to be my favorite nursery. Their selection is excellent.
Positive 50Carrots
Chesapeake Ranch Estates-Drum Point, MD
(9 reviews)
May 26, 2015
I ordered from Lazy S's based on the reviews I read. This is an excellent company -- I ordered 4 plants-- all were beautifully packed. The shipping was delayed and I received a charming e-mail explaining why. It all worked out great -- the box only sat at my residence for about an hour before I came home and planted them. All the plants have thrived. The website has loads of information. Great variety -- good prices. I will order again from this company.
Positive Stadtgartner
Pittsburgh, PA
(1 review)
May 17, 2015
I have purchased catalog and online nursery plants for 30 years. Lazy S'S Farm & Nursery's selection, stock, and shipping materials are by far the best ever.
Positive SetterX2
Little Silver, NJ
(4 reviews)
May 15, 2015
Posted on May 19, 2014, updated May 15, 2015
Posted on April 17, 2014, updated May 19, 2014
I can\'t sing high enough praise for these folks. The bulk of my order just arrived and all the plants are perfect. They have been tended with care and not a leaf was out of place. I am thrilled, as many of these plants are impossible to find in this area. Two plants are back-ordered and my expectation is that they will arrive just as beautiful as these. EXCELLENT communication. Lovely, informative site and GREAT plants~ Thank you for all that you do!
On May 19th, 2014, SetterX2 added the following:

Back-ordered plants arrived over the weekend and are perfect, as expected. I did lose my caryopteris from the initial shipping, but it was entirely my fault, as I over watered the poor thing. Everything else is thriving.
On May 15th, 2015, SetterX2 added the following:

Order just arrived and everything is beautiful. These people have made an art of shipping plants! I just can't sing high enough praise. Of all the plants I bought last year, many of them locally, theirs are doing the best in my yard. Doing business with them is a pleasure- they don't miss a beat. Just perfect.
Positive Jenifer_B
Raven, VA
(3 reviews)
May 14, 2015
I ordered 6 pocomoke crape myrtle shrubs from Lazy SS after seeing the reviews on Daves Garden. They were packaged great! Beautiful little shrubs. I actually needed 8 more of them went back to their website to order them...I saw that they would ship them out for 13 more days after I placed the order. I understand...Spring has Sprung....nurseries are very busy. That was just not going to work for me. Found another nursey on Daves Garden.
Overall I would recommend Lazy SS. I would order from them again.
Positive spikemom
Philadelphia, PA
(8 reviews)
May 11, 2015
This is my second year ordering from Lazy S's Farm, which I discovered through Dave's Garden. They have an incredibly diverse inventory, and the most careful packaging I have ever seen! All the asclepias plants I purchased last year came back beautifully. This year's purchases (vines & perennials) were robust on arrival and are all thriving.
Positive Patty57
Wake Forest, NC (Zone 7b)
(25 reviews)
May 2, 2015
No problems when ordering from Lazy S'S Farm anytime for me. They have a great selection, very good communication and ship healthy plants. Will continue with them each year.
Positive TMThyme
Camp Hill, PA
(1 review)
April 24, 2015
1. Tried Lazy S'S after reading Dave's Garden reviews.
2. Ordering was easy and selection was large.
3. Communication (directly with Debby) is easy. She's prompt and clear.
4. I was notified 4/20/2015 - as promised - that the plants had shipped, together with the USPS tracking number.
5. Plants arrived a.m. on 4/22/2015. Here's the impressive part to me: all the plants were in great shape, carefully packaged with cedar shavings, plastic bags at their base, with little poles and rubber bands to hold everything in. I ordered over 20 individual plants, so packaging each of these was a labor of love.

All the plants are healthy, the timing of their arrival was perfect, and Lazy S'S prices are competitive, particularly as they consolidate shipping for multiple on-line orders.

My thanks to the Lazy S'S team as well as to the Dave's Garden community.
Positive bonsaiguydw
Mendenhall, PA
(4 reviews)
April 24, 2015
Best supplier I've ever seen. Plants are uniformly healthy and well started. The most important part is the packaging. Neat, organized, clean, low environmental impact. Nary a bent leave or plant or soil loose in boxes. The uniformity of pot size and a well designed and adhered to packing plan is key. No wads of newspaper ot foam peanuts or shredded paper, or loose dirt. Other suppliers have nice plants but are problematic to unpack! Love you Lazy S'S!
Positive Plantgeekgirl
Marshall, VA
(1 review)
April 17, 2015
Received my latest order from Lazyssfarm yesterday. Every single plant was healthy and beautiful AS USUAL! I have ordered from them at least a dozen times now and I have never been disappointed. Last year I ordered milkweed. I was concerned about it because they were very bare looking without many leaves. They explained that is the best way to ship milkweed. And they were right! The plants thrived. When I am ready to share milkweed I will follow their lead. Don't be afraid to order from this company. I order a lot of mail order plants and in my opinion they are one of the best and definitely the best in Virginia!
Positive ThornyWolf
Raleigh, NC
(2 reviews)
April 16, 2015
I purchased five Sanguinaria canadensis from Lazy S'S and when my plants arrived and I opened the box what I discovered was some of the most thorough and protective packaging I've ever seen for a plant shipment... not to mention the plants themselves were wonderfully healthy, vigorous and fresh. They are now happily growing in their new home.

I'm so pleased that I'm tempted to put in another order right now!
Positive spydarop
Oak Park, IL
(2 reviews)
February 22, 2015
I've ordered from Lazy S Nursery twice. The plants arrive very well-packaged and sometimes with a haircut for shipping. The root systems are fantastic and the plants always settle in fast. The variety of plants offered is incredible and I already know I'll be ordering more plants this spring.
Positive Jasmine6
Mathews, VA
(1 review)
October 21, 2014
I ordered 6 hardy plumbago, kind of late in the season, and I was impressed by their immediate answers to questions I had about this plant. They are really experts in packaging -- not one leaf was bent! It's now late October, and they are still blooming gloriously! P.S. Try hardy plumbago if you want a flower that is truly BLUE, or if you want something that blooms happily in the fall. Wonderful plant, great company!
Positive troweller
Charlottesville, VA
(1 review)
October 19, 2014
I ordered two plants as a gift for a relative of mine a month ahead of the shipping date. Lazy S'S Farm and Nursery were wonderful, they remembered the shipping date and they arrived the next day. My relative said that the plants were the healthiest she had ever seen and were beautifully packaged. I am extremely happy with the service and hope to use them again in the future.
Positive kattyg
Berryville, VA
(2 reviews)
September 26, 2014
I would have to describe my experiences with this company as over-the-top positive, with my latest order being a good example. I ordered quite a few plants very late in the season this year, and was amazed that every single plant I ordered not only arrived very quickly, but that the plants were in spectacular shape, with not a single damaged leaf, a single bent stem, or a single peanut in sight! Their website is not only beautiful and informative, but is obviously updated by someone who really cares that their customers not order plants that are not actually available. I would highly recommend this company - and their wonderful staff - to any and all gardeners.
Positive matthewhg
Charlotte Hall, MD
(4 reviews)
September 18, 2014
I am an experienced shade gardener from Southern Maryland and this is my first time ordering from Lazy S'S Farm. I was looking for a specific hellebore variety, and they had it, and in the quantity I wanted. My plants arrived quickly and were expertly packaged! My plants were well rooted and very stout. Usually hellebores that have this degree of maturity will have some blooms in the coming season. I made my second order, that will ship out this Monday. Email and package tracking info were excellent. I would recommend placing your order from a desk top PC, as I used my tablet and my order confirmation went to my "junk mail".
Positive sallysgarden
Barryville, NY
(1 review)
September 18, 2014
First time ordering from them, and I really like the whole vibe of their (obviously family run) company. Very personal communications, extremely responsive to questions, and great selection of unusual plants. Their website is fantastic. My two plants were expertly packaged and very high quality. I will continue to order from them in the future.
Positive virginiarose
Portsmouth, VA (Zone 8a)
(64 reviews)
September 5, 2014
Posted on July 9, 2012, updated September 5, 2014
I ordered a shrub and a tree and was very worried about them being shipped in such hot weather. They assured me that it was their responsibility, since they replace damaged plants.
Also USPS keeps them moving and does not let them sit, The plants arrived in good condition and I followed directions, it\'s been almost five days and not one stem has turned black. I love the packing, so simple yet effective. No peanuts or staples or miles of tape. Oh, the prices are great too, sure the tree was small, just like the price. I like it that way.
I would definitively order from LazyS again and recommend them to my friends.
On September 5th, 2014, virginiarose added the following:

I received another great order from Lazy S's. Great selection, permanent shopping cart and wish list. I am always putting stuff in and taking stuff out, but the stuff is always there, they do not delete your shopping cart. I have great success finding things that are hard to find. I got three great plants today and they were very healthy and packed perfect. Great customer service and instructions, shipping confirmation and fast service. Thank you!
Positive Ratdeschamps
Manchester, MA
(1 review)
August 13, 2014
Chose to order from Lazy S'S Farm & Nursery as their website is clear, detailed and gives easy to follow steps. Price includes shipping cost. Very well organized and professional handling of my order. Plants arrived quickly, extremely well packaged and labelled and look very healthy.
Can't wait to see them grow in my garden!
Positive gingerbee
Back Mountain, PA
(1 review)
August 8, 2014
My second order for the season arrived yesterday, plants are perfect! Beautiful, healthy and a great size. Lazy S'S alsi has a great selection and superb customer service.
Positive sugarlump
Louisville, KY
(13 reviews)
July 10, 2014
This is really a top notch mail order nursery.
I have ordered from them before so when I receive plants from them I expect to be happy and with my latest order there were no surprises. I got healthy plants packaged carefully- I order lots of plants mail order and Lazy S takes particular care in getting your plants to you in great condition.
Not a drop of soil in the box, each pot is watered, topped with spagnum, pot wrapped in plastic, rubber banded, cut off bamboo sticks inserted to assure the box doesn't crush the plant in shipping, and the whole works settled into another pot to hold the plastic wrap securely. I think I might spill more dirt in my car when I buy plants locally. Great nursery, great plants shipped securely and quickly. Shipping isn't the cheapest in the world but shipping isn't cheap and here you get what you pay for.
Positive memphisflyer
Memphis, TN
(2 reviews)
July 6, 2014
I ordered plants from this company last year. They arrived healthy, strong, and well packaged. They all survived and grew well. When one plant failed to bloom true to type this year I contacted them and received an immediate response, and an offer to replace the plant or refund for the purchase. Excellent customer service.
Positive sandyatthepond
Fulton, NY
(1 review)
June 28, 2014
I found Lazy S'S online while trying to locate a specific honeysuckle.
Past experiences in mail ordering plants have usually been disappointing, but the site seemed very professional and so I thought I would take a chance. I am very glad I decided to do so.
I was sent an email giving me information as to when the plant would arrive. It arrived just as expected. The plant was packed very well, and it was easy to extract it from the box. There was not one leaf or twig broken. It was in perfect condition. And it is a very strong looking
large plant. I was really pleasantly surprised. The staff definitely knows how to grow and transport plants. This is a great establishment and I hope to purchase other plants from them in the future.
Positive GAinPA
Pocono Lake, PA
(1 review)
June 27, 2014
I'm very happy to add my "Positive" to this amazing company!
Superb packing method and health of plant! WOW! Responded to my email that was sent to them as merely a "thank you, arrived safe and sound" and was very kindly given instructions to keep plant happy/healthy until able to
plant. I will certainly buy again from them in the future.
Positive Lovehum
(Zone 6b)
(11 reviews)
June 19, 2014
Oh wow the plants are super healthy and a nice full container of soil with them. No unnecessary packaging weight. Decent shipping prices. Great communication. Arrived quickly. Their name should be Industrious Farm and Nursery because there's nothing lazy about them at all from my experience. :)

The Major Wheeler lonicera semperviren honeysuckles are a great price deal and I really like the lobelia cardenalis although it appears they sent the wrong species--the darker Queen Victoria. That doesn't bother me though. I will definitely use Lazy S again.

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