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Rosemont, New Jersey 08556-0170 (United States)

Phone: (908) 996-4646
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Negative imccallusa
Fort Wayne, IN
(2 reviews)
June 21, 2014
I ordered 12 tomato/chile plants because that is the minimum in which they sell. The plants I received were smaller than expected for the price. Later I discovered that they did not grow as big as my other plants, they yielded very small amount of fruit, and I believe they carried to my residence praying mantis eggs, while they are good for the garden I had never seen them in my garden area before last year. Needless to say, I did not order from them this year. One positive is the booklet of various species of plants that was included with my order which I love to this day.
Positive LenHinARK
West Memphis, AR
(1 review)
June 2, 2014
My son & I were looking for a variety of chili plants and he found this website after having a disappointing experience with a different vender last year (his guarantee was non-existent) having ordered 2 chocolate habanero plants that turned out to be ghost plants, we decided to give these people a shot. We were not disappointed,the order turned out to be fantastic, the plants came in the week we asked for and the plants were correctly marked and healthy. After transplanting these plants have really taken off and some advise from the Nursery, we are looking forward to a great harvest this fall. We will order from them again.
Positive tomatogirl2
Manasquan, NJ
(1 review)
May 28, 2014
So happy with Cross Country Nurseries! Once again, I have fabulous vegetables growing in my garden. I've been purchasing transplants (tomatoes, chiles, eggplants and sometimes herbs) for at least 5 years now. This is the place to go for special varieties, and very healthy plants. I usually place my online order in late January, or early/mid February. Then Cross Country Nurseries plants my favorite heirloom varieties & cares for them until I'm ready to plant! I tell them which week I want to recieve my plants; they package them up (very carefully) and I either pick them up at the farm OR this year I had them shipped! Either way - the same beautiful plants. This is a small, family farm (with limited staff) but they are very good at what they do; and very thoughtful. Along with your plants you'll recieve very helpful information (to help you care for the vegetables properly). Lots of good information on their website too! **Note: I like to order early (a couple of months before I want my plants). This way they have the time to plant the seeds & grow my special seedlings - just for me!!
Positive minami
(3 reviews)
May 28, 2014
I began ordering through this year after having less than satisfactory experiences with Hirts. All the plants I have received from here are healthy and strong. You can really see the difference in the health and vigor of the plants I get from here vs the ones I used to receive from Hirts. Vibrant green, no wilting, no disease, perfect starter plants. And shipping is super fast too! Thank you!
Positive hotserrano
Mystic Island, NJ
(1 review)
May 27, 2014
Been purchasing plants from Cross Country since 2003 and no problems with any plants. I am talking 40-50 plants a year. Can no longer drive 98 miles one way so did mail order this year. They arrived on the exact date requested and were in perfect condition. The packaging was amazing. Wish I had tried mail order a long time ago. You won't believe what good shape the plants were in and how they were packaged for shipping. I would surely recommend Cross Country to anyone who is looking for the best plants they could possibly buy.
Bob Wood, Little Egg Harbor, N.J.
Positive rldenso
Omaha, NE
(1 review)
May 27, 2014
Received my pepper plants on Thursday…right on time. Not one with any damage. Nice sized plants (10 -12 inches) and very healthy looking. This was my first time ordering plants online and I have to say I’m very impressed. I ordered three Carolina reapers, Trinidad scorpion, Fatal II and Habanero red savina. Put them in the ground on Saturday. They adjusted fine and are loving the hot and humid Nebraska summer weather.
Positive SanJoseFool
San Jose, CA
(6 reviews)
May 22, 2014
Great website & selection of peppers. Great job shipping/packing out to CA. Peppers arrived in good condition. A few were a little leggy but would definitely buy from them again. Highly recommend.
Positive GardeninginHoth
Saint Paul, MN (Zone 4a)
(3 reviews)
May 22, 2014
I am VERY impressed with how well packaged these plants were!
Cross Country Nurseries ( provided me with healthy looking plants labeled exactly as I had ordered them. arriving on exactly the day that they said they would, looking better than anything I could have bought locally (With MUCH Less selection locally)
I am looking forward to finally getting a chance to grow these rare treats!

I will be a repeat customer.

This company obviously takes the time to do it right the 1st time, and that in itself is more than can be said for some other mail order company's vegetables.
That and there Enormous selection will keep me coming back for years.

Thank you Cross Country Nurseries.
Finally Hot Peppers, even in the Land of HOTH (lol)
Positive GinaMarienj71
Society Hill, NJ
(1 review)
May 13, 2014
Safe seed pledge, NON GMO NJ garden center.

My dear Hungarian dad was trying to find authentic Hungarian non gmo pepper plants and luckily I found I have had the hardest time trying to locate a non gmo nursery in NJ until now. They had over 9 different Hungarian peppers. I've never seen anything like it. I bought 30, some for us and some for our Hungarian friends. Usually I grow my own seeds with the aerogrow garden but this year the peppers didn't do well so I'm thankful I found chile plants and look forward to shopping there every year. I even bought their organic fish emulsion fertilizer for the plants. So excited and looking forward to a great NJ garden year. They ship nationwide too which is awesome. Happy Gardening!
Positive Perfectfit
Ponca City, OK
(1 review)
April 25, 2014
I just received my first order of chili plants yesterday, they were incredible!! I have been growing my own from seeds for the last several years and have come to hate that process, so I thought I would try to order plants. I was skeptical about being able to get plants thru the mail, but to my surprise they were very healthy and happy. Who ever designed the shipping box, is brilliant!! I had no damage at all, and the plant soil was still moist! I will never grow peppers from seeds again. The variety choices that are available are amazing! The questions that I had were answered via email in a very timely manner. I highly recommend this company, I will be a customer for life!!
Positive jimz2009
Mount Pleasant, IA
(1 review)
April 25, 2014
I have ordered plants on line for quite a few years. I have had some very bad results. Especially with the very hot peppers. Plants were poorly wrapped for shipping, arrived nearly dead, and were very expensive. I recently purchased Carolina Reapers from Dave's garden. What a surprise. Plants were in very good shape. Packaging was done with more than a touch of love. Very happy with my first experience with
Dav's Garden and would highly recommend in the future.
Positive hebsgarden
Live Oak, California
United States
(1 review)
April 21, 2014
I have ordered plants from Cross Country Nurseries for five years now and have had a great experience with them. Their plants have been top quality and all plants have produced a great amount of fruit. Being in Northern California I was hesitant the first time I ordered, but the plants arrived on time and in great condition. From eggplants, tomatoes and the hottest peppers on earth they have been awesome. This years order arrived the first week in April and are already blooming in the garden. Should be a good gardening season. Thanks Cross Country Nurseries. Ed 4/21/2014
Positive Phonephreak
Fairfield, CA
(1 review)
April 19, 2014
I have been using Cross Country Nurseries for 3 years now. I have them ship me my plants all the way to California. They pack the plants extremely well. Even if the UPS driver doesn't read the package and puts the box upside down, the dirt is held in place and the plants do not suffer any damage. My order usually consists of 60+ plants. They are the absolute best online sour e for plants. I have tried other sites and have received poorly packaged and damaged plants. is the only online plant source that I can wholeheartedly recommend.
Positive nnnursery
Fayetteville, GA (Zone 7b)
(1 review)
April 16, 2014
Mail Ordered, A nice selection of extremely hot and rare Chiles back in fall of 2013 for delivery this April, spring 2014. Plants arrived on time. Being the first time I have ordered I was skeptical as to packing and plant health. I have received plants with terrible packing or terrible shaped from many sources myself over the years. I MUST SAY THERE PACKING AND BOX DESIGN IS FAR SUPERIOR TO ANY I HAVE RUN ACROSS IN MY LIFE PERIOD! Plants arrived in great shape and farther long than my personally southern grown plants i germinated in late Jan. Certainly would order again. Amazing selection.
Positive Moruga01
San Antonio, TX
(1 review)
April 13, 2014
I was somewhat worried this past thursday, awaiting my chile plants order. I knew that the boxed plants had been placed on the UPS truck @ 5:30 am and it was after 5:00 pm with our local temperature above 88° F. I found out the UPS trucks are air conditioned. When I unpacked the box of live chile plants they were all in spectacular condition. I. had never seen such efficient packing for plant shipment in my life- the potting mix in each individual container was even still moist.Needless to say I am very pleased with my order and will be using cross country nursery again. If asked, I would recommend them to anyone.
Positive mantal
Wells Branch, TX
(1 review)
April 11, 2014
I was blow a way with all that service they provide.
Prices for pepper plant and quality you do not find nowhere else.
I order 12 pepper plants. State of the art packed in box.
All plants very healthy and no any damage all crisp and very clean.I recommending very strong and you get same experience as me.

Milan Austin,Texas
Positive chris76
Serenada, TX
(1 review)
April 11, 2014
Excellent shipping. I worked for big brown for year as a driver and can tell you I've seen it all. I ship my personal stuff with them and know that there are times that it needs to be bullet proof. My plants arrived in a bulletproof shipping box. There wasn't a single leaf missing from any of my plants and I dont think a bit of soil in the bottom of the box.

The plants were in amazing condition and are enjoying their new pots on my back patio. From reading through the comments its obvious they have great plants and know how to deliver. Janie took the time to reply to my emailed questions, WELL after normal business hours and was obviously concerned about the well being of my plants.
Positive suddenlynice
Acme, PA
(1 review)
June 15, 2013
Ordered 12 pepper plants. Most of them chili and ancho plants. First, I was impressed with their large selection of hard to find pepper plants, and second their prices were very reasonable. I was able to tell them on my order when to ship the plants so as to have them after the fear of frost. The plants arrived exactly as I asked for. I received an email from the giving me the shipment information and when to expect the plants. Very nice job. The packaging was outstanding. The plants were securely shipped inside individual containers and were standing tall and beautiful. Wow, I was very impressed. Took them over to my mom and dad's garden to plant this evening. I will certainly buy from them again. Very pleased. The best out there!
Positive Jackf
Sellersburg, IN
(1 review)
June 15, 2013
I have been ordering from Cross Country Nurseries for several years. I have always received my plants in great shape. The packaging is excellent. I begin planning my vegetable garden months in advance and I really enjoy looking for hot pepper plants. My orders have always been correct and I always know my plants will be shipped on schedule.
Positive NigelCarter
Vista, CA
(1 review)
June 14, 2013
I ordered 12 chili plants of rare and hard to find varieties. They were delivered in 3 days from NJ to Southern California and were packed extremely well and very professionally. The plants all survived the trip just fine and everyone of them was over 12" tall, some nearer 15". The price I paid was extremely good for great service and great plants. I will definitely order from Cross Country Nurseries again. Highly Recommended!
Positive bmack21
Minneapolis, MN
(1 review)
June 7, 2013
This was my first time ordering plants online so I was curious on the process. It was quite easy, the plants came when they said they would. Were package perfectly, when I pulled them out they were tall and green and healthy. Good experience overall.

Positive PuriraX
(1 review)
May 23, 2013
Complete satisfaction. I have been dealing with Cross-Country for more than 10 years. Shipments have always been perfect whether with an order of 24 or 312 which I've done. Shipment always arrives on specified day. Packaging is perfect. Not one grain of soil is out of place. Plants don't even have a damaged leaf, are strong, never root-bound, never stunted or wilted, vibrant green and ready to go with a bit of dappled sunlight. Often they are in blossom and may even have started a fruit. My success rate with transplants is 100%. Production quantity prolific.

My most recent order arrived a week ago and is doing nicely in their new garden home despite 90 degree heat and full sun exposure.

Cross-Country has my complete endorsement and I shall continue to be their customer. Their huge selection of chiles precludes the need to shop elsewhere.
Positive CO_Gardener
Broomfield, CO
(9 reviews)
May 6, 2013
Have looked through their informative website for years and finally ordered this year.

I usually start my own seeds, and have for years, but time got away from me this year and I was worried that I didn't allow enough time for decent pepper production. I have the expensive grow lights and make my own soil, all producing fantastic organic seedlings.

Their plants look better then mine!

The shipping container is marvelous.

When I requested the ship date, I had no idea that it was going to be below freezing while the plants were on the delivery truck. The peppers were unfazed. This says a lot for the quality.

Their selection is unbelievable and I can't wait to order again.

Like others, I thought that shipping costs were a bit high and that's probably why I didn't order until this year.

However, after seeing the plants, the shipping is completely reasonable. If I could even find this selection in a local shop, the per plant prices would exceed the overall per plant cost that CCN charges.
Positive quaqbe
Stirling, NJ (Zone 6a)
(1 review)
April 28, 2013
Been to the greenhouses twice (last year and this year).....great plants and selection. The folks can't be long as you don't try to take their cat who likes to get into any car it can.LOL
Positive microbiology1
Foxboro, MA
(1 review)
April 23, 2013
This was my first year ordering from Cross Country Nurseries and it lived up to the reviews. I ordered 12 extremely hot pepper plants (which are notoriously difficult to germinate). The packaging was wonderful. I don't think there was a single bruised leaf. The plants are in 2" plugs but are very healthy and ~8" tall when they arrive. The price is great for what you receive. I will never bother trying to grow and exotic pepper from seed again.
Positive arguello777
Albuquerque, NM
(1 review)
April 18, 2013
I have been ordering exotic plants from them for 5 years and every year they seem to be getting better and better. I've ordered plants from other sites and Cross Country Nurseries has been the best by far! Their plants appear to be healthier than the nurseries around town and the packaging they come in is phenomenal. There is no damage to the plants what so ever. I recommend buying from them over any other website out there!
Positive StephenRoss
Plano, TX
(1 review)
April 13, 2013
I ordered 12 plants (chiles and tomatoes) some of them quite exotic varieties. They arrived this week (as per my request) in outstanding condition. What may be most impressive is that the exotic varieties were in as good or better condition than "run of the mill" varieties that I could buy at a local greenhouse. I have bought plants from this company for several years and have not once had a complaint. The selection is amazing (over 500 chile varieties), the price very reasonable and the service commendable. I am always telling friends about this site and I am happy for the opportunity to promote it on a larger scale.
Positive BamaGardener007
Lake Purdy, AL
(1 review)
April 5, 2013
We received our 30 tomato and peppers plants just as promised. Packaging was superb. We were a little anxious about ordering this way but I am so glad we did. The prices were excellent and the quality of these plants is amazing. Not a bad one in the bunch. Excellent customer service and communication was great!

I'm excited about getting them in the garden soon and can't wait to see how they produce. We are definitely going to be repeat customers for many years to come!!

Thanks so much Janie!!
Positive justine00
Gainesville, FL
(1 review)
April 4, 2013
I got on their website January 1st to order plants at the earliest possible date. (Early birds - worms - you get the idea). I'm in Florida so I chose the earliest shipping date - April 1st (one of my favorite days). Wednesday afternoon here comes the UPS in the rain with a big parcel. I took them into the studio and unpacked the plants. Well packed - clever packing design.

You should SEE these plants !!!! Gorgeous ! Green, strong, well grown. These are NOT puny little plugs. These are nice roomy pots and deep enough for strong roots.

The varieties available will astound you. Prompt replies to inquiries - Janie is nice. If I could I would give 10 stars or Ultra-Maximal Positive.

If there's any room left in my garden I will order from them again. NOw if it will just stop raining I'm dying to get them into the garden. The plants look so good they will instantly make my garden look GREAT.
Positive makinsoil
(1 review)
February 17, 2013
I’ve always grown my chilies from seed in the past because there was no other way to get the variety. Last year I tried a different seed starting medium and had a terrible germination rate. Plan B was that a friend told me about. I found all of the varieties that I was growing from seed and many more. When my plants arrived, I couldn’t believe how good they looked after being in the mail for three days - all the way to the West coast. They weren’t even wilted. After a great crop last year, is Plan A this year. Seeds are cheaper, but when I consider the cost of electricity for seed starting, I don’t know that I was saving any money. I was so impressed with my plants last year that two of my friends are now ordering this from chileplants, and I’m hoping to get my 75 yr old mom on board as well.
Neutral plantgnome1
nowhere land, NY (Zone 6b)
(31 reviews)
August 19, 2012
I received my order of peppers, tomato and eggplants at the right time this spring. this is the second year I have ordered from them. Put them in the ground watered, fertilized etc. The tomato plants are doing okay, not highly productive tho. The pepper plants and eggplant plants, other than the Island Hellfire Chili plant, are barely producing anything. they are all in full sun. I got better results from my own plants that I started from seed. Same thing last year. Even the patio tomato plant was a skimpy producer-that one is in blaring sun most of the day. I got maybe 10 tomatoes from it. It being the middle of August I am very disappointed will all the plants. Besides the fact there is a minimum order requirement and I spent over $50.00 on everything, so you can't just order a couple of plants.
I Will not order from them again, its back to the grow lights for me.
Positive johnrf
Bangor, PA
(1 review)
June 23, 2012
I have been buying tomato and chile plants from Cross Country for several years. The selection and the plants are always excellent. Although I pick my plants up (saving $) I have recommended them to others who get their plants by mail and they say the packaging is great.
This year I picked up about 35 plants total. I was impatient to get them into the garden and it was raining every day so I did not harden them off as much as usual.
After planting a couple of tomatoes looked a little wilted and I was afraid my haste had doomed them. But they survived. Every plant survived. I don't think I have ever lost a plant purchased at Cross Country and they are the best plants you can buy anywhere.
I noticed another comment that said that Janie is rude and short with customers. She is not the most talkative and sometimes she seems a little stressed. I've learned that she really doesn't want to have long conversations with customers. I think she is a little shy and busy and can come off as a little unfriendly. But she has a great selection and her product is of the highest quality and her prices are competitive. Her husband is very friendly.
As much as I'm sure I'd enjoy having a long conversation with her about growing tomatoes and chiles I'm really there to get great plants and she does a great job. My order is always complete, properly labeled and the plants are in great shape.
For years I've had my tomato plants infected with, I guess, early blight. The plants die from the bottom up during the season. The first year I bought from Janie was the first time in years that I had no blight at all. Last year I bought, in addition to my purchase from Janie, some tomato plants from Burpee. The blight was back. From now on I will only buy my tomatoes from Cross Country.
So if you're looking for great healthy inexpensive, organically grown plants this is the place. If you're looking to hang out and make a new friend, maybe try somewhere else.
I recommend ordering preseason online to be sure you get exactly what you want.
And the website is very informative which helps when you want to try some exotic tomatoes or chiles. This year I'm growing a white tomato...
Positive AnitTina
Eustis, FL (Zone 9a)
(4 reviews)
May 22, 2011
I am very happy with this company. The plants were healthy growing well in the garden. Packed very well. I spit an order with a friend would you believe made a mistake on her order they promptly fixed my blunder and sent the Jersey tomato she wanted.
Communication was excellent. They have a fantastic amount of choices of hard to find plants.
Positive jbrickm
Atlanta, GA
(3 reviews)
April 21, 2011
Ordered with them for the first time this year. I received my tomatoes, chilies and eggplants last week and by Golly they all were vigorous and brilliantly packed. I've not seen better plant starts anywhere else. The proof will be in the yields, but the start looks promising.
Positive FarmerEd
United States
(2 reviews)
April 16, 2011
Today was opening day for buying plants at the greenhouse. All the hard core chile people were there waiting patiently in line for the gate to open. Think we were fourth in line. I look forward to this trip every year. Selection of chile, tomato, basils, eggplants and tomatillo is crazy. Nothing like it anywhere else. Got the chile I wanted the most, chilhuacle negro. The other three dozen chile plants were just gravy. The plants are in perfect health. Even with the dreary day, everyone was all smiles. The dogs were having a ball as well. Is there a rating better than positive?
Positive plistumi
Garden City, NY
(2 reviews)
April 29, 2010
Incredible selection of plants. I received the plants looking very healthy. Good communication. This newbie will purchase from them next year.
Positive greywolves2000
West Chazy, NY
(1 review)
June 14, 2009
This company is great! I found them this year when I was looking for some chilis that are not sold locally. I started with an order of 12 plants to see the quailty. They arrived within one day of being shipped. The way they package them is unbelievable. Not one plant was damaged. The plants were strong and healthy. Since then I have placed two more orders with them one for 24 plants and the other was for supplies. It was really nice to get plants that didn't die within a day. I will do business with with them again and again.
Positive magnaastra
Charleston, IL (Zone 6a)
(44 reviews)
May 6, 2009
Cross Country has such a humongous selection of peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants that it's fun just to browse their website, but what happens AFTER the order gets placed is best of all: healthy, beautifully packaged plants are delivered to the door exactly when and as promised. I have no doubt that they'll dig right in and grow.Their customer service is awesome too: really patient, and very thorough and friendly. Will definitely buy again.
Positive FenwickFarm
Williamsport, MD
(5 reviews)
May 5, 2009
This company's web site is actually A friend told me about them on a cold, snowy day in winter and I went online and ordered 12 plants in Feb: tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. They have unusual varieties and many, many choices. The plants arrived today, as I had requested a date after our frost date.( I was notified by email that they were on the way). These plants were packed with absolute care. They are sturdy, healthy and very large. WOW.I am very impressed! Check out their website. This is a good place!
Positive blackdogga
Carrollton, GA
(6 reviews)
April 19, 2009
Great communication -- I got several phone calls regarding my order and everything was handled very well. The plants arrived on schedule and looking great -- what wonderful packaging.

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