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  Company Comment, posted on September 16, 2010:  
Greenearth has a 95% positive feedback on yahoo and ebay and free plants to nice people always is our motto. WE are the only company that will try to send banana plants with leaves threw the mail. I try to please everyone but do make mistakes, also free plants when i do.

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Positive BananasinNH
Chichester, NH
(1 review)
March 24, 2015
I just wanted to thank you for all your help over the last couple of weeks. Our banana plants arrived just over a week ago and they are terrific. I know when you sent them, they were carefully packaged with fertilizer, healthy soil and wrapped in newspaper for protection. When they arrived almost a thousand miles north of you, the box was slightly crushed on one end. The temperature outside was below freezing. I was concerned that I was going to receive a battered bunch of bananas...(other companies had reviews online that made me nervous.). When I opened the box, the plants were VERY healthy! Clearly you sent me great plants to begin with but you also did a fantastic job wrapping them up. The rough transport didn't seem to affect them at all.
The price I paid for the plants was more than reasonable for the excellent product I received. The plants arrived in less than a week in great condition. Your email responses were timely, professional and extremely helpful. I almost feel like the word "professional" is insulting since the experience was so personal. It was more like a close friend picked and delivered his finest plants for me!
It was my intention to wait a few weeks after the delivery to give the plants a chance to adjust to the new planting. This is my first attempt at hydroponics and a true test for a transplant. They are in a classroom greenhouse at a middle school. I can't believe there is already visible growth on the plants! I am so impressed with the plants I just had to email you today! I will highly recommend Greenearth Co to anyone looking for healthy banana plants!
Thanks again for all the advice,
Bananas in NH!
Positive sheherezade
Palmetto, FL
(1 review)
March 22, 2015
I recently ordered two banana trees and a fig tree. All arrived safe and sound. They are healthy and doing great!
Positive tattoonellie
Lea Hill, WA
(1 review)
March 9, 2015
Price Rating:Excellent
Shipping Options Rating:Excellent
Delivery Rating:Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent
Customer Service Rating:Excellent

They are quick, friendly and great at communicating the status of your order. I have had my Banana plants for a little over a week now and they are doing wonderful in my atrium! I will definitely come back and order again.
Positive BananaNutAZ
Tempe, AZ
(1 review)
February 1, 2015
Ted Taylor and me have been doing business for several years now. He is an honest man and always sends me
healthy banana plants. He offers a wide variety of Bananas. The web site is easy to order from and fast. I use Pay Pal which very safe on the internet. His shipments arrive in usually 2 days as he says they will.
I HIGHLY recommend Ted Taylor from Greenearth Melbourne, FL Thanks for reading my Positive comment.
Robert A. Sprankle
Tempe, AZ
Positive frillici
Thousand Oaks, CA
(1 review)
January 16, 2015
I had a terrific first time experience ordering an ice cream banana plant for my son from Ted. Ordering was easy and Ted was very responsive. I will definately order from Ted again and would happily recommend him to a friend.
Positive FLTropical
Pompano Beach, FL
(1 review)
January 16, 2015
I love Greenearth! This was my first time ordering from them, and not only did my plants arrive earlier than I was expecting (for the time of year - I ordered over the holidays!) but in perfect glowing health. In fact, they looked better than many plants I've seen in nurseries that haven't gone through the mail! They were professionally packed, and even included an extra free plant I was able to give to a gardner friend of mine! Thank you so much! I will definitely order from them again - right now, as a matter of fact!
Positive Romanord
Kapolei, HI
(1 review)
December 5, 2014
Great Service! I found this company while surfing for ice cream banana plants. I ordered 3 and found them on my doorstep 4 days later. Healthy-looking plants in excellent condition. Not many companies will combine orders and only charge $7.95 shipping.
I plan to order again.
Margo N., Hawaii
Positive tbird2252
Mount Pleasant, SC
(1 review)
November 22, 2014
Found this vendor while surfing this website and had been planning to order a Banana plant for my back yard. I am Located in Zone 9A. I had questions concerning Banana plants and sent an email to the owner. He responded within 30 minutes and answered all my questions. Ted, owner, offered to send me a complimentary Banana just for contacting his company. I took him up on his offer and also ordered another. The man is in business to make a living and I was not going to take advantage of his generous offer...

He shipped on Wednesday and I received on Friday. The plants arrived in excellent condition and I followed his instructions on planting and care. I found Ted to be extremely helpful and desired to offer assistance even so much to send replacements if a problem was encountered. I hope to visit and thank him personally while in Florida. I unequivocally endorse his company. I have found him to be a man of integrity with the desire to please his customers!!!
Positive Barfield2546
Cedartown, GA
(1 review)
October 14, 2014
I have never purchased from greenearth before but I had always wanted a banana plant. The ones at my local greenhouses always looked like they were on their last legs, or they wanted a fortune for them. I usually always buy from the local places. That way you can see what you get. I took a chance with greenearth, and I wasn't disappointed! My plant came to my house looking like one of those pricy plants that local greenhouses wanted 50$ for. It was a stunning example of a banana plant! Absolutely gorgeous, it looked like it was just taken from the pot and placed in my hand. As if it never had been mailed to me. I can't stress enough how beautiful my banana plant was. I began taking care of it and it started to brown on the edges of the leaves. Knowing I knew very little about the care of a banana tree. I emailed greenearth and within 10 minutes they responded to me and instead of telling me I didn't know what I was doing, they were very helpful and nice to me. I received instructions on how to care properly for my plant and with two days it was back to its stunning self. I have decided that I will always purchase my plants from greenearth, I highly recommend them. I don't know how they do it, taking care of customers and plants at the same time but my experience was wonderful. All my plant purchases will be made with greenearth. The prices and quality and customer service can not be beat. I would love to go there one day. I cannot think of anything negative to say about them. They are absolutely wonderful!
Positive Pule
Aurora, UT
(1 review)
September 19, 2014
Rather than to just say that Greenearth Co. is a great nursery to deal with and their plants are superior I want to tell you what happened, so you can judge for yourself.

I ordered a banana plant from Ted Taylor’s Greenearth Co. as I had heard good things about him and his honesty as well as all his plants are grown with tissue culture and I could not find another seller that had banana plants propagated by tissue culture. According to the authorities plants propagated by means other than with tissue culture could be infected with a virus and I did not want that.

The banana plant arrived so fast I could not believe it was here already when it arrived. When I opened the package it was absolutely beautiful. All leafed out and a thing to behold. I potted it up and for three weeks it was a show piece, then it suddenly went bad. The leaves started dying and it was a mess. I sent an email to Greenearth Nursery to ask what had happened and to my surprise got an answer – not from someone in India or someplace else – but from the owner himself Ted Taylor. Ted spent the next 3 or 4 days emailing me asking for photos of the plant, the pot, the dirt, and information about how I cared for the plant. He would respond as soon as I sent an email. I do not know how he gets time to run his business and also take so much time with a customer over one lonely banana plant, but he does.

Ted’s diagnosis was that I had over fertilized the plant and it had fertilizer burn. I realized he was right as this was my first banana plant and I had heard and read about what big eaters banana plants are and had been very liberal with fertilizing it. Ted worked with me over the next few days trying to save the plant, but it was too far gone. Then Ted offered to replace it for free. I told him no as it was my fault I would buy another one and treat it better, but he insisted on sending me another one. In a few days I received a package with two Banana plants in it and he also refunded the money for the plant I bought.

There was a problem though, as, despite the fact that the plants were packaged very well, the postoffice had managed to rip the package and plants right in half. I contacted Ted to let him know what the post office had done. And he said he would send more. I told him no again, as the plants where not killed and they may grow anyway, I thought we should wait and see. He insisted saying he wanted me to have nice trees and sent four more. All of them as beautiful a plant as one could ever imagine. Now I bought one plant from him (that he refunded the money for) but have 6 banana plants all looking good, as well as a new best friend in Ted even though we have never met face to face and a lesson on how to treat a costumer extremely well and a lesson on caring for banana plants.

Yes, the plants that the post office mangled had a set back, but are now growing and looking good even if the are a little smaller than the others. I should add that he also sent a complimentary copy of his book on greenhouses and rasing plants (a very interesting read, Ted is an authority on greenhouse building and operation as well as hydroponics. Ted builds greenhouses and sets up hydroponic operations internationally.) and he sent two papaya trees to help fill out my Fijian Garden, no charge – not even for postage. He said he sent two papaya trees so there was a good chance I would get at least one to live. It is obvious that Ted had learned about my ability with tropical plants.

Now Ted asks me to send him a photo every week of the plants he sent, so he can keep track of how they are doing and advice me on their care. I sent photos for three weeks on Thursday. Then missed one Thursday. Ted sent an email saying that he “missed my photo this Thursday”. Can you believe a nursery going to that much trouble?

It is hard to understand how Ted stays in business when he is so kind with his time and plants, not to mention the cost of shipping them. I have never dealt with a company that was so concerned about their customers having a good experience dealing with them, as well as making sure their customers have the best product possible. I live in Utah and Ted is in Florida, so I was a complete stranger to Ted until the banana plant I bought from him had a problem, yet he treated me like a very dear old friend and could not do enough for me. As far as I am concerned Greenearth Co. is the only place to buy banana plants. Not only are they tissue culture propagated, so disease free, but also backed by the most caring and honest nursery owner one could ever hope to deal with.

Ted is more interested in his customers having a good experience buying plants, as well as having the best plants possible, than he is in making money. He has proved that over and over.

Positive musukari
Martinez, CA
(1 review)
September 18, 2014
I ordered 3 banana trees and the box was damaged during transit so one of the trees broke. I called Ted and he immediately sent a replacement. Excellent customer service.
Positive Rylanfersieck
Barnhart, MO
(1 review)
September 16, 2014
I want to express how happy I am with my recent purchase. I contacted Ted prior to placing my order to share my concerns with his negative feedback. He was very helpful and knowledgeable and assured me the negative feedback did not reflect his business practices. I would not hesitate to order again. The plants were delivered fast and look phenominal. Much bigger plants than I expected and packaged well.
Positive Longboater
Dallas, TX
(1 review)
September 9, 2014
The fact that there are several negative remarks just proves the old adage "You can't please everybody". There will always be somebody that can't be pleased, but it is not because Ted doesn't try.
I ordered some banana plants from Ted and the Post Office crushed the box in transit, ruining only one of the plants. Ted sent a new one right away and a couple of days later the Post Office delivered another box, this one bent in half. I managed to save the plant inside in spite of many breaks and told Ted that everything was OK and that I was a happy customer.
Next day I had another banana plant arrive on my doorstop. I emailed Ted and told him that I needed to pay for this one since the replacement was doing fine and he said that his guarantee is for a good plant to be delivered in perfect shape and refused my money.
I can't imagine better customer service could be had anywhere. Ted is more than just a stand up guy. I will always order from him and nobody else when looking for new banana plants.
I can't say enough about either the high quality of his plants or his customer service. Both superlative.
Positive nananut
United States
(3 reviews)
September 8, 2014
Posted on September 8, 2014, updated September 8, 2014
Quality healthy Plants & excellent customers services.


On September 8th, 2014, nananut added the following:

DG-1374866] 'Greenearth Publishing Inc. (,
On Sep 8, 2014 10:17 AM:
I bought many bananas plants from Greenhouse. Love this company, fast delivery only take 2 to 3 days from order to delivery. All bananas plants were strong roots & healthy and they are growing fast. Ted is great person, always there to assist me when I have any questions. Love this company one great things that is shipping not expensive like other nurseries regardless how many plants I bought. Just flat rate ship charge for priority mail. Ted thanks for all your assistant & support. Keep up a good work. I
know where I can trust and get healthy bananas plants. I would like to recommend to everyone. Just give Ted a call or email him he will help you everything you need: Just email him :

Take care

Thanks again Excellent customer services #34;KUDO"
Positive rrittge
Saint Simons Island, GA
(1 review)
September 8, 2014
Ordered from Greenearth 3 different times. Total 22 plants. Plants arriivsd promptly & in great condition. Ted responded quickly to emails. Plants are doing well after planting. Recommend without reservation
Positive cycler45
Cape Coral, FL
(1 review)
September 8, 2014
ted was a pleasure to deal with. we had some issues and he resolved them completely and very quickly. i would recommend him completely.
Positive 67gt500
Federal Heights, CO
(1 review)
June 13, 2014
I got my package super fast. Opened right away to check out my 2 Banana trees. I must say I have be burned by buying plants online. I have always been disappointed. I was shock when I opened the shipping box. I was expecting a small mostly dried up, and will on the road to die. I found a pleasant surprise. unwrapped 2 health plants actually that has green leaves. Not dead,and withered. I am 100% very satisfied with the quality. AAAAA+++++. Will definitely buy from here again. Thanks.
Positive RobThomas
Readyville, TN
(13 reviews)
November 6, 2013
I ordered two banana plants. They arrived very quickly, and I had no problems with the shipping notifications. The plants were healthy and nice sized. The plant prices and shipping costs were very good. I've sent Ted a few emails, and all were replied to very quickly.

I plan on purchasing more banana plants, and wouldn't hesitate to order from GreenEarth again.
Negative Josephine5
(1 review)
July 9, 2013
I, too, had the same problem as others. My order status for weeks was 'will ship in 2-3 days'. While all that time my plants were sitting in the PO, and because of a mistake there I wasn't notified. Future customers--don't believe your 'order status'.
Company representative comment on September 9, 2014:
On Sep 9, 2014 2:07 PM, Greenearth Publishing Inc. (, responded with:

I was so busy i never got time for updating the server. How about a free plant Josephine5? Anyone else buy 4 banana plants get one FREE if you read this. thanks!

Neutral chadinlg
Los Gatos, CA
(5 reviews)
June 6, 2013
Posted on June 1, 2012, updated June 6, 2013
I ordered 2 banana's during their sale, I got the email saying shipping would be delayed 2-3 days - with a link to check the status of my order. I checked this most days, but it never changed. Nevertheless my order arrived today with 2 nice 12" plants after just over a week.
On June 6th, 2013, chadinlg changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

Well after receiving the plants which looked OK, I have lost both of them. Neither grew much after they were received, and they both eventually succumbed to rot. I believe I gave them good care, and they were kept in my greenhouse, so I am disappointed.
Negative hbtraveler
Huntington Beach, CA
(1 review)
September 25, 2012
I ordered one banana tree in June. I did not receive it and contacted the seller 3 months later. My invoice stated that it would ship in 2-3 days the whole 3 month period. I sent a follow up email and I got an email in all caps that said my tree shipped in June. Then another that said sorry for the delay, they were busy with a sale. My invoice now says "shipped",but no tree. It is now the end of September! I am contacting PayPal for a refund and trying to figure out how to leave negative feedback on a few sites so this won't happen to others.
Company representative comment on September 9, 2014:
On Sep 9, 2014 2:02 PM, Greenearth Publishing Inc. (, responded with:

Hello hbtraveler,
Just saw your feedback sorry for your disappointment and would like to send a free plant and ask if you ever received a refund. sorry i checked and I didn't get your emails. i'm at p.s. anyone reading this gets a free plant with purchase of 2.

Positive jmdsr1975
Flat Rock, MI
(5 reviews)
August 11, 2012
Posted on June 8, 2012, updated August 12, 2012
Hi everyone out there :)
I have been checking out the Garden Watchdog for years and was always too lazy to join the membership. But, I finally did so to give a honest and true opinion of the few companies I deal with mail order. Anyways, I have been dealing with Ted at for a couple of years now and am here to tell everyone out there that he truly works hard to keep you happy and satisfied. He is a great person with excellent customer service skills and will go out of his way to offer you the best of the best. This comment is NOT about one particular order, but over 40 or so orders. He doesnt argue you with about any issues you may have and often will ALWAYS send free plants if something goes wrong. Things are taken care of promptly, usually within minutes. Emails are returned almost as fast as I can type it and send it to him. He does not make and break promises or give you the run around like many of the other online nurseries. I only deal with a few others out there, like Four Winds Growers (citrus trees), Florida Hill Nursery (different tropical plants, and Wellsprings Gardens (other different tropical plants) from many other bad experiences with other mail order nurseries. I wont name any of them, as it is not fair to them because I would never order from any of them again and it has been a long time since I did order, and hopefully they have fixed things for future customers. But, once is enough for me!!!! So, as an Electrical and Landscaping contractor with a fairly large company it is nice to have Ted as a reliable and easy to deal with mail order nursery. As a matter of fact, I dont even deal with any other company for banana plants. They are always large, healthy and almost always thrive. That is a big plus in my business because I too have to keep my customers happy. But, as far as good points about Ted and his company this is what you can HONESTLY expect:

*Great prices

*Cheap shipping (I see the shipping labels and the costs of them, and I usually order 15 to 40 banana plants at a time and I wonder how he even makes any money sending that many plants with shipping over $80.00 on average for that size of an order. I actually feel guilty about it that I am going to split up the shipments so he dont get ripped off like that)

*Fast shipping (usually within 2 to 3 days at the very most, and many times within 24 hours)

*Friendly customer service

*Quick response times on any email or phone call (usually within minutes)

*Most importantly, big, healthy and disease free banana plants)

But, I am not going to keep on going on and on, and I just felt it necessary to share my experience with Ted so maybe he can gain even more satisfied customers, of which he deserves. Give him a try, and rest assured you will be happy and hopefully add another good review for him. Thanks Ted if you ever do read this and am glad to call you a friend. Take care everyone out there and happy gardening!!!!

Jeff D.
On August 11th, 2012, jmdsr1975 added the following:

After several more orders and a large amount of plants I am happy to say that Greenearth and T.T. is the company to deal with for banana plants. The plants are huge!!!! The price is great, the shipping is great, shipping times the same.

Again, give them a try and am sure you will be happy with them too. Look at the feedback, it should speak for itself. I will always post additional information in the future. Thanks T.T. and Greenearth.
Positive steve7772
Gridley, CA
(1 review)
May 15, 2012
i am very pleased with this company. My order was accurate, arrived fast and as promised and they took good care in packaging my bannana plant so it arrived undamaged from across the country. Great experience and product as my tree is doing very well thanks to the enlosed instructions/tip sheet. Thank you!!!!

Positive pdonath
Chillicothe, IL
(1 review)
May 2, 2012
I ordered two banana trees from Ted and one of these did not make it,. spoke with him on the phone and mentioned that my husband was going through Cancer treatment right now. Ted has sent me info on cancer treatment through papaya leaves etc. I feel as if I have made a new best friend and he did replace my banana tree .. 2 of them .. Wonderful experience and wanted to share with everyone. Thanks Ted
Positive MadGrannie
Chillicothe, IL
(1 review)
April 26, 2012
Posted on April 25, 2012, updated April 26, 2012
"Greenearth has a 95% positive feedback on yahoo and ebay and free plants to nice people always is our motto. WE are the only company that will try to send banana plants with leaves threw the mail. I try to please everyone but do make mistakes, also free plants when i do". ALL FALSE! Buyer BEWARE! Ebay? I found no such store under this name. I researched (should have done before buying from him) reviews and EVERY review site has bad comments. His site shows only "Excellent" feedback that is posted by him. He does not back his plants, my mom bought 2 banana plants from him one is doing great and the other one is struggling. After 3 weeks she sent him an email (a kind one, have proof) and he was rude and told her she did it all wrong and told her good luck. Which we followed HIS directions to a T. She paid a ridiculous amount for the 2 tiny trees and then to be treated this way. Michigan Bulb has beautiful plants and they guarantee their plants up to 30 days, I have ordered from them for over 3 years and for the 1st time I had a bad plant and with out hesitation they are sending me a new one. Go anywhere but here!!
On April 26th, 2012, MadGrannie changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

He contacted my mother and said that he would send a new plant. Things are very stressful for my family right now and I lashed out at the first one that crossed our path. He did right by by mom and hopefully we will have some beautiful looking trees.
Positive Caribbeanman
Meriden, CT
(1 review)
March 24, 2011
My banana plant came within two weeks, I thought it would come later... I was surprised when I went outside to get my mail and there was a long tube in my front door, and I knew what it was right away!! I opened the package before I even went to get my mail.. It was my banana plant!!! It was packed very well!! I'm doing a tropical garden on my deck this year, so I can't wait for the banana plant to start growing.. FAST,QUICK, AND GREAT SERVICE!!! Thanks Greenearth!!! I will be telling all my friends about you!!!
Positive Meganjeanice
Palacios, TX
(1 review)
March 15, 2011
My banana plants arrived safe and sound exactly when I was told they would arrive. The package was missing one plant and I contacted Ted who was very nice and immediately shipped the other one to me. They are now planted in pots as suggested and placed in the sun only part of the day to acclimate them. They are doing great so far and I will plant them in the ground as soon as they are ready. I will definitely be using this place again!
Positive DungBeetle
Goshen, KY (Zone 6a)
(1 review)
March 9, 2011
Greenearth is a fantastic seller! I ordered some Basjoo banana plants, and they were shipped promptly and healthy. Couldn't be happier! I will definitely order from them in the future. Especially since we had such a horrible winter and all my bananas seem to be a lost cause. Order with confidence from Greenearth and stock up! :)
Positive Sonnie001
(1 review)
January 1, 2011
I placed an order for 12 fresh cut papaya leaves on November 14th 2010. They sent me an email apologising for the short delay in having the order delivered. I took delivery the next day and found everything fresh and perfect. Prior to the delivery by priority mail, I spoke with one Ted Taylor who was very helpful and courteous.
Yes I will not hesitate to recommend Greenearth Publishing Inc to a friend.

sonnie001, NJ
Positive lazzieboy
Martinez, CA
(3 reviews)
December 30, 2010
I ordered two banana trees from this company and they took there time getting to me. I thought it was the company,well it was not. It was the post office. They lost them and then found them and sent them to me. It was a good thing that Ted at greenearth publishing company had packed them well,because that is the only reason they were in great shape when I got them. The box was all crushed and the plants were in good shape! I have sense bought more banana plants from them and they have come to me in record time and in great shape. I really do recommend this company to buy your banana plants from. They take great care of you as a customer and they really care for you as a customer after the sale! I will be back.. Frank L.
Positive bxr134
Lafayette, CA
(1 review)
November 29, 2010
I ordered banana plants on line nov 21, a busy holiday week for shipping. Received three beautiful, healthy plants, well packaged, this morning, the 29th. Very pleased with the service.
Positive yuppiepup
Valkaria, FL
(2 reviews)
November 22, 2010
I placed an order for 3 banana plants with this company and then read the reviews......Basically had mentally written off the $30 plus dollars I had sent......but to my surprise, 4 days later, I received 3 Beautiful banana trees packed great, labeled correctly and a concise informational sheet. I am sorry I pre-judged them on the reviews I had read. I am very happy with the service, the response to my email (short and curt, but to the point) and most of all the healthy plants that I received. I will definitely order from them again!!
Negative AlisonZinTx
Willis, TX
(2 reviews)
September 16, 2010
Posted on September 1, 2010, updated September 16, 2010
On July 6, I ordered 4 different banana plants from Greenearth Publishing. At the time, they were having a special and had a note on their website stating that, due to the special, they were running behind on the shipping by a few days. So I was pleasantly surprised when my order arrived within a week.

My pleasure turned to disappointment when I opened the package and saw the first plant was bent in several places. There was no damage to the outer packaging and the plant was wedged in tightly, so it appears this damage occurred due to the way it was packed. The other 3 plants were fine. I wrote to Ted to tell him the lady finger banana I ordered was damaged and sent attached a picture of the plant. He sent a reply saying he'd reimburse me for this plant. After waiting several days and not seeing the credit show up, I emailed again. Once again, Ted replied and sent what he said was a 'receipt' and said he just took care of the refund. Again, I waited and checked with my bank - no such refund was ever received.

I'm very disappointed by my experience. It's a shame this company does not have better business ethics. I am happy with the other 3 plants but the lady finger banana died within days and has not come back as Ted said it would. I had hoped to find a good place to do business but it's not worth having to worry if I'm just throwing away my money.
On September 16th, 2010, AlisonZinTx added the following:

Turns out Ted did refund the money for the now dead banana. However, for whatever reason unknown to me, that refund was held up somewhere and did not show up until my Sept statement which was received AFTER I wrote my review. The fact still remains that he did tell me on July 15 that he would refund my money and I had to write back again on July 27 to ask a second time for that refund. So when it still hadn't shown up on my statement by Sept 1, it is reasonable to assume Ted yet again did not follow through. What is not reasonable was this email I received from him today :

[deleted due to assertion of copyright on contents of email.]

Ted, if you want to file a case, please, be my guest. I have everything I need to back up exactly what I wrote here, including statements, emails, a dead banana plant and the original packaging. As for your reputation, I'll let your own words speak for you. That along with a 2/3 negative feedback rating, and the fact that your website changes daily to say that the current date is always the "last day" of the sale so as to create a false sense of urgency to your prospective customers speaks volumes about your business ethics.

Perhaps, rather than sending such an professional email, had you simply asked me why I wrote what I did, I might have changed my rating of your company once I saw the refund did, in fact, get posted on my most recent statement despite the questionable tactics you use on your website. But quite obviously you are not a safe person to do business with, so the negative stands. There are too many other reputable companies available, why risk sending money to one that is so unethical?
Negative customer3554
Kalaheo, HI
(1 review)
September 8, 2010
On June 21st, I ordered 5 different banana plants from Greenearth Publishing. At the time, they were having a special and I received and email stating that due to the special, they were running behind on the shipping. As I wasn’t in any hurry that was fine. I received my order around July 20th or 21st.

I was disappointment when I opened the package and saw smaller plants than expected with the smallest one looking dead. It was the ICE CREAM (Blue Java) variety. I also received 2 of one kind and was missing one which I had ordered (I assumed it was an honest mistake that would be taken care of but it wasn’t). The others looked OK so I planted them all per the enclosed directions. I called Ted to tell him about the missing plant and dead looking plant but he didn’t return my phone call. After a month went by all the plants look great except for the ICE CREAM (Blue Java) plant which never grew back. Therefore I called Ted again and this time followed it up with an email knowing he hadn’t returned 2 previous phone calls.

My email not only addressed the missing & dead plant but I asked some other questions regards to other veriaties and planting questions. He did respond by email in a timely fashion but with a very unpleasant attitude. He never answered any of my questions.

Here is a cut & paste of his entire response; [deleted due to assertion of copyright on contents of email.]

I responded back trying to clarify a few item but only received another evasive email with a statement “no refund”. I never asked for a refund, I just want the correct product paid for supplied and a replacement for the dead one. I am disappointed with my experience. It's a shame this company does not treat the customer any better than this.
Positive dorasgarden
Spokane, WA, WA (Zone 4a)
(1 review)
June 14, 2010
Posted on June 11, 2010, updated June 14, 2010
On June 14th, 2010, dorasgarden changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

Positive fancieface
Taylor, MI
(1 review)
June 10, 2010
This was the second time I ordered from this company. I have had a great experience both times. This first order my banana trees were little but in good shape but they did grow. this second order my banana trees were bigger and in great health. I am very satisfied with GreenEarth. and will use them in the future.
Positive abnshrek
Haughton, LA
(1 review)
June 3, 2010
Posted on June 3, 2010, updated June 3, 2010
My first order was in July 09 the 3 banana's showed up in fine shape. I planted them in the sun and all was great :^)
On June 3rd, 2010, abnshrek added the following:

My second & third orders were in December 09 with shipment in March 2010. One shipment arrived without issue in prime shape. The other order I called Ted about and got a prompt answer on shipment. I got my order in 4 days in prime shape. Most are growing great (I had a heater thermostat issue that resulted in a loss of 4 plants Goldfingers and ladyfingers).
Negative JuniPerez
Rochester, NY
(1 review)
June 3, 2010
A couple of weeks ago (May 19th), I ordered a Dwarf Puerto Rican Plantain and a Dwarf Orinoco from Ted at GreenEarth. The shipping status of my order stated "Will ship in 4-7 days". I checked back in, expecting the order status to change to "shipped" at some point, but 9 days after I ordered, it still showed "Will ship in 4-7 days".

I wrote to them, asking if the order has been shipped - and if not, when will it ship.

The response I got was brief, saying only "allow 3 or more days for priority mail..." from Ted... but it said nothing about whether it's been shipped or not.

So, I write again and say:

"Hello and thanks for responding.

I do not understand your answer. My question is for the status of the order, meaning has it been sent out yet? Or are you saying it will be sent out in 3 or more days? It is very confusing. I'm sorry."

His response surprised me:

"it means just what it says... i am busy wait and see"

I wrote back and let him know his rude response was not appreciated. All he could've said was a simple "Yes, your order was shipped already. Give it a few days to arrive."

I ended up receiving the plants that same evening. While they looked in great shape, the customer service experience was enough for me to refuse to give them any of my money ever again.
Negative cheson74
Marlton, NJ
(3 reviews)
May 23, 2010
I ordered 3 Banana Plants in April. Their web site stated they wouldnt be shipped until May. I went to the local nursery and they had some beautiful Basjoo plants that had huge corms and were very healthy. I bought several and contacted Ted about canceling my order. I paid a little bit more at the nursery but figured it would be worth it since the plants from Greenearth Publishing wouldnt be shipped for several weeks.

So I sent the email requesting cancellation of my order and the reply I received was: YES I WILL LATER TODAY. THANKS, TED

Last week I received a box from Greenearth Publishing that contained 3 sickly Basjoo. I've been babying them and it looks like 3 of them will make it. The root systems were in bad shape and they looked like tiny water suckers. On the other hand, the 4 I bought from the nursery are now triple the size of the ones received from Ted.

I have 16 banana plants growing here and I would never send out plants that frail.

I will never purchase from there again.
Negative cowboydon
Burton, MI
(1 review)
April 7, 2010
first off my order of pepper plants were supposed to ship on 3\25. when i checked the order status on the website, it said the order had been shipped. The tracking number was blank so i was not able to track the order. a week later i sent an email to see where my order was since it was supposed to ship priority mail. i received no response. 2 days later i received my plants. the newspaper used to pack my plants in was dated 3/28. i was not able to make out the acutal ship date on the box. i recieved 2 plants that were put in plastic bags with some dirt and wrapped in news paper. one of the plants was just a dried up stick. no leaves, just a stick. the other just had a couple of crunchy leaves. i sent an email to explain the quality of my order and this is the response i recieved.... "To: "Don Margetson" YOU ARE A IDIOT IF YOU THINK I SHIP PLANTS LIKE THAT.. DID YOU READ MY FEED BACK? LETS TRY TO USE OUR HEAD A MINUTE, DUH.. CHECK THE POSTMARK, YOU WILL SE THEY WILL HAVEE BEEN LEFT IN THE BOX FOR A WEEKS.. TOO LOOK LIKE THAT.. IF YOU JUST GOT THEM.THATS NOT OUR FAULT...... ITS ALWAYS MY FAULT HUGH, WELL TAKE IT UP WITH YTOUR CARD COMPANY I SHIPED NICE HEALTHY PLANTS ITS BEEN TOO LONG TO GET A REFUND.. CALL THEM I WILL TALK WITH THEM NOT YOU ."

great customer service. i plan on taking his advice and taking it up with my credit card company. hopefully if you make a purchase from him you may have better luck

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