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Negative devinevegan
(10 reviews)
On Jan 23, 2014, devinevegan Igo, CA (Zone 9a) wrote:

Posted on January 22, 2014, updated January 23, 2014
I ordered potatoes back in October 2013 and was informed (after my order) that they would not be shipped until late November. I had an order that was under 40lbs to get in on their $9.99 shipping special. When I got to the checkout however they were going to charge me $9.99 twice ($19.98 total for 17lbs) because the potatoes were to be shipped seperately. I went thru with it anyway because the potatoes were such a good price. I ended up cancelling the potatoes because of the delay.
The second half of the order that did arrive took 3 weeks thru FedEx Smartpost which is WAY longer than I have ever waited for a seed shipment - and these were in-stock items mind you.
I reordered potatoes December 1st 2013, and again kept getting emails that the potatoes were delayed. Eventually they stopped sending delay emails but I still have not received them! My order status shows as complete but I haven't received my order.
They recently raised the shipping to $11.99 for a 40lb box and state they may charge a 30% markup for shipping!

On January 23rd, 2014, devinevegan added the following:

After posting this I got an email regarding my review. Here is a bit of the email discussing the reason for the delay, "Due to the seasonality of potatoes, it's not uncommon for the farm's ETA to change. These delays are completely out of our hands. As we are notified of changes, we notified all pending potato orders of the new dates. Our records indicate that your current potato order is due on 1/31 and an email was sent 12/17 with the updated ETA."
"As a rule of thumb, shipping charges we assess simply amount to whatever FedEx or USPS published rates are plus a modest 15% markup to account for shipping & packaging materials. This percentage is even smaller on expedited shipments (10% on 3 day and 2 Day, and 5% on Overnight)."
They are refunding my $19.98 shipping which I am happy with. Although they never apologized for the delay or lack of communication whatsoever.
I recieved a seperate email saying only: "Your order is in our warehouse, getting ready to ship today.
You will receive tracking info via email at the end of today.
So I guess the potatoes were in stock afterall? What was the real reson they didn't ship them?
I will re-edit my review after my order is complete and let everyone know how it turns out in the end.
Negative Express128
(15 reviews)
On Oct 2, 2013, Express128 Mansfield, TX wrote:

Takes them forever to ship.. Waiting time before shipment is roughly 5 days. Might as well go to the local hardware store to buy plants, seeds, etc. They also charge your credit card immediately after placing the order.

Negative hhong3138
(3 reviews)
On Apr 9, 2013, hhong3138 Elgin, TX (Zone 8b) wrote:

I ordered some potatoes and flower bulbs on their website on April 1st (Monday). I received an email saying my order will ship in 3 business days and I will receive an email containing the tracking information once it is shipped. I waited until 5th and called them to find out the status of my order. The person answered the phone said they would ship my order on Monday (April 8th), but I didn't receive any shipping information from them on 8th, so I called them again to find out what's going on. The person I talked to this time wasn't very helpful. After I find out my order is still not shipped yet, I asked her to cancel my order. She said something not quite clear and then hangup on me. I called back as I want to get the refund. This time, another person answered the call and she is more helpful. She told me that one of the item I ordered was out stock (would be back in stock after 17th) and this is the reason of holding my order. I would say this is not the way to do business. They should have told me that after I placed the order immediately and give me the choice of whether to cancel that item or replacement of other option. Instead being honest, they lied to me when I first called and hangup on me the second time . Even though the last person I talked to was nice, but I still decided to cancel the order because the overall experience with them.

Negative lyrajayne
(1 review)
On Feb 23, 2013, lyrajayne Sayville, NY wrote:

I just got an email from them telling me that the strawberry plants I ordered last week are out of stock for the season. I wish I had read the reviews here before placing my order because it sounds like this is a typical experience. Don't waste your time dealing with this company. My advice is spend a little more at a reputable store so you get what you ordered.

Negative nikkidoodle
(1 review)
On Nov 26, 2012, nikkidoodle Plymouth, NC wrote:

I ordered twice form Peaceful Valley. My Yukon Gold potatoes only arrived one day later than anticipated delivery. I have followed instructions but they are hardly sprouting. On 11/10/12 I ordered seeds and blue potatoes with the understanding that they would be shipped within 2 days. They shipped on 11/14/12 and finally arrived today 11/26/12. PV did not send me a tracking # and after 3 requests they did give me the number but that did not help because they were kept in one place for almost a week before finally being delivered. This might be a fine place to go shopping in person but ordering online when you can't see the product and can't predict when you will get it is iffy at best. I will not order again because I have no idea if my potatoes and seeds have been frozen so I have to throw the whole thing out.

On Nov 26, 2012, Peaceful Valley Farm Supply ( responded with:

"On Nov 30, 2012 2:36 PM, Peaceful Valley Farm Supply responded with:

We are always sorry to hear of disappointment from our customers and do our best to provide excellent customer service.

This order was placed on our website Saturday, 11/10 and shipped Wednesday 11/14. We only ship Monday-Friday. This order did leave our warehouse one day later than indicated but within a time-frame we consider acceptable. The selected shipping service was FedEx SmartPost (a combination of FedEx and USPS) which is a less expensive and therefore slower method. Unfortunately, we do not have any control over the length of time USPS takes to deliver the package to the recipient.

SmartPost tracking numbers do not yet have the capability of importing and then being emailed to customers. This is something we're currently working on with FedEx's tech support team. We received one email request for a tracking number, it was sent 11-24 while we were closed and replied to 11-26, the following business day.

We are completely confident in the quality of our certified organic seed potatoes and stand behind them 100%. We are certain of your satisfaction with the sprouting of your Yukon Gold potatoes and trust you will notify us if the potatoes do not sprout over time. "

Negative jellokitty
(1 review)
On Mar 21, 2012, jellokitty Rushmere, VA wrote:

First of all, let me start out by saying that I am generally not one to complain, however, this situation I have found myself in quite honestly is completely unacceptable. On 2/28/2012 I ordered a redwood greenhouse, two benches, and an anchor kit from Peaceful Valley's Grow Organic website. I also ordered a bunch of seeds and fruit vines. I received my seeds and vines fairly quickly, but never heard anything about the greenhouse kit. This is a $2000.00 kit, and I grew concerned, as my credit card was charged. I waited a bit before I called the company, as the website stated they shipped from the vendor and could take up to three weeks. Once I called, I was referred to the voicemail of their customer service rep. She responded via email to tell me the vendor had an issue with materials and I would be contacted as soon as they knew more. I traded emails for a while, trying to figure out what was going on with the order. I was referred to yet another rep via email, who told me the vendor expected the greenhouse to ship on 3/20/2012, and that they would contact me on the 21st to confirm a tracking number as well as arrival date. Keep in mind that this is a huge item, and that it is shipped via freight truck, for residential delivery. A person must be there upon arrival to unload said truck, so I would need to know in advance when it would be here, so arrangements could be made. I still at this time have no clue what is up with the delivery, when it will be here, or anything else. It should be noted that while all of this was going on, I received a postcard from Peaceful Valley, saying that they hoped I was enjoying my greenhouse. Oh, and there was postage due on the postcard when it arrived in my mailbox. Nice, huh? One would expect that more would have been done to remedy the situation, appease the customer, and keep integrity intact. One would expect that the website would have been updated to show that the manufacture and delivery of these greenhouses was delayed at this time, sparing some potential customers problems like mine. It should also be noted that I live in Coastal Virginia, the growing season is upon us, and at this point, another two weeks of delays will render this greenhouse utterly useless to me until the winter.This posting will be updated as the situation progresses, and the negative feedback will be changed if or when the problem is fixed.

Negative itex
(1 review)
On Dec 13, 2011, itex Cortez, CO wrote:

These folks just do not get customer service , every time i order from them ,i pay premium for shipping and wait forever ,so if you are a serious grower and you need supplies , i would advise finding a more reliable source , especially if you need to get supplies to meet a planting deadline. I order from them only as a last resort and do not expect any communication as to when things ship , hey if you have good reliable suppliers I wish you could share them here on this site.

Negative afbrown
(1 review)
On Jan 30, 2011, afbrown Ceres, CA wrote:

Peaceful Valley is a growing company with a great mission, but it honestly hasn't met my needs as a small farmer. It takes a lot to really annoy me, so that I am writing this in the first place really says something!

First, there is almost always a problem with shipping and customer service. My first order was lost somewhere in their system and I had to reorder a month later. The next time, I picked up my order at the store, but one fairly large thing was left out (but still on my receipt as being paid for). The next time I went there to pick up an order, despite talking on the phone to a representative and setting a date and time that I would come pick up my order, when I arrived at the store the order had not even been downloaded for processing.

Added to those issues, I do not find their catalogs very useful in seed selection because the descriptions give very little information beside taste and color. Also, in past years their seed catalog has arrived a month after most of the others, and too late to have a central place in my seed ordering.

Simply put, I would love to buy organic seeds from a place relatively nearby, but I will not be buying from Peaceful Valley this year. Other companies, even if not solely organic, have much better service, descriptions, and variety.

Negative mcactus
(1 review)
On Jan 16, 2010, mcactus Creswell, OR wrote:

Bought some Korean fir seedlings that were supposed to be 12-15". What they sent were less than 6".

Emailed them about it and got no response.

Their web site still lists them for sale and 12-15". How can I tell which descriptions are accurate and which aren't?

On Jan 16, 2010, Peaceful Valley Farm Supply ( responded with:

"On Jan 28, 2010 12:58 PM, Peaceful Valley Farm Supply responded with:

This customer was fully refunded and presented with a $20 gift card immediately following our investigation and confirmation of the size discrepancy of the plants. At the same time we refunded the customer we edited the description of the plants on our site. Unfortunately, our delay in responding to the customer's e-mail was due to a serious storm front that created system and staffing slow downs. We have had no other complaints about this product and normally respond immediately to all customer service e-mails. We sincerely regret this error and any inconvenience caused to this customer.

Negative bibbykitty
(36 reviews)
On Mar 9, 2008, bibbykitty San Antonio, TX (Zone 8b) wrote:

I have been gardening,and buying products online for a long time.
This is the first time I have ever left a negative for any company.
I repeatedly tried to work out the delivery time for my order. I emailed before I placed the order in December to be sure they could meet my delivery time of early Feb They assured me they could. I placed the order for seed potatoes. I waited then waited some more. I tried to cancel the order when it became obvious they would not send the product in time to plant in South Texas.
They said they would cancel the order. Then by some miracle they managed to send the order before they could cancel. Imagine that!!!!
I would not order from these people again. I am not difficult to deal with. My experience with this company is the first time I have had a problem that was not solved. As I mentioned it is also my first negative rating.
I did receive the potatoes, definitely not the best seed potatoes I have seen. Also very late to plant in my area.

Negative mmgraff
(6 reviews)
On Apr 28, 2006, mmgraff Woodstock, IL wrote:

Their prices are usually good. I'm an Organic Farmer by trade. However, every, I mean every order I have placed they have made a mistake, errror, shipping , NOT shipped. Its okay to make mistakes but THEY DON'T CALL YOU, EMAIL YOU OR MAKE IT RITE, I.E. they screw up shipping ( l0 day later YOU HAVE TO CALL THEM to see where your stuff is.) AND THEY SAY THEY MADE MISTAKE BUT THEY WONT SEND AND CRECDIT SHIPPING OR SHIP 2 day with a reg. ship price nothing. It's completley FuBar over there. and the clincher..........they chicks are rude to ME. I really tried to keep a rels. with them cuz of the certain items they have at good price and they have so much I can One stop shop. Now.. I avoid at all costs. too bad too.
M's Organic Farm , Woodstock, IL

Negative scott8710
(1 review)
On Mar 4, 2005, scott8710 Abiquiu, NM wrote:

I have been a long time customer of Peaceful Valley and have noticed that over the past few years that they have less regard for getting the correct items I order shipped ontime. One example of this was last week when I made a small simple order and paid extra to have it shipped 3 day expedited. The package came on time but didn't not contain the correct amount of items ordered. When I called Peaceful Valley,they apologiszed for any imconveinience and told me that the order would be shipped out again. When I asked if they could ship it out overnight or two day, the representative told me that her suppervisor said that they would not. So I have paid the 3 day rate for 7 day shipping due to an error in the Peaceful Valley Shipping dept. I think it is time to find other sources for my farm supplies.

Negative garyjmcneil
(1 review)
On Jun 18, 2004, garyjmcneil wrote:

Ordered 5 Olive trees this spring: 2 Olive Ascolana Std Tree and 3 Olive Arbequina Std Tree. So far four have died despite being babied and properly taken care of and planted.

BEWARE: These folks warranty is LOUSY. Read their warranty prior to purchase. Also ordered two grapes at the same time and one of them has died also.

Negative LaserGecko
(1 review)
On Apr 15, 2004, LaserGecko Las Vegas, NV wrote:

All I wanted to order was one stinking item. That's it. Just one $15 roll of silver mulch. It's not like I had a giant thousand dollar order with multiple items out of stock that would take two or three people to check. Just one stupid item.

Here it is TWO FULL WEEKS later and it's just now supposedly going to ship. This is the second time it's been promised to ship, so I'm not really holding my breath.

Communication from the company has been absolutely ZERO, not a phone call, not a single email to update the status of the order. Just the standard computer generated Order Confirmation. When I called for the second time to see where my order was, the girl on the phone just acted like it was no big deal.

So much for the anticipated service level of a "mom and pop" store, eh? I can't imagine ever buying from them again.

Negative GinzuGirl
(1 review)
On Mar 6, 2004, GinzuGirl Salt Lake City, UT wrote:

I just had the most unpleasant experience with PVFS, which is all the more bewildering because I've ordered from them before without a hitch.

3/3/04: Placed an online order of over $300 with ship date of 4/1/04.

3/4/04: Received an e-mail telling me my order has shipped?!?! Uh oh, not too cool. I'd just made a second large purchase with another company. This meant that nearly $800 is about to show up on the same billing cycle instead of spread out over a couple. I immediately called the PVFS customer service, or at least I thought I had. The live person who answered claimed not to be customer service (even though I followed their automatic touch-tone directory) and passed me off to a voicemail box, which promised a response within 1 day.

3/5/04:No phone call, so I sent followup e-mail suggesting that they split the charge over a couple months. Seemed to me like a reasonable compromise. PVFS gets some money now and I just have to figure out where to store everything for a month.

3/6/04:(Saturday) Received a call from a very young and uncertain sounding woman telling me that they couldn't split the payment as I'd suggested. I reminded her that it was PVFS who screwed up the ship date, to which she responded that didn't know anything else about my order. She got increasingly flustered with my questions and said that I would have to wait until Monday (3/8/04) to talk to someone who could help me. When I responded that the shipment would probably arrive by then and I was going to refuse it, she abruptly hung up on me!

Shame on those people for using some poor girl as a customer-service sacrifice! Ah, if only this was a joke, ha, ha. . .Anyway, I'm a pretty experienced online shopper, including eBay and other auctions. Matter of fact, I usually get "A++" as an Internet customer.

So what the heck is going on over there in Grass Valley, CA?

Negative salviaddict
(5 reviews)
On May 18, 2003, salviaddict Rough And Ready, CA wrote:

In the past I have had excellent service from all the folks at Peaceful Valley. The last two years the place has gone to the dogs. I bought their brand of seeds last year and waited months to get them and had terrible germination rates. Same thing this year! Out of several different kinds of tomato seeds that I bought, not one single sprout!!! I tried to get help, only to get a long, drawn out voicemail that I would be called back, NEVER HAPPENED!! Funny how when I went to place my order, someone answered the phone to do that! After several years of doing business with this company, I've had it...I'll go elsewhere. When they remember that the customers make their business, perhaps they will dig my number out of that overfilled complaint voicemail machine and get back to me...............

Negative esotericat
(5 reviews)
On May 12, 2003, esotericat wrote:

I have not had many complaints about Peaceful Valley and service overall has been good. However I leave a negative comment this time. I bought an assortment of their bulk seeds. The germination has been 50% at best. Make of this what you will. I was disappointed......


Negative saka
(2 reviews)
On Jul 8, 2002, saka wrote:

I have ordered items (liquid) from them twice. Both times the container safety seal had a hole in them for some reason. The liquid had spilled quite a bit. I talked to them after the first order and asked them to please seal the caps somehow. The second time I ordered the same thing happened. I was offered no refund or replacement. I will not order from the place again and do not recommend the business to others.

Negative plantphreque
(2 reviews)
On May 18, 2002, plantphreque wrote:

We have ordered afew times from Peaceful Valley. They seem to have a hard time knowing what it is stock. Twice on our roders wew were told the items were in stock, then received emails that they had 1 or 2 that they would send immediately. Several days late we get another mail saying they are out of stock and they give a date the item will be in. After that we get yet another email that the item won't be in until an even later date. Not cool...........

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