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Positive buttrfly
(2 reviews)
On Feb 3, 2010, buttrfly Austin, TX wrote:

I just ordered from this company for the first time, and was impressed by their wide selection of unusual seeds and quick service.

Positive mama_of_nine
(1 review)
On Feb 3, 2010, mama_of_nine Pierce City, MO wrote:

First time to order here. Since my husband, daughter, and I plant and care for the historic kitchen gardens at GWC National Monument in Diamond, MO, we need seed varieties that would have been planted and grown about Civil War era. All seeds must be OP so we can show what was grown and how seeds were saved year to year by farmers. I appreciate the information on the seeds making it easier to get the correct era and the ease of all OP seeds.
Online ordering gave me fits (may have been the computer user), but did get it in and received the order within a week.
First order was for home garden and early garden at park. Second order will be only for park, so we'll see how well things go when they get even busier:)
Our personal garden is one acre, all OP, that we'll be increasing in size this year. It is a teaching/saving seed/eating/preserving garden.

Positive hlebear
(9 reviews)
On Feb 2, 2010, hlebear Yukon, OK wrote:

Posted on March 16, 2009, updated February 2, 2010
I've ordered from this company for a few years and have never had a problem before- until now.

My second order of the year was close to $50.00. It was very slow to ship, but finally arrived. A few days later, a duplicate order appeared. I am honest so I emailed them about the double order. They told me to send the seeds back and I could have a credit for the shipping on my next order.

Okay, I was fine with that. I sent in a new order with a note about my credit and previous problem. I quickly got my new order, though with no free seed packet, which was a first. Also, my debit card was charged for the full order price. No credit was issued or refunded.

I also started my tomato plants that weekend and found that my cream sausage tomato packet was EMPTY! No seeds! I again emailed them last Monday and again Friday about the missing seeds and lack of credit issued. NO RESPONSE. Looks like their customer service has evaporated and they are ignoring my emails. I've spent close to $100 dollars on seeds and products from this company this year. Never Again!

On March 24th, 2009, hlebear changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

I have now received my refund and replacement seeds. So, I am adjusting my rating.
On February 2nd, 2010, hlebear added the following:

Placed an order again and received prompt service. I even got 3 packets of free seed, which was nice. I also subscribed to their Heirloom Gardner Magazine which is excellent. They also have back issues available.
Positive TxPlainsGrl
(2 reviews)
On Feb 2, 2010, TxPlainsGrl Lubbock, TX wrote:

This is a great company! My order was placed and received within a few days despite them having a "huge increase in orders". Even if it took a bit longer I wouldn't mind; their selection is amazing and if you haven't visited their site: GO! They have so much more than just heirloom seeds!

Positive beegardens
(1 review)
On Feb 2, 2010, beegardens Arnold, MD wrote:

I received the seeds I ordered within a few days. The selection of seeds is wonderful.

Positive Annesmall
(1 review)
On Feb 1, 2010, Annesmall Church Hill, TN wrote:

We love this company! We have enjoyed their magazine The Heirloom Gardener for several years and have ordered seed from them a number of times. Our order has always been filled in a timely fashion and the seeds germinate and grow beautifully. It is especially nice to be able to find seeds that do well here in our alternately humid or drought plagued summers. Great people, great seeds, great gardening! Many thanks...

Positive Rhen
(1 review)
On Jan 31, 2010, Rhen Knoxville, TN wrote:

I first ordered from Baker Seeds last year. The seeds are wonderful and non GMO is important to me. The selection is great and I received every order within a week. I won't shop anywhere else again! Just wish they had fruit trees....

Positive plantmover
(2 reviews)
On Jan 31, 2010, plantmover Hampton Roads, VA (Zone 7b) wrote:

Placed my first order from Baker Creek. Web site was easy to use and the order arrived within 3 days!

Positive tnairguns
(1 review)
On Jan 30, 2010, tnairguns Woodbury, TN wrote:

We placed an $80.00 order and recieved everything we ordered super fast (thank you) do to my poor math we shorted the company a few dollars (which will be remited Monday with our next order) and to our supprise they sent everything we ordered anyway (again thank you so much!).
We will be starting most everything in trays indoors and will post on the results of everything we ordered after harvest.

Positive ferrona
(1 review)
On Jan 30, 2010, ferrona Madison , AL (Zone 7b) wrote:

This is the 2nd year that I've ordered Baker Creek Heirloom seeds and I've had great success with everything I ordered last year.

95% sprout rate and 90% of all my plants made it through the transition from indoor to outdoors. I would usually buy from local nursays but their plants didn't compare to the plants grown from the seeds I bought. Fruit output was 50% increased.

Only negative, I've only had one set of seeds that didn't do well but they were probably not sprouted when it was hot enough (chocolate habeneros).

Positive 1Grumpygardener
(1 review)
On Jan 29, 2010, 1Grumpygardener Wilmington, OH (Zone 6a) wrote:

This is the second year that I have purchased seeds from this interesting and above average seed company. They have a greatly diversified selection of some very unusual seeds. Last year I puchased many seeds from them. I had a great germination rate on all the seeds, especially the rhubarb seeds I got. The plants I raised were enormous and produced many pounds of great eating. I bought both rhubarbs seeds varieties listed in the catalogue this year, and as usual will share the plants I raise with friends and neighbors.

The catalogue is very informative and I also get their magazine. They difinitely are fighting the frankenseed companies and in this day and age we all should take up that banner and fight to the last person. If we don't, we will all be growing the food of the future and not know what it will do to our children and grandchildren. It may be very helpful to have a third arm but I do want the choice. The Baker Creek Seed Company gives us that choice. I will continue to order from them and a few other companies I trust. I hope they continue to grow and prosper and continue to provide us with new and exciting varieties and keep fighting the good fight.

Positive gary1313
(1 review)
On Jan 29, 2010, gary1313 Saint Louis, MO wrote:

I have ordered three times from Baker Creek. I always receive my order quickly and in excellent condition. The seeds always yield great results. I love the great variety. I have a hothouse of seeds currently sprouting for spring planting and can't wait to taste the crop.

Positive GMC74
(1 review)
On Jan 29, 2010, GMC74 Slippery Rock, PA wrote:

Top of the line. Wouldn't buy my seeds anywhere else. Sent $ .75 too much got 3 quarters back with my seeds. I'm sick & tired of the business atomsphere today I'll only deal with businesses that appreciate my business. BAKER CREEK HEIRLOOM SEED CO.

Positive ocean23
(2 reviews)
On Jan 29, 2010, ocean23 Green Bay, WI wrote:

Ordered seed Jan 20 2010. Received order on Jan 23 2010.
Everything I ordered was sent. No problems.
This Is a great example of what people expect.

Positive Ellie9
(1 review)
On Jan 29, 2010, Ellie9 Walton
United States wrote:

This is my first time ordering from Baker Creek. I was surprised at how fast my seeds arrived and the order was perfect plus I got a couple of free packets that I wasn't expecting. What a treat! Baker Creek also has the best prices I've found on heirlooms - they can get quite pricey.

Positive rosebud9
(2 reviews)
On Jan 28, 2010, rosebud9 Spokane, WA wrote:

This is my second year to order from this company. It has the most beautiful and complete list of seed of any company out there. They are also extremely prompt in responding to my order. I would recommend them to anyone who gardens.

Positive lalvord
(1 review)
On Jan 28, 2010, lalvord Clinton, AR wrote:

I ordered seed online this year and the package arrived at my door before I even had time to think about it. I'm impressed. But mostly I'm impressed by the quality of the seed, both its viability and the heirloom varieties Baker Creek has found. I garden in north-central Arkansas, in the Boston Mountains, and I find that at Baker Creek I can find seeds that are precisely adapted to my climate and growing conditions. I appreciate being able to find watermelons from Iraq, but mostly I love those good old Ozark varieties of just about anything I'd like to grow. Thank you.

Positive boppa
(2 reviews)
On Jan 28, 2010, boppa Ashtabula, OH wrote:

Good selection of veg and flower seeds; very fair prices for the product and for p&h; orders have been filled quickly; the seeds have been viable. It's a pleasure to do business with this company.

Positive sandysgardens
(1 review)
On Jan 28, 2010, sandysgardens Richmond, VA wrote:

I received my seed order from Baker Creek in 4 days from ordering, exactly as I ordered it, along with a complimentary package of seeds. This was my first order from them and needless to say, I'm impressed. I will order from them again.

Positive kelli211
(1 review)
On Jan 27, 2010, kelli211 West Mifflin, PA wrote:

I would consider myself a gardener of mainly fruits and veggies & some flowers with average knowledge and skill i.e. cool crops vs warm crops, soil types & plant zones. A few years ago my husband and I started a project to build a greenhouse in our backyard with the primary purpose of growing fruits and vegetables all year round plus some non-conventional things not found in the grocery store. Extensive research went into the project and eventually included what types of seed and varieties to use. Through the course of my research, I learned what has been done to our food supply and I was just blown away. I decided to try to seek more "natural" plant varieties. I came upon Baker Creek with not very much effort and they had the same idea I did. I have become VERY particular about varieties. Baker Creek has allowed me to be able to choose varieties more suited to the growing conditions in the greenhouse from parts of the world with the same conditions. I mean if i want to grow tomatoes and the greenhouse is running a little cool, I can use tomatoes from Russia or some other cooler region of the world instead of buying genetically engineered varieties "well suited for greenhouse production."

ORDERS: I have placed 2 orders this year so far. I was unaware of the 'free seed' policy and was delighted to see my free packet. The second order I received a different free seed variety, which happened to be a variety I was debating on getting in the 1st place but opted for another choice -- got it anyway DOUBLE BONUS! With both orders the seed packets were in my mailbox before the credit card transaction cleared my account (regular delivery). I like that whoever packs the shipment signs the invoice with their name. Its a nice personal touch that lets me know they care about all of their orders no matter how great or small and real people work hard to keep the company running.

GERMINATION: I have had a 99% success rate in germination from everything from tomatoes, cauliflower, melons, etc... I would however like some advice on getting Papayas to germinate. I started some seed late last summer. I wanted them to grow in the greenhouse all fall and be a nice size by this spring. I wasn't expecting them to be close to fruiting but I wanted them to be bigger and stronger than regular seedling size. I did half a packet. Out of the half only 1 seed germinated and made it to about 1/2 an inch, stopped growing, then died. I conditions in the greenhouse were warm enough so I figured I was just inexperienced with papayas as this is my 1st try with them. Several weeks ago I decided to try the some more (indoors and under lights at a constant 78-80 degrees). I did 4 seeds. Still no success. I examined the seed itself inside the dirt and its not even softened or swollen. I only have a couple of seeds left and wondered how to properly start papayas with success? What am I doing wrong?

All in all I use the Baker Creek catalog as a point of reference now and compare most other companies I come across to this one. I also love the quotes in the catalog. This year I notice a couple of recipes in the catalog. OUTSTANDING!! As a suburban we are limited to whats at the grocery store and most of the time I think "wow I would love to grow those but what do I do with them." Including recipes in the catalog is a great idea in fact you should have a cookbook with recipes of your items especially the more rare things. I would buy it.

Positive SarahSunflower
(2 reviews)
On Jan 27, 2010, SarahSunflower Murfreesboro, TN wrote:

Posted on January 20, 2010, updated January 27, 2010
So glad there are people like you running very worthy business! This was my first order but will defiantly not be my last. Along w/ seeds I ordered your magazine. If it is anything like your catalogue it will be Great.
My one & only complaint~ where's my free seed pkt?
I ordered 100$ worth & after reading all the other comments it seems as if everyone got an extra treat in their pkg...where's mine? Always love a free seed!
Great company~will use for yrs to come

On January 27th, 2010, SarahSunflower added the following:

AMAZING COMPANY & PEOPLE! For those of you who read my earlier whine, yes I admit it I whined, about not getting free seeds...well this co more then made up for it!
They sent me not 1 but 2 pkts of seed w/ a simple note asking if I was their forgotten customer?...can you believe that. Very few co take the time nowadays to address concerns & in all actuality it really wasn't a "concern" at stated earlier~it was a whine. hehe Oh admit it, you too have whined sometimes!
Anyhow I had already been incredibly impressed, even before "free seeds" arrived & had already placed another order with them. This just helped cement the conviction that they will be my seed co of choice!
Keep up the Wonderful work Baker Creek
Positive tlcounseling
(1 review)
On Jan 26, 2010, tlcounseling Eastham, MA wrote:

This is my second year buying from Baker Creek. Very happy! Can't wait to plant!

Positive Bajern
(1 review)
On Jan 25, 2010, Bajern Portland, OR wrote:

I put in an order of 25 packets of seeds on Friday and it was in my mail box by Monday (with priority shipping)- just three days later! Everything I ordered from the last year came up- and in spades. So fast and efficient- Baker Creek is by far the fastest of the three places I've ordered seeds from in the last two years. I'm a little less than thrilled that one of the packets of carrot seeds wasn't sealed closed, but they included-for free!- another variety of carrot. Thank you!

Positive ajade
(1 review)
On Jan 25, 2010, ajade Soddy Daisy, TN wrote:

This is my second year ordering my seeds from here and I LOVE THEM! Last year I had no problems with seed germination at all. My garden was beautiful and I do not have the best soil in the world.

I received my seeds in a timely manner and a $5 bill was stapled to my invoice for the seeds that were out-of-stock, which made me chuckle and fall more in love with the company! I also really appreciate the free seed packets! This is not something any company has to do, but I appreciate the gesture. And, if I do not receive free seeds in the future, I will continue buying from them.

Thank you for being such a great company! And, please stay as down-to-earth as stapling my cash refund to my invoice? I love it!

Until next year, Jade

Positive possenti
(1 review)
On Jan 25, 2010, possenti wrote:

Although my parents raised gardens when I was a child, I never considered starting a garden until last year at the age of 39. I was warned by "experienced" gardeners that heirloom seeds were difficult to grow, but I insisted on non-GMO vegetables. With the help of Mel Bartholomew's "Square Foot Gardening" method, I successfully grew beans, corn, tomatoes, a variety of peppers, lettuce and a pack of free carrot seeds that Baker Creek generously sent with my order. Their service and products are top notch, and I just received my 2nd order (promptly) for this coming Spring. My only regret is that I didn't discover this company sooner!

Positive LindainNC
(1 review)
On Jan 23, 2010, LindainNC Vass, NC wrote:

I ordered seed packets on Tuesday Jan 19 and received them on Jan 23. That is fast. Also- only one out of 40 was not in stock for which they sent a free pack as a substitute. I got a free flower pack as well. Great service; I will order from them again.

Positive Spinonitaliani
(5 reviews)
On Jan 23, 2010, Spinonitaliani Newington, CT wrote:

Ordered four packets on Monday and received my order on Friday of the same week. Packets look nice, and I even got a free one! Great source for heirloom seeds...will order again.

Positive crademan
(1 review)
On Jan 23, 2010, crademan Waddell, AZ wrote:

I ordered seeds from 3 companies' websites on Sunday, Jan. 17. All 3 sent me email confirmations. On Thursday, Jan. 21, I received my order from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in the mail. I have not yet received seeds from either of the other companies. Our last frost in Waddell, AZ is 2/15 so I need to get transplants started soon and am very happy to receive my order so soon!

Positive Alcampabella
(1 review)
On Jan 22, 2010, Alcampabella Deltona, FL wrote:

It is most important to me and my family that we grow our vegetalbles from non-hybrid seeds. This is my second year to purchase seeds from this company. Their website is easy to visit, their selections are delightful and I am so pleased to find the types of seeds that I thougt had become impossible to find. My last order was placed on January18th and they arrived promptly on January 22nd. Great service, super fast shipping and I am pleased to have my seeds in hand, ready for this springs planting. Thank you all at ''Baker Creek Seeds' & thank you for the wonderful & colorful catalog.
It pains me to see someone post a negative rateing especially when Baker Creek Seeds seems to bend over backwards to please their customers. I am comforted to know that they are willing to refund, replace or exchange for a different seed AND offer an appology in writing! Their willingness to please their customer indeed deserves a positive feedback.

Positive mrsrayray
(1 review)
On Jan 19, 2010, mrsrayray Cincinnati, OH wrote:

I ordered my seeds on a Sunday night and received them Thursday! I expected a longer wait because of how long my order from a different company took to arrive last year. Thursday night I realized I forgot to order some seeds so I got back on to order a few more and just got my second batch of seeds on Tuesday (after a holiday weekend). I'm impressed with how fast the orders came! My second order also came with some free tomato seeds. :) I can't wait to start my seeds in a couple of months!!

Positive rgregb
(1 review)
On Jan 18, 2010, rgregb Huntington, WV wrote:

Very Positive! Great catalogue and online availability; excellent selection. Seeds arrived in just a few days; plus a bonus free package of Peonies!

Positive jahn
(2 reviews)
On Jan 18, 2010, jahn Duluth, MN wrote:

I first heard about Baker Creek last year when a coworker brought in their catalog. I was very impressed by the selection, beauty & the interesting information about each variety. I placed a seed order, and had a positive experience with both customer service & the seeds themselves.

This year's order arrived in less than a week. In addition to the packing slip was a second note thanking me for my order with a phone number & an email address I could contact if I was less than fully satisfied. So far, so good. Great service, great company...

Thank you Baker Creek!

Positive Ashley99
(2 reviews)
On Jan 17, 2010, Ashley99 Gloucester, MA wrote:

I placed my order online Jan 13th. Order was filled Jan 14th. Order was received in Gloucester MA Jan 15th via USPS First Class. Nobody can beat that! I hope the seeds germinate that quickly...

Positive Pip1
(1 review)
On Jan 17, 2010, Pip1 Santa Monica, CA wrote:

Seeds ordered online arrived quickly, well packed and clearly identified.

They sent the seeds to the correct shipping address and a back up paper invoice to the billing address. Very nice experience.

Will report back on the seed sprouting progress in a few weeks...

Positive jmnave
(9 reviews)
On Jan 17, 2010, jmnave Elverta, CA wrote:

Great selection of seeds, great catalog, great website that works well every time I order, cheap shipping, and fast service. I don't think it gets much better than this.

Positive airforcemom
(1 review)
On Jan 16, 2010, airforcemom Winnemucca, NV wrote:

After looking through the beautiful catalog and seeing the wide and varied assortment of seed they offer, I put an order in online January 11th and received it January 14th. Included in the box was a note saying they were sorry for any delay as they have had a huge increase in orders. I thought that was very speedy, so no worries about any delays on my end. Thanks Baker Creek for such great customer service.

Positive Oledenny
(1 review)
On Jan 16, 2010, Oledenny Water Valley, MS wrote:

I HAVE FINALLY FOUND A SEED COMPANY THAT HAS ITS ACT TOGETHER !! I can't believe the quality of the seed and the speed. I placed my order on Monday afternoon and found my order in my mailbox on Thursday...yes 3 days later !! I didn't know that was possible!!! Needless to say, this is the company I'm ordering from for the rest of my natural life!!! This is also the first "review" I have placed about any company anywhere, but I am just blown away by a 3 day wait for seed...oh, and the shipping/handling charge..I ordered $50 worth of seed and paid a whole $3 shipping and handling...bye bye Gurneys...hello Bakers Creek !!

Positive fishinggirl
(1 review)
On Jan 15, 2010, fishinggirl Dallas, OR wrote:

i was looking for very specific seeds and was happy that i found them at baker creek.i send my order in and received my seeds within one week.they also send me free seed package which i really appreciated.thanks i need to wait for spring in order to start my garden

Positive jbarbara50
(1 review)
On Jan 14, 2010, jbarbara50 Anchorage, AK wrote:

jbarbara50 in Anchorage, AK. The web site is very informative with a great selection. The order came very quickly, with the product attractively packaged. I look forward to testing the seed in our short Alaska growing season. I'm fairly certain I will be purchasing more.

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