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Positive DouglasD
(1 review)
On Apr 26, 2008, DouglasD Jacksonville, OH wrote:

Being an avid gardener who can find certain plants only at Glasshouse Works, I strongly recommend this mail order company. Website is easy to use, customer service is friendly, orders shipped in great condition and in a timely manner.

Positive FdLNursery
(4 reviews)
On Apr 19, 2008, FdLNursery Olympia, WA wrote:

I have looked high and low for Gold-Veined Oxalis for quite some time and so was dellighted to find that Glasshouse carries it. I placed my order and received the plants a few weeks later. They were well-packaged and arrived in excellent shape, not easy considering the tender stems of the Oxalis.

Based on my experience, I would not hesitate to place an order with this nursery again.

Positive debbiebuffy
(2 reviews)
On Apr 12, 2008, debbiebuffy Long Beach, WA wrote:

Just received my first order from Glasshouse Works. Not very happy with it. Some of the plants have frost burn, others are spindly or broken. This is not due to shipping. Everything was packed well but I think they were not in good shape when they were packed. When I placed my order in late Feb 08 I was told by the company that it would take a while for them to ship to me due to their weather and my weather. I said I am not in any hurry so ship whenever. It is too much of a hassle to ship them back so I will try to nurse them back to health.
Debbie Haugsten

On April 17th, 2008, debbiebuffy changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

Since my comments about Glasshouse Works were published the owner has contacted me numerous times to take care of the problem. I am satisfied with the results.
Debbie Haugsten
On Apr 12, 2008, Glasshouse Works responded with:


On Apr 14, 2008 8:31 PM, Glasshouse Works added:

I have contacted this customer and will reship anything that is frozen or damaged. I will give an update soon."

Positive karyn1
(18 reviews)
On Apr 4, 2008, karyn1 Silver Spring, MD wrote:

I placed an order for 10 different plants about a month ago. I knew that it would be a while before they were shipped due to the season. Communication was excellent. I was contacted that one of the plants I wanted was still dormant and they would rather I choose something different but they would send it if I really wanted. I found a replacement but it was a little more expensive then my original choice. I sent an email asking that they send me an invoice for the difference. They told me not to worry about it. I was sent a tracking number when the plants were shipped. They arrived in excellent condition. All were carefully packed and they also sent a nice bonus plant. I will definitely continue to buy from them.

Positive illipse
(1 review)
On Mar 12, 2008, illipse Columbia, SC wrote:

I recently became interested in begonias, and through an internet search found Glasshouse Works, which has an extensive collection of begonias. I was especially excited when I discovered their offering of begonia collections, which is 5 named begonias (random selection, their choice based on stock/availability). I ordered both collections in January (the regular one and the cane collection) and began to wait. They are located in Ohio, which is much colder than South Carolina, where I live, so I would check the Ohio weather on perfect 75F degree days here and groan when I saw the weather was still in the 10s and 20sF there and obviously too cold to ship.

At the end of February, when it seemed the weather there had started warming, I called and Tom answered the phone. He was very friendly, asked me about the weather here, and explained he didn't expect to ship before March 15 due to the weather. I was therefore very excited and surprised to receive my package on March 6. (I did not receive shipment notification, although this was not a problem for me as I'd had them sent to my work address)

The box was crammed with shredded paper to protect the plants during shipping (both around the plants and between the leaves), so make sure you have a garbage bag handy or it can get very messy! The plants were packaged as well as possible, and although there was some bruising to a bunch of the leaves, it is to be expected that there will be some leaf damage in shipping and I'm not sure how it could be avoided. I was excited by the selections, and happy that each plant was named as promised so I could look it up on their Web site. I was particularly impressed by the quality of the plants - they were all much bigger and healthier than I expected. There was a lot of new growth and new leaves on the plants and two were even flowering, which was a nice surprise. I know they will recover from shipping nicely.

However: I only received 9 of the 10 begonias I'd ordered. I emailed Tom the next day and received a concerned email from him 20 minutes later. He asked for my phone number so he could call me, and promised to send a replacement. He was very attentive and apologetic. I received notification on Monday (2 business days later) that my package had gone out, and today (Wednesday) received my replacement begonia plus a bonus extra one, free of charge. They assumed the shipping charges. Both were as big and healthy as the first batch.

Based on the quality of the plants I received and especially the attentiveness and efforts to make me happy by Tom, I would not hesitate to order from Glasshouse Works again. If I'd gone to a local nursery, I would not have had to wait for good weather to get my order, but by waiting, I got big, healthy, interesting varieties of begonias for an average of $3 apiece, which sure beats regular nurseries for price and variety.

Positive Zeldasmommy
(1 review)
On Feb 3, 2008, Zeldasmommy Proctorville, OH (Zone 6a) wrote:

I could have ordered from the Glasshouse Works website, but it was a "spring-teaser" kind of day here in Ohio so I chose to take a 2 1/2 hour drive to check this place out in person. To my surprise, I found the quaintest garden shop & nursery in the tiny village of Stewart ! I came home with a "Desert Rose" and a "Barbosa Cherry"...oh, and the prettiest little bonsai pot. Both plants *are* little, but thats what I wanted. And the shop itself had the neatest ,most unusual things.. from gargoyles to glass gazing balls, windchimes, candles, African walking sticks, and the most gorgeous etched marble I've seen! If you go, don't expect a sleek, shiny modern place...that would seem totally out of character here. The shop is in an OLD hotel where the railroad used to run by.......the yard art looks perfectly placed outside amid the wintered, overgrown foliage. The public nursery is small, but jam packed with plants. Tom, Kim and Matt (I think was his name) were absolutely terrific to talk with, they answered my questions, took more than enough time to explain the proper care of my plants, and let me wander through the shop to my hearts content. They also made sure that I understood if I had any concerns or other issues with my new plants they were only a phone call or email away, and I appreciate that. I'm looking forward to many more purchases from these friendly folk. ( I see a garden gargoyle purchase in the very near future!)

Positive Yinepu
(2 reviews)
On Feb 3, 2008, Yinepu Athens, OH (Zone 6a) wrote:

These guys are amazing. The plants we purchased there today were of the finest quality I personally have seen. The young Nepenthes sanguinea I purchased from there is one of the best I have seen, with all leaves but one ready to pitcher. I mean, the same plant on another site or in another greenhouse would cost a good $25 to $30, but mine was only around $6. They also have a very cool selection of art from around the world, most handmade it seemed, and an impressive selection of wardian cases (definitely on my wish list :-P). They seem to stock some of the rarest plants on the market with the most reasonable prices you can find anywhere, and I guarantee I will be back there within the next couple of weeks for more!

Positive dakinibean
(1 review)
On Jan 7, 2008, dakinibean Seattle, WA wrote:


I recently moved to spend several months in Seattle. I missed the beautiful Jasminum sambac I left in Maine, and called GlassHouse Works to see whether they thought I could find a jasmine that would bloom in my office. I spoke to someone who told me about a Maid of Orleans he knew of which bloomed in a dark New York apartment. I ordered the collection of Jamine-like fragrants for $18; it was then suggested that I order a Maid of New Orleans in addition for $8 to "make sure" one was included in my order. When I balked a little learning about the cost including shipping ($42 to fulfill my desire for an office plant available locally) I was told "this time of year we often put extra plants in." It all seemed rather genial, and I felt like I could become familiar with new fragrants. I asked if they would include information on plant care. That was December 11th. I was told I would be emailed on Monday when the plants shipped. I never did, as the email address I confirmed over the phone was typed incorrectly.

When the plants arrived on the 22nd, they looked pretty pitiful. To GHW's credit, they were shipped from W Virginia, so they may not have seen the condition the plants were in. Two of them looked bedraggled, and one of them looked like it wouldn't live. All were very small. A master gardener who came over shortly after said "I can't believe they shipped that." "It looks like it has pretty bad disease." It may have hurt that FedEx missed its 2 day shipping by a day and a half, in cold weather, but there weren't dropped leaves in the box. I felt like I'd received six "rescue" plants (and no extra ones; think Annie Hall). The Maid of Orleans I'd been looking forward to was only three leaves grown (none a healthy green, one fell off), and all of them will likely take quite a long time before they're grown enough to bud. Given that I am not rooting in Seattle myself, this was sort of a problem. If I were staying for a year or two, and could gift healthy plants to friends it wouldn't matter over the long run. I also didn't receive instructions; in fact one plant is unlabeled, so I can't look up care information on the web.

So, at this point, I was pretty disappointed. I wrote GlassHouse Works a polite email asking what they would be willing to do. Rather than list all the things I found unprofessional, I wrote a "face-saving" note saying that the plants looked bedraggled, none would bud soon, and that I was disappointed because I had ordered a fragrant jasmine that would bud in my office, and I didn't feel like I received that. I wanted to know what they could do to make it better. FedEx was wiling to reimburse shipping as they failed their guarantee, but to GlassHouse works. That was Dec 22nd. I didn't receive a response, out-of-office message, or returned email. That sort of sums up my experience.

On the other hand, I did receive three lovely jasmine plants from friends for Christmas. The smallest one, $4 locally for a vibrant thing, will likely bud soon, and the larger ones are exactly what I had hoped for (the biggest one cost $12). So, I suppose it all worked out.

If anyone is interested, I can include the email I sent or a photo of the plants.


On January 7th, 2008, dakinibean changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

Tom called me this morning, and assured me he wanted to make this a positive experience for me. He was very professional about it, and I look forward to seeing what happens!
On Jan 7, 2008, Glasshouse Works responded with:


On Jan 6, 2008 11:30 PM, Glasshouse Works added:

This happened during the Holiday rush. We are in the process of working with this customer. Her email must have ended up in the Spam filter or I would have answered.. As we always do, we will work with this customer so that her experience with Glasshouse Works will end up being positive. . Tom"

Positive johnsvmf
(8 reviews)
On Nov 5, 2007, johnsvmf Morgantown, WV (Zone 6a) wrote:

I placed my order for a FICUS AFGHANISTANICA on 7 August 2007. It may not of been the best time of year to order such a plant but Glasshouse Works indicated on their web-page it was available for shipment. I ordered the plant and I received an immediate response as to the proper care upon receipt. After several weeks past I called and asked where the plant was, to which I was told I would have to wait until the weather was less severe (too hot). I received the plant in early October. The condition of the plant was terrible, all leaves were wilted, and the plant was dripping wet. Ficus Afghanistanca is a rather tempermental plant and favors a dryer enviroment. The lone wilted leaf became dry and crumbled. The plant is still in a four inch pot that cost 15 dollars with 9 dollars shipping and has never dried out. The plant is dead, repeated emails to Glasshouse works have been unanswered.

I guess my frustration is evident. Dead plant multiple emails and no professional reply. My recommendation is to take your business elsewhere.

On November 6th, 2007, johnsvmf changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

After I posted my comments, Tom from Glasshouse Works and I traded several emails. Tom indicated that he refunded the 24.00 to my credit card. At this point I am satisfied.
Positive PabloVerde
(11 reviews)
On Oct 22, 2007, PabloVerde Canton, GA wrote:

I recently ordered 3 plants from this firm. I received an e-mail confirmation the next day and had the plants in-hand 2 days later. The plants were exactly as described, healthy and very well packed for shipping.

I would definitely use this firm again.

Positive hawaiiroses
(12 reviews)
On Sep 15, 2007, hawaiiroses Honolulu, HI wrote:

Just received my first ever order from GHW - some begonias. They are really big and healthy. I got what I ordered and a bonus begonia, also big and healthy. Shipping was fast, packing good, no leaves lost or broken.

Negative franjee
(1 review)
On Aug 19, 2007, franjee Manistee, MI wrote:

I placed an order in June from Glasshouse Works because I really wanted to find a certian type of butterfly bush and it wasn't one of the common davidii types that can be found at almost every garden center. Because I was already paying for the shipping costs for those plants, two other different plants also were ordered at the same time. The credit card was charged as soon as the order was placed but there was no notice of when the plants would be shipped. After waiting close to five weeks and still no plants, a call was made to Glasshouse Works to find out what the problem was with the order. It turns out the two butterfly bushes weren't available and I just wanted the order canceled and the money refunded. Instead of refunding the money, they hurried up and sent some other type of common butterfly bush as an UNWANTED substitution! Oh, and as a "bonus" they also included two extra unwanted plants of the same kind of butterfly bush. They also made another substitution and sent a different color of one of the other plant varieties. Their website showed the plant with purple flower and the tag on the one they sent said it is white. I was very disappointed with their substitutions and thought it was clear over the phone that I did not want any substitutions.

The plants were on the smallish side but that is common with mail order nurseries. I guess the only positive would be that the plants were well wrapped for shipping, but they wrapped the little plants with a ton of recycled shredded paper that was kind of a nuisance to pick away from between the leaves. I don't think I will be ordering again from Glasshouse Works because when you order certain species plants, you expect to receive the SAME plants that you have ordered and paid for.

On August 19th, 2007, franjee changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I have been asked by Glasshouse Works to please change my rating to "neutral" because they don't think a negative rating is really all that fair. Maybe a negative rating isn't fair to them but I really don't like having the plants that I order substituted and maybe other plant collectors that have a special need for a particular plant may feel the same way.

The owner at Glasshouse Works is really concerned about the rating and is now trying to be helpful to work something out (apparently there was an email problem with their service) but I don't really want credit and I am not asking for a refund. Like they pointed out, they did not charge anything for their extra plants that they included in my order but I am still disappointed that another business was unable to send what was ordered.
On October 12th, 2007, franjee changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

One of their substituted 'Lochinch' butterfly bushes has flowered..... guess what? It was a violet pink and not the blue that is the real color of the 'Lochinch' butterfly bush.
Neutral herbivore74
(2 reviews)
On Aug 17, 2007, herbivore74 Chicago, IL (Zone 5b) wrote:

As far as the quality of the plants I received, I would definitely give a very Positive rating. I ordered a dozen various houseplants, and all arrived healthy and with very minimal shipping damage to a few leaf tips. Everything was carefully packed (in compostable/recyclable paper shreds, no styrofoam, which I appreciate). The variegated Syngonium in particular is drop-dead stunningly gorgeous. I also received a bonus Sempervivum that was of a similar type to those I had ordered, which I really appreciated.

The reason I am only giving a neutral rating is that there were a lot of communication/technology problems throughout this order. The online order form wasn't working, so I had to email my order list and phone in my payment. Then my expected ship date passed (due to hot weather that would make it unsafe to ship live plants) and I did not receive the notification that they say they sent, nor did I receive a reply to my first inquiry. A lot of emails got lost in transit, both ways. I do a lot of shopping online and I moderate an international vegan message board, so I have somewhat high expectations for someone doing online business. I think keeping your sites and mail accounts up and running is really important for customer service. So I was a bit disgruntled by the frustration of not being able to communicate about my order status very easily.

Having said that, I would still order from them again, because (when I could finally get through to them and they could finally get back to me!) they did put a rush on my order at no charge when they got my second inquiry/complaint, and they did throw in a free bonus plant. And the plants arrived in great condition and all seem to be really healthy and nice specimens. No substitutions, nothing missing. If they can get their technological problems under control, they will be an excellent resource.

On Aug 17, 2007, Glasshouse Works responded with:


On Aug 17, 2007 9:41 AM, Glasshouse Works added:

We do have good news. We recently upgraded our Internet Server and our Security Certificate. Emails and orders come into our office often within five minutes now. As with other Shopping Carts, the order process still requires that your Browser accept "cookies." This is a simple setting to make on your Browser (in either 'Options' or 'Preferences'). Internet Explorer even allows you to accept "cookies" just for certain Websites now. We have always had a secure server, but the added upgrade to 'GeoTrust' (one of the most trusted names for security online) for our Secure Certificate means that your dealings with us have the highest level of encryption. I may add that customers can always call our Tollfree number to place an order also. Tom"

Positive jadajoy
(6 reviews)
On Aug 17, 2007, jadajoy Newport News, VA (Zone 11) wrote:

A Big, Big Negative! I ordered over 100.00 in coleus in July. I was looking for pinks and purples to add to the many coleus I already have. For this reason I requested no substitutions. Awating an August delivery ( for which they charged my credit card in July and not on the delivery date) I was surprised when it came at the end of July with a hand written note saying they did not have my selections and they wouldnt have them until August. Duh? So why didnt they wait till August? Instead of crediting me my money for the ones they didnt have they sent me a voucher which in order to use I would have to pay shipping all over again even thou their policy is a refund for orders over 50.00. Of the 18 or so plants I ordered I got maybe six viable ones. The rest were overgrown or barely there. This is the worst online plant order I have ever received. I emailed them, of course, no answer. A waste of my time and money, neither of which I have much of. The sad fact is they do not have the plants they advertise and the whole business is mismanaged. STAY AWAY!

On September 5th, 2007, jadajoy changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

Company Rep contacted me and we hashed the problems out. He bent over backward to make this order right. I feel satisfied that everything that could have been done, was done, to correct the problems. Thanks Tom.
On Aug 17, 2007, Glasshouse Works responded with:


On Aug 16, 2007 10:19 PM, Glasshouse Works added:

We did not receive an email from this customer. I will email or write and see what we can do about this. I wlll make a report here later. I am sure something can be done. Most of our reviews are good, so we have to make this one good too!! "

Positive wanna_run_fast
(7 reviews)
On Aug 17, 2007, wanna_run_fast Fort Lauderdale, FL wrote:

I ordered about 15 or 16 plants, and received all with 1 or 2 subsitutions and 3 or 4 bonus plants. It did take a while to root my plants but Tom answered every email within 24 hours and worked with me to get my plants to me at a time that would be convenient for me. The plants i received were beautiful, large, well-rooted and packaged beyond belief. I don't think I've ever received such well wrapped plants!

This is a speciality grower, Tom grows the plants or roots cuttings for you when you order. You can't rush the process so if you are looking for immediate shipment, I suggest you email Tom first and ask him about availability. Otherwise, if you are patient and wait until your plants are ready, you will be very happy!

It's been a couple of weeks since I received my order and every single plant is healthy and thriving...and I'm getting ready to place another order. They have an incredible selection and I am trying to work my way through all their goodies!

Positive thomasmc
(4 reviews)
On Jun 28, 2007, thomasmc Colorado Springs, CO wrote:

In May I decided to do something with an empty 20 gallon fish tank that has been sitting in my office, and decided to turn it into a terrarium. Searching the internet, I found there weren't many vendors who sold more than a couple plants I'd be interested in. Glasshouse Works certainly had the largest selection, and the lowest prices as well. I placed an order for a few that I knew I wanted, and also a "terrarium selection" of 10 plants that they pick for you.

Their website says to expect delivery in 6-8 weeks, so I was happy when I received an email saying I should expect it in half that time, just 3-4 weeks.

Then I stumbled upon these rating and began to wonder if I would receive my order before fall. I decided to give them the benefit of a doubt, and not bother them with inquiries about my order until the time frame they specified had passed.

I received the order in 4 weeks, and was emailed on the day of shipment with the FedEx tracking number so that I could make sure I was here to receive the package.

The plants were healthy, well packaged, and in great condition. Yes, some were small. Their website tells you to expect starter plants in 2 to 3" pots. Obviously, that's why their prices are so low. Personally I prefer this option, rather than paying someone else twice as much just to raise them for another month or two. The only one I thought might be too small was the Selaginella Uncinata, but I think it may survive.

As for the "terrarium selection", I could not be more pleased. Half of the plants they picked were on my "wish list" for a future order, and they even threw in a "freebie." I checked the items against their price list, and found the total was worth more than double what I paid.

I'm so happy with the results that I've decided to take another, larger (40 gal.) tank out of storage, and convert it to a terrarium, too.

Just as soon as I place another order with Glasshouse Works for some more plants...

Positive Tropicanna
(12 reviews)
On May 11, 2007, Tropicanna Clemmons, NC (Zone 7b) wrote:

I have to say that my experience with this company was positive. I received very healthy, rare, large plants that were a great deal given the price. They have tropicals I have not been able to find elsewhere, and a nice selection of hardy ones. I did order in Feb. for spring shipping, they grow to order. I specified no substitutions and they did not make any, and communication with company representatives was pleasant throughout the process. Everything was very well packed.

I will be happy to do business with them again!

Positive gessiegail
(18 reviews)
On May 11, 2007, gessiegail Taft, TX (Zone 9a) wrote:

This company doesn't even deserve to be in business!!! I have thrown away 165.00 on begonias and coleus. They range in size from leaves stuck in the dirt unrooted to 12" tall coleus stem with 3 leaves at the top of the stem. I would gladly pay for shipping them back just to get the rest of my money back.

On May 11th, 2007, gessiegail changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

I was grumpy when I wrote the review!!! Although the plants were packed extremely well, I don't find the plants to be exceptionally good, but the owner called to make things right. He couldn't have been any nicer or more cooperative. He does stand behind his plants....sorry 'bout that!!!!
On May 11, 2007, Glasshouse Works responded with:


On May 11, 2007 4:33 PM, Glasshouse Works added:

I have called and told this customer we would replace any plants that didn't make it. All she needs to do is send us a list of those that did not make the trip. I saw the order and most of the plants were well rooted but a few were small. We shipped the order a bit earlier than I wanted because I know that Texas gets hot. But we do stand behind our plants. Most of our reviews are good so I hope we can settle this. This customer did not call us first before she posted this review. I wish she had. We will do whatever we can to make sure she gets her value. "

Positive flash317
(6 reviews)
On May 8, 2007, flash317 Monroe, NY (Zone 6a) wrote:

I received my order in excellent condition, well-packed and of exceptional quality and health. They even included two bonus plants! The confirmation they sent had included an anticipated shipping time, and in view of the cold spring weather we've had I'm glad it took a few weeks. They carry varieties you can't get anywhere else. I will definitely order from them again.

Negative WaterCan2
(21 reviews)
On Apr 3, 2007, WaterCan2 Eastern Long Island, NY (Zone 7a) wrote:

I have been very disappointed by the quality, the tardiness, even the packaging of this company's products. I have placed two orders from this company at 5 -6 plants ea, (chalking up my first experience to happenstance) and have been very disappointed both times. To make matters worse when a specimen is out of stock they substitute a number of common inferior plants to make up the value of the order even when the orders are clearly marked as 'no substitutions'. Unfortunately I cannot recommend this company to anyone and will never take a 'chance' with them again.

On April 4th, 2007, WaterCan2 added the following:

I did not realize this was a debate forum. In any event; 1) The representative above has not contacted me nor can he (since he does not have my new address). 2) Six Coleus plants in lieu of 3 of the 5 plants that I ordered is not what I consider an upgrade. 3) The orders were clearly marked “No Substitutions”. 4) All of the plants came wrapped in wet newspaper which did a nice job of crushing the foliage. 5). A 2 month wait is not what I consider reasonable.

I did not write this review with the intent of harming this company, I could care less if it reaches the Fortune 500 or disappears tomorrow. I wrote it because the Garden Watchdog has been an invaluable asset in ordering plants and I realize it needs the feedback of customer’s experiences to continue. I wrote of my experiences. Nor am I seeking restitution from this company. Wasted time is more important than money and it is something you cannot replace. I consider the matter closed.

Ps. The catalog did mange to make it to my new address earlier this year, – but not for long - I threw it away immediately!

On Apr 3, 2007, Glasshouse Works responded with:


On Apr 4, 2007 10:17 AM, Glasshouse Works added:

I have contacted this customer. Two things need to be mentioned. 1) We do not substitute unless we are given permission and when we do, it is always with a more expensive or valuable plant. 2) We know our packers are good and we often get compliments on our shipping. Thus, something must have gone wrong with the processing of this order. In fact, sometimes our delays are due to the fact that we are making sure the customer gets exactly what they order.

As you can see from other reviews, we take care of our customers. Thus, I have already written this person to make sure they know they can contact us and get this worked out!! Our customers are important to us. We always go the extra mile (so to speak)! Tom, Glasshouse Works.

On Aug 16, 2007 10:36 PM, Glasshouse Works added:

We did try to contact this customer using Dave's Garden Dmail.
We got no reponse. Obviously we did not want a "debate forum."
The customer is the one who wrote the review without contacting us first. We did not mail this customer a catalog, because we did not
mail catalogs this year. We mailed a few old catalogs to customers who requested duplicate copies. We would still love to mail a couple replacement plants to this customer. Tom"

Positive dcalico
(2 reviews)
On Mar 28, 2007, dcalico Hudson, NY wrote:

A really great purchasing experience. My plant arrived after just 4 days and was perfectly leaf dmage, well watered, carefully packaged. The plant itself was far better than what I expected given the already great price I paid for it. Hope everyone has a terrific experience with them as I did.

Positive gwendylena
(26 reviews)
On Mar 24, 2007, gwendylena La Salle, MI wrote:

I was satisfied with my order last summer. Everything I ordered was well-rooted, decently sized, healthy and packed well.

When I placed my order I assumed the time frame they listed on their website was approximately when I'd receive my plants. When my order hadn't come at almost twice the amount of time listed on the website, I sent an email asking when to expect them. I received a prompt reply explaining that they take care of their coleus and bedding plant orders first in the spring and then take care of other types of plants afterward. Also they explained that several of the items I'd ordered took awhile to propagate. Once I knew what to expect, I was perfectly fine with the extra wait.

I thnk that perhaps if the website was a little more clear about how they fulfill orders, people who were in a hurry may decide to order elsewhere. Or they at least would know that their order wasn't coming right away and plan accordingly.

The one BIG problem I have is with their website. I don't know why, but every time I go to their website it crashes out my AOL and often locks up my computer. And yes, I am using the version with less pictures (when it works). I admit I do have a dialup connection and my computer is older. I tried for several hours today to look at their online listings and place an order and after looking at about 3-4 pages, either AOL or my computer in general would lock up and have to be restarted. There's no way to save your cart so I'd have to start over again. I did this multiple times. I know I can call them and place an order but I need to see what they have for sale before I can do that.

I have not had this problem with any other website and I had the same problem with the site last year.

I was planning on placing a large order with them this year, but I don't know if I have the patience to deal with that website.

On March 25th, 2007, gwendylena changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

Perhaps I was a bit harsh to give a neutral rating because of my website troubles. I'd like to restate that I was very satisfied with everything I ordered from Glasshouse Works. I think I figured out the problem with the website. It's the continue shopping button in the shopping cart. When I avoided using this button, my computer stopping crashing. The website does work better as far as being able to see pictures and loading speed than it did last year on my dinosaur computer. I know it needs to be replaced, but there's only so much $ to go around and I'd rather spend it on gardening! I did place a large order this year and am looking forward to its arrival.
Positive JenniferLuther
(9 reviews)
On Mar 21, 2007, JenniferLuther Grove City, PA (Zone 5b) wrote:

Very happy customer, inexpensive so i don't excpect big plants. Plants sent healthy well rooted cuttings. Plus also received a bonus plant that I didn't have. A very happy customer. Would not hesitate to order again. Also answered an email within hours of a general plant id question. excellent customer service.

Positive ara133
(3 reviews)
On Feb 18, 2007, ara133 State College, PA wrote:

I ordered from Glasshouse Works about a year ago and was very satisfied with the plants and the customer service. One of the plants I wanted was out of stock, but they explained the situation so that was fine, and another they thought might take some time to arrive but I asked if it was possible to rush it as it was a gift. They did, and it arrived quickly, as did the other plants I ordered. All were very healthy, though some were tiny. The website did explain that some plants might be small, so that was understandable and not a problem. The customer service was fantastic - they responded to all of my emails right away.

Neutral Loki_
(3 reviews)
On Jan 7, 2007, Loki_ Carmel, IN wrote:

I have ordered plants from this company twice and had problems both times. The first time 2 of the 4 plants we received were in bad shape and could not be saved. I called and Tom said he would send replacements but asked that I order more plants so that he could send the replacements with that order and not have to 'eat' the shipping costs for the replacements. I did not order more plants at that time. 2-3 months later I had still not received the replacements. I called several times and got a different excuse each time. Finally I decided to order more plants and asked Tom if he could just give me credit for the 2 plants toward the new order since I didn't need the replacement plants by then. He agreed to the credit.
When the 2ND order arrived the plants were healthy and in good condition, Tom had also included the replacements from the 1st order and they were healthy as well. The problem with the 2ND order was I did not receive the ivies I ordered. I called and Tom had me send a leaf from each ivy. He said that we got the correct ivies. After several calls Tom ended up refunding my money for the second order. I later found out that one of the ivy I ordered had the wrong picture on their website. The picture they had posted for a Chimera ivy was in fact a picture of a Yellow Ripple ivy, which is what I thought I was ordering but I got a real Chimera ivy, which of course didn't look anything like the ivy pictured on their website. I had planned to order a lot more plants from this company.

On January 20th, 2007, Loki_ changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

My daughter and I were contacted by Tom(?) the day after this rating was posted and were told that they would give us $35 worth of plants to change the rating.
I planned to change the rating once we received the plants. When I ordered the plants I did not include any payment information, just put down that we had a $35 credit. I just received an e-mail asking for payment for our order. I am changing this rating to neutral in good faith and will change it to a positive if / when receive the ordered plants and all goes well.
On March 16th, 2007, Loki_ added the following:

We received our plants today. In addition to the 5 plants we ordered, Ken (?) included 3 bonus plants so we received a total of 8 plants.
One of the bonus plants, an Ivy , is completely dead. All of it's leaves are dead with black stems so it is very unlikely it will recover.
The philodendron I ordered was not the one pictured on the website and it had no roots, they sent us a non rooted cutting. I may be able to get it to grow roots since it was otherwise in fairly good condition.
3 of the other plants came in good condition, 2 plants came in somewhat fair condition and 1 came in bad condition but still alive. The plants also came with another bonus, 1 plant was covered with scale insects and I found a slug in the soil of the dead plant. I have not yet checked the soil in the pots of the other plants so I don't know if the rest of the plants have slugs or not.
The staff at Glasshouse works has went out of their way to make us happy ( Only after I posted a negative rating on this website) and I am pleased with the personal service we have received.
At this time I cannot change this to a positive rating since I would have been very unhappy had we not gotten these plants on a credit and I had paid for this order.
Positive ILJeff
(3 reviews)
On Dec 26, 2006, ILJeff Clay City, IL wrote:

At first I was a bit disappointed with a Musa basjoo that I ordered from them. I saw that plant in another catalog, but didn`t want to spend the amount of money on a plant of "marginal" hardiness. I ordered it and thought the plant was a bit scrawny, but it has done very well, so I wouldn`t hesitate to order from them one bit

Positive jazmine188
(1 review)
On Dec 14, 2006, jazmine188 Silverado, CA (Zone 9b) wrote:

I have been ordering plants online for many years. I recently discovered Glasshouse Works website in search for terrarium plants for a few gifts I am creating for x-mas presents. I placed an order for an assortment of terrarium plants - where they would choose the plants for you. I emailed them describing what I was trying to achieve (cottage garden look) and that I was hoping I could get the plants in time to finish the gifts before x-mas.

Approximately one week later I received my package. All plants were FANTASTIC. Healthy, great assortment - perfect for a cottage garden look, well packaged - and I had ordered 10 plants and I received 11!!

I consider this the BEST experience I have had with an online gardening store. Other orders I have received were small plants, partly dead, and the orders took a long time.

I most definetly will be back for more.

Sherri Willson

Positive Cretaceous
(32 reviews)
On Dec 13, 2006, Cretaceous El Sobrante, CA (Zone 9b) wrote:

I recently (11/30) ordered three ferns, a horsetail, and a moss (Selaginella) from Glasshouse Works. The plants were all well priced and arrived today in good shape.

(I would have appreciated an e-mail letting me know that they had shipped).

On April 8th, 2007, Cretaceous added the following:

I recently received another order from Glasshouse Works, which consisted entirely of Spikemoss (Selaginella) and one fern. Again, I'm pleased with the order.

There were a few substitutions, and some freebies too. (Believe me, I know how difficult and slow growing Selaginella can be, so no problem).
On April 23rd, 2007, Cretaceous added the following:

I recently received a third order from Glasshouse Works (three ferns and a horsetail). Again, the plants were all well priced and arrived today in good shape.

Glasshouse Works has the largest selection of horsetails (Equisetum) I have seen from a U.S. retail nursery, and also seems to be the only retail nursery cultivating Psilotum nudum.
Positive TexasTam
(16 reviews)
On Nov 22, 2006, TexasTam Plano, TX (Zone 8a) wrote:

Charlotte of Glasshouse Works was nothing but wonderful in helping me get my paws on a 'Gold Ring' Barberry. She emailed me when they located some, then emailed me again to let me know how they looked after they actually came in.

I was also emailed the day my order shipped, which I always appreciate.

On top of everything, I ordered one berberis, and they sent me an extra! The Witch Hazel I ordered also looks very good.

Neutral karamy
(1 review)
On Nov 6, 2006, karamy Lexington, KY wrote:

Wretched. I ordered plants from this co. last March. When the plants arrived (in July) they all had insect gnawed leaves, shipping damage, and were just generally puny and unhealthy looking. I DID call....Tom refused to replace the coleuses or the aspidistra on the grounds that these plants are so tough that I could just cut off all the leaves and they would grow back fine. He claimed that he would replace the philo selloum and the plectranthus (the pot of which was mainly filled with another unknown plant, and one sprig of plectranthus.) Never recieved replacements, called at least 3 times to remind him, was told each time that he was just waiting for the plants to grow to a salable size...4 mos. later and I'm still waiting. I got sick of calling and have really just given up. $ down the drain.

The coleuses did grow back after I chopped them down, but were still far inferior to coleuses I could have bought much cheaper and easier at Walmart, so I mercy killed them. The aspidistra also grew a healthy leaf....hopefully it will eventually develop into a plant worthy of display, but as of now it's just one leaf....and that's all I have to show for a $40 order. My e-mail is if the co. is interested in patching things up with me. But I'm not changing this rating UNTIL I actually recieve healthy, attractive replacements

On November 10th, 2006, karamy changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

Tom did contact me after I posted my review, and allowed me to pick out new plants as replacements, free of charge or shipping cost. The plants arrived very quickly, slightly exceeded the cost of the original order, and were far superior in condition (to the original order).

Tom seems to desire that I change my review to a positive, but I can't in all honesty do that. Yes, they will go the extra mile to rectify things...but seemingly only after you've publicly complained. And the plants I recieved this time are still a bit bedraggled, by shipping perhaps. This may very well always be the case with plants that are packaged for has been on the few occasions that I've ordered plants online (twice from other co.'s). So I just won't be ordering online anymore.

I've noticed that many of the positive comments here are from people who actually visited and purchased from GHW in person. I'm sure that it's a great place to do just that.
Positive Thistlefield
(3 reviews)
On Oct 24, 2006, Thistlefield Naples, NY wrote:

I have ordered from Glasshouse Works several times. I read and understood their shipment policy and procedure so I was fully prepared to wait until my shipment came.

Plants are packed well and I have found very unusual varieties that I could not find ANYWHERE. I've found the prices to be very nice. All of my plants ordered from there have done very well.

I use the text site as I have dial up but there are wonderful pictures and helpful descriptions for those of us who are new collectors of house plants. The descriptions will tell a reader if the plant is "easy to grow" or if it needs special consideration. I find this wonderful because I know what I can try and what I can't from reading the website.

I will definately order from Glasshouseworks again but I may have reached the plant capacity of my little house!

Positive PCrisler
(4 reviews)
On Oct 19, 2006, PCrisler Ft. Wright, KY (Zone 6a) wrote:

About a week and a half ago I read the reviews for Glasshouseworks and was a bit hesitant about placing an order. There are so many negative comments, but I checked out their website anyway and saw a huge variety of plants. The prices were surprising, too. I am just beginning to collect philos, and they had so many different ones that I decided to order despite the negativity I'd read here. (my mom always did say I was a "hardhead"). I placed an order on October 13, and received my order on the 18th. From the comments I'd read, I didn't expect my order for weeks! I was so excited as I opened the package, I was like a little girl at Christmas! I have to say that I was extremely happy with everything I received. I did have a concern about one of the plants, so I called and spoke with Tom who spent a great deal of time talking to me, and gave me suggestions. I am completely 100% satisfied! Tom was so helpful, he could not have been nicer. I do not believe that any of the negative comments that I read would have been posted at all if those customers had taken the time to call the company with their concerns. I am so glad that I ignored them. Customer service is excellent, Tom is a gem, and I will be a loyal customer for life. In fact, I am planning to visit the store. I highly recommend Glasshouseworks. Oh...and Mom...sometimes it's good to be a "hardhead".

Positive tropicalstuff
(1 review)
On Oct 18, 2006, tropicalstuff San Francisco, CA wrote:

I recently placed an order with GHW, and my overall experience was very good.

I received my order in two parts. It took awhile to get the first, as after it was placed, I received an email stating that it would take several weeks to ship. I expect this with items that are progated to order, so it was not a problem for me. I am a very specific collector so I've learned to have patience. I received several plants that I ordered, and two that I did not which were clearly marked "bonus". I also received a credit slip, as I had requested that substitutions not be made.

I called GHL, spoke with a man named Tom, and asked him about the future availability of the items that I did not receive. It would not be soon. But to make a long story a little shorter, he spent a great deal of time with me finding out a bit about what I collected, offered suggestions and gave descriptions of things that were not in the catalogue. Ultimately, I received some fantastic species variations I did not know existed and could never have gotten from my local nursery. Furthermore, Tom sent two more bonus plants that he had described, and that I actually really wanted to try, but did not want to exceed the amount of my credit. It seems that the amount of the credit didn't really matter. A satisfied customer did. I will be ordering from Tom again very soon!

Positive hostamomma
(12 reviews)
On Sep 18, 2006, hostamomma Dundee, IL wrote:

Service from this company was excellent! They went out of their way to ensure they had my complete order (after a few e-mails went missing on my end). The plants they shipped were very well packaged, healthy, and good sized for the price. In addition, they refused to sell me a plant I wanted because they were not satisfied with the quality of the available stock. To cap off the transaction, they included a very nice bonus plant which I had mentioned wanting, but did order at this time. Shipment was timely (within a week of ordering) and an e-mail with a tracking number was provided. Highly recommended!

Positive tester36
(1 review)
On Aug 22, 2006, tester36 Huxford, AL wrote:

I have ordered numerous times from these folks and they have always went the extra mile if it was not right if i emailed them they fixed it no problem as soon as I have some more money I will order again I can furnish pictures of what I have .

Positive Bill_in_Ohio
(1 review)
On Aug 20, 2006, Bill_in_Ohio Cutler, OH wrote:

My wife and I discovered Glasshouse Works in 1978 by sheer serendipity and have had the pleasure of visiting at least once a year ever since. We have seen it grow from a small operation into the exciting complex of greenhouses and gardens that it is today.

As hobby collectors of rare, exotic or simply unusual plants, we never fail to return from our "Stewart Adventure" with a car full of delightful prizes, plus the memory of an afternoon well spent, poking about in an assortment of lush landscapes, beautiful water gardens, and inviting thickets that would bring joy to the heart of any true plant lover.

We find the profusion of rich plant life at Glasshouse Works to be a real attraction. We seriously doubt that row upon row of common plants neat in their plastic pots as one can find at any garden center across this country is the visitor experience that the proprietors of GHW had in mind when they started this unique establishment over 3 decades ago. If you want the chain store garden center experience, that's fine...there are plenty of them around.

If you want a truly unique garden experience and to talk with interesting people who, believe me, know their plants, and if you want a unique garden or greenhouse collection yourself, you can't go wrong with Glasshouse Works! My wife and I will continue to have our adventures there and highly recommend it to anyone who is passionate about beautiful and exciting plants.

Positive K374n
(1 review)
On Aug 17, 2006, K374n Woodsfield, OH wrote:

I love to come here and take a leisurely stroll around their grounds to see all the unusual and rare plantings that you read about but cannot find locally. Their staff is very helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable. I was looking for three unusual philodendrens. Imagine my joy when they located all three for me. Among other plants, I also purchased an unusual alocasia. Within three weeks, the alocasia died, and a short time later, one of the beautiful philodendrens succumbed to pests, despite my fervent efforts to save it.

I directly contacted Glasshouse Works regarding this situation and they immediately responded to my plight. They are replacing the philodendren and substituting another alocasia variety, as well as adding a couple extra plants. Customer service is very important to me and it is obvious that they care about their customers!

Positive MRubinOH
(1 review)
On Aug 15, 2006, MRubinOH Cuyahoga Falls, OH wrote:

By chance I happened upon Glasshouse Works while driving on back country roads in SE Ohio. The nursery provided a delightful experience, overflowing with a large variety of unusual, as well as traditional, plant material. The staff was helpful and knowledgeable, responding to several questions and offering to help find particular specimens. I bought several plants and intend to go back.

Positive BobbyLee
(2 reviews)
On Aug 14, 2006, BobbyLee Austin, TX wrote:

4 plants purchased: 2 plants arrived ok (although one of these was misnamed on the Glasshouse Works website and turned out to be a plant I already had),1 plant arrived w/ only a single very wilted leaf and died almost immediately, and 1 plant was out-of-stock. Rather than deducting the price of the out-of-stock plant from my order and shipping only the 3 in-stock plants (in which case my order would still have been over the $10 minimum), the staff at Glasshouse Works charged my credit card for the full amount of the original order but substituted a most unattractive multicolored hybrid Philodendron. Furthermore, there was a considerable delay in shipment of my order, and when it finally did ship I was not notified by the staff at Glasshouse Works. This would have been helpful since the package was scheduled for delivery on a Friday during business hours- when, as usual, I was not at home to accept deliveries (though I could have arranged to be home had I been notified). And since shipping was via UPS, which is closed on weekends, my plants remained in their box until I finally received them the following Monday. It's no surprise, then, that one of them didn't make it. Avoid...

On August 15th, 2006, BobbyLee added the following:

Update 8/15/06: This morning I was contacted by a representative of Glasshouse Works. He apologized for the aforementioned shipping mishap and generously offered to refund my entire order. Also, I reviewed my order invoice and it turns out my credit card was not in fact charged for all 4 plants originally ordered and that the extra plant was actually a freebie. So I must apologize and retract that part of my previous comment. I will update this posting yet again as soon as the promised refund from Glasshouse Works appears on my credit card statement. I will also ammend my original rating for this merchant as soon as restitution is made.
On August 23rd, 2006, BobbyLee changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

Update 8/23/06: Thomas @ Glasshouse Works has indeed made good on his promise to refund my entire order. Though I'm not entirely comfortable with this sort of quid pro quo, I have per his request reversed my original rating of Glasshouse Works' performance.

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