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Comments regarding Direct Gardening

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432 negatives


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Negative originaljazzgirl
(1 review)
On Jun 1, 2015, originaljazzgirl Fairfax,
United States wrote:

2015-04-21 - placed order
2015-04-23 - credit card charged
2015-05-19 - not received, no emails. I called them, phone frequently busy, finally got through, said there had been some delays in shipping, supposed to be shipped out early part of this week, should get email once its shipped, call back if no email or delivery by 2015-05-26
2015-05-26 - not received, no emails.
2015-06-01 - tried all day to get through on the phone, line busy. Company has no email address or on-line way to reach them. Making a claim with my credit card company now.

Negative Peony64
(1 review)
On May 28, 2015, Peony64 Lawrenceville, GA wrote:

I placed on order on May 7, and understood it could take up to two weeks to process the order. It's been over three weeks, and I still have no updates. I emailed customer service for an update on my order, and got a canned response that didn't tell me anything. I gave this company a chance (despite the horrible reviews) because they were the only company who offered all four plants I really wanted, and I wanted to save on shipping costs. If I'd just spent the money on shipping with other firms, I'd already have all four of the flowers I really want.

If I ever get my order, I'll update on the condition of the plants.

Negative Ibulena
(1 review)
On May 28, 2015, Ibulena Selbyville, DE wrote:

Purchased online 4/17/15. As of 5/28/15 have not received order yet they took money out of my account immediately in April. Told several times over weeks order was in shipping and would be shipped to my area soon. That was 2-3 weeks ago. Called to cancel today and told it was shipped. Told them I was sending it back IF it shows up. After the fact I have looked of reviews of this company on various sites and 99% are negative. Never use them!!

Negative lorigrierson
(3 reviews)
On May 25, 2015, lorigrierson Bay City, MI wrote:

I don't think that this company could suck any worse if they tried. I ordered some 'White Feather' hosta from them last summer after Holland Bulb Co. ran out. My order was for somewhere between $300 - $400. It took a month to get here, besides numerous requests from me asking where the order was. It ended up delivered at a time when I was going to be out of town (even though I by then had asked to cancel the order...and of course it was 'too late to cancel' (according to them). I ended up getting all of the bare root plants planted. When they came up, not even half of them were actually 'White Feather'. By then, it was to late to return any of them. (according to company policy). I'm currently digging up the entire row, in which there are approximately 4 hosta that are actually the 'White Feather'. So, I decided to let everybody know what a nightmare they are to deal with

Negative cc5583
(1 review)
On May 21, 2015, cc5583 Houston, TX wrote:

Posted on May 19, 2015, updated May 21, 2015
Posted on May 16, 2015, updated May 19, 2015
I have purchased from other online companies, however I have to say this is the worst one. I placed an order over a month ago and every time I get someone to FINALLY answer the phone, all I get told is that they are working to ship my order out and it should arrive in a few days. I try to be a patient person so I wait a few days, call back and each time I get told, oh no I\\\'m sorry it hasn\\\'t been shipped yet, but it should be shipped in a few days. So I try and wait and give them a few more days..but sadly days are turning into weeks..which is ridiculous. I have already been told the plants I ordered and in stock, and that that my order should be in the shipping area and be sent within a day to three days. Then after waiting three to four days and calling..I get the oh I\\\'m sorry your order hasn\\\'t been filled yet. I am beyond annoyed with this company and if this is how this company does business I want no part of it. I have tried to send numerous emails to get an update and I keep getting the same lousy email that doesn\\\'t give me a bit of information. I didn\\\'t only order plants for myself, some were purchased for family members. I feel horrible for having to contact them and tell them that I honestly have no clue when the plants, or if the plants will arrive. This is the first time and the LAST time I will ever do any business with this company.

On May 19th, 2015, cc5583 added the following:

After over a month of being told oh they\'ll be shipped soon...they are finally of yesterday. So now I\'ve been told wait 5-7 days for my order to arrive. after all the drama and lies...I hate to see how my order turned out. I\'ll update this with how the order was once it arrived. After reading all the horror stories of how people received their orders, I\'m no longer excited.
On May 21st, 2015, cc5583 added the following:

Ok so my plants finally arrived today. Like the saying get what you pay for. They are super super tiny plants, with lots of yellow leaves. I hurried and watered them because most were dry. I hope they will be ok, but for anyone who's reading reviews before they order...DONT DO IT! I ordered two other plants from another company...the ones I ordered from here were 2-3 inches at best......the other company sent me two 2 foot tall angel trumpets....needless to say I know who to do business with now. I was told they were just now shipping orders from Early April to Mid April. So for those who ordered af the end of April, good luck. It took me over a month to get 5 angel trumpets.
Negative Brendap98
(1 review)
On May 20, 2015, Brendap98 Utica, MI wrote:

I should have listened to the other people to reviewed this company but instead the cheap prices got the best of me and I gave them a shot. it has been a month since I placed my order and still no products and its going to be june soon. Everytime I call the phone is constantly busy. I have been trying all day today. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

order GZJONXVKL placed 4/25/15

(1 review)
On May 19, 2015, 1CRAZYLADY Rohnert Park, CA wrote:

I ordered their 100 strawberry collection and roma beans and with this order, i was given some plants as complimentary for ordering over $40 worth of items. Told it would arrive in 1 to 1 1/2 weeks...well after many attempts to call their customer service dept (busy or no answer) and several inquiries via emails, NOTHING!
So....3 1/2 weeks go by and i receive a small envelope of green beans...NOTHING ELSE!!!OMG..REALLY??? By the time i get my strawberries the season will be OVER!!!!! I AM SO UPSET, THIS IS NOT NECCESSARY...TO BE SCAMMED AND RIPPED OFF OVER PLANTS.....REALLY?????

Negative sjffff
(1 review)
On May 13, 2015, sjffff West Bountiful, UT wrote:

A friend of mine ordered a fruit salad stone fruit tree over a month ago and has called a number of times only to be told that it will be another month until the tree arrives if in fact they actually send it. We are in a high mountain valley where the temps will quickly rise into the 80's next month which will not allow for the planting of a bare root treen and they were told this upon ordering and we were assured that it would arrive in time for our planting season. Stay away from this company they are a total joke! Order from Peaceful Valley or the like.

Negative FarminMan
(1 review)
On May 1, 2015, FarminMan Petersburg, VA wrote:

Posted on March 30, 2015, updated May 1, 2015
I read the bad comments after purchasing and was really worried that I would not received what I ordered from Direct Gardening. It took 4 weeks but I received exactly what I ordered. I ordered bare root hybrid poplar, hybrid willow, and dawn redwood trees they were small but not bad for the price. I wrote them in the middle of the fourth week and stated my concerns. They replied with a ok answer but did not settle my concerns by giving me a possible delivery date or shipping number. Bottom line is that I was satisfied but it took too long with out any idea when the trees would or did ship which would have relieved my concern.

On May 1st, 2015, FarminMan changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

I told Direct Gardening I would give them a good review because they got me the trees I ordered and the website said they would be small. I did as I said I would, but now I have given the trees a chance to start growing. All 4 of the tiny Dawn Redwood trees sent died. They were really tiny when I received them. Many of the Hybrid Willows and Hybrid Poplars also died. In the same period of time I bought from Gurney and BigV62 on eBay (also known as Panter Nursery.) The other trees for the most part are doing well. The biggest and best trees for the price came from BigV62 on eBay. They arrived quickly and their color and condition looked very good. Gurney's trees were ok but not as good. They were also the most expensive.
Negative 3uprider
(1 review)
On Apr 20, 2015, 3uprider Hope Mills, NC wrote:

WOW! I wasted a good bit of money. Placed an order, money taken out of my account in less than 24 hours. Here it is 20 days later and I have nothing from them other than a standard BS email "we cant find anything". I even gave them the order number, copy of email confirmation and a copy of the online order confirmation. DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THIS COMPANY. Go somewhere else, pay more and have the satisfaction of actually receiving your purchase.

Negative Sarmistha
(1 review)
On Apr 17, 2015, Sarmistha Richmond, VA wrote:

I ordered some plants in the end of March as a gift for someone. I contacted the company to let me know about the shipping date. My order has not been shipped and the gift event was last week. I emailed them to cancel the order, but they are not able to confirm cancellation even though the plants have not been shipped, nor can they give me a date of delivery. I would not recommend anyone to order plants from them.

Negative Jacwo2
(2 reviews)
On Apr 12, 2015, Jacwo2 Knoxville, TN wrote:

I ordered several plants from Direct Gardening, lured in by their extremely low prices. While some of the plants are doing well, I'm upset that the plants I wanted more than anything else either haven't grown or a substitution was shipped in its place. I ordered Dorothy Rose columbine, and they sent Nora Barlow (which I didn't realize till after it bloomed). I ordered a flamingo willow tree, and they sent a forsythia. I did notice that change, so I emailed them. They replied stating their policy is to send a comparable plant (a forsythia is not comparable to a willow), if your requested plant can't be shipped. Um, why not just send what they have and refund the rest? They told me I could mail back the shipping label and they'd refund me for the willow/forsythia. Why do I have to pay to mail a shipping label (which is huge and plastic. Not sure normal envelope/postage would be enough) when they know they sent me the wrong plant? The low prices aren't worth it, if you don't get the plants you want and then have to pay to get your money back. And if you're outside of the 14 days you get a '"replacement"... But the plant wasn't available in the 1st place so how can it be replaced? I also ordered a dwarf Bartlett pear tree that was literally a 10 inch twig with NO roots. I tried soaking and planting, but it never grew (planted last year).

Negative lumlum
(1 review)
On Mar 20, 2015, lumlum Cumming, GA (Zone 7b) wrote:

I have tried to call the company, I continue to get a busy signal. I also tried to contact the House of Wesley, their parent company, the line is also busy. Received Purple Astilbe, they arrived moldy. I am not sure if they will make it. It is a good thing I also bought some from Walmart, and they are doing fine. The Weeping Rose looks like it may make it, and I am not sure about the Tree Peony, it looked like a dead stick, but I have planted it praying for the best. I have 3 more orders that I placed in November 2014, and I am waiting for them to arrive. I have tried to contact them as well to get an estimate on a shipping date, and have not heard from them as well. I am hoping they will respond. Hopefully these plants will do better.

Negative luiseinme
(2 reviews)
On Oct 18, 2014, luiseinme South Bristol, ME wrote:

Sad, sad, sad. I think my plants have been in seal plastic bags for years. Dried up or rotten. Very bad packaging compared to others. Shocking when you receive plants from other companies on the same day.

I am going with my mother's idea. Sometimes the saddest plant does the best because its happy for a good home.

Negative Azeem83
(1 review)
On Sep 24, 2014, Azeem83 Greensboro, NC wrote:

On July 31, 2014, I ordered 16 Almost Black Rose bushes. They finally arrived on August 15th. All 16 bushes were promptly planted because they were virtually DEAD sticks. Well 9 of plants survived and are blooming YELLOW and PINK! Yes, I ordered Almost Black roses. So, naturally, I contacted the company first by email and was told to send back the shipping label and photos of the roses. Really? Who has a shipping label after more than a month? They won't even accept the confirmation EMAIL they sent to me. They will accept my credit card bill as proof of purchase. Am I really expected to send them my credit card bill along with photos? I spent $59.92 on roses of a very specific color and am disappointed that they couldn't correctly fill the order and NOW refuse to refund my money. So basically they can get away with anything they want because it is their policy that you must have the shipping label. And to get a refund, you must return the product within 14 days. This company uses deceptive practices. I expect better and I am here to warn others NOT to purchase from Direct Gardening or any of their affiliates. I have also submitted a complaint at the BBB requesting that my money be refunded because I should NOT have to pay for their mistake!

Positive AdeniumNut
(3 reviews)
On Sep 9, 2014, AdeniumNut Alamo, CA wrote:

I ordered in the middle of a heat wave. Plants arrived in a heat wave. Certain plants fared better than others. Every single plant after scratch testing was green, EXCEPT a ginkgo. Never buy spruce from DG. The hydrangeas fared the best, every single one made it, they budded the quickest after potting, in just 2 days. After 2 weeks I had practically store - quality 5 gallon size bushes. Northern Catalpa did really well too. Butterfly bushes and burning bush euonymus both did extremely well. The maples were supposed to be dead, I abandoned them and never watered them. Last week after more than 3 months one sprouted. I was shocked. The red buds both seem not to have made it, they are still green upon scratch testing, the maples make me think there might still be hope. Oh I wrote this review last week and forgot to send it. If I stopped midsentence and forgot to tie up the story sorry. I'm done typing.

Positive robinhoodroses
(1 review)
On Sep 5, 2014, robinhoodroses Goffstown, NH wrote:

Direct Gardening was the only source I could find for old fashioned Robin Roses. There were some issues with my order, but through good and constant communication, Direct Gardening I received totally healthy Robin Hood roses in a timely manner and they are beginning to bloom and are perfectly lovely! I will order from Direct Gardening again.

Negative valal
(7 reviews)
On Aug 13, 2014, valal Natick, MA wrote:

I was hoping to be one who could give Direct Gardening some positive feedback, thinking that they just do better with some items than others (ie daylilys, hostas, etc.) Yes, the prices are really low, yes, you receive bare roots, etc. and non potted plants. I'm willing to wait a little longer as I have a huge gardening project/redo at a new house that basically is all grass in the backyard. However, my latest experience is VERY Disappointing and I would have to concur that this is a company that will not be getting my business any longer.

I placed a $42 order on 6/15 and received my order 2-1/2 weeks later. The daylilies looked good and while the Chinese Lantern, Obedient plant, Fern Bleeding Heart plants and Adam's Needle Yucca arrived as "sticks" as others have described. Some looked wilty/not firm or in great condition (not just "dormant"); however I planted them and the bleeding hearts did great, the obedient plants took a while but are sprouting/growing slowly. The other 2 I considered the hardiest and have done NOTHING in almost 6 weeks. The Creeping Phlox was pretty dried out when it arrived, some has come back but about 1/2 has not. I know....Their prices are low, and you get what you pay for; but I still held out hope that bulbs and daylilies/hostas would prove to be well worth the order. The few bulbs I got (few hardy glads, liatris) sprouted well and I wanted more.

I placed a $92 order on July 21 mostly of bulbs including 50 Lily bulbs, liatris, dutch iris, hardy glads etc. The writeup on their lilys says "10-12cm" which is 3.9-4.7 inches. I thought That's a great size! I received my lilies and the largest were NOT EVEN TWO INCHES (and many were a lot smaller, many 1/2 that size). This is outright misprepresentation and false advertisement. I wrote customer service and mentioned I was happy with some of the plants, some from my first order had not arrived well but I was taking a wait and see attitude, however the lilies were NOT what was expected and not what was advertised.

Basically I got a "give your plants a chance and if they do not do well in 6 weeks, send the shipping label and they will send a replacement" canned answer. How will the replacement do? I have my doubts now. NO response to the size of the lily bulbs other than "If you prefer a refund instead of a replacement, return the plant, postage prepaid along with the ORIGINAL SHIPPING LABEL within fourteen days in accordance with our guarantee."

It's apparent that they do NOT stand behind the quality or promised size of their items. I know most of their items do NOT give you a size, probably on purpose. The hostas I received were good and 1/2 of them are sprouting already, and 1/2 the daylilies looked pretty decent, though 6 had mold and wilty roots that had to be trimmed and may or may not do well. This company has seen the last of my money. I will take my business elsewhere. Shame on them -- and shame on me for giving them a 2nd chance.

Positive kaybow17
(1 review)
On Aug 3, 2014, kaybow17 Lexington, IN wrote:

I placed my order and was expecting to have to wait a long time to receive it; but it arrived quickly and in great condition. I ordered 3 Bonfire ornamental peach trees and when they arrived I soaked them over-night in tepid water and planted them the next day.
The trees are already starting to produce leaves and I am very happy with them. Customer service was great and I received exactly what I had ordered, sooner than I expected. Thanks!.... I highly recommend this company to any prospective buyers out there! Quality plants at an affordable price! Direct Gardening is an awesome company and they offer a 1 year warranty on all of their plants. I wish I had found out about them sooner; and I plan to be one of their regular customers in the future. I strongly urge other experienced gardeners to order their trees and other plantings from Direct Gardening! You simply can not go wrong in doing so!

Negative lwbuchholz
(9 reviews)
On Jul 17, 2014, lwbuchholz Manhattan, MT wrote:

I ordered from this company in 2012 and after my experience will not order from them again. The potted plants came through bone dry. I watered them and one tried to come out of it but didn't have enough energy and the other 2 died. Their return policy was confusing and responses curt. Not for me!

Negative willslady
(1 review)
On Jul 11, 2014, willslady Raysal, WV wrote:

I too ordered from this company on May the 6th 2014. And as of this date 7/11/2014 have not gotten my order.they used the right shipping time to ship the flowers on me and then they used that mix up of the address on me too that I am the one at fault because they say that I did not give them the right shipping address, which I did and the one thing I did get from them was a flower boost soil to add around the flowers, that got to me with no problem at all. When I finally got a call in to them, they tried telling me I was not even in the system, so they are using the same excuses on me as they have on other people from what I have read. My order was for over a 100.00 dollars which they had no trouble debiting from my account and so far all I got was the flower boost. All I have gotten from them has been a run around and they will not refund my money,on the 9th of this month(July) they said they would reship my order to me and that it would take 1 to 2 weeks before they could get this order reshipped with having to reprint labels and etc,etc, sounds like a bunch of bull to me, all they are doing is giving me yet another run around over my order. , well we will see. Every time I emailed this company they said it would be shipping and I even called the company and they told me they would track my package as it had already shipped and I should have gotten it by then. They proceeded to tell me it was my fault with the addresses I gave but like I said above the flower boost got to me without any problem at all. I would advise anybody to not order from this company as they do not do what they say and you can get no where with trying to deal with them. I have ordered off the internet for years now and this company has been the worse so far I have ever dealt with!!! With giving them a rating, I would give them the worse rating possible, do yourself a favor and steer clear of this company! I even tried telling them I would contact a lawyer, that did not work either, I guess they have gotten away with all this junk so long they think they are above the law now.

Negative Cellsum
(2 reviews)
On Jun 28, 2014, Cellsum New York City, NY wrote:

I really wish I had known of your "Watchdog" before ordering. After receiving mail catalog a year or so ago, had ordered some bulbs- some of which arrived smelling DISGUSTING and looking moldy. What came up best were the "surprise" gifts. But the prices seemed economical, so ordered again. Shipping took far too long- then I began doing some research. Just as I was about to ask where my order was, it arrived. The "bargain" myrtle must have been such a great deal because it was completely dead. The ground cover lilies have come up, but have yet to bloom. The three little strawberries that came as "gift" which I did not have room for and stuck in pots, have a flower or two. But I wish I had known about all the negative experiences others have had and would have ordered from a more reputable outfit. The very lengthy shipping time was unacceptable- particularly for dead plants. I didn't even bother to complain and receive the unnecessary runaround that seems to be this company's m.o. Lesson learned! I will stick with Watchdog 30 nurseries from now on. Hopefully my next reports will be much happier. Thank you.

Negative LonM
(2 reviews)
On Jun 22, 2014, LonM Boise, ID wrote:

Lots to complain about with this company: slow shipping, truly crappy product, abysmal customer service. I recognize the difference between dead and dormant - and most of their plants were not just dead but close to rotted mush! I filed a complaint with their local Better Business Bureau, but of course nothing but a form letter from them.

They promised good merchandise, but did not deliver. If you get a replacement it's just more crap, so what's the point? If you try to nurse their 'plants' along you can waste weeks of a precious growing season and then have to start off over anyway. You've wasted both your time and your money!

To see the difference in a truly dramatic way try ordering something from "The Top Five" at, such as my favorite Santa Rosa provides competitive pricing with top quality plants (every plant I've gotten from them is thriving from day one!) and their customer service is exemplary - about as opposite as you can get from the Direct Gardening/House of Wesley scam operation - and their other aliases.

Negative LHolmes
(1 review)
On May 20, 2014, LHolmes Greensboro, MD wrote:

Placed an order for 3 blue moon climbing roses roses and 3 golden showers climbing roses on April 6th, 2014. Heard nothing about shipping, phone calls just go to a busy signal but the plants did finally arrive on May 3, 2014. They were not packaged well, just put in a plastic bag and sent through the post.

Pulled them out and got them soaking in buckets of water overnight in preparation for planting right away. I did not look at them too closely as it was late in the evening when I got home from work. I however got a good look on the 4th when I went to plant them in the ground. Five of the roses are in ok shape, and though I have seen better it looks like they have put out new growth. One rose however, a blue moon, was simply appalling!! It was a stick. When I say a stick, I mean an actual stick with little or no root system left in tact. They had all be CUT off.

We took a photo of the stick that is supposedly a dormant plant but it apparently is not enough proof. I have been gardening for a number of years and NEVER have I seen a rose in such poor condition.

I contact support and was told to put it in the ground and give it a little time to see if it would "come back". My response, to this was "really?" but I planted it anyway and waited. It is now now a brown stick. Emailed support and received a generic email to plant them anyway if I have not done so (already told them they were planted) and that I would need to return the plant, with the original shipping label. I don't know that I even have it as after the first conversation I had, NOTHING was said about needing the shipping label at all.

(1 review)
On May 12, 2014, TCHEATHAM Campbellsburg, IN wrote:

I placed an order about 3 weeks ago and have heard nothing from them. I sent an email to let them know that I had yet to receive my shipment but have gotten no reply. I also tried to call but only get a busy signal. I am very unhappy with this company and will not place another order with them.

Negative Nikita007
(1 review)
On May 10, 2014, Nikita007 Alderwood Manor, WA wrote:

Like lots of other customers I placed several emails to Direct Gardening, and made many phone calls to an always busy number; I too filed with the BBB. Funny how their D- rating of a few years ago was changed to a B-, despite the same exact offenses.

I understand from an ABC's 20/20 show a rating can be changed if a company pays the BBB fees. With as many bad reviews as Direct Gardening gets there's no way they rate that high.

Wished I had read these reviews before giving them $89.68 for a variety of 35 plants. How this company and their subsidiaries continue to conduct business all these years in the US is beyond me. It's interesting to note, that although they have racked up countless negative reviews on several gardening sites, no legal action has been brought against this company. I've waited four weeks for my order placed April 10, 2014.

The company lists 66 people but not one seems able to pick up the phone. I've requested to speak with a supervisor twice, no luck. Surely these repeated offenses can't go UN-noticed.

All the brush offs about waiting on the weather and nursery stock, and claims that orders are in shipping are delay tactics. As others note: EVERY other online gardening site processes orders in a timely manner, and sends updates with emails on shipping. Their websites offer ways to input order numbers to check progress.

Trying to get a refund from these people seems about as virtually impossible as their "quality" plants, trees and roots. They expect you to give up and go away. Don't. That's why they're still operating. I've contacted the Illinois Attorney Generals Consumer Fraud Bureau, the BBB, and am leaving reviews everywhere I can. Direct Gardening is anything but direct. Their business practices and customer service are not transparent. Given the general reported responses to dissatisfied customers, they don't care about customer service or retention.

I will NOT accept replacement plants,vouchers or believe in any supposed "guarantees" this company offers, so they can send me through a maze of misdirection and sleight of hand. I refuse to wait months to receive my more than deserved refund, given that all other plants I've ordered online from FOUR other companies were placed on the same day, from the same region of the country, and have long ago been received. All plants are healthy, with exception of Burpee, who granted my refund in 5-7 business days, as is proper business protocol. All plants have been in the ground for WEEKS!

One last note: This company can't seem to process or track orders in shipping, or process refunds----yet they can generate catalogs to send. I received a catalog from them last week. Proof they have a computer system.

Negative jowi681
(2 reviews)
On May 8, 2014, jowi681 Lower Allen, PA wrote:

I ordered 1200 vinca as well as cotoneaster and wintercreeper in early April 2014 from this company. I also ordered multiple thuja giant from another company at the same time. The company with the thuja giant sent my product within 5 days. They are planted and growing (fast-growing trees was honest with me). However, this has not happened with Direct Gardening. I have called and got a busy signal. I kept calling and got through on Sunday, May 6, 2014. I was told I am not in the system (it is May 8, 2014). I have sent them an email from here (I am so glad I joined even though I forgot I did and had to reset my email). I have told them of this problem. Most importantly, for the readers, I told them that using the mail and telephone to provide misleading or shoddy goods may violate federal law. They can be reported to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or Department of Justice (DOJ) for interstate mail fraud. I am waiting to hear back from them. I think anyone having this experience that is NOT remedied should seriously consider calling your local/regional/state FTC or DOJ. I know I will depending on what happens. It is one thing to use "the internet" to do this and quite another to "use the internet" and the "telephone and mail" to do the same thing: taking hundreds of dollars from hundreds of customers and doing little/providing shoddy & misleading products is not legal let alone moral or fair. But, well, let us wait and see. I could be wrong. Very wrong. I sure hope so. I, for one, will not let this rest nor will I pay quietly on a credit card order that was misleading if not outright fraud. Trust me.

Negative hunky1234
(3 reviews)
On May 3, 2014, hunky1234 Pleasant Hill, CA wrote:

5-3-2014 Ordered 5 mock orange plants from this company. Heard nothing for months. No answer to emails or if they ever did they were very vague or passed on to someone else who never answered. Had to threaten small claims court to finally get my bare root plants but even then they did not email one word. The plants look dead and I doubt if they will grow; only time will tell. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with and I heartily suggest you reconsider before doing business with them. Even "Burgess" who they are affiliated with does not reply to emails. BEWARE....STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE....

Negative arlingtongarden
(1 review)
On Apr 29, 2014, arlingtongarden Arlington, MA wrote:

Before placing my order with DG, I read the reviews posted here. I was not surprised or even bothered with lack of shipping communication, and I did eventually receive my order. In fact, my seeds were sent in advance of everything else.
The plants received were packaged in a pretty rough way, but I was even okay with that, though two plants were pretty much dead upon arrival. In my order was a male and female holly. The female had good growth, and solid roots. The male on the other hand, had two tiny leaves remaining, and the roots were all dried up. I tried rescuing it by putting it in a pot, but it was pretty much dead. My Marquis Grape vine was just a stick with no roots or any new growth at all. I sent photos of the aforementioned items with notes under each, and the curt reply I received was:
The photos of the items you have received appear to be green and still alive. Please specify the problem with them.
Thank you,

Customer Care

Again, the only item green was the healthy female holly.

I have replied back asking for a phone number so I can speak to someone. Based on what I have read here, I anticipate reaching someone one the phone will be a difficult process. Sigh.

One thing I must mention however, is that I was sent some "gift" items, which was a very sweet surprise- 3 glad bulbs, 3 healthy balloon flower tubers, and 3 strawberry plants.

Negative drock622
(1 review)
On Apr 29, 2014, drock622 JACKSON SPRINGS, NC wrote:

This is ridiculous, I am furious, it has been two weeks, over two weeks since I placed my order and have received nothing, not an e-mail confirmation and notice of shipping, the deliverables, this is asinine. When I attempted to ascertain the status of such order, the representative, said I don't know what's going on with your order, thatís great customer service, whom cannot even tell me what is the status of the order and what the holdup is. Further, when I attempt to get in touch with you today, your phone lines are busy for over an hour and a half. I formally request my items to be expeditiously shipped. if no e-mail confirmation is not received within 24 hours and items are not received prior to the EOW, i will be forced to file a complaints with multiple consumer complaint boards. Further, if a shipping confirmation is not received within 24 hours I will be contacting my credit company to challenge the charge as no product has been received.

Neutral deweyduo
(2 reviews)
On Apr 28, 2014, deweyduo Haslet, TX wrote:

Posted on April 8, 2014, updated April 28, 2014
I am extremely dissatisfied with the service I have received from Direct Gardening thus far. To be fair, I looked at all of the reviews of the company - both positive and negative - prior to placing an order with them and decided to take a chance. I have placed orders with other online nurseries in the past and have always had a good experience. Unfortunately, at this point I am left to believe that the negative reviews I read are all correct.

I placed my order with Direct Gardening on 3/21/14, which consisted of the following:

1 Rose, Blue Moon
2 Peony Tree, White
60 Windflower, Grecian
2 Smoke Tree, Pink Mist
1 Bulb Garden, Summer Rainbow
1 Bulb Garden, All Summer Blooming
2 Sweet Pea, Everlasting
1 Bloodroot
1 Rose, Victory
1 Campanula, Takion Blue
4 Carnations, Mixed

I spent $132.59 after adding in $9.99 for shipping. The confirmation email I received stated that I should "allow 1-2 weeks for [my] order to be processed", which was perfectly fine. Although this statement indicates that two weeks should be the maximum amount of time that Direct Gardening should need to process my order, I do understand that this is a busy season and that delays can sometimes happen that are outside of a company's control. With that said, I have become exceedingly dissatisfied with Direct Gardening after attempting to get a status update. At the very least, a customer deserves that much.

After reading many reviews, I was not surprised that I had not received any kind of shipping confirmation. It seems this is normal. I am, however, excited to receive my plants and get them in the ground... so at the two week mark I began my attempts to contact the company to find out the status of my order. Not because I was dissatisfied, but just for planning's sake. Not only would it be helpful for me to be able to estimate the arrival so I know when to begin preparing the ground, but I also want to make sure that the plants will not sit outside for too long in the box after being delivered. Spring in Texas means that today it might be 50 degrees but tomorrow it might be 90. I want my plants to have the best chance of success.

So, I sent a casual email requesting an update. After three days, I received no response. My second attempt was to call all of the multiple phone numbers listed on the company's website, receiving a busy signal for each and every one. Third, I sent another email through the contact form on their website. Finally, I attempted to call again and did get someone on the phone.

The customer service representative was rude and unhelpful. I gave her my order information and requested to know the status. She spoke to me like I was a child, throwing around dates, talking in circles, and making me feel like I was crazy for giving them a call. She indicated that it had not even been two weeks since I placed my order, but once I was able to process through all the words she was throwing around I let her know that it most certainly had been over two weeks since my order was placed. She then informed me that 1-2 weeks was "average".

Okay. I get that. Although that's not what my order confirmation led me to believe, I can accept that 1-2 weeks is average. But, when I asked what the status was on the order, she simply said it was in processing but she didn't have any additional information. She could not give me an approximation for shipping, had no idea what was holding up the order, and had no interest in giving me any additional information. I asked if there was someone else I could speak with and was told that yes, she could give me to someone else but they would tell me the exact same thing. There was no additional information that could be provided. They had received the order and it was in processing. Period.

So, I requested to speak with a Supervisor. The customer service representative actually SIGHED, mumbled under her breath, and then put me on hold for a few minutes. The "Supervisor" came on the line and was no more helpful than his subordinate. I expressed my concern over the poor customer service, requested additional information as to the status of my order, and was shut down from every angle. The "Supervisor" seemed incapable of speech except to make the statement "I'm sorry you feel that way" in a very monotone voice. I actually feel sorry for him, because if they honestly have no access to any order information and cannot give customers any information I am certain that he fields many of my type of phone call every single day. I would be exhausted and disinterested, too.

The bottom line? At this point, my credit card has been charged and I have no assurances whatsoever that my order will be shipped to me any time soon. No one could tell me when to expect my order to ship, except that weather and plant availability affect the shipping time. Duh. From the information provided to me by the customer service rep and her "Supervisor", I could expect my order to ship any time between now and... when I die? Apparently there is no timeline. It will just ship at some point in the future. At the very least, it would be helpful to know whether my order is held up by the weather or a specific plant that they do not currently have in stock. Perhaps then I could make the decision of whether or not to wait for said plant.

The prices of this company are highly desirable; however, I am sorely disappointed at their lack of ability to know anything about what is going on with a customer's order. Lower prices are not an excuse to exhibit poor customer service and in the future I will be taking my money elsewhere. I would rather pay a little more and know that I am going to be taken care of than to pay less and to be treated like receiving my business doesn't matter in the least. Poorly done, Direct Gardening.

On April 28th, 2014, deweyduo changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

After posting my review here on Dave's Garden, I finally received a response from Direct Gardening that was actually close to helpful. I sent my order details and informed the representative that I did receive additional communication via email from an unidentified customer care representative who stated that my order was scheduled for "Spring Shipping". When I attempted to clarify exactly what that meant, I was told it should ship "at any time". These are awfully vague and aggravating terms that feel a lot like brush-off techniques, and I informed this new representative as such.

She responded back that their weather has been unpredictable and that they were awaiting arrival of the Smoke Trees in order to fulfill my order. She also offered the option to ship the Smoke Trees separately when they became available and to ship the rest of my order now. I sent her an email back to confirm, in writing, that I would not be charged extra for shipping if I chose to take that option. I finally received a response a full week later and only after I sent a follow up email threatening to contact my credit card company if I did not receive a tracking number within 24 hours.

The reason I am changing my review to neutral is because, after much grief, I did receive my plants and they all arrived in what I would consider to be decent condition. There were a couple of bulbs missing, but I can deal with that. Whether any of these plants will survive is still yet to be determined and I will not be ordering from this company again nor recommending it to friends and family; however, I did receive my plants as promised so I feel a negative review is no longer warranted.
On Apr 28, 2014, Direct Gardening responded with:

"On Apr 13, 2014 3:29 PM, Direct Gardening responded with:

We are sorry to hear of this customerís experience as we do take pride in our customer care. As many know the weather this year has been very unpredictable which has started our shipping later than usual. While it may be warm in your location we have to take into consideration the transit. We want to make sure the plants reach our customers in the best condition possible.

A customer care representative has contacted this customer for further information. We do hope to hear back from the customer as we would like to help resolve this problem


Negative dogshed
(4 reviews)
On Apr 24, 2014, dogshed Stockton, MO wrote:

Posted on April 23, 2014, updated April 24, 2014
Posted on April 22, 2014, updated April 23, 2014
I have never left a negative for any company. I don't even tell anyone else that I don't like this company or that company. But I have had enough and not gonna take it anymore.

I have been a customer of DG for at least 15 years. Why at this point I don't know.


I placed an order Oct 18th 2013 and have yet to see it. DG shows it delivered. Well it has yet to be delivered to me.

2/21/14: Placed an order and have yet to see that one.
3/1/14 placed an order and that one just arrived two weeks ago.
3/26/14 placed an order and have not seen that one.

It says on their website:
Please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to be processed. Seeds and Merchandise are normally shipped as soon as processing is completed.

I have been emailing them for the last month almost on a daily basis. Of course they do not answer for at least 48 hrs. When they do respond it is very vague and does not come close to answering the questions you have asked. Example: When will I see my order, When will my order ship. Calling them is almost a joke.

I don't mind the small plants or bare root items. I just cannot understand the total lack of customer care. I realize spring is a busy time for them, it is for me also.

I have placed orders with other companies since my orders with DG and have received them all. Those companies kept me informed as to when, why, and how. Also found them to be less expensive than DG.

Gardening and new plants are suppose to be fun and exciting. DG makes it frustrating and aggravating.

It is also very sad that they have this great business and choose to have a reputation as they do.

So order from DG just don't ever expect your orders today, tomorrow or the next day or maybe never. Sad, very sad.

I will update if needed.

On April 23rd, 2014, dogshed added the following:

4/22/14 My 3/26/14 order arrived. Almost a month getting it. What is funny I had just received another response from DG email saying my orders would ship when available. Glad I finally got this order. Plants were potted and were dry and broken.
I would like to add about another posters comment about idiots.
I have no problem with bare root plants or small sticks. In fact I prefer bare root and small. I don't like to complain, as it takes a lot of energy and time. Just don't take my money and then lose your memory. If you say 2 weeks processing don't turn it into 4 weeks without saying anything. I have to own my mistakes please own yours.

So we are still waiting on orders from: 2/21/14, 4/7/14, 4/11/14

On April 24th, 2014, dogshed added the following:

4/23/14: Order from 2/21/14 arrived today. So far that items look good. Good as being bare root and not broken. So maybe there is hope.
Negative eneref
(3 reviews)
On Apr 22, 2014, eneref Marietta, GA wrote:


I gave them a shot for some cheap plants (ground cover mostly), as they were having a sale, and I thought I'd give them a try, since there ARE some positive ratings here. Unfortunately, my roll of the dice was not any better than some here have seen.

The order took a while to process, but once it shipped, it didn't take too long to deliver. However, they sent me dead, dried up plants in plastic baggies. If I'd wanted dried Thyme, I'd have bought some at the grocery store.

I emailed their customer service and explained that, while some of the plants had arrived alive, none of the ground cover I ordered had. After a few days of waiting, I received a response saying that they send plants in 'dormant form,' and that if I give the plant 6 weeks to come back to life, it should be fine. This is a line. I'm not a neophyte at this, and I know dead plants when I see them. They told me that, if I wanted to send back the plants for a refund or replacement, I needed to include the shipping label from the original shipment.

They, of course, did not include a shipping label. The scrawled on plastic envelope in which my poor excuse for plants arrived is strangely label-free. I DID received a bunch of advertising material in along with my poorly packed and shipped plants, but I doubt that would qualify me for a return.

As I didn't spend too much money with them, I will just eat the cost and know that I will NEVER use this company again. It is absolutely not worth bothering with. Forewarned is forearmed.

Negative LanfrancoLeo
(8 reviews)
On Apr 16, 2014, LanfrancoLeo Harrisburg, PA wrote:

Some recent comments said that the negative review coming from idiots....I would agree if there was one negative comment over twenty or ten...BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE OF DIRECT GARDENING....
I ordered more than once from this company and from its supplier catalogs (Burgess and so on)....I encounter always the same problems ,that for semplicity I will list as bullet point:

Problem 1: some plant are kind of rooted cutting that will never come back to life no matter what you do....
I ordered several plants that no matter how much attention I gave were just incapable to survive for more than one month, and sadly I am talking about vigorous species such as: butterfly bush, honeysuckle and old fashion lilac. Who try to grow these plants at least once know how resistant are these species, and how easy to grow they are.... I received in middle spring these plant I gave the best sun exposure, I ammend the soil and water regularly....even the liliac at the beginning of the summer die .....

Problem # 2:
If you order bulbs be aware that you have 50% chance thet the bulb will never make to germinate.
I give my example: I ordered towering lily that although were not the variety that I wanted they grow nicely. same thing for the colocasia. Now I ordered a bunch of anemones, and around 30 ranunculus....NO ONE EVER emerged....the bulb were planted in early spring with some other bulbs (non direct gardening one, and cold sensitive ) the other bulb bloom profusely the direct gardening made a good compost....Same things for the freesia..form more than 20 just a couple emerged....

problem # 3: sometimes they forget to send you items...and you cannot do much!!!
I never received some items, like the orange mock that I ordered...they asked for the receive that I lost (althoug I have oreder number and anything else)....Partially my fold? probably, other company with the order number and electronic receive are able to help you not here not in my case...for 3 dollar of shrub they lost a custom that spent this year 100 dollar of shrubs in a another serious company...too bad fro them...

problem 4: the company often did not send the variety that you want
This is very irritating...this means that if you wish a particular variety for color matching purpose on you garden or for any other specific characteristic, you CANNOT trust direct gardening, I mention my personal experience:
example #1 I ordered blue girl rose, a hybrid tea super doubled flower with a cold mauve color, I received a horrible single petaled rose dark magenta of course miniature rose. You can very well image that if you reserve a spot for a hybrid of tea you want a relatively medium size bush, and not a micro plant that disappear on landscape....Not even mention that the rose was not healthy and since three year make one bloom or two during the entire season.
example #2 : towering anastasia lily..even least when they shipped the rose they told me that they replaced with another variety...In this case I grew up some lily that were not anastasia but lavon, completely different color (anastasia bright pink, lavon maroon-cream) least these bulbs were healthy (very rare case for this company).

With three large order that I made (50 dollar each one, that considering the low price that they offer was really a lots of plants) after three year I end up to still have: three forsythia and three towering lily over 150 $ of order....Horrible experience that I deserved, now I only order from high ranked garden watchdog company and guess what? I never had any issue...
If you are ordering I wish you good luck!!!

Positive jumpyfrog
(1 review)
On Apr 15, 2014, jumpyfrog Murphysboro, IL (Zone 6b) wrote:

After checking reviews on, I was unsure about ordering. There are so many bad reviews. It took longer to receive my order than I expected, so I contacted them to discuss it. They have very good customer service. They responded quickly and appropriately. Most of the bad reviews had to do with later than expected deliveries or condition of the plants. After thinking about the late delivery problems, I realized in most cases it was timing. When orders are placed at typical planting time, it takes longer to recieve them. They obviously have a lot of orders at that time, not to mention those that could not be sent out right away due to weather/climate. My order arrived about a month after I placed it, which was in March 2014. It's now April.

After considering the bad reviews about quality and having received my order, quite frankly I think a lot of people are idiots. The plants arrive dormant, as expected...not dead. The roots are in excellent condition and I expect them to grow well. Most of the plants are quite small, but at these prices, they can't afford to raise the plants for several years before sailing.

Please excuse my bluntness, but seriously people. Think before you complain. If you want large, fully grown, ready to bloom plant, buy somewhere else and pay 3 or 4 times the price or more.


Negative coreym1945
(1 review)
On Apr 7, 2014, coreym1945 Tewksbury, MA wrote:

I placed an order for $50 on 1/24/14 with Direct Garden. It was my first (and last) time using them. When plants started arriving from another company I ordered with (Michigan Bulb) a couple weeks ago I become curious of what my order status was with Direct Garden. I sent them a friendly email asking about it & got no reply. I sent another email & was told they have no record of me placing an order with them at all. They asked me if used another name or address. As if have several different legal names. Luckily I knew enough to save the confirmation email they sent me back in January with the order number & my contact info which was all correct. I have sent them 3 more emails in the past 8 business days with all the info they would need to "FIND" my order. I have yet to hear back from them of course. Obviously I am beyond upset with them at this point. After reading the complaints on this board I am going to request full refund & see what happens. It seems evident I well have to get on the phone & battle with them because they ignore my emails now. Three months have past & they weren't even aware I had an order?? Though they took my money right away & sent me a confirmation email?? That doesn't seem right. I think they have gone into straight rip off mode & more people can expect to have their orders "lost" rather then receiving dead plants & chasing them for replacements. I would stare clear of this place guys & girls. I am happy they "only" stole $50 from me after reading some of your horror stories. Wish I found this website sooner. DONT USE DIRECT GARDEN.COM!!

On Apr 7, 2014, Direct Gardening responded with:

"On Apr 13, 2014 3:31 PM, Direct Gardening responded with:

A customer care representative has contacted this customer for further information. We do hope to hear back from the customer as we would like to help resolve this problem"

Positive ronkeithmartin
(1 review)
On Mar 14, 2014, ronkeithmartin SUCHES, GA wrote:

I ordered 24 canby thornless raspberry bare root plants last year in addition to other plants. for whatever reason about half the plants started sprouting and then died. i requested a replacement. recently i received two shipments of 12 canby raspberry plants each. i put them in pots inside due to the cold weather. i checked them a few days after planting and all of them are budding and leafing out. Direct Gardening was true to their word and i am very pleased with their replacement of my plants. i will order from them again.

Neutral rngibbons
(1 review)
On Mar 8, 2014, rngibbons Alma, AR wrote:

I made an order on 2/22/14 for 4 rose bushes, 2 blackberry bushes, 3 English lavender, and 2 weeping willows. I received the order today 3/8/14. Most everything I received was dormant, a few of them look to be just coming out of dormancy. I will plant them all tomorrow and update with either a positive or negative depending on how well these plants do.

Positive MsSassyplants
(2 reviews)
On Feb 12, 2014, MsSassyplants Cosby, TN (Zone 6b) wrote:

When I first got my shipment from Direct Gardening, I admit feeling a tad underwhelmed. The items were very small, and they did look rather dried out and dead, and they did have just a very sad looking little bit of damp paper towel on their roots, BUT, they roared to life.

I actually did not want them to come roaring to life, as it was a fall planting, but, it warmed up a bit and bam, my knockout roses and my Nanking cherries came out of dormancy and raring to go.

Now, I do not know if they will survive the subsequent Polar Vortex that followed that warm spell, but I do have to stand up for Direct Gardening and their "dried up ole twigs." My dried up ole twigs were absolutely viable, and I would order from them again. Even if the plants mentioned above do not survive the winter. I just might not order for fall planting again given this years experience. My Juneberry did not break dormancy, and I will not know until Spring 2014 if it is alive at all, but the reviews were so horrible I just felt I had to comment on the dead twig situation. Looks can be deceiving.

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