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Comments regarding Brite Leaf Citrus Nursery

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Positive ctmiami
(1 review)
On Dec 1, 2012, ctmiami Sunset, FL wrote:

Ordered 3 Citrus trees. The nicest trees, I have gotten in the mail. Reasonable prices and shipping cost. Communication is excellent with Anne. Placed my second order.

Positive LanaIceCream
(2 reviews)
On Mar 23, 2012, LanaIceCream Trinity, FL wrote:

I ordered 3 trees on February 28, 2012: one Washington Navel, one Meyer Lemon, and one Thornless Key Lime. Their follow-up was excellent.

Anna sent an invoice to me and when I didn't fill it out right away as I was on a trip she sent a follow-up email asking me if I still wanted to order. I ordered the three trees which were promptly send to me.

Anna is good about the tracking too. Email notifications are sent letting you know where the item or items is or if it's on its way which is very very helpful.

I would definitely buy from Briteleaf again. In fact when a grapefruit and Dream Navel orange tree are available I plan to submit another order from them.

Positive jfw3
(2 reviews)
On Sep 23, 2011, jfw3 Jacksonville, FL wrote:

I've ordered plants via mail order for years now. Ordering from Brite Leaf has been one of my best experiences. I e-mailed Anna with questions about availability and growing a Buddha's Hand, Kaffir Lime and Australian Finger Lime Trees. She promptly responded and followed up immediately in an e-mail with questions to insure that my order was correct. I am amazed, AMAZED, at the great shape and SIZE the trees were when they arrived. They were in the best shape of any plants that I've received via mail order. And, her prices for the plants and shipping are great. $20 for a tree this size? No way elsewhere. One place was going to charge me $60 for the kaffir lime.

I would recommend this nursery to others.

Positive PrajnaMckenzie
(1 review)
On Jul 29, 2011, PrajnaMckenzie Orlando, FL (Zone 9b) wrote:

Brite Leaf can easily get into another business of writing up a best practice manual for operating the successful mail (internet) order company!

Pricing: Best value
Bought a good-looking $30 Kaffir Lime tree that is more than 2 feet tall.

Shipping cost: Reasonable
$10 to ship my 5-lb order from the location that is about two-hours away; it'd have cost me more than that to drive myself there and back and to sit in the traffic.

Shipping time: Speedy
Order arrived within promised 24-hour window.

Product: Excellent condition
Healthy-looking Kaffir lime tree showed up in a UPS box.

Support: Superb
Clearly, well-written instructions on the delivery box tell me exactly how to open the box, get my tree out, and how to handle it. Another sheet of paper inside the box spells outs how to plant and care for the plant.

Customer Service: The Jamesons were prompt in replying to all of my e-mail messages. They were responsive and professional.

I'm a very happy customer.

Positive juku
(7 reviews)
On Dec 10, 2010, juku York Point, NS (Zone 5a) wrote:

I purchased 3 dwarf Kaffir Lime trees from Brite Leaf and received them 10 days ago. Wow, they were a lot bigger than I expected and very healthy - more than what I have hoped for.
I wouldn't have any hesitation doing business with Brite Leaf and its owner Anna - she is great.
Thanks Anna, I love my Kaffir Lime trees! They're adapting well.

Positive thuggett
(8 reviews)
On May 28, 2010, thuggett Orlando, FL wrote:

The first plant I've ordered from Brite Leaf arrived today (one day after shipping!), and I already can't wait to place another order soon. We've had many plants delivered though the USPS, UPS, and FedEx; none were ever packed so well, none were healthier. The folks at Brite Leaf set the standard for care in raising and shipping their stock.

Positive causticmuse
(6 reviews)
On May 24, 2010, causticmuse Casselberry, FL (Zone 9b) wrote:

I ordered a thornless key lime and a Ponkan mandarin from Briteleaf in late March and received my young trees right around April 1. They arrived very well-packaged and in great condition--disease-free, no leaf drop, and soil still moist.

Communication with the seller was great (I checked availability on the two varieties I wanted via email, and was later given a secure checkout link to complete the purchase.), and I was provided with both tracking information and an estimated ship date.

I've never received young trees in the kind of 4" wide, 14" tall pots that the Briteleaf folks use, but both of the trees have really established themselves in the month and a half that I've had them planted--the mandarin in the ground and the key lime in a large container. Both trees have put out new leaves and are flourishing in the Florida heat.

I'd definitely order from them again and recommend them to anyone looking for quality, healthy young citrus trees in Florida. I'll be ordering a Meiwa kumquat for my dad as a Father's Day present when they come back into stock.

Positive rothdavid
(1 review)
On Mar 14, 2008, rothdavid Altoona, PA (Zone 6a) wrote:

I bought 1 each, Meyer Lemon, Navel Orange and Persian Lime, Aug 2007. The Meyer lemon is in full bloom and has 3 quarter sized lemons on it.

I have to agree with all the other positive posts made here. Brite Leaf Nursery knows what they are doing. The plants came in quality shipping materials, were clean and free of pests and didn't appear to suffer any shock post planting, they just starting growing.

I'll definately buy there again !! Soon.

David in
Manatee County

Positive murahilin
(3 reviews)
On Jan 19, 2007, murahilin West Palm Beach, FL wrote:

I ordered 2 dwarf trees. A key lime and a blood orange. Both were shipped in excellent condition and look extremely healthy. They responded very quickly to any of my emailed questions and were very helpful. I made a good decision in buying from Briteleaf.

Positive stressbaby
(3 reviews)
On Jun 28, 2006, stressbaby Fulton, MO wrote:

Two orders, five excellent trees. Packaging is perfect. Trees quickly put out growth flushes. Brite Leaf is my first stop for citrus.

Positive eyeckr
(17 reviews)
On May 31, 2006, eyeckr Virginia Beach, VA (Zone 8a) wrote:

Great company with an awesome selection. I recently had a flawless order w/ them and received a sizeable healthy tree. Highly recommended!!

Positive Florida_Zachary
(1 review)
On May 20, 2006, Florida_Zachary Jupiter, FL wrote:

I am simply AMAZED at the quality and size and packaging of these trees! For my first order, I ordered 3 trees: 1 Cara Cara Navel (semi-dwarf), 1 Cara Cara Navel (Dwarf), and 1 Variegated Pink Lemon (Semi-Dwarf).

First off, I am so surprised as the size of these trees. They were between 3 and 4 feet tall. I have ordered citrus from other vendors, and the trees were tiny - maybe 12 inches - yes, under a foot!

As for the quality, the trees were FULL OF LIFE and even had new baby leaves sprouting. Not a single leaf fell off during shipping.

As for the actuall packaing, there is only one other vendor that gives so much care and attention as much as Brite Leaf - and that is Clifton's nursey. However, beware - Clifton charges you an arm and a leg for packaging and shipping (something like $40 a tree! That is outrageous.). Brite leaf offers similar high quality shipping and packaging for just $10 for the frist tree! Then, you just add only $5 extra for each additional tree up to 4 trees. NO ONE CAN BEAT BRITE LEAF'S PACKING AND SHIPPING VALUE.

What really impressed me about the packaging (and the quality of the tree itself), it that the tree is potted in a long skinny container. This container is square (not round) and it about 4" wide. However, it is about 12" to 14" long! When you remover the tree from this container to transplant it, you will see that the roots are big, long, and healthy, and reach all the way down to the bottom (which I think is great for when planting in the ground because it will have a deep root system rather than a shallow one and thus more susceptive to wind damage). Moreover, Anna goes to extra trouble to actually screw the tree and container in place during the packaging process to ensure that the tree does not get damaged during shipping. (AND IT WORKS!)

For all of you who are reading this post - READ CAREFULLY. I have purchased trees from various vendors throughout the US. BRITE LEAF IS THE BEST! I WILL ONLY ORDER MY CITRUS FROM BRITE LEAF FROM NOW ONE. I WILL NOT ORDER MY CITRUS FROM ANY OTHER VENDOR! PERIOD!

My next order will be for a Moro Blood Orange, Rio Red Grapefruit, and Persian Lime.


Positive tp_karategirl
(1 review)
On May 13, 2006, tp_karategirl Murfreesboro, TN wrote:

I recently ordered a persian lime tree. I received it only two days later in perfect condition. The tree is gorgeous! Anna at Brite Leaf is quick to respond to e-mails and very helpful. Thanks Brite Leaf! I'll be back!
Tracie - TN

Positive dtinn
(9 reviews)
On Apr 13, 2006, dtinn Falmouth, KY wrote:

I ordered a Meyer lemon and a Moro blood orange. Both arrived today in excellent condition. The soil in the pots was moist, the trees were well packed and had little or no damage from shipment. The trees were larger than I expected. I was also pleased that the owner kept in touch with me regarding the weather conditions in my area, and didn't ship the trees until the weather here was appropriate. More nurseries should have this level of service. I was reluctant to try my hand at growing citrus trees again. I have ordered citrus trees in the past, but they always arrived tiny and sickly, but not these trees. They have my business for any citrus I order in the future.

Positive mdehners
(7 reviews)
On Oct 14, 2005, mdehners Fort Walton Beach, FL wrote:

They were Helpful, even to the point of holding a tree without Deposit for me, the last of the particular cultivar in stock. The Trees were Honestly in the best shape of ANY I've recieved in over 30 yrs of ordering by mail. From now on, they're my 1st stop for ANYTHING they sell!
PT Duffy
FWB, Florida

Positive PaulG123
(1 review)
On Jun 25, 2005, PaulG123 North Street, MI wrote:

This Company is Awesome!! A few years back I was pretty hesitant to order a citrus tree becasue of living in Michigan, but Anna helped me a ton; any time a wuestion was asked I got a straight Answer and a very quck response. The Meyers Lemon tree that I recieved was in excelent condition, and it was sold to me for an awesome price. It was not only lush and green but it also had flowers and fruit on it.
I would recdcomend this company to anyone, and I also plant to buy from them again in the future. They have everything to be considered an A+++++ company, awesome coustomer service, a personal touch, great prices, and great quality. Thank You Brie Leaf Nursey!!!

Positive Toni05
(61 reviews)
On May 12, 2005, Toni05 Brookfield, IL wrote:

I've been shopping at Briteleaf 3 years now..All trees that were shipped were in perfect condition, some had flowers and fruit. I've approximately 12 trees from Briteleaf..Trees arrive larger than those at other nurseries, for 1/3rd the price. Packaging is articulately done..Anna even screws box to pot so plant won't tumble during shipping.
If a question is asked via email, she replies promptly. I've very satisfied with this nursery..I only wish I'd have found it years ago..

On May 21st, 2006, Toni05 added the following:

I ordered 5 citrus from Briteleaf and again was as happy as a lark.
Their trees were about 4' tall, one has a fruit, another has flowers.
Foliage is shiny, healthy and insect free.
I would never think of ordering from overpriced nurseries that send plants even 1' tall for 3 times their price..Toni
Positive PGG
(1 review)
On Feb 10, 2005, PGG Bartlett, IL wrote:

I bought a few citrus trees from Brite Leaf in spring 2004. I received the trees in great condition, very healthy and large. Several e-mails were sent between us before the sale and they were extremely helpful and curtious. Growing these trees in the northern part of the country is very rewarding and made much easier especially when it started off with great plant material. I will be purchasing a few more trees in spring 2005.

(7 reviews)
On Nov 12, 2004, JMLRCYMNTS Greeley, CO wrote:

Great folks to do business with. I've been dealing with Brite-Leaf for several years and have always recieved awesome plants and outstanding customer service from them. They are helpful with advise and have alway done what they said that they'd do....or more. It's getting late in the season for more orders but I'll be back in the spring of '05 for more plants. I'd give Brite-Leaf the highest rating that's possible. Joe in N/E Colorado

Positive vickyd
(2 reviews)
On Apr 28, 2004, vickyd wrote:

Brite Leaf's service and products are great! I ordered 2 lemons and a Key lime tree from them in March. Anna was very responsive, answered all my e-mails promptly and even sent a picture of the Key lime I was about to buy. It was still chilly in my area when the trees were scheduled to ship, so Anna worked with me on the ship date to make sure it would not get too cold for them in transit. When the trees arrived, they were better than what I had hoped for: carefully packed in thin, long boxes with a screw through the outside of the box into the side of the pot so the tree would not shake back and forth in the box while traveling. Not a leaf was lost. The key lime had flower buds and small fruit already set. At $14+S&H these plants are a steal. I highly recommend them.

Positive gcmastiffs
(6 reviews)
On Apr 25, 2004, gcmastiffs Jupiter, FL (Zone 10a) wrote:

I am thrilled at the quality and beauty of my 5 trees from Brite Leaf Nursery. I've placed another order, since I cannot get any trees half as nice for 3 times the price here. I feel like I got a great deal, obviously!

It was almost magical to see those lush trees, covered in blooms/fruit, come out of the narrow shipping boxes.

I highly recommend this nursery if you are looking for healthy, lovely, well pruned/trained citrus.

Jupiter, Florida

Positive legatoeff
(1 review)
On Apr 14, 2004, legatoeff wrote:

I ordered two trees from Briteleaf. A Meyers Lemon and Valencia Orange. I have nothing but praise for the trees themselves and for the excellant customer service I recieved. This nursery sells to commercial and home growers alike, so I believe that is why they have such a high quality tree. I will definetly buy from them again and their prices are excellant!

Positive citrusviolets
(1 review)
On Feb 29, 2004, citrusviolets wrote:

I ordered two trees from Brite Leaf Nursery. I have yet to receive them (I only placed the order 3-4 days ago over the weekend), but know 2 different people who have and absolutely loved them. I saw them myself and they were big and healthy and strong, with nice healthy leaves and strong trunks. I have corresponded by email with them and they are so attentive and nice about all my questions and always get right back to me. Their prices are very very affordable and I cannot wait to receive my order. They are by far the best company I have ever dealt with for mail order citrus.

Positive lettucelaw
(5 reviews)
On Oct 10, 2003, lettucelaw Woodinville, WA wrote:

Just received two varieties of lemon from Brite Leaf. The trees are big and healthy and arrived in beautiful condition, thanks to Anna's careful and ingenious packaging. The dollop of whipped cream on this lemon meringue pie, so to speak, is the price -- 1/3 the cost of the citrus tree bought last Spring from a "brand name" catalog! Although one can only order via telephone and email while the website is under construction, the company is very responsive and my order was shipped and delivered within a few days. I highly recommend Brite Leaf and plan to place all future citrus orders with this company exclusively.

Positive mjtamarkin
(1 review)
On Aug 19, 2003, mjtamarkin wrote:

I received a Key Lime tree from them that was larger than I anticipated and looks great. The price was reasonable and the same as or lower than prices from sites I had visited. I will definitely do business with them again and recommend them highly.

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