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Negative laurabiteme
(1 review)
On Apr 29, 2013, laurabiteme Poinciana, FL wrote:

I placed an order with Park seed on March 30th 2013.Three packs of seed ..Simple.. postage was high BUT I wanted these seeds..They arrived on April 29th.. Sorta late for planting indoors in Ga.When I called the company after 2 weeks had past ,they said oh gosh those are on back order .. I asked why they could email me with all their promotions but not able to send email with the back order info .?? well sorry she said but they would ship part of the order now and the back order later .. well that didn't happen either.. then praise the garden gods the order shipped and i could follow it with a tracking # yada yada !!Took 5 days to ship usps via ups from S.C. to Ga. I will never order anything from Park again and will tell all I can of their poor customer service and shipping. Go sit in some manure Park, if its not on back order!

Negative TucsonTomato
(4 reviews)
On Apr 17, 2013, TucsonTomato Tucson, AZ wrote:

I only ordered two varieties from Park seed company. Purple Hyacinth bean and Imperial Star artichoke. The Purple Hyacinth bean took a few tries (over 2 years) to germinate. The Imperial Star artichokes never germinated, no matter what I did. I used the exact same techniques that I had used to germinate plenty of globe artichokes in the past to no avail.

One order was enough for me. Park Seed may have been around for a while, but if Park has what you want you may try another seed company first. No package of seed worth the price you pay for it if it none of the seeds germinate.

Negative billybudd44
(1 review)
On Apr 15, 2013, billybudd44 Rye, TX wrote:

I ordered luffa,moon and stars watermelon,peanuts and sweet potatoes. They sent the first three items and back ordered the sweet potato slips. One watermelon sprouted, 3 luffa sprouted and so far no peanuts. I have still not received my sweet potato slips. Bad co avoid. It is too much work to put a garden in and plant bad seed.

Positive M__M
(1 review)
On Apr 8, 2013, M__M Camp Verde, AZ wrote:

I ordered geranium seeds from Parks. 100% germination in pots by a wood stove in January 2012. The Red is spectacular...vibrant...blooming by March 2012. It was cold at night after the fire went out but the little plants made it fine. The plants are compact and have bloomed continuously..I never thought I could grow geraniums but with these treated is easier than tomatoes

Positive Summerr
(3 reviews)
On Apr 6, 2013, Summerr Seattle, WA wrote:

Looks like I'm bucking the trend here, but I have had nothing but very positive results from Parks, and I have bought many plants from them over the past 3-4 years. I admit, I buy very few seeds; my patience isn't great. I do LOVE their SunPatiens, though! Every time I plant them I get loads of compliments and questions about finding impatiens that grow in the sun. They are expensive, probably too expensive, but they arrive very healthy and each plant is full and close to blooming. This year I added petunias, bacopa, & a few other items. They haven't arrived yet so I promise to update this if they arrive in anything other than stellar condition or if their customer service suddenly turns into a bunch of ogres.

Negative MDepicci
(4 reviews)
On Apr 6, 2013, MDepicci Silver Spring, MD (Zone 7a) wrote:

I ordered many seeds and plants from parkseed this year.

Some of the seeds arrived several weeks after ordering them. I was not contacted by the company to let me know there were any problems. I received 1 pack of begonia seeds 5 weeks before frost (and 10 weeks or so after I had ordered them) which was useless. They also replaced one packet of seeds with another kind without asking me. The average time it took to receive seeds I ordered was about 3 weeks. That is too long.

I had very few germination problems.

I canceled part of one order with no problems. Lovely. They told me, however, some of the order had shipped out already and couldn't be canceled. I had assumed those plants were not coming, and so made a different order based on that assumption. So I wanted to cancel that.

I tried to cancel that part of the other order. I contacted them twice by email, sending to two email addresses, over the course of a week. No response. I received the plants I didn't want, and now I suppose I have to pay for them.

I called someone to cancel my future orders with them. She could not have been kinder and was very helpful. She asked me to forward her my attempts to contact the company asking to cancel. I did. I have not heard from the company with an apology or an offer of a refund of the plants I didn't want.

Most of the plants I did receive were in fine, albeit not excellent condition. Lavender is struggling, but it has been cold. I received three Arkansas Blue Star Amsonia hubrichtii plants, two from Park Seed, one from Wayside. The two from Park Seed are dead in the ground. No green, no nothing. The one from Wayside is doing well. All other plants seem to be doing reasonably well.

Given their lack of responsiveness, however, I will not be using them again. Another seed company I used sent me all seeds within a week. Obviously, I prefer that sort of service. I'm mostly upset about the lack of responses to my emails.

Neutral GrahamTouch
(1 review)
On Mar 25, 2013, GrahamTouch Trenton, NJ wrote:

Has anyone else had trouble with germination of their Park Seeds during the past couple of years? I became suspicious before it actually happened when I noticed the seed packets had started to use a removable "packed for" label. I thought they used to have the date printed right on the gold packaging. Last year I noticed the small removable label and found it odd. Then, last year I have much lower germination rates on seeds I had grown 2 year and 1 year earlier from the same company-same seeds. Now this year, it's a bit early yet but I'm wondering if it's happening again. I ordered every type of Canna seed available. The first year almost every seed germinated, last year it was about 75 percent of them. This year they had a new Canna and oddly THAT one germinated just fine and all of them sprouted. Meanwhile, the others that would have sprouted by now have not. I may be a bit premature in my concern and I will follow this up in a week. I know what some will say, oh maybe they froze in the mail etc. Well, no, it was very mild during the week of both deliveries and they did not sit outside. I have a really nice grow tent with expensive 200 watt grow lights which I tend to like a mother hen, as I think we all do. ANOTHER ISSUE that I absolutely HATE about Park Seed-When you go onto their website, even if you just look and don't buy, their website dumps strong tracking cookies on your computer and if you visit Ebay and other sites, all of a sudden you notice that the same items you looked at on Park Seed are now advertised on your Ebay page and others !!!! I've had to go into Control Panel, Internet Options and DELETE COOKIES and TEMPORARY FILES. This is part of the reason why I'm wondering if they are selling old seeds, because a company that has to tag these cookies on your computer isn't exactly above-board with their intentions. One more thing-if you order something and they don't have it I assumed that's the end of it. However, all of a sudden your bank account is debited much later when they get the item in stock which can throw your bank account out of whack, and they do it with no notification. Do you suspect they are re-selling outdated seeds with new date labels added to the packets? Thanks for reading.

Positive Isvlives2
(3 reviews)
On Mar 21, 2013, Isvlives2 Huntersville, NC wrote:

I placed two seperate orders in early in March. One I cancelled and was handled well by customer service. The order status on their web page was helpful. The second order arrived in about three weeks. Both plants were packaged well and the plants looked healthy, watered, and undamaged. I would order again.

Negative Oceanwatchamy
(1 review)
On Mar 18, 2013, Oceanwatchamy Marblehead, MA wrote:

Ordered seeds on a Wednesday, and because I needed them quickly, I ordered them with two day shipping. This was an extra fifteen dollars. When they had not arrived by Monday morning I called and spoke to customer rep LaToya in customer service who explained that two day shipping" means you get them within TWO DAYS of PROCESSING the order." she then put me on hold for five minutes, and came back and told me they would be in my mailbox today. Okay, Latoya! Sounds great. Except they weren't in the mail, so I called back hours later. Got LaToya again, and after a reexplanation about the timing of events, she put me on hold for ten minutes, only to come back and tell me that ACTUALLY my order still hadn't left the warehouse, but when it did, I would get the order in two days! OH JOY! Of course, there is no explanation on their website or catalog that their shipping department is absurdly, calling things expedited shipping when it is anything but. BUYER BEWARE, you may or may not get your order, now or ever.

Positive excellentjohn
(3 reviews)
On Mar 16, 2013, excellentjohn Binghamton, NY wrote:

Posted on April 27, 2012, updated March 16, 2013
I have given Park seed many many many chances to improve itself. The catalog offers "unique" seeds but planting instructions are marked generically and poorly with gold foil envelopes that loose the seed and are hard or impossible to read. THE SEED GERMINATION IS 40-50% AT BEST. And most importantly, IF you choose to do business with this seed company, you better give yourself 2-3 months to receive your seeds. Customer service is full of broken promises such as "I apologize for the 4 week back order in sending out THE REST of your order but they were on back order. I will rush your order out today." 4 weeks later, still never received my order. B E W A R E with Park Seed. Bad, bad, bad, bad!

On March 16th, 2013, excellentjohn changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

I swore I would never do business with this company again but they do offer some unique seeds that you can't find anywhere else. I broke down and gave them another try. I was surprised to receive my seed in a timely fashion. Everything was smooth. Not sure of the germination but I'm thinking they are trying to get there act together and I'm glad I gave them another chance. Thanks Park Seed. You have a lot of history out there. I hope you are turning the corner.
Negative stanftw
(2 reviews)
On Mar 14, 2013, stanftw North Richland Hills, TX wrote:

Placed an order Jan. 24.
Contacted them Mar. 1 because it hadn't arrived.
Was told that the *entire* order had been held because ONE item was backordered, but should be coming a week later and would ship as soon as it gets there.
March 14, and nothing yet...
That's the last time I let this company delay my spring sowing!

Negative rogue1039
(1 review)
On Mar 7, 2013, rogue1039 Glendale, MO wrote:

I ordered 7-8 different types of seeds in January. I received all but two kinds when my order arrived. The invoice simply states they were back ordered. When I placed the order online, there was no indication of back order.

The company never contacted me with a back order delivery date. I contacted them a few weeks later and they stated my back order seeds would ship mid February. They never came. At the beginning of March, I emailed customer service and received no response. Tonight, I emailed them again through the feedback mechanism on their website. What a crappy company. Bad communication, bad information and now no communication.

Negative GardenWI
(1 review)
On Mar 2, 2013, GardenWI Belgium, WI wrote:

Park Seed Company's service is beyond bad! I placed my order two months ago and still haven't received it. I have also not received any e-mail updates or follow ups as to why my order has not yet been shipped. I've contacted Park Seed Company's customer service twice. The first time I was assured that my order would ship out that same week (it's been a month since then). When I contacted their customer service the second time and instead of compensation was offered rudeness and impatience, I went ahead and canceled the entire order. I did inform Park Seed's customer service representative, that I will not be having business with this company in the future. I suggest that you do a thorough research online before placing orders with companies that come up first in Google search. I want to feel like a valued customer, and based on my experience, Park Seed Company's understanding of value does not go beyond a dollar sign.

Negative aoneill
(8 reviews)
On Feb 18, 2013, aoneill Parkton, MD wrote:

I, too, sent an order on Jan. 19, 2013 for 1 package of seed. The cost of s&h was twice the cost of the seed. I was sent a tracking # that was not useable. It is now Feb. 18, 2013 and I have not received the seed packet. I won't plant these until the end of March, but it would be nice to have them on hand.
Last year I received a packet of geranium seed that not one sprouted. The company did replace them, but they arrived so late in the season and the weather had gotten so hot they didn't grow at all.
Unfortunately, Park is the only source I can find for zonal

Negative HumbertoD
(3 reviews)
On Feb 18, 2013, HumbertoD Atlanta, GA wrote:

Slooooooow shipping. Park seed is just as inefficient as USPS. Park Seed gave me a tracking number. After waiting a week and a half for the seeds I decided to check the status. I went to USPS website to track my package and it told me that this item is NOT traceable. So you call park seed and they say that it is the correct tracking number but their tracking number does not allow you to track the package. Yes, you heard it right the tracking number is useless. I actually told them that they should call it something else because as obvious as it may sound a tracking number should allow you know the whereabouts of your order. Park seed actually had the audacity of telling me that this is the number that USPS provides them and it is USPS fault. Excuse me, if your carrier does not a provide a way to track the product why would you falsely call it a tracking number! Never ordering from them again.

Negative rocketdog72
(2 reviews)
On Feb 16, 2013, rocketdog72 Priceville, AL wrote:

I spent the entire morning preparing seed trays, preparing and hanging flourescent strips, rearranging the growing area to accomodate more growing trays (which I thankfully DID NOT order from Park Seed), only to open my package from Park Seed to find out:

1) Two seed packs (so far) did not contain the correct amounts of seeds, as printed on the packages. For example, the Chives (Allium Schoenoprasum) packet is marked 100 seeds, I actually only received 66 seeds in the packet. The Pepper Giant Thai Hot packet is marked 25 seeds, there were only 12 seeds in the packet.

2) I received 22 seed packets out of a 28 packet order. 6 are on "backorder." No notion about Park Seed being late on their shipments is listed on the site anywhere that I read before purchasing my order. No future arrival date was listed on the order form.

3) I called Park Seed and explained the packet errors and my concerns about the backorders. The female customer service representative told me that SHE has been buying seed from Park Seeds for 20 years and has never had a problem. She also said that no one else has ever made any complaints about Park Seed company before. No offers of compensation were made for the seed shortage/ innaccuracies. She said that the rest of my order would be in on March 1st. I don't know if that means "in" to the Park Seed location or arriving at my mailbox.

This is a huge inconvenience and waste of time and money. I will never again trust this or any other online seed company. I'm sorry that I entrusted Park Seed company with my order and money.

Positive OHGardenGuy
(3 reviews)
On Feb 11, 2013, OHGardenGuy Loveland, OH wrote:

Posted on January 16, 2013, updated February 11, 2013
Posted on April 30, 2012, updated January 16, 2013
Posted on May 6, 2011, updated April 30, 2012
Posted on April 25, 2011, updated May 6, 2011
Posted on February 23, 2011, updated April 25, 2011
This is the second year that I have ordered the bulk of my seeds from Park Seed and I have been very happy with their service and products. My garden last year was one of the best I've had in years and that was with a drought in southwest Ohio.

My order this year was delivered promptly (37 packets of seed plus seed starting mix/pots). I have only one packet outstanding (cucumbers) which I don't need for awhile anyway. I for one am quite happy with Park.

On April 25th, 2011, OHGardenGuy added the following:

Just an update on this year's seed starting activities. All seeds that I purchased from Park have been planted and nearly every single one has germinated (including the seed packets that had the "Packed for 2011" label covering the original label on the packet.

The pansies I already moved outdoors are blooming like crazy. Most of my other seedlings are growing so fast that I have to keep putting them under additional grow lights so they can keep growing with plenty of room. Some really exceptional ones: Sunny Lady and Cherry Blush Impatiens, Big Begonias (all types - huge plants right now), Wizard Mix and Watermelon Coleus, Arizona Sun Blanket Flowers and all the tomatoes and peppers that I have started (all ready to go out now, but I still have to wait a couple of weeks).

The only ones I didn't have much luck with were Delphiniums, but I never have any luck with them and thought I would give them one last chance.

In summary, I have had great luck with Park seeds both this year and last. Now I just need to get them into the garden - this rainy springs is maddening!
On May 6th, 2011, OHGardenGuy added the following:

One last comment on this year's purchase. The cucumber seeds I didn't receive were replaced with another variety at no cost (I was not charged for my original cucumber seed order either). The variety I ordered apparently had a crop failure hence the replacement. Not bad out of 37 seeds packets ordered. And I appreciated the free seeds.
On April 30th, 2012, OHGardenGuy added the following:

I have had nothing be excellent luck with Pard Seeds. I placed my 2012 order in late December (40 packets of flowers and veggies) and received my complete order in a couple of week. My experience with germination rates has been at least 98%.

I agree that I am not crazy about the way some packets have the current-year label placed over the previous year's "grown for" date. I still had the excellent germination rates, so I don't sweat that too much. My problem is that I tend to have too many plants to set out (and not enough room for them).
On January 16th, 2013, OHGardenGuy added the following:

I just received my seed order and seed starting materials for 2013 and as always, everything was received quickly and in order. I have always had great luck with germination rates and Park is my main seed source. Never had a bad experience yet.
On February 11th, 2013, OHGardenGuy added the following:

I must be ordering from a different Park Seed company as I have never had an issues with them. I always get my orders quickly and have always received email confirmations when they have shipped. I recently sowed the Park Whopper pansies I ordered and each and every seed germinated. I don't always have 100% germination rates, but it has always been darned close. I guess I should be thankful I haven't had any problems.
Negative ladysoth
(2 reviews)
On Feb 8, 2013, ladysoth Alexandria, VA wrote:

Posted on February 2, 2013, updated February 8, 2013
Posted on February 2, 2013, updated February 2, 2013
Posted on January 16, 2013, updated February 2, 2013
I've been ordering from Park for many years now, but over time their customer service has really gone downhill.

My most recent issue is with an item my husband ordered for me for Christmas. It was a seed starting kit, which included the tray & dome, jiffy pots, heat mat and lights. One of the light bulbs didn't work. No big deal - these things happen. Called them on January 2nd and was told a new bulb would be sent out right away. Waited 2 weeks - no bulb. So I called on January 14th asking what the deal was. I was told that the bulb wasn't scheduled to ship until January 28th, EVEN THOUGH IT'S IN STOCK. What the heck?? The rep couldn't tell me WHY it wouldn't ship, just that it wouldn't. So basically they're telling me I have to wait a month to have an item that is in stock shipped out to replace a defective item. I asked to speak to a manager, was told no one was available but someone would call me back. Of course no one called me back.

I waited 2 days and called back today. The first rep hung up on me when she put me on hold. The 2nd rep told me the item wasn't in stock and when I stated that I had been told a different story 2 days earlier he replied that they were in stock but not ready to be shipped. Grrrrrrr.

I don't know what's going on with them, but they really need to step up the customer service. If I don't have the bulb within a week I am just going to return the entire kit, get a refund and buy something similiar elsewhere. They need to realize that they are not the only seed/garden supply company out there.

On February 1st, 2013, ladysoth added the following:

Updated 2/1/13

Still no bulbs even tho my original call to them was a month ago and I was promised the bulbs would be sent on 1/28 with a rush on them.

I called today and now they're telling me the bulbs are out of stock and won't be sent until 2/15. But if you go on their website the bulbs say they are ready to ship. I am so mad right now I could spit. I told them I want to return the whole kit and that they need to pay for return shipping and they said they won't accept it because the kit itsn't defective, just the bulb is. But I say that if something is sold as a KIT, and a component of the KIT doesn't work then the KIT is defective, and if you can't replace the part in a reasonable amount of time them you need to refund the entire KIT. I am so raising hell with them about this - thru email, their comments section, their facebook page - any venue I can find. I have now dozens of seedlings up and I need light, and I'll have to go buy some bulbs somewhere else.

I also would double, no triple, neg them if I could. They have straight up lied to me over and over and I'm really disgusted. I'll never order anything from then again.
On February 2nd, 2013, ladysoth added the following:

Update 2/2/13 - They replied to one of my email complaints this morning (Saturday) and said that a supervisor will have the bulbs shipped out on Monday via Overnight service. I asked how that was possible if they were sold out and they said they "just now" got some in. Hmmmmm must have been some clandestine middle of the night on a Friday night delivery! I call BS and we'll see if I actually get the bulbs.
On February 8th, 2013, ladysoth added the following:

Update 2/8/13 - Well I finally got the bulbs on Tuesday, 2/4. Of course one of them was broken but since I only needed to replace one originally I'm not even going to bother with it. Never again!
Neutral Jenbabe1
(2 reviews)
On Feb 7, 2013, Jenbabe1 Covington, LA wrote:

Oh how I wish I would have read the reviews sooner. I ordered seeds from them for the first time on Jan 30. Thankfully, it was a small order as I never place large orders with anyone until I feel I have adequate personal experience with them. But here it is Feb 7 and no indication as to when my order will be shipped. Now maybe I am jumping the gun here, but I have ordered from 3 other companies since Jan 30 and have received all of my orders from the 3 other companies already. After reading other posts, I feel some anticipation of a long wait ahead of me. At least, it was a small order, but I really could have purchased the seeds from one of the other companies and had them already.

Negative galsa
(1 review)
On Jan 31, 2013, galsa Worcester, MA wrote:

Posted on January 18, 2013, updated January 31, 2013
I didn't receive the order yet, I will be editing this review as the order history progresses.
Order submitted 01/10/2013
Ordered less then 10 mini packs of seeds
Order status on Jan 18 - Open
Phone call to Customer Service: Order scheduled for shipping on Jan 30!!!! And there is nothing they can do to make it faster. I am lucky I ordered my onions seeds in other location, otherwise wit will be way too late. Now I worry about cabbage seeds that I plan to start mid Feb. I will not have time to try and replace them if something is wrong with them.

On January 31st, 2013, galsa added the following:

I wish it will be double negative rating here. I called today. Order is not shipped and next "sure" date is mid Feb. One particular pack of seeds is back ordered and it holds the order. Guess what? The same seeds are still listed as "available for shipping" on their web site. Never- ever again...
Negative acaciaforest
(1 review)
On Jan 31, 2013, acaciaforest Cuenca
Ecuador wrote:

I live in Ecuador and used to place an order (Dec., 2012) online for some seeds I had trouble finding here. I chose seeds only as I believe it is illegal to ship plants internationally. An email from them had the shipping address wrong, substituted a live plant for a bulk pack of lavender seeds, and all but one of the other seed packets backordered in spite of the fact that the website showed those seeds as in stock and available to ship. Pretty much everything was wrong, so I wrote back immediately pointing out the errors.

They replied that bulk lavender seed packs were not available, tried to tell me I had really ordered a plant, and that shipping date for all the other seeds was unknown. I had kept a record of my order so I knew for sure that I had NOT clicked on the wrong item. Their system had substituted a plant of the same price for the discontinued bulk seed pack. But they acted as if I had ordered the darn thing and did not admit to any error. Nor did they respond to the problem of the website showing backordered seeds as in stock and available to ship.

They also said it was impossible to change any order once it was placed, and suggested I cancel the order and start over. So I wrote back and asked them to cancel the order on Dec 21, 2012. Needless to say, I did not reorder anything. About a month later, on Jan 18, 2013, a charge appeared on my credit card for the price of the lavender plant. I have written to them to get charge removed, we'll see how that goes.

I am now thoroughly disgusted with Park Seed, once a famously reliable company, will never order from them again, and urge you to avoid them too. So disappointing!

Negative sharonchader
(1 review)
On Jan 28, 2013, sharonchader Madison Lake, MN wrote:

I wish I had kept track of exact dates! I placed a large order the beginning of 2012. When I had not received my order by mid-March, I called Park's to cancel my order. I was told the order had been shipped. I didn't receive it for about 2 weeks. I received the order so late that the seedlings were very small by planting time. Germination was very poor for all seeds. I complained to the company June 7th and was told they would give me a credit. I told the customer rep that it was too soon to tell if the Zinnias would perform. It didn't look promising. By August it was obvious the Park's Zinnias were the worst of all the Zinnia seeds I planted. I ordered their special Big Red Zinnias, which in the past were fabulous. I didn't have one single red zinnia so I know they didn't bloom. When I called Park's, they said their guarantee is valid only until June 30th, which is ridiculous. How does someone even know by June 30th. I asked Park for a credit to my credit card rather than a store credit. Initially the supervisor said they would. I then got an email saying they had changed their computer system and could only issue a credit towards merchandise. I have placed the order and am hopeful I will get better seeds this year! Also last year I ordered a Passion flower that is supposed to be hardy to -20. There is NO guarantee however! Last summer it did not bloom and even though I watered and tended it carefully, it didn't grow more than a couple of inches. It was an expensive plant: $20. I bought it because of the promise it would be good to -20. We shall see this spring, but I know I have no re-course.

Positive Buddy44
(24 reviews)
On Jan 24, 2013, Buddy44 Eagle Rock, VA wrote:

Posted on May 4, 2004, updated January 24, 2013
I ordered 9 roses. The plants arrived within 3 weeks of ordering. They were all large healthy well rooted and trimmed plants. All of my dealings with Park's have been very satisfactory.

On January 24th, 2013, Buddy44 added the following:

Easy ordering and quick shipping.
Negative DonHotch
(1 review)
On Jan 15, 2013, DonHotch Oviedo, FL wrote:

They have some major shipping issues. I don't understand how they stay in business doing business like this. I ordered something they had in stock over 10 days ago and it still has not shipped, despite a shipping date of over a week ago. I have contacted customer service three times so far but have received any follow up despite promises to do so. Avoid this company.

Positive organic_tomato
(9 reviews)
On Jan 3, 2013, organic_tomato Tyrone, GA (Zone 7b) wrote:

Park's Seeds has been my staple for seed orders each year for many years now. Their seed packets almost always have almost 100% germination rate. They are one of the best seed sources for the latest AAS winners and new seed varieties.

I can't comment on their nursery/plant sales, though that seems to make up the bulk of the negative comments about the company. I had some customer service trouble around ten years ago that scared me away for a few years, but every year since then, the company has delivered great seeds, a large variety, and service.

Neutral vommarlowe
(11 reviews)
On Oct 1, 2012, vommarlowe Overland Park, KS wrote:

Posted on September 26, 2012, updated October 1, 2012
Posted on September 22, 2012, updated September 26, 2012
I wish I had read the comments before ordering. On September 10, I ordered several packs of Wave pansies, as no one near me had any plants and I love them in fall plantings. I also ordered an 18 pack of Graffiti purple cauliflower, as it was on sale with a few other cool season veggies.

This past week, my order arrived (no shipping notice was sent, but so it goes). The pansies were in good shape, and I have no complaints about them.

The cauliflower also looked good. A little pale for a purple, but good. I proceded to harden it off on my porch and today began planting. Unfortunately, Parks sent the wrong variety. Veronica, a yellow-green variety. (I'm sure it's nice if that's what you want, but I don't. I specifically wanted the purple, it's better for my zone and my cooking preferences.) I contacted them via email, since they had closed for the day. I will update when I hear anything. I would normally not post a negative until I hear more back, but I only ordered two things. :/

On September 26th, 2012, vommarlowe added the following:

I sent them another email, but still have not heard back. I'm hoping they'll just refund my money for the incorrect plants, since it's too late to plant the right variety.

Also, the pansies were obviously grown in much smaller plugs and then put into the larger 6-packs later. Some of them are rootbound because the roots were so tightly bound they never uncurled into the larger dirt. I didn't even know people did that kind of thing. Just goes to show, I guess. I'm hoping my careful TLC will pull them through.

Lesson learned. I will not be ordering from Parks again. :/
On October 1st, 2012, vommarlowe changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I received an email from Park's customer service. They apologized for sending the wrong plant and said they would refund the cost of it.

That seems fair, but I will probably not order again, given my experience.
Positive Sos07
(3 reviews)
On Sep 22, 2012, Sos07 IJAMSVILLE, MD (Zone 7a) wrote:

Have been dealing with Park's for about 10yrs,no problem back then,no problem this past spring.I don't know what the other people had a problem with.I have never had a problem.

Negative mesimarja
(2 reviews)
On Sep 21, 2012, mesimarja minneapolis, mn
United States wrote:

Ordered before end of 2011 so I would be certain to get what I wanted for the 2012 season. Like others, order was received piecemeal. One of the zinnia seeds I ordered was seemingly lost or an order no show. When I contacted them they told me it would be sent later. I specifically asked if the seeds were out of stock and they said no. Then replacement seeds arrived, more expensive but not at all what I wanted. When I contacted them and asked for a refund they didn't even bother to answer. I mentioned that I would have preferred to have them ask if a substitution was OK (I had not checked substitution OK when ordering). On the upside, the fig plant I ordered arrived and has produced 2 small batches of figs so far, but that was from a sister company - Wayside Gardens.
I will not buy seeds from Parks again.

Negative paulng
(3 reviews)
On Sep 20, 2012, paulng Bothell, WA wrote:

i placed my order for 10 Annabelle Hydrangea on 8/18, with a delivery approximated date of mid September ( by email). I got no notice for shipping. My question 3 days ago was not replied. I already paid on line. Is it possible for the company to cheat and not send the order?

Positive Sherilou
(23 reviews)
On Sep 9, 2012, Sherilou Panhandle Gulf Coast, FL (Zone 8b) wrote:

I've ordered a lot of seeds from Parks and they've been great! Excellent germination rate and the shipping was fast. I love the descriptions written about each plant. They give a lot of detailed information about each variety they sell.

Negative planner47
(1 review)
On Aug 17, 2012, planner47 Salina, PA wrote:

ordered 2 Park's Original Bio Dome with 18 Whopper Cells and the order did not come complete. the missing item was shipped after i called them and to my amazement they charged me shipping and handling! i called them and they said that they would refund the s@h. that was june 8 and they said that it would take 30 days. after 5 calls and talking to it seems to everybody i am still waiting for the $5.78. today is aug. 17 and they keep on saying that there refund department is still backed up! wow, must be a lot of dissatisfied customers! stay away from this company.

Positive src84
(5 reviews)
On Aug 12, 2012, src84 Santa Maria, CA (Zone 9a) wrote:

this year was my first time starting seeds...parks is also the first catalog ive ever ordered out of..
i bought 12 packets of seeds from parks ealier this year,i chose them cause they had a lot of unique weird varieties..maybe because i ordered early in the year i got my seeds super fast i even sent a money order via snail mail and they still came fast just in time to plant...yes the shipping was a lil $$ but i kinda expected that it is all the way on the east coast and im on the west so i didnt mind too much...pretty much all the seeds came up with the exception of like 6 or 7..i was very surprised and happy...all my flowers from parks are happy with them and would order from them again

Negative agastachegrl
(5 reviews)
On Jun 24, 2012, agastachegrl Eden Prairie, MN wrote:

Posted on June 4, 2012, updated June 24, 2012
I've always ordered my wave petunia seed from Park & to their credit have had great luck growing them from seed. This year however I decided to order plants instead as we have such a short growing season here in MN. I placed a large order way back in November for Calibrachoa & sweet potato vines...I also placed another couple of orders later, one to add to my previous order & another as a gift to my mother in law. I've been checking my account page every day with no shipping details available. I called cust serv. On Fri. June 1st & was told that 2 of my orders ( large) were shipped & would be arriving TODAY ( Fri., June1st) & then I asked about my small order for Mom, (pansies) & was told " Well, we don't know IF those will be shipped, not sure, vendor said they don't know, blah blah blah....& not even an apology, just a bunch of excuses. I decided to wait until today Mon. June
4th as it's 3 days later & have not received my order. I called again (Mon) & asked for an update & again I was told " The vendor will ship them today, you will get them Wed. June 6th"
SERIOUSLY Park Seed??? I ordered back in November so what gives? I say get yourselves some new vendors if they can not provide what you offer your customers! I spent 200 dollars + & I do not appreciate having to make 3 separate phone calls just to check up on my order that should have been sent weeks ago. We have a VERY short growing season here & that's why I ordered from you in Nov. To be sure I received my plants in time to plant & enjoy. You have lost a customer in me, sorry, I suggest you change vendors so you can provide what you advertise!

On June 24th, 2012, agastachegrl added the following:

I finally received my 2 separate orders from them on Thursday & Friday June 7th & 8th. My Mom in Law received her plants also but they were in poor shape & have since gone on to the great garden in the sky . She was not happy & I was embarrassed as they were a gift from me.The plants I received were all healthy, planted immediately & are growing very well, for that I'm happy. HOWEVER! My husband & I both noticed TWO charges from Park Seed on 2 Separate credit cards RECENTLY in ADDITION to my 3 orders!!! WHAT is going on Park Seed?? I checked my account page & have only placed THREE orders from you in the past year. SO WHY ARE THERE 2 DIFFERENT AMOUNTS CHARGED TO MY CREDIT CARDS in ADDITION TO MY 3 ??? That is a total of FIVE charges & I only placed 3orders with you. I am LIVID with this company & will call them tomorrow morning as it is Sunday & they are not open for calls until Mon. Morning. I will update further.....
Negative Old_Gardener
(38 reviews)
On Jun 22, 2012, Old_Gardener Calabasas, CA wrote:

Posted on June 20, 2012, updated June 22, 2012
Posted on June 14, 2012, updated June 20, 2012
Posted on June 12, 2012, updated June 14, 2012
Posted on June 9, 2012, updated June 12, 2012
Posted on June 5, 2012, updated June 9, 2012
Posted on June 4, 2012, updated June 5, 2012
Posted on June 2, 2012, updated June 4, 2012
Posted on April 24, 2012, updated June 2, 2012
Posted on March 3, 2012, updated April 24, 2012
I placed 2 orders in November, 2011 (on the 1st and 4th). When I received the second order before the first (on the 17th), I emailed Parks to inquire about the status of the first order and was informed that shipment was delayed due to a back-ordered item and that the item was not expected in until "sometime after Thanksgiving". I opted to have the in stock items sent out rather than wait. I did not receive the last item until mid- to late- December. I would have preferred Parks to 1) notify me that there was going to be a delay in shipping, 2) notify me that an item was on back-order and 3) notify me when they did actually ship. In addition, I have had some issues with germination rates this year (just one example: a pack of marigolds with 0% germination while 2 other packs of marigolds ran 95%+). The daylilies I purchased were dried out and very small but most have managed to survive. After 25+ years of ordering from Parks, I won't be back as I have discovered other vendors through Dave's that have better quality stock.

On April 24th, 2012, Old_Gardener changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

I placed an order late 4/16 for some bio-dome/bio-sponge products and miscellaneous seed. Park Seed shipped on the 18th and I received everything today, 4/24. I'm pleased this time with their service.
On June 2nd, 2012, Old_Gardener changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

I received my order today and there are multiple issues with it. One pack of seeds has disappeared from the time the order confirmation was generated to the time the packing list was created (does not appear anywhere on the invoice). 9 packs of seed (2 single packs and 2 collections) I believe are out of stock as they are listed separately at the end of page 2 of the invoice but there is no explanation what-so-ever - just a list of seeds in small print. The reason this review is negative, however, is that I only received roughly half of what I actually paid for. The first 32 items are here but the next 30 items, for which I was charged, are not. As it stands now, I ordered $125 worth of seed with shipping, have been billed for $107.74 (I was not charged for those seeds I believe are out of stock as the numbers work out correctly) and have received $52.01 worth of seeds. I have emailed Park's and, hopefully, this will get sorted out quickly, but I have now lost a planting season, a couple of hours of time, and I am currently out $55 with nothing to show. I am sure it was just an oversight on their part and mistakes do happen but coupled with other issues in the past and their lack of communication, I will not be ordering from Park's again. Forgetting to send half the order which I was billed for and paid for is just too much for this old woman...
On June 4th, 2012, Old_Gardener added the following:

I sent a detailed email to Park's on the day I received my order. As there has been no response as of Monday night, I have now contacted them via their website. Hopefully, I will be able to get this resolved soon...
On June 5th, 2012, Old_Gardener added the following:

Park's responded this morning informing me that they will ship out the rest of my order (7-10 days shipping). I will update my review when I receive my items.
On June 9th, 2012, Old_Gardener added the following:

Well, I received an envelope from Park's yesterday and in it was exactly 1 package of seed. It is the one pack which, although listed on the order confirmation, was not listed on the packing list. I was charged for this pack of seed which is fair as its cost was not included on the previous shipment. However, the 30 packs of seed that I have already paid for and were listed on the previous packing list but not actually sent are still MIA! So, long story short, nothing has been resolved and I am still out $55/ 30 packs of seed - so much for their shipping out the rest of my order.
On June 12th, 2012, Old_Gardener added the following:

I received 2 more envelopes from Park Seed, yesterday. Although the corn was listed on the packing list, they are not here. I was not charge for them, however, so no big deal. They also re-sent a package of Cauliflower Cheddar and re-billed me for them - this is one of the seeds that I paid for before and received before in the first package so I am not sure why they chose to recharge and resend this item. At this point, I don't have the energy to contact them again, though, so I am leaving this as a negative rating.
On June 14th, 2012, Old_Gardener added the following:

I wish there was a ranking below negative as I would give it to Park Seed. I received somebody's plant order today. According to the invoice, it was billed to me and supposed to be shipped to a woman in Ohio but was shipped to me instead!!!! I did not order any plants nor do I know this person in Ohio!!!! Of course, Park Seed phone service is off until tomorrow - UNBELIEVABLE
On June 20th, 2012, Old_Gardener added the following:

I contacted Park's on Friday the 16th informing them that I have someone's plants. As they did not respond, I sent a follow up email this morning explaining the situation, again. I will update if I ever hear back from Park's but, as of now, there is a poor woman in Ohio that is plant-less and I have become their "bill to" person. Never again!!
On June 22nd, 2012, Old_Gardener added the following:

I received a response from Parks stating that I had placed an order for 2 plants using a merchandise credit! I do not have/ have not had any credits with Park's nor did I order any plants. In addition, they have asked me for an order # starting with "SO" but I don't have this information as this is NOT my order. I did supply them with the order # from the invoice which starts with "WR" each time I contacted them, but they want a "SO" # instead. In addition, they have not dealt with the fact that I am listed as the "bill to" person and the order was suppose to ship to a person that I do not know in Ohio. What a nightmare....
Positive isande
(3 reviews)
On Jun 15, 2012, isande Linden, VA wrote:

I have ordered seeds from Park Seed several times. The seeds have always arrived promptly and germinated without problems. I've never needed to contact customer service so I can't comment on that but their seeds, packaging and shipping time have been excellent in my experience.

Neutral naa9033
(1 review)
On Jun 12, 2012, naa9033 Omaha, NE wrote:

In January Park Seed promoted a free shipping offer via email. Apparently I missed the fine print about the fact that only the standard shipping was free and an express fee would be charged per pack of plants. I think that the offer was deceptive. The plants were not shipped until the first week of June, which is a little late; however, they were healthy and are growing. I have ordered seeds from them for many years because they have varieties that I cannot find from other catalogs and I have not had any problems with the orders or the quality of the seeds.

Negative mrssample
(3 reviews)
On Jun 7, 2012, mrssample Old River-Winfree, TX wrote:

I placed an order for 45 packages of various seeds last week, order #WEB001691516 and paid $105.34 total. It was on a Memorial Day Sale, that promised a free Blueberry Bush with my order. This week I received 33 packs of EXPIRED seeds (and then the rose the next day) it was a very quick shipment, that was nice, but I sent an e-mail inquiring about the rest of my seeds, and asked why they changed my free Blueberry Bush to a pack of Container Tomato seeds (which weren't shipped either) and received no response. I gave them a few days, then I called and spoke with a very nice lady who said she will rush the rest of my seeds right to me. (We shall see if they get here.) She said seeds last for years, and I shouldn't worry that they were packed for 2010. She said they never offer free plants, only a pack of free seeds. I informed her that as we spoke, I was looking at their current add offering 2 free roses with an order. I also asked why their Guarantee statement said any plants that didn't grow right must be reported by June 30, 2011, when this is already June 2012. She said they should still be guaranteed for a year anyway. Although she was extremely nice, I just feel this is a very poorly ran company. I would just about rather have my money back. I haven't opened any of the seeds, but if I keep them, I do plan to watch them closely for germination and production. I doubt I would ever do business with Park Seed ever again.

Negative Kent711
(3 reviews)
On Jun 6, 2012, Kent711 Northville, MI wrote:

This is a direct quote from an email I sent to Parks on 5/12/12 that they didn't bother to respond to.

"I want to let you know how disappointed I am with your performance this year. My order 6483584 was filled piecemeal over a two month period. The first shipment (which didn't occur until I called to inquire about it) arrived too late for me to have garden sized plants available to me by planting out time for our area. In addition, I didn't get the Pepper Karma seeds that the packing slip said were shipped. I have finally gotten the last of my order but I didn't get either the free seeds or the ten dollar gift certificate that your advertising promised me. I have no real records of this, but it appears to me that germination has been far below what I would have expected. All in all, your performance has been very disappointing to me especially since I have been using your company for about forty years with good results. I don't know what has changed, but you definitely have developed a huge problem. I'm sorry to see this happening but I will be shopping elsewhere in the future.


xxxx xxxxxxx"

Actually if it were possible to do I would rate Parks Super Negatively. They not only performed poorly but they also ignore emails from their customers and have ridiculously high shipping charges. There are much better and much more reliable sources out there.

Positive denisemb
(5 reviews)
On May 29, 2012, denisemb Ocala, FL (Zone 9a) wrote:

Small order of 5 types seeds, but correct dating, seed count (if not a few more) and about 90% germination. Beginner's luck? Will order again.

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