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Negative shellripple
(1 review)
On Apr 11, 2017, shellripple Oakland, CA wrote:

Buyer beware!! I regret ever ordering from Nature Hills Nursery and now I see my swindling experience is just like others' who've posted here.

I ordered a few plum trees from Nature Hills Nursery on 12/21/2016 for a total of $209.85. After not receiving my order and not receiving any follow-up communication after the invoice, I emailed them weeks later to find out where my order was. According to Kiya in Customer Service, they don’t ship until “Spring”. That was news to me. She said it is noted on the website. Well, that is not true. It is noted nowhere. I even went back through the checkout process to check (minus submitting the order). Not shipping till Spring was not noted.

Also, “Spring” is very vague and that was going to be several months away. I was getting a bad feeling about the situation, so I emailed them back to cancel the order (which, BTW, they already charged my credit card on the date of purchase, even though they were months away from shipping). Kiya said I had to call them to cancel, so I did. Oddly, the person who answered was Kiya (I guess she’s the whole department). Kiya said I would “receive a refund” to my credit card. Well, I got a refund, but it was $20.98 short! I then emailed back to ask for the remaining amount I was shorted. Kiya wrote back that there is a 10% cancellation fee, which they noted on a legal page buried within their site. Kiya said it’s because they removed it from their inventory, which is a crock. It did not cause them to incur any cost. They just made easy money. Based on what I'm reading from others, I guess I should consider myself lucky that I got any money back. I encourage you to save yourself and avoid this con artist business.

Negative jgarch
(1 review)
On Feb 13, 2017, jgarch Palm Springs, CA wrote:

Ordered over 50 Green Giant Arborvitae last year, all died during the winter. Half were under a purchased warranty, and half were not. Warranty is useless, as they do not cover shipping costs, and the replacement of the others at half cost, again does not include shipping costs. While they are almost always offering free shipping on orders over $150, they will not include the replacements. Shipping will be over $1200. A total fraud.

Negative jeevest
(1 review)
On Nov 1, 2016, jeevest Columbia, MO wrote:

awful company. bought 3 trees for $160, all dead upon arrival. they said, oh that's how they look dormant. interesting, that's also how they look DEAD! so when I called them months later to tell they in fact were still dead, they said oh they could only give 1/2 refund plus shipping. and i said, "what you want me to pay you $80 plus shipping so you can send me more dead trees?"

don't waste your time. lowe's, home depot, sam's will actually guarantee your plants AND they are better quality. i have planted over 100 trees from the three of them on only lost 3. that's a 97% success rate compared to 0% for this company. plus, those companies actually game me a refund for the three that didn't survive!

Negative byronwhitesides
(1 review)
On Oct 24, 2016, byronwhitesides Layton, UT wrote:

I ordered from Nature Hills Nursery on 4 September for a tree listed in-stock. After a while and not having received an order confirmation, I contacted them to find out where my order was. According to Jennifer, they sent me an e-mail to tell me that the item was not going to be shipped until November, 2 months after purchase. When I verified the e-mail address, they did not even send it to me, but somewhere they cited as, not even Also, they charged me for the product, directly, rather than doing as most online purchases are done, charging when the item is in-stock and ready for shipment.

I cancelled the order and finally received an e-mail from Jennifer on 11 October. She said that I would need to call and cancel, which I did, at which time I was advised a refund would be given in 10 - 12 days. Well, I got the refund and it was $10 less than what I paid!!!

Everything I am reading about this place would indicate that this company is not trustworthy. I would not recommend to do business there at all. A lot of people who don't pay the replacement insurance have claimed to have received dead plants. I can't even imagine how many people cancelled, like myself, only to be short-changed on the refund!!!

Negative kmzipfel3
(1 review)
On Sep 29, 2016, kmzipfel3 Defiance, OH wrote:

placed a large order for myself like 325.00 Went ahead and paid for insurance just in case because I was scared I would lose my money, I called and sent them pictures of plants that didnt make it, they did send replacements but I had to pay for shipping but it was better than losing all of my money on dead plants.. I asked them about purchasing insurance on the replacement plants and they said it wasn't necessary. So I paid for shipping new plants and almost instantly they were completely dead. I call them and they say sorry, nothing we will do?!?! So.... in other words take your money for insurance and send you duds that wont make it at all then they get total profit. Wow, when you cant even stand behind your own product you probably shouldn't sell that product. I even called them and talked with a women before placing my initial order because I had seen a few negative comments and she somehow got me to trust their business and assured me they stand behind what they sell.

Negative heather1234
(1 review)
On Sep 27, 2016, heather1234 Bay Village, OH wrote:

I spent $1,000 on trees and plants. The first potted 4-5 foot tree I ordered arrived half dead with 4 inch branches and half dead insect bitten leaves. After trying to contact them for days by phone and email I finally got through. When I went to cancel my other tree they refused to allow me because it was already tagged for shipment. I then requested that they cancel all of the rest of my orders that had not been fulfilled yet due to the poor customer service and products. They refused. My credit card company is in the process of investigating the business. I may just contact my attorney general if that does not work as another customer has done. Wish I read online reviews before ordering!

Negative seriously
(1 review)
On Jul 16, 2016, seriously Andalusia, AL wrote:

I ordered White Fringe Trees as well as Paw Paw trees as well a some blueberry plants.When the trees arrived they looked dead,so I called the company, they requested pictures. I sent them pictures, and I was told the plants were dormant, just plant them and they will grow. The major problem was the root system on the PAW PAW TREES WERE, THERE WEREN'T ANY! The only way I got any refund was I contacted my credit card company, BBB, a well as the Attorney General. I tried to let the White Fringe Trees do their thing since they were suppose to be dormant. They never put on any leaves. The blueberries came as ordered and were dried out but after soaking in water they seemed ok. I purchased the warranty but I think it was a joke. they ask for pictures, I sent pictures, they say they never received them, however I had an electronic trail. I will never do business with them after i spent over 500.00 and they did not appreciate my business, however they did respect the Attorney General, BUYER BE WARE

Negative ksdrechsel
(1 review)
On May 25, 2016, ksdrechsel Seattle, WA wrote:

I purchased a Chinese Wisteria Tree from Nature Hills on 3/16/2016. When the tree arrived on 3/25/2016, it looked dead. I immediately contacted Nature Hills and they said that the tree was dormant and to plant the tree and give it some time. I planted the tree immediately according to their direction and instruction. A week later I contacted Nature Hills again because the tree still did not have leaves and showed no signs of life. I did this every week for two months. I even sent them pictures of the tree, at their request, proving that the tree was dead. Nature Hills kept telling me to give it more time.

What they were really doing was stringing me along until I was no longer in any type of warranty period. They even tried to blame the annual flowers that I planted at the base of the tree for sucking the life out of the tree! Crazy! The annuals were planted seven weeks later! Then, when I asked for a replacement or refund, they said that they would not warrant the tree and my only option was to purchase a new one and pay for the shipping as well!

Nature Hills has quite the scam going on. What they seem to be doing is sending the customers that don't purchase additional warranty coverage dead trees then only offer them the option to purchase another tree and pay for the shipping as well! When they complain that the tree arrived dead, they string them along to make sure that they are out of the 45 hour warranty period. Then they string them along another few months and try to blame other factors for the dead of the tree. I would imagine that the customers that purchased an additional extended warranty coverage got the living trees.

You can tell by the shear number of complains against Nature Hills that they have some serious fraudulent sales practices going on. Avoid this company!

Negative dlbiege
(1 review)
On Apr 22, 2016, dlbiege Taylors, SC wrote:

Ordered Quaking Aspen received Bigtooth Aspen they are a useless Co. So many people complain except on the Co.facebook. Shop there and you will be sorry

Negative salviagirl
(3 reviews)
On Apr 12, 2016, salviagirl Emerald Lake Hills, CA wrote:

In June of 2015, I ordered six willow hybrid trees and paid close to $300 including shipping of $58+. They arrived with no leaves, just bare sticks. I assumed they were dormant so we planted them, no easy task. After a few months, still no signs of life and the scratch test proved they were indeed dead.

I sent an email with pictures and was told that I could buy the trees again at half price and would have to pay another shipping fee. I find this outrageous! I have never dealt with a company that doesn't refund, Nature Hills refused to refund, or replace the dead plants at no extra charge to the customer. There is NO way I would ever buy anything from this lousy company again, and will tell everyone I know about their horrible policy.

I am consulting with my Attorney who will take whatever action necessary to get my refund or living trees, without any additional cost to me.

Negative danwapc
(1 review)
On Feb 26, 2016, danwapc Mission Hills, CA wrote:

Ordered 4 Fruit tree's from NatureHills
$80 Persimmon(4-5ft), $65 Lisbon Lemon(#5), $65 W. Murcott Mandarin(#5), $65 Clementine Mandarin(#5) - #5 stands for 2.9 to 4.6 Gallon container per Naturehills charts on web for product.
On first shipment it states 3 tree's Clementine, Lemon and Murcott were shipped. when box arrived (video taken) outside of box had 3 stickers stating 3 tree's listed above, when opened there were 2 (Lemon and Clementine). Both these tree's were in a box 8"x8"x36" box delivered upside down and half dead with burnt flowers, curled yellow leaves and each only 20" tall in a BR(bare root) bag smaller than a one gallon jug. When I contacted NatureHills about issue and sent pictures and video they replied with,
"quote:I did go ahead and consult our container size guide, and it looks like your plants are right on par for the average #5 container.
Our trees do come out of our citrus tree nursery, so we ensure they are the best quality we can send out. "
I paid $275 for 4 tree's 2 of which are dead and haven't received the other 2 yet. Will never recommend or buy from NatureHills again.

Negative Singingdove
(1 review)
On Nov 30, 2015, Singingdove Golden, CO wrote:

Boy, I wish I had read the reviews on here before ordering from this company. I'm making it a point to put a review of this company wherever I can so people get the word out.

Do not trust this company! I ordered a tree online last May (2015). I was sent a tree that looked dead. I was told it was dormant. I followed their instructions and waited 8 weeks (they told me that it would take that long for it to leaf out). It never leafed out. I tried calling their number and every time I did, I could get no live person. The message always said that they were experiencing a high volume of calls. I finally got someone to contact me back when I emailed them and threatened complaining to the BBB (of which, it turns out, they are not apart of) I contacted them because I had paid for replacement insurance (what a joke)! I was told that a new one wouldn't ship until fall. So, I waited and waited and waited. I recontacted the person who had gotten back to me in the summer and she said they would ship late October or early November. It didn't happen. So, mid-November I contacted them again. This time I was told they had just gotten a freeze and that the trees were going to be dormant soon and shipping would start November 16. I contacted them once again and today I get a message that says because of my shipping zone they won't be shipping till spring. So, now I'm in the same boat - waiting. I am filing a second complaint with the BBB and will be finding a way to post on similar sites at this to get the word out. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!

Negative flborngirl
(1 review)
On Nov 21, 2015, flborngirl Clearwater, FL wrote:

Very sad and disappointed. Ordered a 5-6 ft okame cherry blossoming tree to honor the memory of my mom and my bonus mom (dad's wife) losing both to cancer this summer. Was excited it arrived just before thanksgiving to plant it with my father in 4 days. Did research to make sure the honor tree was capable of surviving in FL. Well, arrived today.It may survive if I can nurse the poor dehydrated decrepit 5ft $78 stick back to health. Definitely should have read reviews of this nursery first being such an important and emotional purchase for me. I'm not going to bother calling after reading the reviews now, frustrated enough at the condition of my order. I'm embarrassed for them to send something with no care of packaging for the living items they are shipping. Buyer Be Ware. Hopefully others will not support this type of company or they will try to learn from all of the negative reviews they are receiving and from retaining peoples money for their poor products.

Negative shawgardener
(2 reviews)
On Nov 10, 2015, shawgardener Springfield, IL wrote:

I want to get this company out of my mind--but before I do, I want to tell other gardeners what kind of plant and service to expect. My banana tree arrived but you'd have to do a DNA test to figure out what it was other than a pile of mush. The olive tree was small but at least obviously an olive. When I transplanted it, it looked like it had just been rooted. There were maybe 3 tiny roots to the whole rootball. I called the company, expecting actual customer service rather than constant evasion. Lesson learned! I can't believe they bother stating they have a guarantee. On what planet?

Negative nylarry
(2 reviews)
On Oct 30, 2015, nylarry New York City, NY wrote:

The plants arrived in poor condition, dried out and miserable looking. The company was unresponsive, gave up after an hour of trying.

Negative ColoradoLeo
(3 reviews)
On Oct 22, 2015, ColoradoLeo Longmont, CO wrote:

Posted on August 28, 2015, updated October 22, 2015
Posted on August 27, 2015, updated August 28, 2015
I ordered a \\\'Polar Tree Rose\\\" in June, thinking it was coming from a neighboring state, acclimated to our zone (Colorado). It ended up on our doorstep dehydrated and diseased, having shipped from Alabama in a packing medium which not only did not retain moisture but did not allow moisture. Immediately I emailed them about the poor condition of the plant, and took samples and photos to the local Extension office. Yes, it was fungal and viral. I let the company know they needed to have a talk w/ their supplier. After some week or so, I was granted a credit for the cost of the plant only.
When I used that credit in later August, (for a plant which was to ship form California, usually 2-days to arrive here) the C/S lady said it would ship within days - within the week. A few weeks later, yesterday, an email arrived with the surprise notification that it was finally shipping. But when I checked the tracking number, I found out they were sending -again - from the same Alabama supplier. When I checked their web site, I found out this tree was a cheaper item -nearly half the retail cost of the one I ordered. So they were sending an item which I did not order instead of the more expensive tree I ordered from California...
I emailed them to ask why they did not give me the option to cancel if they could not send the tree, or to wait for the next year\\\'s crop or obtain a refund. I let them know I felt frustrated that it was shipping from the problem supplier. Then I asked them to immediately stop shipment, refund my investment of $135. Today they have informed me they cannot do this - it\\\'s on the way, pleasure doing business with you, have a good day.
So I have left a VM for a manager - they have a group of managers to pick up the general VMbox messages. it is now 48 hours since their notification that the substitute cheaper tree is being shipped. And 48 hours since I got this ball rolling. We\\\'ll see.
I wish I\\\'d read about them here before ordering.

On August 28th, 2015, ColoradoLeo added the following:

I was able to refuse shipment this morning when it arrived. Although the C/S lady assured me they\'d return my VM within 24 hours, I have not heard from any of their \'managers\'.
On October 22nd, 2015, ColoradoLeo added the following:

I waited for a week or so before emailing. No VM arrived as promised. I asked for a refund. It took some weeks for a reply - saying they would grant one with a 'restocking fee' taken from it. In mid-September, I received only $18 out of a $135 order. Further emailing garnered a confirmation that I received $18 refund - the $66 refund credit also used to purchase the tree had not been calculated in. I have emailed them for correction of this problem.
Negative kndlpwendl
(2 reviews)
On Oct 1, 2015, kndlpwendl Bellewood, KY wrote:

I've ordered numerous products over the years and realize stuff happens when you are dealing live plants. But I recently went through my files and realized this company has a higher fail rate (plants/trees dying within the 1st year) than any of the others I have used. To top it off, I just cancelled an order I placed a week ago (It has not been shipped) and found out they charge a 10% or $10 cancellation fee, whichever is higher! She proceeded to tell me that it was in their terms and conditions (it is) and every time an order is placed, you have to agree to them. I have never had a cancellation fee for an order that has not been shipped, and will not be using Nature Hills again. Too many others are reputable and understand why they are in business. This company doesn't.

Negative Tslink
(1 review)
On Aug 27, 2015, Tslink Franklin, IN wrote:

As with all the others here. I ordered the following from Nature Hills:

Autumn Blooming Cherry - 5 - 6 Feet Select Tree

Pink Flowering Dogwood - 4 - 5 Feet Select Tree

Rose of Sharon - Blue Chiffon - 4.5 inch pot

The Rose of Sharon came in the late fall, around October 15. What a joke. I am not kidding it was only 6 inches tall. I paid 25 dollars for it. It died sometime in the winter. Then my trees were on back order for 6 months. When they did come they were less then 3 foot tall and in very bad shape. We planted them and babied them. One died in April and the other died in July. What a waste of money. I am not new to ordering plants on line. Actually I am a farmer who has quite a bit of experience with plants and trees. I have gotten better trees from the cornfield. PLEASE DO NOT order from these people. I contacted customer service 4 times in the last 6 months. No response.

Negative JoeStrange
(1 review)
On Aug 21, 2015, JoeStrange Abilene, TX wrote:

They took my money, sent me nothing and gave me the same line of bull I've seen in other reviews. I am in contact with a friend in Abilene who had the same experience and who contacted the Texas Attorney General's office. Apparently, failure to expedite an order according to their stated shipping times is not a crime, but a pattern of falsehoods in customer service can be regarded as criminal activity. I have forwarded my correspondence to my friend's lawyer and if the items have not been *already* processed as stated, then he will have two confirmed instances of fraud and ask the Attorney General's office to proceed with an investigation.
If they had told me "we're disorganized and incompetent" then I would just wait, impatiently, but taking my money and deliberately misleading me warrants action.

Negative luckione8
(1 review)
On Aug 18, 2015, luckione8 Jamaica Plain, MA wrote:

What a horrendous experience with Nature Hills Nursery -- POOR QUALITY TREES, EXPENSIVE PRICE and NO RETURN/REFUND. What an awful business that they wouldn't stand by their products for customer returns. I had made my order for 5 plants and all 5 have been in low quality. Trees that are like small twigs with limping branches and browning leaves.

Their customer representatives are a joke. They would not have an answer for you as to when the plants would be shipped or how to solve the situation as customer service. When the plants arrived -- they were in the process of dying and in poor quality. When I called to report, the representative could only read off the script of "take a photo for our review within the next 24 hours."

Nature Hills would not issue refund for the products. From many people here stated, they wanted the customers to pay 50% of the replacement + shipping cost. This is an unethical business and fraud.

I am in the process of reporting them to Federal Trading Commission.

Negative gardenkarma
(9 reviews)
On Jul 3, 2015, gardenkarma Allston, MA wrote:

Ordered from here to see what all the fuss was about. Even though my tree was available early fall last year, it didn't actually deliver until late spring this year (I had forgotten I even ordered it). When it finally arrived, with no notification it had ever shipped, it was like an unexpected gift to myself that cost more than any self-respecting gardener would admit to paying for a fruit tree. The tree was in good shape when it finally arrived, but it's not like this fulfilment company had any hand in actually growing it. Nothing special. You can find everything here more reliably at quite literally any other mail-order gardening company for far more reasonable prices. Got to hand it to Nature Hills, though; people (myself included) still manage to buy their product for some reason.

Negative cpmelcher
(1 review)
On Jun 29, 2015, cpmelcher Oak Park, IL wrote:

Terrible experience. NEVER USE NATURE HILLS EVER. YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF. They say then send plants in 3 gal containers, they do but they are first year plants with no size. I spent 2x as much for 1/3 the plants. I went to the local nursery and spent half as much and got plants 3 times as large with a guarantee and no shipping. NEVER USE THESE PEOPLE. RIP OFF ARTISTS.

Negative cwadhams48
(1 review)
On Jun 23, 2015, cwadhams48 Ann Arbor, MI wrote:

I ordered 2 Beauty Of Moscow lilac bushes from this company in April, 2015. They arrived in May. As soon as they bloomed, one of the shrubs was not the correct one color. I called the company and informed them of this. They wanted pictures. I sent them the same day, including the tags on the plants.Today, I spoke with them on the phone (888-864-7663), in case anyone else tries to find an actual person to talk to. They were supposed to call me back two weeks ago as per a woman named Pat, who, at that time, had re-sent the pictures to a manager, and was waiting for their decision. She never called back. Today, I got the same discussion. She was sending the pictures again...waiting for a manager...will call me back in an hour. I told her I did not want another plant, but a refund. After reading all these reviews, this seems to be their pattern in (terrible) Customer Service. However this is resolved, if ever, I will not use them again. I also made them aware of all the negative reviews on this site while I was talking to her.

Negative jlynnpearl
(1 review)
On Jun 2, 2015, jlynnpearl Arlington, TX wrote:

I ordered one Japanese Cherry blossom tree in pink, two plumes and two butterfly plants.

I got a Cherry blossom tree that was white and not the same name as I ordered. I wrote and told them and they wanted pictures of tree and the tag that was on the tree. I supplied them with this the day after they requested it. Idid not get a reply back until a week later stating the manager would have to review and get back with me. Two week s passed. So I tried calling numerous times only to be send to voice mail after being on hold for 15 minutes each time to cancel the order. Then comes another tree to our door. Actually I should say a twig. That's all it was. It looked dead but it is now showing life but really a 4 foot twig for I $49.00. This was marked as the correct tree I ordered but I have no way of knowing what is truly is until it blooms. I didn't like how they did business nor what had happened so the other portion of the ordered I cancelled. I wrote to them email in which this is how we corresponded prior without issues. No word. So I called 4 times never a person only music for 15 minutes and then to voice mail. I left messages all three times stating the cancelling of my order because of their merchandise and service. I then had the merchandise show up at the door two months later.
I disputed it with our credit card company but it was overturned. The plants I received were awful. Brown, ugly and unhealthy. I would strongly recommend staying clear of this company.

Negative swimslowly
(2 reviews)
On May 26, 2015, swimslowly Polo, IL wrote:

Posted on May 26, 2015, updated May 26, 2015
Posted on May 14, 2014, updated May 26, 2015
I placed an order for two bare root Paw Paw trees since there were none available locally. Both arrived without any root systems and never broke dormancy. 15 other trees I purchased at the same time from \\\"Trees of Antiquity\\\" all broke dormancy and came with healthy, intact root systems despite also being dormant. The Paw Paw trees are now dead and the customer service representatives are rude and unhelpful. In response to my complaint Bonnie at Nature Hills wrote \\\"The Paw Paw does have a root system. I am sorry your disappointed.\\\" No offer for a return, no offer for a replacement and just overall terrible customer service. Rather than arguing with additional customer service representatives about the fake \\\"1 Year Guarantee\\\" and the pathetic examples of trees that were shipped to me I put in a chargeback with my credit card company. Do not buy from this company!!

On May 26th, 2015, swimslowly added the following:

Nature Hills fought the chargeback with my credit card company requesting I provide a letter from an expert which would officially declare the trees sent by Nature Hills dead. So I\'m supposed to pay someone at a nursery to write a letter over a $125 transaction when the trees that were mailed are clearly dead? After several days of arguing with my credit card company they instructed me to send the trees back to Nature Hills - which I did. Despite sending the trees back to the company I never received a refund and ended up just losing the $125. What a waste of time and energy. I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission as I feel this company is intentionally defrauding consumers, by selling \"live\" trees and then sending them dead sticks hoping they can not successfully complete a chargeback against them. Again, DO NOT buy from this company.
On May 26th, 2015, swimslowly added the following:

Nature Hills fought the chargeback with my credit card company requesting I provide a letter from an expert which would officially declare the trees sent by Nature Hills dead. So I'm supposed to pay someone at a nursery to write a letter over a $125 transaction when the trees that were mailed are clearly dead? After several days of arguing with my credit card company they instructed me to send the trees back to Nature Hills - which I did. Despite sending the trees back to the company I never received a refund and ended up just losing the $125. What a waste of time and energy. I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission as I feel this company is intentionally defrauding consumers, by selling "live" trees and then sending them dead sticks hoping they can not successfully complete a chargeback against them. Again, DO NOT buy from this company.
Negative marshallb
(1 review)
On May 23, 2015, marshallb Saint Louis, MO wrote:

Posted on April 19, 2015, updated May 23, 2015
I ordered three trees in early February, 2015, they have charged my credit card (a lot) for the trees, but no word and no sign of any trees. I wish I had read this site before I ordered! I am afraid I\'ll either get nothing or a stack of dead sticks!

On May 23rd, 2015, marshallb added the following:

My plants finally arrived a few weeks ago. i I had read all the negative comments, I made sure to have my planting area ready and plenty of very good potting soil to baby the bare roots. I met the delivery at the door, immediately opened the box and immediately planted the plants. The elderberry looked good, plenty of roots and some green sprouts. It's growing fine. The two maple trees, both "select" and costing $50 each, looked bad. Very little in the way of roots, no leaves showing, no buds looking healthy. I planted them anyway and one has leafed out some, but the top foot of the plant has no viable buds or leaves. The other maple was dead on arrival and has had no growth, no leaves, no buds swelling, nothing. I did the "scratch test" and it was dead when it got here. Based on all I read here, there's no point trying to get any money back and I don't want to waste my time with a second tree. I am like a lot of the other commenters - I've bought mail order plants and trees since the late 1960's and have never had such a negative experience. I order a lot of everything on line and have also not had a company charge my credit card MONTHS before shipping the merchandise - in fact, only one other time has any company charged me before shipping. Don't order from this company. I don't know if they are intentionally scamming people or if they are just totally incompetent, but they are a complete waste of time and money.
Negative dsaleem
(1 review)
On May 21, 2015, dsaleem Chambersburg, PA wrote:

I ordered an olive tree in December 2014. Did not hear anything from Nature Hills until I wrote them after about 3 mts. They said that they would send it in April of 2015 due to adverse weather conditions. Meanwhile they charged my credit card for the full amount in December. I told them i live in Pennsylvania and intended to plant the tree in a pot so weather was not an issue for me. When April came i still did not hear from them or receive my tree. I told them to cancel the order and refund my purchase. After many calls to customer service. they finally gave me a refund after deducting 20 percent restocking fee. Restocking fee for something that was never pulled for shipment in the first place. These people are crooks. This company is a scam. Charge your credit card first and never intend to send any merchandise. You have to call many times to get a response and you will be lucky to get either your money back or the merchandise. Do Not Buy From These Scamers.

Negative sycamore15
(1 review)
On May 19, 2015, sycamore15 Gibsonia, PA wrote:

I received a 'bare root' American Sycamore tree...just 'today' 5/19/2015, as a mother's day gift from my daughter. She was as excited as I was when the box arrived. I understand that bare-root plants can look 'dead' when they arrive...I think most gardeners have planted the shriveled tubers and plucked the over wintered roses from storage....but honestly! This tree is about 6 feet tall and has NO tap roots and just a tiny amount of dried hairs connected to the main root system that was clipped off very short and now dried.
My daughter looked deflated and I told her we would take photos and I would call the company.

That wasn't easy. You do certainly get a round and round 'hold' time and they shuffle you off a bit. I hung up once and called a second time.

While on hold I read MANY BBB complaints about this company!

One of the greenhouse managers got on the phone and promised that this tree would leaf out in no more than 8 weeks. But if it DOESNT....I can call back and they will happily ship ANOTHER tree for MORE shipping charges because as she pointed out; we don't give refunds on shipping.



That's quite an angle considering they seem to be shipping a lot of 'dead-wood' ( ;

I stand 'warned' though...and unless by some miracle this tree springs to life....I will remain faithful in filing my own grievance against them, though as Ive already read...they stand by their policy that you can pretty continually pay shipping without any promise from them that you will get a tree that will survive.

How much will the sycamore end up costing if we get a winner? ) :

Anyhow...Ill keep you posted!

Negative rumc0347
(1 review)
On May 11, 2015, rumc0347 Chicago, IL wrote:

In the fall of 2012 I purchased a WHITE redbud. When it flowered in spring of 2013, the lone flower was pink not white. I contacted the company; they responded that I needed to submit a photo, but by the time they had responded to my email inquiry the flower had fallen off. So I waited as instructed until spring of 2014 and submitted my claim again. This time sending pictures, which the company responded were not close enough to be able to tell what tree I had but that I should have understood, according to their nursery manager, that the white redbud could have a mix of pink and white flowers. This was never discussed in the description when I purchased this tree!! So I waited again until this spring, resubmitted multiple photos documenting that there are indeed only pink flowers on the redbud. Again waiting several weeks to answer my inquiry, I was told that they did not have any white redbud in stock but MAYBE they would in the fall and MIGHT reship! Hum..... 3 years to resolve an issue that is clearly their fault in shipping the wrong tree??? My take on this situation: my purchase price should be refunded. Still waiting to hear their response to my suggestion.

Negative CowboysUrbanDaughter
(1 review)
On Apr 29, 2015, CowboysUrbanDaughter Omaha, NE wrote:

We ordered an crab apple for our front yard. "4 - 5 Feet Select Tree" More like selected from our trash bin!

Our tree arrives with a HUGE hole in the trunk where someone ripped off a lower branch. You can see clean into the hardwood in this tiny little trunk (only 1" in diameter, if that) AND it is infested on almost half the buds with aphids!!! The branches are not pruned (as they should be because they are growing into each other and rubbing.)

I immediately took pictures and sent them to the company. Their "Nursery Manager" received our photos and stated that "it appears the tear on the trunk should continue to heal and not affect the overall health of the tree. " (!) Half of the bark and live wood are gone which you can clearly see in the photo! How is a tree suppose to heal over that?
There was no comment about the aphid infestation.

I responded back with more pictures, giving even greater detail to the wound. NO response... as of yet

Even if they do refund our money or send a better tree, I'm not sure I can recommend them to anyone in good faith.

Negative artfuldodger83
(4 reviews)
On Apr 21, 2015, artfuldodger83 Chicago, IL wrote:

I never should have clicked on the "agreeing to terms and conditions" clause when ordering. It was impossible to read! So when the completely unacceptable All-in-One Almond arrived, apparently I had no recourse except to kiss $61.90 goodbye. Apparently you can get another plant for half price (PLUS shipping) if the first one is unacceptable but we are in the middle of moving into a new place and I simply do not have the time to take another gamble on Nature Hills!!!

Negative aleksandr2013
(1 review)
On Apr 20, 2015, aleksandr2013 Carson City, NV wrote:

Posted on July 14, 2014
This company is HORRIBLE! I was ripped off. I received two dead "sticks" that were supposed to be trees. I contacted them, they were hateful. Refused to refund my money, but offered that I pay half and shipping and they would send new trees! RIGHT!

If you look on Facebook you will find them and everything looks like they are a perfect company. It makes me sick because unsuspecting customers go to their Facebook page and then see all these great things about them that they wrote themselves and then right to their website and the people are all getting ripped off. It is so disgusting!!!!

How can we warn other people so they dont get ripped off too? Until something is said on Facebook about them, it is going to keep happening. I dont know about Twitter, but someone should check that out too. I only know about Facebook.

These trees were to honor my mother that passed away and my dog. They passed just a few days apart. It all sickens me.

These people are disgusting. You can also file a complaint on the Complaints Board.

Negative 31Dupont
(1 review)
On Apr 17, 2015, 31Dupont Mc Kinney, TX wrote:

I placed my order in February and everything was to ship the first of spring. I received 3 plants. When I called two weeks later to get an update I was told the remaining plants were ready to ship, just waiting on a shipping label. I waited another week and was told the same thing so at that point I asked to cancel... After numerous phone calls days later I asked when I should receive my refund and was told the plants were waiting on a label.. What a joke since days before I cancelled. It is now April 18 and not one representative has called or emailed. Nature Hills owes my family several hundreds of dollars and they can't even call or send an email. I would be very careful with doing business with Nature Hills. I expected much more from a Mid West company. BEWARE!

Negative paddy1234
(1 review)
On Apr 17, 2015, paddy1234 Waxhaw, NC wrote:

Posted on April 15, 2015, updated April 17, 2015
Posted on April 15, 2015, updated April 15, 2015
On 3/26/15 I ordered a cherry tree from this company(order # 100067382). On 3/27/15 they charged my Credit card $89.70. On 4/1 I e-mailed them requesting a delivery date. Pat H emailed me back saying the tree was ready to ship and I should expect an e-mail from FedEx with a tracking number any day now. On 4/8 I called again, and again I was given the runaround that it was ready to ship and to expect a FedEx e-mail soon. On 4/14 I called and requested to speak to a manager, or someone in charge of shipping to get a definite shipping date. They told me they could not do that, but they would contact that person and find out the shipping date and call me back. I asked to be called back that same day with a definite shipping date or I would cancel the order. Needless to say no one called that day or the next morning (today). So I called to find out a definite shipping date (which again they did not have), so I cancelled the order, and was told that the tree was in the shipping department, and the order could not be cancelled. I assume \\\"ready to ship\\\" meant the tree was in the shipping department, and that was on 4/1. When I do get the FedEx tracking number I will instruct them to return it to Nature Hills as I have cancelled the order. Let\\\'s see if it takes 6 months to get my money back. I will never do business with this company again. You should think twice before you do.

On April 15th, 2015, paddy1234 added the following:

OK, so my wife decides she can get more attention with honey, so she calls customer Service, and actually gets transferred to a \"supervisor\" Bonnie at extension 109. Leaves a message . Hours later leaves another message. Waits to hear from Bonnie. Nothing. Calls Customer service and speaks to Tera (sp?). Tera listens and says she will check again. Oh! she says you are in Zone 7, we start shipping to 7 on the 20th of April????
The following is the e-mail I received from Pat H on April 1. Seems they belong to the branch of customer service which allows them to say whatever they think they need to say to get you off the phone. BTW it is 3:30 and Bonnie has not called.
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Nature Customer Service Contact
From: Pat H

Good Afternoon, You are in zone 7 typically with weather permitting shipping is late March which is now. You will receive a email when your order is shipped with a tracking as number for fed ex. I show your order is in ready to ship status. Be on the look out for a email any day with tracking number. It has been a pleasure to be of assistance to you. If you have any more questions or concerns please let us know.

Thank you for choosing Nature Hills Nursery

Pat H.

Thank you for choosing Nature Hills Nursery, the largest online nursery in the U.S.

Beware of these people.
I will update this post every day until \"Bonnie\" calls us back and my money is back in my account.

On April 17th, 2015, paddy1234 added the following:

This forum seems to be the best way to get the attention of the folks at Nature Hills. Twenty minutes after my second post, Bonnie called. She told me the story of “ships in the Spring of 2015”. How silly I was to look at a calendar and see Spring as occurring on a particular page of a calendar. Nature Hills’ definition of spring is when the ground temperature someplace in Ohio (where their growing fields are located) reaches a certain degree on the Celsius scale. When I explained that nowhere on their website was that definition of Spring expressed, and as referenced in the e-mail from her Customer Service person they did not know the definition either, she told me that that was their definition and the expected shipping date of that tree was “around” April 20th. I asked her if the 3 or 4 week delay was to give them time to buy bare root trees and put them in pots and let them grow roots till they could stand up in the pots by themselves. She protested ( a bit too much for my liking) Then asked, “Was there anything else I could help you with?” I told her the only thing she could do for me was to cancel my order and put the money back in my account as fast as they took it out. She put me on hold for a few seconds. It seems the waters parted in those few seconds. All things were now possible. Yes we will cancel your order, and yes we will credit your account with the full amount, but it usually takes 7 to 10 days. I am writing this add on to tell you that the credit cleared my bank yesterday (24 hours). So thank you Nature Hills.
Negative Elvis_A_Presley
(1 review)
On Jan 12, 2015, Elvis_A_Presley Grand Prairie, TX wrote:

Received a 4-5 ft tree early last winter, approximately six months after paying for it. Since it was dormant season nothing seemed outwardly wrong with it, however this past spring it failed to regenerate on all but two of the 14-15 branches, which also have since died back.

This plant was therefore defective when shipped, and the "guarantee" of a replacement at half price + shipping would simply amount to throwing away more money. It's not like I know nothing about growing trees either, being a degreed forester. No thanks Nature Hills, on your so-called "guarantee" and no more of my businees will be coming your way.

Negative primrosepath49
(3 reviews)
On Dec 30, 2014, primrosepath49 Chicago, IL wrote:

Their guarantee is worthless. And on top of that, the plants are not vigorous and have a high mortality rate. I bought an Ambrosia pomegranate last year and it died within a month. They wanted me to pay for shipping for a replacement and I wasn't willing to. To rub salt into the wound, I found a much cheaper and healthier and bigger pom elsewhere. I spent the money they wanted for ship fees at another nursery and got a better plant at a better price. I can't even imagine what they'd say if I tried to make them comply with their promise of offering the cheapest plants or they'll pay you if you find a better source.

Negative Ilex1888
(1 review)
On Dec 28, 2014, Ilex1888 STATEN ISLAND, NY wrote:

Posted on June 4, 2014, updated December 28, 2014
Posted on April 29, 2013, updated June 4, 2014
I've ordered plant material from many different mail order nurseries companies, large and small, throughout the country and have had very good experiences with all of them. The plants were exactly as decribed in their catalogs. The quality of the plants was excellent and the packaging as well.

Not the case with Nature Hills. The American holly ordered was far from perfect. The leafs were desiccated and beginning to brown. The plant 'root ball' was tied down in an oversized box with NO other packaging material. Even as bare root, the plant had no fine root structure and barely a tap root. As a grower of holly trees (and have purchased many by mail), I'm quite aware of how the plant would (and should look). The plant was 'gangly' and weak looking with no early structural pruning or shaping. I notified the company upon reciept of plant. I was told to do the 'scratch' test, which i did, despite it still being slightly green, i knew once planted out, the plant would stress further and fail. i even sent photos of the plant as i found it when i opened the package. I inquired about my replacement options. Was told I needed to wait 30 days before requesting a replacement. I was also reminded about the 'half price plus shipping' policy. The plant was bad from the start and really didnt want to start with such a poor quality plant. Ridiculous.
Needless to say I will NOT be ordering any more plants from this company and i urge others to do the same! There are many others companies worth doing business with.

On June 4th, 2014, Ilex1888 added the following:

Do not order from this company.

Still a negative review!

After I received credit from last years bad experience with them I reordered the same plant.
plant arrived with blackening leaves upon watering it, it continued to wilt and has subsquently died. I know from experience this holly will not 'resprout'. I placed the reorder in April, why they wait until plant leafs out before sending is beyond me.

This is the worse mail order company I've ever dealt with. I emailed my complaint to them. Lets see how long it takes for them to reply and for me to get a credit or some satisfaction.

Stay away for this company. Seeing all these comments makes you wonder how they stay in business.
On Dec 28, 2014, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

"On May 13, 2013 12:05 PM, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

We have reached out to this customer. He has decided to give the hollies the recommended 30 days then he will contact us for further resolution if necessary at that time. Thank you."

Negative GrowSomeStuff
(1 review)
On Oct 9, 2014, GrowSomeStuff Reno, NV wrote:

This is one of the worst internet companies I've ever used and I buy a LOT of stuff on the net. They would not let me find out the shipping date until after I had picked the plants and entered the credit card. (They had a field to check shipping date but it was non-functional). The plants were slated to ship 6 months later in the spring but they charged my card immediately. When I asked for immediate shipping they would not comply so I asked to cancel the charge. They agreed for and $18 FEE! OMG. Do they give you any of the pertinent info required BEFORE they get the Credit card number? Nope. I called my charge card company and put a complaint in about the charge. I will NEVER use them again.

Negative golden69
(1 review)
On Oct 4, 2014, golden69 Mead, CO wrote:

Like many others my wife and I ordered a tree from Nature Hills this year. We live in Colorado and have had previous success with the pink dogwood tree at a previous home that we owned in the past.

We ordered a smaller pink dogwood tree in May of 2014 this spring. the tree arrived nicely, had a nice shape, and was even packaged and in good condition when it arrived.

Unfortunately they massacred the tree when the tree was dug as there was virtually no root system on the tree. We took digital photographs of the bare rooted tree and sent it off to them.

They assured us that it would root and grow just fine, and that we would need to wait six to eight weeks minimum, but not to worry, as a full replacement warranty would apply if the tree did not survive.

Well, guess what everyone, just like a lot of you, our tree did not even develop one leaf this season. It finally looked totally dead by late August. We even applied root stimulator to the planting periodically, but to no avail.

Now they tell us only a partial warranty will be honored, plus charges for shipping too, no less.

Our advise to all of you would be to source other suppliers if you can. We do not trust these people, and have no desire to order anything from them in the future. It appears too many people are experiencing the same thing that we did.

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