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Positive dodges7
(8 reviews)
On Oct 25, 2014, dodges7 Alna, ME (Zone 5b) wrote:

Have been ordering plants, both indoor and outdoor, from them for nearly 40 years. Plants are almost always larger than described and of high quality. Most have to be moved to larger pots soon after receiving. Those plants that have not survived are likely my fault as is the almost always the case with most people and plants.
I cannot praise Logee's enough for selection and quality.

Positive cheesesauce
(5 reviews)
On Aug 8, 2014, cheesesauce Seminole, AL wrote:

Ordered a few fruit trees from them this month. Arrived well packed, small but healthy and showing signs of new growth. I enjoy watching their youtube tours of the greenhouse and I hope they will post more informational videos about their products in the future. Thanks!

Positive DoreenMN88
(1 review)
On Jul 28, 2014, DoreenMN88 West Sayville, NY wrote:

I ordered a butterfly bush named Miss Molly. It was supposed to be red. Both the description and image in the catalog stated it was to be red. When it arrived it was purple. I sent an email to Logee's and within a day they apologized for the mistake and sent me another. It hasn't bloomed yet, so I'm not positive it is red. But I hope it is. I also have a purple one to find a home for.

Positive AprilsWin24
(3 reviews)
On Mar 27, 2014, AprilsWin24 Bowleys Quarters, MD wrote:

So happy with my recent order! I ordered 3 "Stingray" Elephant Ears, a Persian Lime plant, and a Dwarf Jamaican Heliconia. All of the plants were in great shape when they arrived and were packaged amazingly- small pots with dirt and protective plastic for shipping, each plant was wrapped in tissue and placed securely into a proper sized box. All of the plants are adjusting well and I couldn't be happier. Will definitely order more from them- the stock is excellent and their variety of rare plants is a bonus.

Positive westwick
(2 reviews)
On Mar 1, 2014, westwick Southwick, MA wrote:

I was a little reluctant to order houseplants in one of the worst winters in many years. But they said they would ship when the weather permitted. The plants arrived in perfect condition; all were healthy (a few in bud stage). I have never had plants so carefully packed and so well protected for shipping. On my second order, the experience was the same; nothing broken or damaged and no spilled dirt all over the bottom of the boxes. Everything very healthy. They have a wide variety to choose from and even have special sales periodically. I will definitely make future purchases from Logees.

Positive cathy166
(5 reviews)
On Sep 26, 2013, cathy166 Stamford, CT (Zone 6b) wrote:

I always feel I have to add my own two cents' worth when I see a vendor I used got a negative review.

My order from last week arrived today It was fresh, beautifully packed and the plants (mostly rex begonias) are just beautiful. I could not have been more pleased. Two days ago they sent a tracking number when the package was shipped.

Positive steamchili35
(2 reviews)
On Aug 9, 2013, steamchili35 Colorado Springs, CO wrote:

Posted on July 13, 2013, updated August 9, 2013
Posted on July 13, 2013, updated July 13, 2013
Posted on July 12, 2013, updated July 13, 2013
I am greatly upset with the way my plant was handled with this company. They shipped my plant via USPS. granted my plant arrived healthy, but it was by pure luck and timing that it stayed healthy. If I hadn't received my plant when I did my poor jasminum sambac maid of Orleans would have been fried to a crisp. USPS was kind enough to deliver my package to an outdoor metal USPS packtage drop box. Pretty much a plant oven in the summertime. Hey logees. When I called costumer service and said USPS dosnt care about what's in the package I ment it. That's another thing. The girl I talked to didn't sound to enthusiastic about her job. She talked to me like it was a chore to pickup the phone and answer my questions. Very flat tone in her voice. No excitement. If I was performing customer service at logees. I would be doing back flips and tap dancing over the fact that I get to work in a historic nursery that's been around for at least a century. Plus I'm surrounded by rare and unusual plants that I know people pay hundreds of dollars to go to south America to see. And I'm getting payed for it. there's no excuse for being unenthusiastic. Logees in the future please keep in mind that allot of the plants your costumers are purchasing are special gifts to a really good friend. I don't know how I would tell my friend that her surpise got cooked in the mail box. Please stop using USPS. until then I'm going to buy from a supplier that only uses UPS or FedEx. And please let your staff know how privileged they are to work at logees.

On July 13th, 2013, steamchili35 added the following:

I will upgrade my status to a positive and reconsider staying with logees if I here back promptly on why my plant was placed in a hot lock box instead of delivered to my door. If I hadn't of retrieved my jasmine when I did from the mail box it would have been toast. My review below was a tad harsh. Heat of the moment type situation. That is why I'm moving to neutral. But I still find the way my plant was delivered unexceptable.
On July 13th, 2013, steamchili35 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

On August 9th, 2013, steamchili35 changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

I appreciate the comments above logees. Thankyou. As promised I have moved my rating to a positive. I will definitely order from you guys again after getting a dismal jasminum sambac from a separate provider. My friend loves the jasmine and it is thriving now. I plan on ordering a jasminum humile from you guys next. Thanks again logees
On Aug 9, 2013, Logee's Greenhouses, Ltd. responded with:

"On Jul 23, 2013 4:26 PM, Logee's Greenhouses, Ltd. responded with:

Dear steamchili35,

I apologize that we have disappointed you. Let me first say that you can always request delivery via FedEx if that is your preference. We also allow people to specify delivery via USPS if they prefer that. We have some customers who prefer each method and have had customers who have complained about each carrier and where the carrier decided to leave the plants. Unfortunately, we cannot control the delivery companies, which was a significant part of the decision to increase our guarantee from 30 to 60 days a few years ago.

We currently use both FedEx and USPS Priority Mail. By using both carriers it allows us to delivery plants as safely and economically as possible to the whole country. There are some packages for which FedEx is quicker and/or less expensive and there are some packages for which USPS Priority Mail is a better alternative. By using both we can keep our S&H charges significantly lower than if we picked either as a single carrier and also get the plants delivered in as few days as possible. Unfortunately, shipping a live product is both complicated and expensive.

Regarding our Customer Service Representative, I again apologize. We strive very hard to have employees who are excited to be here, but we find that not everyone is. Many are excited about the chance to work someplace “surrounded by rare and unusual plants” and those are usually the ones who shine.

I am glad that your plant arrived safely, but I again apologize for the concern and disappointment that you went through. In the future, please feel free to request delivery via FedEx for you order (on the web you can add a note with the request to your order).

Sincerely, Logee’s Customer Service

Positive MaliniS
(2 reviews)
On May 21, 2013, MaliniS dyersville, IA wrote:

I ordered jasmine plants from Logees in Feb and requested hold date due to midwest weather conditions. Last week of April they were shipped and I received beautiful healthy plants and I am very happy. One of the jasmines bloomed today and it smells wonderful. I will not hesitate to buy again.

Positive Johnboy369
(4 reviews)
On May 17, 2013, Johnboy369 Fort Collins, CO wrote:

Posted on September 1, 2011, updated May 17, 2013
Posted on March 11, 2011, updated September 1, 2011
I have placed several orders with this company and I have gotten exactly what I expected. So far the plant specimens have all been in good shape and grown well.

On September 1st, 2011, Johnboy369 added the following:

Since I just placed another order with this company I felt it was time to comment again. My most recent order prior to this was lost by USPS. The tracking system showed it being received and processed by the facility in Connecticut mutiple times(three or four). When it did finally arrive the plants were dead and dry. Even though the problem wasn't Logee's fault, they promptly replaced the order without argument. That's a win in my book. Thanks!
On May 17th, 2013, Johnboy369 added the following:

Another great shipment from Logee's. These plants have been on my wanted list for years, but I couldn't get them until I built my greenhouse. The Sweet Almond Verbena even has flowers on it. Awesome!
Positive Lotsofloveforpl
(2 reviews)
On Mar 7, 2013, Lotsofloveforpl Phoenix, AZ wrote:

My experience with Logee's has been wonderful. The plants are well-packed when shipped. They are also prompt in answering my e-mails. I ordered two Miracle Fruit plants in December, and they are doing very well. They were growing so large that I was advised to transplant into non-glazed terra cotta pots. I did so two weeks ago and they are thriving. I can hardly wait to get my berries. Thank you, Logee's.

Positive Debsroots
(25 reviews)
On Feb 26, 2013, Debsroots Northwest, MO (Zone 5a) wrote:

I received my order of eight begonias and am very happy with the size of the plants and the care they took in packaging my shipment.

Of the eight plants received, all arrived looking fabulous with the exception of one, the leaves were all gone from the travel experience. I will give it a couple of weeks to see if the plant comes back for the healthy root system, and if not, I will contact the company for the replacement of the one plant "Begonia Buttercup"

I will definitely place more orders with Logee's....very, very please.

Positive esanita
(11 reviews)
On Feb 2, 2013, esanita TYASKIN, MD (Zone 7a) wrote:

I agree with some of the comments that Logee's plants are quite expensive. However, in my several orders to them, all the plants arrived in great condition, very well packaged, good size, and are all growing well. It's also true, as mentioned, that they carry plants that cannot easily be found anywhere else, which is the main reason I started ordering from the.m

Positive crazy_for_abies
(5 reviews)
On Feb 2, 2013, crazy_for_abies Fresno, CA wrote:

I ordered eight edible plants that I cannot find in any local nurseries: a dwarf maher star fruit, two different dwarf mulberries, two honeyberry plants, a china blue vine, an australian beach cherry, and a miracle fruit. My plants arrived yesterday, and I am very pleased with the quality of the plants I received.

The plants were packaged incredibly well, packed very tight and wrapped with sturdy paper so they could not move and be damaged, and were still moist upon arrival. Only the star fruit showed any sort of distress from taking the long trip from Connecticut to California, and it is already perked up after escaping its box. All plants were of good size for mail-ordered plants.

I will order from Logee's again. Their selection of hard to find edibles is hard to beat.

Positive gandyman33
(12 reviews)
On Aug 1, 2012, gandyman33 Saint Louis, MO wrote:

Posted on July 10, 2012, updated August 1, 2012
I have been wanting to purchase an avocado tree for quite sometime but the cost has always been more than I wanted to pay until I came across a "Day" avocado for sale at Logee's website. I did an internet search on this particular variety of avocado and thought "go for it" - the tree and shipping was $42.00. The tree arrived in a large box but the actual tree was half the size of the box. Imagine my dissappointment as I opened the box! On top of that I had to immediately transplant the little tree because the potting soil was full of bugs. I order plants frequently online but this was a first. I typically like to transplant a week or two later to give the plant a chance to recover from the stress of being shipped accross country. I read the reviews at this forum before purchasing and was pretty confident that I was going to get a nice tree. Everyday I look at my little "Charlie Brown" tree and think what a waste of money. The full priced avocado tree might be worth the risk but believe me when I say stay away from the "sale" priced avocado tree.

On August 1st, 2012, gandyman33 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

I was contacted by Logee's Customer Service regarding my dissappointment and a replacement tree was sent. The replacement was a bigger and nicer tree. I am completely satsified and I appreciate that fact they went out of their way to provided exceptional customer service. The Logee catalog is filled with a huge variety of plants and trees so I can definitely see a future purchase. I have no reservation about recommending them to other gardners - good customer service is ultimately what we expect and deserve for our hard earned money! Thanks Logee's!!!
On Aug 1, 2012, Logee's Greenhouses, Ltd. responded with:

"On Jul 13, 2012 2:50 PM, Logee's Greenhouses, Ltd. responded with:

We apologize for your disappointment. We've looked over our records and do not see that you contacted us about your disappointment. We sent a D-mail to you, please contact us directly so that we can resolve this issue to your satisfaction.

The Day Avocado that you received, even though "sale" priced, should have been a good one. However, as a mail-order nursery we do tend to have smaller plants than local nurseries to keep shipping costs lower. Our current Day Avocado's are between 16-20" above the soil line which is on the small side (sometimes they are as tall as 2-3'), but we always try to send healthy, strong plants regardless of the height."

Positive ycn4chin
(36 reviews)
On Jul 31, 2012, ycn4chin Dickson, TN wrote:

I have ordered from Logee's for years. I just received two Clivia minatas from them and could not be happier. I repotted them up one pot size as they recommended, and the roots were impressive. Both plants were substantial plants for the price I paid. They are a reliable source for tropical plants that one will rarely find locally.

Positive Eric_OH
(55 reviews)
On Jul 22, 2012, Eric_OH Columbus, OH (Zone 6a) wrote:

I have bought many plants from Logee's over the years and rate it as consistently one of the best sources for house plants and tropical/subtropical ornamentals.

While visits to their greenhouses are especially enjoyable, I've had good experiences with mail order, experiencing problems with only one shipment (the two plants received in poor condition were promptly replaced after I e-mailed them). My most recent mail order, shipped during a brief hiatus in our unseasonably hot 2012 summer, arrived well-packed and in good shape.

Highly recommended.

Positive 815Lucky
(2 reviews)
On Jul 20, 2012, 815Lucky Brownsville, TX (Zone 9b) wrote:

Placed an order on 5/30/12 for 2 Sunshine Blueberries, Michelia figo and Abutilon 'voodoo', called on 6/8/12 to ask about status of order and was told it would ship on 6/11/12. My order arrived on 6/15/12 in excellent condition despite high heat in the east. I would have appreciated an E-mail as to when my order would ship, we have a pitbull and most carriers won't enter the yard, besides we have 95 degree weather from April to November in Brownsville Tx, and you can't leave boxes unprotected in the sun. The plants are all actively growing, despite a 103 degree heat wave. The plants were bought on sale, normally a bit pricey! I will be purchasing from them again. To all of you that say that you can get it locally cheaper and larger, use some common sense, if you are dumb enough to pay for shipping, then you don't have the right to complain. The point of mailorder nurseries is to buy plants you could never get locally.

Positive BeeznBearz
(6 reviews)
On Jun 15, 2012, BeeznBearz Cottonwood, ID wrote:

I ordered and recently received a 'Citrus Trio' of a Meyer lemon, a Key lime and a Sanguinelli blood orange as well as a Jaboticaba tree. The citrus arrived in very good condition. The new leaves on the Jaboticaba have died back, but otherwise it looks to be in good condition as well. The tree itself was much larger than I was expecting. All trees are under a grow light. I'll update later when/if they stabilize and start growing again.

Positive Spry_Sprout
(1 review)
On Jun 5, 2012, Spry_Sprout Sacramento, CA (Zone 9b) wrote:

I've ordered two exotic plants from Logee's, and must say I'm a very satisfied customer. The first was a Murraya Paniculata, which arrived in excellent condition. It was very well packaged, with a number of precautions taken to ensure safe delivery (which I appreciate, given that it was shipped across the country to CA). It's been a few weeks and it's nearly doubled in size and remains very healthy.

However, I thought my relationship with Logee's might have been over after the arrival of my second purchase, an Osmanthus Sweet Olive. Although similarly packaged with care, the plant looked like it had undergone some stress prior to shipping. In particular, six of its twelve leaves has been snipped in half with some scissors (to hide browning tips, some of which were still visible). Hopefully the plant will survive, but I was disappointed to receive a battered (i.e. unattractive) specimen that may already be on its way out (especially because it's a gift and was a little pricey).

So, displeased, I decided to see just how much Logee's "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" was worth. To my delight, quite a bit it would seem. My call was quickly answered by a live person who was friendly, articulate, and helpful (no automated labyrinths, no overseas call-takers. [if only dealing with AT&T was so simple!]). I wasn't given the run-around or required to jump through any hoops; instead, I was given the option to receive a full refund or store credit to put toward a future purchase. (It's my understanding that had there been another Sweet Olive of the desired variety in stock, I would have had a third option to request a replacement plant). So, I opted for store credit (after-all, I still need that gift!).

I'm sure they're better bargains out there, but I must admit, I now have a place for Logee's in my heart. Excellent variety, informative/user-friendly website, and genuine customer service. Hard to ask for more than that.

Positive Ellachan
(3 reviews)
On Apr 20, 2012, Ellachan Milford, CT wrote:

Place an order for 2 plants,Top hat blueberry and Manilkara Zapodilla "Silas" late february 2012 and recieved them 2 weeks later..they arrived in good condition,well packed and plants looks healthy,the care for the plants is in box too!today plants and really doing great and happy!thanks logees!

Positive trackinsand
(43 reviews)
On Apr 4, 2012, trackinsand mid central, FL (Zone 9a) wrote:

i placed a huge order way back when, probably 12 yrs. or so ago and was disgusted with the tiny plants and high shipping. most died the first year although that could have been my fault as i was fairly new to gardening.
it was with trepidation that i ordered three Clivia (on sale) a couple months back. the price was too good to pass up on a plant i've wanted for a very long time.
i gave them a preferred ship date and they arrived exactly on schedule, today in fact. the plants are all beautiful and healthy, big root systems and tall green leaves. yes, the shipping is still up there (shipping is high everywhere) but it was well worth it.
i'm a happy camper.

Positive Sparrowgirl
(2 reviews)
On Dec 25, 2011, Sparrowgirl Stormville, NY (Zone 6a) wrote:

I've placed two recent (November and December) orders with Logee's and am very pleased with the plants I received. Out of nine total, seven of them were larger than I expected - much larger, in a couple of cases - and two were the anticipated size. All of them were healthy and well-packed. Both the orange jasmine and the euphorbia millli 'Red Jillian' bloomed within two weeks of arriving, and the jewel orchid is starting a bloom spike. I also appreciated the care sheets that were included. One plant was a species I've never tried to grow before, and the sheet was much more detailed than any of my houseplant books.

Overall, I'm very satisfied and I will order from them again as soon as it gets warm enough to ship.

Positive IndaShade
(24 reviews)
On Sep 15, 2011, IndaShade Kylertown, PA (Zone 5b) wrote:

I have only ordered twice from Logees, but have had good experiences both times. The first time I ordered a schlumbergera, it took a little longer to arrive because it was peak shipping season. I just ordered Schlumbergera Aspen in August of 2011, and it arrived very quickly. No problems here!

Positive laurieeirual
(11 reviews)
On Aug 1, 2011, laurieeirual Boston, MA (Zone 5b) wrote:

I ordered 5 or 6 plants from them this Spring. I was pleased with what I got, and they were good about replacing one that quickly died.

They seem to have a very interesting selection of plants. I will say that the plants seemed a bit small for the price, but if you want something very exotic you might not have another choice!

Positive CherokeeGreg
(18 reviews)
On Jul 29, 2011, CherokeeGreg Fresno, CA (Zone 9a) wrote:

I placed a order with this company last week. Yesterday I came on here to check out there feedback raiting. I was kinda worried after seeing all the negateves. The box came today and it looked like a pancake ! I was really let down. I took a picture of it and did not want to know what was inside. Well I opened the box and was shocked to see ! The plants were not even bent. In fact the Morus ‘Dwarf Everbearing’ “Dwarf Mulberry” was very nice. And the
Musa Veinte Cohol
even had a pup on it. I was amazed of its size. Im very happy with my first order from this company so far.

Positive flower36child
(5 reviews)
On May 10, 2011, flower36child Middletown, NJ wrote:

I have ordered many tropical hibiscus from them and have found their plants to be very healthy and shipped in a timely manner.

Positive purpleice
(22 reviews)
On Apr 15, 2011, purpleice Bridgman, MI (Zone 5a) wrote:

I ordered from this Co. and had a problem with one of the plants so I informed them and they replaced it within a short while. The replacement was in great condition and I look forward to doing business with them, again, in the future.

Positive Don_in_CT
(4 reviews)
On Jan 12, 2011, Don_in_CT W Hartford, CT wrote:

Forgive me if this is technically not a proper posting. I receive Logee's emails and have purchased plants from them, but technically I have not ordered through the mail. I live in Connecticut and shop at the actual greenhouse.

My purchases include several passion flowers, a dwarf Cavendish banana, a Myrtle-leafed sour orange (Citrus myrtifolia), and a Buddha's Hand citrus (Citrus medica). Even at the greenhouse, the 2.5 inch potted plants are small, but they grow. Some grow quite dramatically: five or six years removed from its 8 inch original height, the Buddha's Hand citrus has an amazing ability to send out three feet of growth in a season, and I have had to be ruthless in pruning it. The Myrtle-leafed orange has a different growth habit: it was barely six inches high when I picked it up four winters ago, and is now a lush and lovely 30 inch high plant. Alas it has yet to flower and fruit (I've grown citrus since I was a young boy here in Connecticut, and regularly harvest lemons and limes from my trees, so given its size this plant's slow flowering is a bit of mystery, but that only makes it a bit more fun to see what it will do next!).

If you are passing through northeastern Connecticut, a visit to Logee's is worth considering. The greenhouses are old, moistly warm, and filled with numerous specimen plants, including a Ponderosa Lemon that dates to the 19th century. Visiting right around now (with today's massive snowfall) would be brilliant!

Positive ericapayne
(6 reviews)
On Jan 4, 2011, ericapayne Bloomington, IN wrote:

I ordered a number of tropicals from Logee's this past few years and they are all doing well. I'm only now getting around to commenting.

The plants were expertly packed and shipped, all arrived safe and healthy.

I plan to order again in the spring.

Some of the plants I've ordered are:

Maid of Orleans Jasmine aka. Jasmine Sambac (my favorite)
Grand Duke of Tuscany Jasmine
Jasmine Sambac Flore Pena
Honeysuckle Begonia
various Brugmansia
various Jasmine
Dwarf Pink Plumeria (outstanding)
Mele Perl Bowman Plumeria (not sure of the spelling)
Aglaia Odorata (growing great, waiting for blooms)
Murraya Panticulata (growing great also, awaiting blooms)
Epiphyllum anguliger
Fagraea berteroana "Pua Keni Keni"
Hedychium 'Tahitian Flame' "Variegated Butterfly Ginger"
Jasminum azoricum
Osmanthus fragrans 'Fudingzhu'

The only one that isn't doing so well is the Osmanthus, I have two other cultivars that are thriving but this one is struggling to get a hold it seems. I will likely try it again if it succumbs, everything else is doing great and has survived a move over the summer into a different house.

I grow most of these outside in the warmer months and indoors in a south, east or west window supplemented by compact fluorescent lighting alongside my orchids.

I will order again from Logee's.

Positive venturabananas
(3 reviews)
On Dec 3, 2010, venturabananas Ventura, CA wrote:

I've placed and received a couple of orders with Logee's in the last few months and have been very pleased. All of the plants (8 or so) were healthy on arrival and continue to be healthy and are growing rapidly. Though generally packed well, the main stem of one plant had snapped during shipping, but I called immediately and there was a replacement waiting at my door within days (pretty good for CT to CA shipping). No bickering, haggling, or anything. The person of the phone was polite and responsive.

It is true that I can find much larger plants of some of the same varieties that Logee's sells at my local nurseries for about the same price. But I live in Southern California, where many of the species can be grown outdoors -- at a lower cost. And it's impractical to ship plants in 5 gallon pots across the country! But Logee's does carry many varieties that I can't seem to find anywhere else, and though they may sometimes be on the small side, they are healthy, and the service is very good. I placed another order today! Those darn email coupons get me every time! I wouldn't hesitate to order from Logee's. Just have realistic expectations about how large a plant will come in a 2.5", or 4", or 5" inch pot.

Positive TexasTam
(16 reviews)
On Sep 24, 2010, TexasTam Plano, TX (Zone 8a) wrote:

I just looove Logee's. Even when buying end-of-season sale plants, they arrive healthy and gorgeous. The Mei Ling orchid and carrion plants they sent even have fat buds on them.

Positive shayrose
(8 reviews)
On Aug 6, 2010, shayrose Somerville, MA wrote:

I absolutely love this place!!! I have placed 6 orders with them(since April this year) and have never been disappointed. The plants arrive quickly and safely, the packing is top notch. On my most recent delivery, about a week ago, one of the plants did not recover well from shipping. I called Logees, let them know and my replacement should be here tomorrow. The customer service is excellent both over the phone and in person. I have visited the greenhouses 3 times this summer so far and look forward to my next visit. I really can not say enough good things about Logees and highly recommend them:)

Positive mrsdog
(1 review)
On Aug 2, 2010, mrsdog Wahiawa, HI wrote:

I have purchased plants twice and have had no problems with their adjusting to a new climate. I live in Hawaii and the plants have arrived with very little damage and continue growing with almost no set backs.

Positive curio
(1 review)
On Jul 31, 2010, curio Cincinnati, OH wrote:

I ordered two honeyberry plants (lonicera) and a pitcher plant (sarracenia scarlet belle) three days ago on a whim. I was a little concerned after reading some of the negative reviews regarding plant condition and size, but was pleasantly surprised today when my plants arrived in excellent condition.

The two honeysuckle plants are quite a bit larger than I expected for 4" pots. Each has a strong stem, root system, and several branches with a great deal of foliage. There is a difference in size between the two plants, but I think that this is due to difference in species rather than quality of the plants.

I realize it's a little early to say how the plants are doing, but so far I've been really pleased that I ordered from Logee's. They sent three beauties and were prompt. The plants were packed with care, and even my excited jostling of the box didn't damage them in any way. I'll repost in a few months after I see how the plants fare, but at this point I'd highly recommend them!

Positive clpgirl
(46 reviews)
On Jul 31, 2010, clpgirl Chippewa Lake, OH (Zone 5b) wrote:

Recieved my order from Logee's today-a beautiful Chinese Curl Begonia and a tiny pot of Lithops. I am delighted. Had been looking for the Lithops, and they were on sale. Although my mailperson attempted to jam their box in my mailbox, and it was bent in the middle, neither plants experienced any damage. In addition to packing paper that wrapped the plants, each was cushioned by shredded paper and the pots covered with a paper-like material, held together with rubber bands. I've rarely seen such a great jobs of packing. Plants looked like I had picked them up down the street (course the Lithops are supposed to looked that that LOL!).

I will definitely return to Logee's for those special plants I can't find elsewhere. Yes, they're a bit on the high side, but the quality, communication and packing make it worth every penny.

Five stars from me to Logee's!

Positive zphysics2
(1 review)
On Jul 7, 2010, zphysics2 Mammoth Lakes, CA wrote:

Not only did Logee's pack the plants well -- they arrived ahead of time. I ordered tamarillo and starfruit. I planted them last week and now have new leaves and the tamrillo has flowers!

We shall see how they fare in So Cal summer weather :-)

the maverick gardener

Positive zzlady49
(1 review)
On Jun 23, 2010, zzlady49 Greenville, SC wrote:

Posted on June 23, 2010, updated June 23, 2010
Posted on May 27, 2010, updated June 23, 2010
I like raising jewel orchids, and had a lodacia jewel orchid for almost 20 years and it was beautiful. I gave it to a friend of mine when I was moving fearing the move would stress it and cause it to die.

I searched high and low for another, but they are very difficult to find. Then one day in 2007 I saw an episode of Martha Stewart with a man from Logees Nursery and they were discussing my very same jewel orchid. I promptly contacted Logees and ordered the jewel orchid I so missed. A short time later I also ordered a dwarf plumeria.

Well, the jewel orchid seemed alright for a few months...then just BEFORE I moved again...this time from a northern city to the south (which I thought the orchid would do fine in a warm, humid climate). Well, by the time I arrived down south...the orchid was all but dead. I tried desparately to nurse it back to life. I called Logees hoping for some advice. The customer service person was very nice and said the horticulturalist/owner would call me and give me advice. At that time it seemed my plumeria wasn't doing well appeared to have some kind of mite. Anyway, I have moved in I had both plants a couple of years...I couldn't imagine why the orchid, while we were still up north was dying, and why it wasn't responding to the better weather of the south. months passed by and I did not hear back from anyone at Logees. Again I called, and again was told by customer service that while this was their busy season, she was sure the horticulturalist would return my call. Needless to say, my orchid died. Obviously if I was able to keep my previous orchid alive for 20 years, and often times from northern places, and sometimes moving from one place to another, I was doing something right.

Well, to date I have not heard word one. It wasn't like I was asking them to replace my orchid...I wanted help and advice saving it! Finally, about a month ago, I emailed Logees. Again, have not heard back word one...I did say that at this point I felt they should replace my orchid just for because they didn't bother to contact me to save my orchid.

I've never dealt with a company that didn't want to help a customer. I guess since his appearance on Martha the owner has so many customers and is making so much money he doesn't care what any of us think...there are plenty more where we come from.

Logees also has begun to carry a different variety of jewel orchid which I wanted to purchase, but thanks. I don't deal with folks that don't appreciate me as a customer. No matter how much I spend, it shouldn't matter....I'm a customer!

On June 23rd, 2010, zzlady49 added the following:

Well, I have to tell you all, Logee's contacted me and really made good for me. A customer service rep contacted me and was very apologetic, offered me some great advice on how to keep my jewel orchid in good health...AND...they replaced my jewel orchid that died. I was absolutely ecstatic! They were so gracious about it, even though the guarantee time had passed, they still replaced my plant and were very good with giving me pointers on what to do!

I am very pleased with the service I eventually got, and plan on buying another jewel orchid from them, along with the newest variety of Plumeria...they not only offer the dwarf variety (which I already have), but they have two full size varieties I intend to purchase shortly. new comment....Go Logee' rock!
On June 23rd, 2010, zzlady49 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

Logee's really came through for me...I'm so pleased and impressed. They really stood behind their product and guarantee. I have no hesitation in purchasing from them again and again. Thanks Logee's, you restored my faith in you.
Positive hawkarica
(3 reviews)
On Jun 22, 2010, hawkarica Odessa, FL (Zone 9b) wrote:

I have ordered a couple of times from Logee's and would order from them again. The plants have been small but healthy and continue to do well. They have a very diverse and interesting inventory.

Positive veganman
(15 reviews)
On Jun 10, 2010, veganman Peoria, AZ (Zone 9b) wrote:

Still one of the best I've found.

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