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Positive svanbeers
(1 review)
On Jul 26, 2012, svanbeers Omaha, NE wrote:

Received the hostas today and they were packed very carefully and in excellent condition. Very nice instructions included. This is my second order in the last few years, and I am very pleased with the results.

Positive Rick_M
(2 reviews)
On Jul 8, 2012, Rick_M Derwood, MD (Zone 7b) wrote:

Received my 2nd order in a month last weekend. As with previous orders, everything was in great condition. Everything has bee potted up and doing well. Once the heat breaks, I'll get them in the ground. It's just easier to keep an eye one them while they're in pots in one place.

Positive Adirondacker
(1 review)
On Jul 6, 2012, Adirondacker Saranac Lake, NY wrote:

I purchased 37 Hosta from New Hampshire Hostas via mail order and couldn't be more pleased. I received the plants in perfect condition. They are healthy and not stressed. When I saw how they packed the plants, I was very impressed.

Plants were very nice. It was as if I went to the nursery and hand picked the plants myself.

The website was very helpful and easy to navigate. The information from the website helped me easily plan out the hosta plantings.

Quality product and service. I'll be purchasing here again.

Positive jghusband
(1 review)
On Jul 2, 2012, jghusband Brewster, MA wrote:

I recently ordered some starter plugs from New Hampshire Hostas. They arrived promptly (almost next day) and in great shape--well-wrapped and very healthy.

Positive Annilou2
(1 review)
On Jun 23, 2012, Annilou2 Canada de los Alamos, NM wrote:

I was SO impressed with the excellent packing technique you use, and the perfect condition of the plants we received from you in May. We were also very pleased with your reasonable prices and the nice sized plants (not teeny tiny) we received, as well as the friendly answers to our questions over the phone. Our new hostas are doing beautifully! I certainly will order from you again, and will recommend your company to my friends. Thank you!

Positive dvmeller
(1 review)
On Jun 22, 2012, dvmeller Urbana, IL (Zone 5a) wrote:

I got beautiful plants from New Hampshire Hostas. They were large Hostas, ready to go into the ground. I was very pleased with the size of the plants, they were healthy and in 4.5 inch pots and well packed. I got the order in four days. Prices were reasonable especially considering the size.

Positive Sunnywood
(1 review)
On Jun 7, 2012, Sunnywood CHAZY, NY wrote:

I have purchased over 75 Hostas from them and for an Internet business I would give them a A+ . There website is first class ,their servious is also. I know some people have had complaints about their shipping ,but to compared to some of the other dealers the potted plants are wonderful. Yes there maybe a little dirt loose in the box ,but a little water take care of that in a minute. Overall I find them to be the best.

Positive leahlane2
(1 review)
On Jun 1, 2012, leahlane2 Gresham Park, GA wrote:

First time ordering from this company. Went there in person while on vacation. Huge inventory and gorgeous, full grown hostas planted all over as well.Had twenty five hostas and heucheras shipped back home. All arrived in four days and all in perfect condition. You get huge plants for the dollar, not root stock. Will be ordering from them every year as no one online has a larger selection including four hostas farms I previously used here in Georgia.Very knowledgeable and helpful staff.Great sales as well.


Positive psychloman
(50 reviews)
On May 21, 2012, psychloman Brooklyn, NY (Zone 7a) wrote:

I like miniature hostas and this company had two that I had wanted for a long time, silver threads and golden needles and tattoo.I paid 12.95 and 13.95 respectively where other nurseries were charging twice this, if they had them at all.The plants arrived quickly and were beautiful.They were also quite large and have settled in nicely.Definitely a quality nursery.

Positive SkipsSue3
(1 review)
On May 17, 2012, SkipsSue3 Dayton, OH wrote:

This is the first time I ordered from you and I was very pleased with the speed and the condition of the plants received. I'm always hesitant to order plants off line, but I can't find the mini and small hosta plants around here. I'm trying to find and collect the "Mouse Ears" hostas. I have a good start, but finding them is difficult, if not impossible for some. Thank you for your prompt service and beautiful plants.

Positive johnnyninjakid
(1 review)
On May 12, 2012, johnnyninjakid Valley, NE wrote:

I was very happy with my entire experience with New Hampshire Hosta. the ordering experience was great. the website has TONS of pictures and categorization, as well as great sales. they had a deal running for free shipping on purchases over a certain amount, which was nice, but shipping seemed pretty reasonable before having been removed on my checkout. on top of that, the package went from new hampshire to nebraska in two days flat. they were ordered monday morning, shipped tuesday, and planted thursday afternoon.

i was skeptical about the shipping involved. i really couldnt fathom how mature plants would be packed effectively for travel 1500 miles. i was amazingly suprised when i opened my box. not a single damaged leaf, not a single dried out root ball, not a single stressed plant. they were laid flat, but within 10 minutes in the air and a bit of light, and they were looking perfect... 'Toy Soldier' was particularly stunning. can't wait to watch my shade garden mature over the years. big thanks and highest recommendations for this companies products and services!

Positive PlantinPatti
(5 reviews)
On May 3, 2012, PlantinPatti Dayton, OH wrote:

Great plants, great selection, packed beautifully, fast delivery, and good prices. A wonderful source. Thanks

Positive mrsteacups
(2 reviews)
On Apr 28, 2012, mrsteacups Grafton, WI wrote:

I have never ordered hostas online before. I ordered some "plugs" for a few that were otherwise sold out, so wasn't sure what I would receive. I was happy with both plugs and regular plants. Everything was well packed and arrived in great condition. It was like Christmas opening the box. Will be ordering from them again.

Positive JetGal
(21 reviews)
On Apr 27, 2012, JetGal Sugar Grove, IL wrote:

For my first time ordering from New Hampshire Hostas, I was completely overwhelmed after unpacking my order, which I received today. I could not stop smiling!!! Careful packing ... Not one leaf on the total of 20 different Hostas I ordered were damaged. That is amazing. Size of the plants is very much appreciated ... They obviously put a lot of love & passion into what they do & Hostas I could never find, well look no further ..... Choo Choo Train was part of my purchase because of my husband's passion for steam engine trains & it is absolutely beautiful!!!

Well, I wish I had found this company years & years ago, but I know of them now, so maybe I'll keep them a secret from my gardening friends ... That wouldn't be fair to NH Hostas, would it??? I'll have to re-think that.

Thank you all at NH Hostas!!!

Positive nIrishRose
(1 review)
On Apr 20, 2012, nIrishRose North Berwick, ME wrote:

After receiving and opening my hosta plants today I now realize that I have been purchasing plants from mediocre nurseries!
Impeccable packing and shipping, but the BEST part is that I couldn't have picked out any healthier plants had I been there myself!
Kudoo's to all.......from the growers, to the packers and even FedEx.........professional all...and it's greatly appreciated.
thank you......nIrishRose

Positive HostaManana
(6 reviews)
On Apr 16, 2012, HostaManana Marshfield, MO wrote:

Just received my order of two hostas from NH Hostas and I was amazed at how swiftly they arrived! The hosta sizes were nice and they were both very healthy. Additionally, the prices were very good and I appreciated the helpful hosta information included with the package.

Positive Samlau
(6 reviews)
On Apr 11, 2012, Samlau Cincinnati, OH (Zone 6b) wrote:

Just received my order of 3 Hosta plants.

Packaged securely and all in great shape. I was surprised how fast they got to me to be honest .. i have 2 other orders that i made a week before and i'm still waiting on them.

It's a pleasure doing business with honest people.

Positive planter52
(6 reviews)
On Apr 7, 2012, planter52 Whitestone, NY wrote:

This is a great company to deal with. Just received my third order, and the plant quality and packing is excellent. Even the plugs were good sized, well rooted specimans. The Heuchera and ferns were also perfect. Thanks for the great repeat experience.

Positive garyd7
(1 review)
On Nov 30, 2011, garyd7 Kansas City, MO wrote:

Ordeded 3 hostas last spring, I received the hostas in a timely manner. Upon opening the package, 2 of the hostas that I ordered had a letter attached to them with a check for half the price of the hostas. What a surprise! The hosta's foliage was accidentally frozen in shipment. I was assured that the roots were just fine. I planted both as directed in the letter and they are growing just fine. It was an over and above for New Hampshire Hostas. What an example of excellent customer service!! Thank you!

Positive achase03
(1 review)
On Oct 19, 2011, achase03 Townsend, DE wrote:

This is my second year ordering from New Hampshire Hostas, and I couldn't be more pleased. The packaging is great, they use recycled materials such as newspaper, and the peanuts are made from corn, I had no problem lifting the products from their sides with minimal spillage. A small price to pay to keep packaging out of the land mines. Now back to the number one reason why I will continue to purchase from them, their plants are awesome, healthy, and grow with great success. Their website is fabulous, so much to choose from and very easy to navigate, and free shipping over $50. You will not be disappointed.

(22 reviews)
On Oct 17, 2011, VA_GARDEN Hood, VA (Zone 7a) wrote:

Given all the great reviews, I was a little dissappointed in my order. First the positives: the web site is great, they have a tremendous selection (I've been looking for 'Glory' for years), prices are good, shipping was very fast and free with a $50 order. Now the negative: the packaging was not very good. The pots were lying on their sides in the box, so the newspaper and rubber band packing didn't contain the potting mix. I had a big mess of loose soil, damp newspaper, broken leaves and soil stuck to the leaf surfaces. I contacted the comapny and received an apology and an offer to make things right. I will wait until spring to see if the plants make it through the winter. Despite the packing mess, everything actually seemed really healthy.

Positive mothrab
(1 review)
On Oct 12, 2011, mothrab NEWTONVILLE, MA wrote:

Plants arrived with lightning-like speed, well packed and healthy looking.

Positive fayemo
(1 review)
On Aug 25, 2011, fayemo Tower, MN wrote:

Posted on May 26, 2011, updated August 25, 2011
I have ordered Hosta from this company at least 3 times and have always been pleased with their service, packaging, and plants. I will continue to use them for my growing hosta gardens.

On August 25th, 2011, fayemo added the following:

I just received another order from NH and this is for Fall planting. The Hostas arrived in great condition and at exactly the day that I requested. I will continue to use this company.
I would recommend this mail order plant company to all Hosta lovers.
Positive tobydog60
(10 reviews)
On Aug 11, 2011, tobydog60 Omro, WI (Zone 4b) wrote:

I placed my first order with New Hampshire Hostas about a week ago based on their very high rating here at Dave's Garden. I wasn't disappointed!

Theirs is a wonderfully informative website and they have a huge assortment of hostas. A real plus with me is that they offer free shipping with orders over $50! Nice!

The hostas arrived today. They were very well packed, and looked very fresh - (well, except that they were practically begging to be taken out of the box!!)

After unpacking, I placed them outside in a shady area to let their leaves stretch out a bit - and, boy, did they recover quickly! I checked on them after an hour and they look like they were never in a box travelling from New Hampshire to Wisconsin!

I'm very, very pleased with my 8 hostas I received from New Hampshire Hostas. There's nothing like purchasing plants from folks who obviously care very much about customer satisfaction.

Positive worrall235
(4 reviews)
On Jul 29, 2011, worrall235 New Braintree, MA wrote:

This is my 3rd order from NH Hostas. I had always thought of hostas as a "filler plant" but the information on their incredible website made me see these plants in a different light and I will continue to buy new varieties from them. By the way, I ordered on-line on Wednesday, they shipped on Thursday and I received on Friday. Beautiful plants - great packaging - really good prices. Can I give a Triple Positive!

Positive saywhat1948
(1 review)
On Jul 20, 2011, saywhat1948 wrote:

I got the plants in 4 days and paid nothing for the shipping. This is a wonderful site. I will definitely use it again.

Positive LittleVi
(3 reviews)
On Jul 17, 2011, LittleVi Topsham, ME wrote:

The website was easy to navigate. The prices are good. The shipping was quick, the packaging exceptional. I ordered 4 different varieties. All arrived in perfect condition, not even a broken leaf. The plants have been in the ground for about a month. They are all showing good growth. I will order from them again. Highly recommended!

Positive muffin79
(1 review)
On Jul 12, 2011, muffin79 Mexico, NY wrote:

This was a first time ordering from this company, although I have ordered plants online before. I was looking for the smaller variety hostas and New Hampshire Hostas had a good selection., The plants arrived quickly, all were very healthy looking and packaged with great care. It has been a unique experience; often I have had to nurse my online plants along before they had that healthy well cared for look.

Positive bgdan1
(1 review)
On Jun 25, 2011, bgdan1 Battle Ground, WA wrote:

I have had four orders in the past month - all have been handled precisely and in an expeditious manner. On the one occasion when I needed extra communication it was timely and helpful. A really good company!

Positive pattygreengenes
(11 reviews)
On Jun 24, 2011, pattygreengenes Lansdale, PA wrote:

I ordered three. Shipping was fast and the hostas were of good size. Hostas are available at local nurseries but I like the detailed information available on the web site and that I can search by various parameters as I was looking for varieties with fragrant flowers.

Positive Lisarnocn
(1 review)
On Jun 20, 2011, Lisarnocn West Jefferson, NC wrote:

This is the first year I have ordered from New Hampshire Hostas and I WILL be ordering again. The plants arrived 2 days after I placed my order. They were packed carefully and thoughtfully and arrived without damage to as much as one leaf! The prices were fair and I can't wait to see how they look after a years growth in my garden!

Positive Buwee
(1 review)
On Jun 16, 2011, Buwee Westerville, OH wrote:

This was my first time ordering from New Hampshire Hostas. I was looking for some miniature hostas to add to my front yard. The plants were in great shape, and they even added an extra one when one species was smaller than usual. I was so impressed with this exceptional customer service! I will highly recommend this company, and will definitely use them again in the future!

Positive Emer
(1 review)
On Jun 14, 2011, Emer East Falmouth, MA wrote:

As first time customers we were totally satisfied with the service we received! They found us a few T. Rex Hostas as a special request and those along with three other varieties we chose arrived 4 days later in perfect condition. New Hampshire Hostas was extremely helpful over the phone. We would recommend this company to anyone looking for Hostas.

Positive Doublem
(1 review)
On Jun 8, 2011, Doublem Delmar, IA wrote:

I would recommend New Hampshire Hostas to everyone. The plants were exactly as pictured - single plants for large hostas and multiple plants for the smaller ones. The plants took 4 days to ship and were in excellent condition. They were still moist and not a broken leaf or loose soil in the package. I also sent an e-mail asking a question for comparison purposes and a recommendation on specific hostas. The response was prompt and to the point. It's very refreshing to get an answer that tells both the pros and cons of a specific plant, rather than highlighting only the positive aspects. A great company with a wide selection and good prices.

Positive kyflyfisher
(1 review)
On Jun 2, 2011, kyflyfisher Alexandria, KY wrote:

I ordered 2 Hostas a year ago and I'm thrilled with the results. That said I was more than happy to place another order that arrived today. The plants were very healthy,vigorous and in the ground at this moments. I'm sure we'll get the same results we did a year ago!

Positive bigsister63
(1 review)
On May 27, 2011, bigsister63 Kent, OH wrote:

I have ordered from several other online hosta sources and is the best. (and now my favorite). I ordered 10 plants on Monday and got them on Wednesday. Great service! Also the plants are very nice and several of them are so big that they can be devided now. Great Company!!

Positive iowagdma
(1 review)
On May 25, 2011, iowagdma Cedar Falls, IA wrote:

If this is the 2nd review I have left today on New Hampshire Hostas, sorry. They have so consistently exceeded my expectations in terms of beautiful robust plants, exceedingly fine packaging, value and customer service. I consider myself a better gardener than a computer guru.....and they are among the best of the best.

Positive jeeziebell
(2 reviews)
On May 23, 2011, jeeziebell Wading River, NY wrote:

Very strong customer service , 13 hostas shipped and packed with care. Was refunded an honest amount for plants being smaller than expected.Did not request refund they just sent it along with plants .Would highly recommend this company and there service.Nice job New Hampshire Hosta

Positive robbiestorbeck
(1 review)
On May 16, 2011, robbiestorbeck San Antonio, TX wrote:

This is my 2nd ord 3rd order. I'm pleased with the integrity of the plants when they arrive in the shipping container. The quality of the plants is great. Shipping is fast. I learn alot from the NHH website, too. You can tell that NHH loves what they do.

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