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Positive mommyeleven
(1 review)
On Apr 17, 2014, mommyeleven Columbiana, AL wrote:

I received my order this week. When my order was placed, I requested that it be held for several weeks, and this company did exactly as asked. My order was filled correctly and arrived promptly. Most of the daylilies had two fans, albeit small, and they all looked healthy. I am satisfied with my experience with this company.

Positive Lisa_gia
(1 review)
On Apr 17, 2014, Lisa_gia Burnsville, NC wrote:

I have ordered from this company several times over the past four years. I have received and planted over 400 hostas, dozens of iris, daylilies, lilies, and other perennials from them. I have been extremely pleased with everything! Each year everything comes back - bigger and more beautiful than the year before.

The quality of the plants and the customer service is outstanding. You also can't beat their prices. I plan on ordering many more plants from this company. I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon their website.

Positive Lauribob
(3 reviews)
On Apr 12, 2014, Lauribob Twisp, WA wrote:

Posted on May 19, 2007, updated April 12, 2014
I ordered 6 or so daylilies last fall and planted them - they are all up and looking healthy. I ordered another 6 or so this spring and again got great looking starts. You can't beat the price from these guys.

Now the big test - will they be the correct cultivars? I hope so - if I remember I will update after they bloom.

On April 12th, 2014, Lauribob added the following:

I ordered several daylilies, a peony, a hosta, a couple grasses, and an iris this year. They just arrived this week and look absolutely great! Nice large plants - all but the peony & daylilies were in 4" pots, well packed, and arrived moist. The daylilies & peony are large divisions showing lots of green growth. I don't think you can do better for the price than these guys. I have bought from them for several years now.
Positive jilly_bean46
(1 review)
On Apr 3, 2014, jilly_bean46 Connellsville, PA wrote:

I ordered the bouquet of blooms daylilies 100 for $100. The catalog had a promo code which offered 10% off 100 or more plus free shipping on orders over $75. I also ordered a stargazer lily.
I received over 100 beautiful, healthy tubers. They were freshly dug and some are sprouting. The stargazer (3) are huge.
The order was placed on March 31 and UPS delivered them April 3.
I WILL be ordering from them again. Wow I am impressed.
Now if I can just get the weather to cooperate.

Positive gingerbee1
(2 reviews)
On Mar 9, 2014, gingerbee1 Back Mountain, PA (Zone 5a) wrote:

I have been ordering from Gilbert H. Wild and Son for several years. I have always received healthy generous sized plants, and even a bonus plant with each order. Their prices are always very reasonable as well. I have already placed my spring 2014 order.

Positive TheRectory
(1 review)
On Mar 6, 2014, TheRectory Stanardsville, VA wrote:

We love Gilbert Wild and Sons!

Everything arrives promptly (weather permitting) and is well packaged and fresh. We have always found the sizes of their offerings to be appropriate and very often they are larger than expected with the plants they sent being able to be safely divided into half straight out of the box. So, on the rare occasion that something arrives on the small size (and it is rare) Gilbert Wild has more than made up for it in other ways.

Our viability/success rate where Gilbert Wild is concerned has also been impressive with nearly 100% of their products not just living but thriving. We use quarantine pots for everything that we bring into our gardens to make sure that things are OK before we plant them. The root growth we get from their offerings knocks pretty much every competitor out of the water (or soil) as far as we are concerned.

Our first order for 2014 has been submitted and will arrive sometime next month. I suspect that another order (or three) will be sent in shortly. With over 1.5 acres of gardens to build from scratch, we are fortunate to have found a quality vendor like Gilbert Wild and Sons with which to do business and we look forward to continuing to be loyal customers for many years to come.

Happy gardening, everyone!

Positive MommaCat88
(1 review)
On Feb 5, 2014, MommaCat88 Minneapolis, MN wrote:

I have never reviewed a plant company before, but after getting my Gilbert H. Wild catalog yesterday, I felt compelled to become a Dave's Garden member so I could tell you why I didn't toss the Wild catalog in the recycle bin.

I have previously ordered from this company. If forced to review them, I would have given a neutral rating. Why? They sent very large peonies, nice hosta and, usually, pretty nice Daylilies. Sometimes I felt they were a little small, but for $3.50, I got to try a new variety. Sometimes they were very nice sized. My issue was their 30 day guarantee. Peonies almost never bloom the first year. The Daylilies would not bloom in 30 days. I had a few Daylilies and a peony bloom in a color other than pictured in the catalog. I read reviews here and decided not to contact customer service. Their guarantee clearly stated 30 days. I knew that.

I had no intention of ever ordering from Wild again, since their guarantee didn't meet my needs. I couldn't resist looking through the catalog before recycling it. They do put out a nice catalog. I am so glad I looked through it. The owner has a letter on the inside cover. He specifically addresses the concerns mentioned on this site. The new guarantee is for one year! It sounds as if the business recognizes they needed to work on customer service and is doing so. I applaud that, and I will order from them again. I hope others give them a try.

As stated in the guidelines for writing a review, it is only fair to try working issues out with a company before blasting them in a public forum. This company does send quality plants. I really respect the fact that they are working so diligently to win back old customers and earn the trust of new ones.

Positive shastania
(1 review)
On Jan 16, 2014, shastania Miamisburg, OH wrote:

I have ordered several times from this company. There are good things and bad things about ordering from here. The overwhelmingly best thing about this company, is the dirt cheap bulk discounts on items. In particular, is the 100 hostas for $100. No where else online ( and I've searched pretty thoroughly) can you get 100 small, but decent hostas for $1 each. In fact its more like 105-110, when you actually count up your order, plus when you order at the right time, you can get 10% off and free shipping, which makes each hosta cost about 85 cents. I have ordered these 3 times now, and after about 2 years, the plants look like a $15 plant you would find at the local garden center. As far as survival rate, I had a 100% survival rate, even when a few of the hostas had root rot and mold on them, I planted them anyway and they eventually grew into large plants! If you have a large area of shade and want a beautiful lush ground cover ( and don't mind waiting 2-3 years), buy several hundred of these and watch them take over.
There are also bulk discounts on many other things such as daylilies, grasses, etc. These are what makes ordering from here worth every penny, and can save you hundreds of dollars when planting a large area.
The negative part of this company I find, is that when ordering single plants, they arrive small and sometimes not in the greatest shape, compared to the price they charge. I find that going to a local nursery, you can get a plant that is bigger, with more roots, and in a larger pot for a comparable price. But to be fair, I have ordered from many mail order companies, and they ARE ALL this way, so this is not really different than any other company.
What you have to decide is what plants you want, and search the local nursery's for them, to get better plants for same or cheaper. Then if the ones you want aren't available, bite the bullet and order from a mail order company. This company will be comparable to most others in value you get for your money. They are also quite good at customer satisfaction and helping you get replacements if your plants are not up to expectations.
The message to take away from my review is... If you buy certain items in bulk from Gilbert H. Wild, you WILL NOT find a better deal anywhere from a mail order company! Save$$$$$$

Positive mikesupholstery
(1 review)
On Dec 15, 2013, mikesupholstery Hartsville, SC wrote:

I have made several big orders from Gilbert H Wild.
Every bulb and plant was of the highest quality and always got a few surprize freebies They will continue to get my bussiness in 2014

Positive BoxTurtle
(1 review)
On Nov 4, 2013, BoxTurtle Woodbridge, VA wrote:

I absolutely adore the Gilbert H. Wild end of season sales. I have taken advantage of them a couple of times now, and am never disappointed. Their prices put stars in my eyes and I order myself dizzy. If I order three each of several varieties of daylilies, the box comes with three clumps of roots for each variety and most of the clumps need dividing until it seems like I am never going to finish getting them in the ground - my very favorite complaint! If a few plants are a tad smaller, then they are in the minority and well compensated for by the many that are larger than I expected... and of course I suspect my expectations will have been inflated by the big divisible roots I'm pulling out of the box! This year I got good-looking irises, hostas and daylilies, glorious daylilies.

Positive mousingaround
(1 review)
On Oct 14, 2013, mousingaround Springfield, MO wrote:

I have ordered 3 times from this company this year. Every order was filled and promptly arrived in excellant packaging. Sometimes I thought one of the plants I ordered was a little on the small side, and then I would see several were much larger than expected. That is not a complainable offense and I'm tired of reading about a plant wasn't just right or perfect. They are plants! Anyone who grows anything, whether back yard enthusiasts or a pro know that plants don't come in one size fits all. They are as individual as the customer ordering them. If the plant is ridiculously small then complain, if you happen to get one too large then be sure to complain about that as well! For some reason I bet that has never happened.

Positive ycn4chin
(29 reviews)
On Sep 18, 2013, ycn4chin Dickson, TN wrote:

Posted on March 21, 2011, updated September 18, 2013
I also received the $10 off coupon on 03-11-11, and entered it when I checked out. I had no problems and quickly received an email confirmation. I was happy they took Paypal, too. I ordered three peonies. They arrived this past week, and were very nice with firm roots and nice eyes. I also received a free daylily. I forwarded their coupon to several people, and they placed orders using it with no problems, and have received their plants, too. Gilbert Wild has a large variety at good prices.

On September 18th, 2013, ycn4chin added the following:

I ordered 5 peonies in May during their late season sale. All divisions were healthy with many eyes. All came up and have grown through the summer. I look forward to blooms on them next spring.
Positive scgreenstein
(1 review)
On Sep 11, 2013, scgreenstein Troy, NY wrote:

Posted on September 11, 2013, updated September 11, 2013
Posted on June 2, 2013, updated September 11, 2013
I ordered some canna - maybe 20 altogether in various varieties. They were delivered timely, and now after almost a month in the ground they are starting to come to life. The price was good and they seemed in good condition on arrival. The slow growing is not Wild's fault - next year I will start them in pots a bit earlier. Last fall I ordered peonies, and almost all are up and several flowered (despite first year). Considering I don;t agonize over how I plant, I am happy with both orders.

On September 11th, 2013, scgreenstein added the following:

On September 11th, 2013, scgreenstein added the following:

I just received some peonies and iris for fall planting. I expected the iris sooner, but they were held to be sent with the peonies. The peonies had visible eyes (it helped with knowing how to best orient it into the ground) and the iris were in separate pots with extensive roots. The price was very good. I continue to be very pleased with this company.
(and 6 of the canna are in bloom now)
Positive pamtimes2
(1 review)
On Aug 26, 2013, pamtimes2 Jenks, OK wrote:

Posted on May 29, 2013, updated August 26, 2013
I ordered a 150 hostas from Wild & Son. Because I had over 100 feet of border, I ordered the buy one get one free and the unlabeled collection of roots. All of the plants arrived in excellent condition. The 100 roots were in 4 sacks of 25. I did note that there were a number of roots which had one eye instead of the 2 that had been promised. However in counting out the roots I found they had more than made up for that fact. They were all very fresh and within a week of planting shoots are coming up from most of them. All things considered I feel like I got a bargain. They also threw in 3 day lily starts. I have to admit that I was concerned because they had a fair amount of negative reviews. I am very please at both the quality and the price. I have ordered hosta roots from big name nurseries and those were not in as good a shape and for a much higher price. I give them a very positive review.

On August 26th, 2013, pamtimes2 added the following:

The plants have been in and growing for several months, I remain pleased with them, it appears to be a nice assortment of color and shapes. Faced with close to 100 feet of border, i am very happy with the result. The price was right - I think I got a real bargain.
Positive GingerMA
(12 reviews)
On Jul 23, 2013, GingerMA West Springfield, MA wrote:

I recently placed an order with the company when I saw that the daylilies were on sale. I bought about 15 different varieties, and a few of them were less than two dollars each. I didn't expect much since I didn't pay a lot for the plants. However, when I saw what was sent to me, I have to admit that the company way exceeded my expectation. First, the daylilies were extremely well packed. Secondly, many of the plants were double fans or more. They all have large root systems, including the deeply discounted ones. I couldn't be happier and this is definitely one of the nurseries I will continue to shop with.

Positive crowrita1
(17 reviews)
On Jul 20, 2013, crowrita1 Lyndon, IL (Zone 5a) wrote:

I recently received an order from Wild's, and was quite impressed with the rapid response, order arriving a week after ordering! Plant size , and health looked great, and a nice little bonus, also. I was VERY impressed with the 1 iris that I ordered. It was "potted", and I've never received a "potted" iris before , from anyone! The rhizome was on the small side, but, the root system was amazing, and the leaves green, and healthy .The iris was actively growing,not dormant as with the bare root rhizomes one usually gets, and is growing at an amazing rate! I only wish they had a larger selection of iris ! Daylilies were nice, large fans, and the mums were very nice also...Thank You!

Positive lkfriedman
(2 reviews)
On Jul 9, 2013, lkfriedman Washington D.C.
United States wrote:

Posted on June 28, 2013, updated July 9, 2013
I ordered about a dozen plants (hostas and daylilies) from Wild and Son. The plants arrived 6 days after I placed my order.

All the plants were large (compared to hostas and daylilies I've ordered from other mail order sources) and extremely healthy. The daylilies had 2-3 fans and lots of plump roots. The hostas had leaves on them and looked like they could have been dug from my garden the day before.

Everything was extremely well packed and labeled, and I received all the plants I ordered. Because the hostas had leaves on them, I could tell they were the correct plants. I won't know about the daylilies until they bloom next year, but I assume they're also the right plants.

I was very pleased with my purchase and wouldn't hesitate to order from Wild and Son again.

On July 9th, 2013, lkfriedman added the following:

UPDATE ON JULY 9, 2013. I was so pleased with my first order from Wild and Son that I ordered a dozen more daylilies. Again, the plants arrived shortly after I ordered them and were large, healthy, had several fans, and lots of fat roots.

When I received my first order, I put the daylilies in pots (to nurse them through our hot and sometimes dry Washington summer until they could be planted in the fall). After 2 weeks, all six daylilies have new green shoots and two (different varieties) have even produced a scape with buds. Because I'm generally very pleased when a daylily that I order by mail blooms the first year, I was thrilled to see buds on a mail-order daylily only a couple of weeks after I potted it.

Needless to say, I'm a very happy camper (and gardener)! I'd order from Wild and Son again in a heartbeat.
Positive sequinqueen
(1 review)
On Jul 1, 2013, sequinqueen Mountainburg, AR wrote:

Posted on June 25, 2013, updated July 1, 2013
Being the owner of an online company, I am hesitant to leave neutral feedback, but my opinion is mixed and neither positive nor negative.

We have ordered from Wilds for several years with mixed results. Many of the daylilies we have received, we have been well pleased with, but we will no longer order hostas from them, because the ones we have ordered we have paid nursery price for, and have been sent small plants that are still struggling years after being planted (whereas hostas in the same bed purchased elsewhere are thriving).

We ordered the peony collection from them in the past, and my opinion on it again is mixed. Most of what was sent was in perfect condition, and many were huge, however, we expected a mix of pink, white and red as the website stated, but the overwhelming majority of them were white. Same with the Oriental lily mix. We ordered it once, and now that they have all come up, the majority of the lillies are white, but disappointingly, most of them are also trumpet lillies, not the oriental stargazer-type lilies that we expected. We ordered it again, thinking the first time was a fluke, but these too are mostly white, and mostly trumpet lilies. To be fair though, we have ordered the oriental lilies individually (Rio Negro specifically) and these were indeed what we ordered.

My advice after placing several orders with them over the years is do not order the mixes or collections unless you have absolutely no expectations about what you will receive, and do not order hostas unless you have years to wait for them to catch up to similarly aged and similarly planted hostas.

I did not contact the company about my concerns, as it was far past the 30 day limit as stated on their website, and I did not care to dig the bulbs up and send them back.

On July 1st, 2013, sequinqueen changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

While I'm still reluctant to endorse purchase of hostas from Wild's, I've decided to change my rating in regards to the lilies. Yes, the Oriental mix was not what we expected, and was not the lilies shown on the site. However, after looking some of them up online, it appears that we received some orienpets that are actually pretty pricey online. Though we didn't receive the stargazer and rio negro-types that we expected, we got an excellent value.
Positive SheilaMae
(1 review)
On Jun 28, 2013, SheilaMae Aiken, SC wrote:

I received my order from Gilbert H. Wild and Son today. It was delivered the exact day I was expecting it. I was able to track it all the way to my door.

I ordered 8 different varieties of daylilies and 1 Minnie Pearl phlox. All the daylilies were 2 fans with nice, plump roots. They weren't dried out at all. I'd say they had a substantial root system and the plants weren't overly stressed.

I plan on putting them in the new bed I'm making tomorrow. I'll let you know next Spring or even this Fall how they make out in South Carolina. For the cost, I was extremely pleased with my order. So far it's the most cost effective seller I've found. I did order from Oakes and they were very nice plants and all bloomed this year but they cost a good bit more.

So, I'm very happy today!

Oh, and the free plant was a pink oriental lily. Looking forward to that if I can keep the rabbits away from it!

Positive Herbertheilig
(1 review)
On Jun 12, 2013, Herbertheilig Spencer Mountain, NC wrote:

I recently placed an order with this company. I received their plants which were well packed and healthy but there was some confusion with the order. I called and discussed this with Greg Jones, the owner. I have never had such a positive experience when calling to try to straighten out a minor problem. The owner turned himself inside out to clear up the matter. I am 73 years old and have never had a person go so beyond what was right to correct a minor problem. I have since re-ordered twice. The owner is trying very hard to do what is beyond right to clear up problems. I am very impressed and will continue to do business with a company whose owner is so interested in his customers!

Positive ComoKate
(1 review)
On Jun 8, 2013, ComoKate St Paul, MN wrote:

I have ordered, successfully, from this company several times over the past few years and have never been disappointed with either the plants or the price. Most of the items I have purchased have been hostas, day lillies, and a few irises. All were fat, healthy bulbs, tubers, eyes that were so juicy they looked edible ! They were carefully packed and labeled. I feel this company has excellent products, prices and customer service. I am on their catalogue mailing list and look forward to receiving the colorful pages a few times ( different sales and such) during the season. I share the catalogue at work and with friends and they are always impressed with the photos, selection and prices. I will continue to order from this company as long as they are in business!

Positive MNWildflower
(8 reviews)
On Jun 5, 2013, MNWildflower Kasota, MN (Zone 4a) wrote:

Posted on May 3, 2013, updated June 5, 2013
Oh boy, I broke my cardinal rule & ordered from a website before checking their rating on DG! I hope I don't regret it. For now I'll give the company a positive rating because placing the order went smoothly & I thought their shipping charge was very reasonable.

On June 5th, 2013, MNWildflower added the following:

Received my order a few weeks ago. Everything was well packaged & labeled. I planted my peonies & day lilies the day I received the shipment. All the plants seem to be doing very well & growing. Very pleased with my purchases & I would buy from Gilbert H. Wild and Son again.
Positive neohiogardener
(4 reviews)
On Jun 5, 2013, neohiogardener Struthers, OH wrote:

I ordered a few plants a couple of years ago that arrived in good condition, so I gave them another order this spring. Again, the plants were carefully packaged, labeled, and arrived safely. All plants are doing well in my garden. Compared to other companies, the plants are a little smaller, but for the price, well worth the money. I have been happy with both of my purchases and would not hesitate to order again.

Positive cowboy
(9 reviews)
On Jun 1, 2013, cowboy cairo, GA (Zone 8b) wrote:

Years ago in the midwest i ordered several times, with satisfaction. Now home deep in Dixie, In 03 I ordered at least once. The last two years I have ordered multiple times. I am well pleased! There will be another daylily order in a few weeks.

Positive jacintac
(3 reviews)
On Apr 4, 2013, jacintac Fairfield, CT wrote:

I recently purchased the 50 misc bargain hostas. I received 50, but some seemed to have no eyes although most had one or 2. However, 47 of the 50 came up so although I had my doubts when I saw the bare roots, that's not too bad a showing for the very low price.

Positive jmwandtmr96
(1 review)
On Apr 4, 2013, jmwandtmr96 Chackbay, LA wrote:

I indicated I was anxious to get the day lily plants asap since I would be leaving town, but I did not pay an extra fee; nevertheless the plants arrived VERY quickly. They all are very healthy and the "50" was very generous indeed. If these plants don't do well, it will be my fault, not Gilbert's. I am extremely satisfied

(5 reviews)
On Feb 26, 2013, SHELBYCOREALTOR Fairfield, AL wrote:

I ordered several types of Sale Hostas from the Gilbert H. Wild & Son. When I opened the carefully and well packed shipping crates, a few of the plant's root were growing out of the pots. Some of them looked to be in critical condition, a few looked damaged from being jammed into the crate because they were so large. I planted them per their directions and a most of them did not make it. I contacted the company and I was told the ordered would be replaced in the fall due to them being out of stock at the time. Was disappointed I had to wait months for replacements but weeks before I expected, my replacement order arrived. I will only order Hostas from them. They stand behind their products and their Customer Service is wonderful. Other companies could learn from them.

Positive joebush2
(2 reviews)
On Oct 11, 2012, joebush2 Berea, OH wrote:

Gilbert H. Wild and Sons

I love our garden. I spend more time thinking and planning over the winter months what to plant next.

I ordered four beautifully photographed Solange Cream White Peonies from Gilbert H. Wild and Sons two years ago. In my mind that winter I knew precisely where I would plant them.

But in the two years it took for them to mature to the point of flowering it became evident that three of the peonies were not white Solange variety.

I contacted Gilbert H. Wild and Sons and explained my disappointment in their packager's error. To my delight they contacted me immediately by email, advised they would correct the error but would wait until fall, the proper planting time to ship these.

Sure enough the replacement peonies roots arrived, beautiful, big healthy roots, and they even threw in a sample of another peony.

G. H. Wild and Son is an old fashion flowering plant nursery, old fashion in the very best of ways. They are busy, so mistakes happen. But I would not hesitate ordering again(and I find room!)

Two green thumbs up for G. H. Wild and Son!

Joe Bush
Berea, OH

Positive JuliaNY
(12 reviews)
On Oct 9, 2012, JuliaNY Dundee, NY wrote:

Received my order of peonies today. Ordered 2 (Raspberry Sundae and Duchess de Nemours) and they arrived well packaged and I can see they have between 3 to 5 eyes as promised. They shipped as promised and provided a tracking number.

I'll come back next spring and report on how well they are doing.

Positive buxtehude
(1 review)
On Oct 4, 2012, buxtehude Pittsburgh, PA wrote:

Posted on October 4, 2011, updated October 4, 2012
Posted on March 25, 2011, updated October 4, 2011
Posted on August 7, 2010, updated March 25, 2011
I have always received wonderful plants and good service from this company. I repeat ALWAYS! Plants, especially perennials, are living things and take time to grow and develop into full grown specimens. In our instant gratification society, we want big, large plants and we want them now! A peony takes a full 3 years to develop, no matter where you buy it. Same with hosta and daylilies. Many people here on this forum expect miracles the first year of planting. With perennials, it just isn't going to happen.

On March 25th, 2011, buxtehude added the following:

I have made my order at Wild's again this year, and I can't wait to receive it. I live in zone 5, so it is to arrive here in Pittsburgh at the end of April. Their plants and their shipping costs are always reasonable. If you order $60.00 or more, you get free shipping. That is incredible in this day and age. I love their peonies and daylilies. They have great plants at fair prices!
On October 4th, 2011, buxtehude added the following:

Last week, I received my fall order from Wilds. Everything was packed wonderfully, and all arrived in perfectly healthy condition. I ordered Alabama Jubilee and Primal Scream daylilies, hostas Sagae and Praying Hands. Also ordered 3 orienpet lily bulbs. They were all nice sized planted. I planted the daylilies and hostas almost immediately, and we have had a nice soaking rain here in Pittsburgh for the past week, so that the plants are getting a good established root system before the fall. The total shipping cost was $9.00, which is wonderful. Most competitive nurseries are charging 2 or 3 times that just for shipping. I would highly recommend Wilds. I have never been disappointed in their plants.
On October 4th, 2012, buxtehude added the following:

I just received a fall order from Wild's. Daylily "Mateus", Iris "Betsey Boo" and "Beverly Sills," Hosta "Dream Weaver" and "Sum and Substance." All arrived in fine condition, ready for planting. Nice sized plants too! Even a free daylily, "Family Reunion" thrown in for good measure. I know of no company offering a freebie anymore. Thanks Wilds!
Positive mmarnold71
(1 review)
On Aug 11, 2012, mmarnold71 Lockport, NY wrote:

I just recieved a order of twelve hostas from Gilbert H Wild and am very happy with it.Well packeged and timely shipping.The plants where larger than i thought they would be and in great condition.I will continue to do business with them.

Positive dcartphoto
(1 review)
On May 26, 2012, dcartphoto Fort Dodge, IA wrote:

Thank you Gilbertwild for such a speedy delivery! I got my plants in less then a week! Packaging was excellent and the plants looked fantastic! I will be ordering more from you in the future.

Positive carolinemueller
(1 review)
On May 17, 2012, carolinemueller Madison, WI wrote:

First time I've ever left a Dave's Garden review, but I was so happy with my order I had to share! I ordered 60 mixed asiatic bulbs which were good sized and wonderfully packaged, but the real winners were the peonies! I ordered a "mystery" set they had found unlabeled in a cooler to add to my cutting garden, and I have never seen healthier, larger roots! I potted them up about three weeks ago, and they're already two feet tall with 5-7 strong shoots form each root. They're going to be huge in no time. Thanks GH Wild & Sons - I'll be ordering again!

Positive JoeConLamSouth
(1 review)
On May 10, 2012, JoeConLamSouth Bartlett, TN wrote:

Posted on May 10, 2012, updated May 10, 2012
WOW wow WOW wow We LOVEEEEEEEEEEE you!!!!!!!
We ordered 8 Peonies and 2 sets of 5 and 3 peonies(They all l of 16 peonies.Con (my best friend) called me from work and said wow Joe the peonies are very nice and big. I was thinking to myself yea right I will see if it was true when I see them tonight (last night) because I have ordered alot more than him. I have ordered from Brecks, Michigan Bulb, bulbsdirect (came from Holland), Ebay and Amazon, When he brought them to my house and when he open the big box, We Were Saying WOWWWWWW when we both saw how nice and big all of the peonies tubers were. This is my first time ever leaving feedback on a company but Gilbert will get my business for now on. I (Joe) has ordered at least 400 to 600 dollars of just in peonies this year alone. I wish I had ordered from Gilbert first because I would have spent more on them this year instead of ordered from Brecks , Michigan Bulb and ebay which they are good companys but the peonies i have received were alot smaller than the ones we received from Gilbert.
Some of the eyes were broken off from the shipping but they will grow back .
I will buy from them again very soon. In my book Gilbert is one of the best!
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sending us some nice peonies from the bottom of my heart.

It really takes 2 years for peonies to bloom really good and remember do NOT plant them more than 2 inches because if you do plant them more than 2" they will be green but will NOT bloom.
I just thought I would share it since I have over 300 peonies
God bless
Joe from Bartlett/Memphis TN

On May 10th, 2012, JoeConLamSouth added the following:

for some reason my post left out some info at the (they were all labeled) and the 5 and 3 sets were grab bags I knew the 5 (my) will be labeled since it was metion in the ad but in Con Set of 3 grab bag It wasn't mention they will be label but to our supprise they were also labeled :) I wish I have ordered more of the grab bags :)
Thank you very much
Joe and Con
Positive monpenta
(1 review)
On May 8, 2012, monpenta Saint Charles, IL wrote:

Posted on May 8, 2012, updated May 8, 2012
I placed an order for 3 rhizomes for the gold standard Red Charm peony on 5/1/12 and hoped to receive these in time for Mother's Day. These were nicely packed in a small box and arrived by Friday of that week! I unpacked them immediately from their airtight plastic bags (which were clearly labeled) because something smelled like it was decaying. One of the rhizomes had a bit of a squishy end but otherwise the roots were intact with a couple of buds on two roots that had already begun to grow. I called the company prior to ordering because I understood that Fall is the best time to plant peony roots because they need a cold spell. The customer service person explained that "these roots were dug up last season and were overwintered in a cooler - they should take off with 2-3 eyes/root and hopefully bloom this season because of the cold weather treatment." Enclosed were 2 free hardy bareroot lilies that went right into the ground at my house. The red charm are in 3 gallon pots for easy watering and transport for Mother's Day. Thank you for quick, reliable service! I'll give you 5 stars for speed of delivery and will give you a rating regarding quality of rhizomes when I can evaluate their growth and performance.

On May 8th, 2012, monpenta added the following:

Thank you for the quick FedEx delivery which is wonderful for the very reasonable shipping and handling fee!
Positive goldilocks0613
(9 reviews)
On Apr 26, 2012, goldilocks0613 Conroe, TX wrote:

This is the second time I have ordered from GH Wild. They don't send the largest daylily plants in the industry, however this time the packing was ingenious. The plants came in small pots, and packaged in cardboard tubes. The dirt was just barely damp, so there was no damage to the roots.
I had to e-mail them to find out when the plants were shipped, but they responded very promptly. The only problem I can see is that they only sent one fan, and for the price ($10-12) they should have sent at least two. I got a bonus daylily that had 3 fans, however.

Positive MargotofUrbs
(1 review)
On Apr 15, 2012, MargotofUrbs Columbus, IN wrote:

I have always had good luck with Gilbert Wild plants. Size of plants have never seemed to make a difference in how well my plants grew. I did have some daylilies that took until the 2nd year to bloom, but I think it is a difference in soils. For example, I received 2 of the same daylily and gave one to a friend. His bloomed gorgeously the first year. Mine didn't bloom until the second. We live 2 blocks apart. Go figure. Value for the Gilbert Wild plants is very good.

Positive linus6800
(3 reviews)
On Apr 14, 2012, linus6800 Tellico Plains, TN wrote:

I received my order today from Gilbert H Wild and I am so pleased. I wasn't expecting too much from the peony grab bag I ordered as the price was very inexpensive but I was shocked to see large healthy plants all with a minimum 3-4 growing eyes. They were better, in fact, than peonies that I had paid 4 times as much from another nursery. I was also pleased with the daylilies that I ordered, they were large, fresh and healthy and I appreciated the freebie,which was included in my order. My experience was great and I will most certainly order from them again.

Positive JMKM1976
(16 reviews)
On Apr 4, 2012, JMKM1976 Hornell, NY wrote:

Posted on December 30, 2011, updated April 4, 2012
Posted on May 14, 2011, updated December 30, 2011
Posted on March 21, 2011, updated May 14, 2011
This is my first time ordering from G.H. Wild & Son, and so far, the expereince has been positive in that I recieved a confirmation of my order via email and the website was easy to navigate.

The selection is amazing and I had to restrain myself to stay within my gardening budget for new irises, daylilies, hostas and perennials; they have a nice selection of grasses and lilies but I had already placed a large lily bulb order with another company before going to the G.H. WIld and Son website... and I am not really very fond of grasses, but if you are one who likes ornamental grasses, then you might want to look at their catalog.

In any case, I could have spent thousands of dollars and it took all the restraint I had and I still went over what I had intended to spend on daylilies, irises and hostas by almost $50 (oops! lol)... butI can't wait to recieve my plants, even though I requested shipping occur for zone 5 planting.

This is what I ordered:

Daylily Lucky Dozen (13 daylilies)
Custard Candy Daylily
Elegant Candy Daylily
Blueberry Candy Daylily
Wineberry Candy Daylily
Daring Deception Daylily
Gordon Briggs Daylily
Inwood Daylily
El Desperado Daylily
Pretty in Pink Daylily
Hostas by the Handful 100 plants
Iris Top 20 Collection
Be Dazzled Iris
Peony Bushel of Blooms (3)
Perennial Coneflower Collection (4 coneflowers)

On May 14th, 2011, JMKM1976 added the following:

I recieved my order from G.H. Wild a few days ago and I was VERY impressed. There were two very large, heavy boxes via FedEx just packed to the brim with large, husky plants.

One box contained 100 mixed hostas divided into bags of 25. 99% of the hostas were showing signs of life, 98% were at least 5 eyes and, when planting these, there were actually more like 110 hostas!

The other box contained irises, daydlilies, peonies and a coneflower collection. The irises were all very nice, big fans all labelled with the iris name, color and height and well rooted into 4" pots.

The daylilies were all big fans, all of them were at least double fans and some were triple. Each bundle of daylily fans were held together by a tag bearing the name and height of the daylily. There was also a free daylily!

The peony roots were very large and labelled with the variety. I've never purchased a peony root so large from any other source. The only way I have gotten such large peony roots has been through friends and neighbors while swapping and sharing garden plants.

The coneflowers were smaller but viable, strong and well rooted into 4" pots and definately worth the price paid for the collection.

I'm glad to see G.H. Wild reads this forum because to me it shows that they care about customer opinions. I would like to let G.H. Wild's know that, I did not know and would never have found their company at all if not for Dave's Garden Watchdog.

I've had many bad expereinces with lesser nurseries, those that do not care whether they are providing even a minimal quality of product or customer service. Thus, if there were no Dave's Garden, I simply would not purchase by mail order at all because there would be no way to be even moderately certain that I was dealing with a good company. I've simply had enough of paying hard-earned money out for rotten, diseased and dead plants. Basically, each year, the money I put into my gardens ends up adding up to a major purachse- from $500 to $1000. I want viable plants and good products and if I can't verify that a company adheres to decent practices and fair policies, I want nothing to do with them. That's why I come to Dave's Garden, to find decent companies to fill my many flower beds, add to my fruit and berry orchard and grow the best, most productive varieties possible in my 1/2 acre vegetable garden.

In essence, I want to work with companies that take gardening and quality as seriously as I do and are willing to work as hard as I do to add beauty and bounty to my endeavors. Gilbert H. Wild's is one of those great companies and I will continue to do business with this company because I am extremely pleased with my order and the customer service.

G.H. Wild is, in my opinion, one of those companies that set the standard for other companies to live up to, it is unfortunate that there are difficult and unappeasable folks out there that place a great company on the defensive over, what seem to me to be, relatively petty issues.
On December 30th, 2011, JMKM1976 added the following:

I had great success with the plants received from GH Wild this summer. I'm very pleased with the plants I purchased and all were thriving when winter cold (finally) came to my area.

I'm looking forward to the 2012 growing season and GH Wild is on my list of places to shop. I have no qualms about purchasing some more expensive varieties of daylilies and peonies and adding irises to my iris beds.

I don't know if GH Wild's has considered expanding their perennials, if they do, I'll be sure to shop those as well.
On April 4th, 2012, JMKM1976 added the following:

First, I ordered lots of plants from GH Wild last year and those are coming up beautifully this spring!!!! The hostas and peonies have grown considerably and several of the irises have multiplied too! Most of the daylilies appear to be coming up with three or more fans too. The coneflowers woke up with the unusually warm March weather and look great, though I added a thin layer of mulch over all my leafing perennials that wouldn't normally wake up for 4 to 6 more weeks when the weather turned and hard freezes began.

I received my most recent order from GH Wild yesterday for 4 varieties of daylilies (French Tudor, Hush Little Baby. South Seas and Yellowstone), 4 varieties of potted irises (Tumalo Sunset, Unchain My Heart, Red Zinger and King Tush), one hosta (Empress Wu), a 5 Bushel of Blooms Peony offer, the Let the Bell Ring Collection (heuchera) and a Blanket Flower (gaillardia)collection which contained 11 plants total, which included:

(Let the Bell Ring Collection)
Christa Coral Bells, Electra Coral Bells, Georgia Peach Coral Bells, Marmalade Coral Bells, Melting Fire Coral Bells Plum Pudding Coral Bells and the bonus Golden Zebra Foamy Bells

(Blanket Flower Collection)
Arizona Sun Blanket Flower
Arizona Red Shades Blanket Flower
Arizona Apricot Blanket Flower
Fanfare Blanket Flower

Everything was packaged very well with a LOT of protection. It took me about an hour to free the plants from the cardboard protectors and brush off the shredded paper. It was a little messy, but my plants were definately packaged to travel safely, which is worth two minutes to vacuum the escaped paper bits. I would also mention I prefer paper bits and organic material to packing peanuts and styrofoam that I can't compost! Besides that, I think the paper bits help to retain moisture in the box too, since it was a little damp.

The peonies were good sized, especially considering they cost just $4 each, way better than one I bought at Walmart this spring that isn't liekly to produce any flowers for several years! I wouldn't be surprised to see these peonies produce a flower or two next year, since I bought some last year and those plants are coming up this spring about half the size of plants that have been established for years.

The daylilies are big fans considering the varieties. Anyone buying daylilies should consider the height and habit of the varieties they order when assessing the size of the roots; the fan size for a daylily like Justin George can't be compared to the fan size for a daylily like Hyperion.

The coral bells and blanket flowers are all good sized. I've bought may coral bells and have grown them for years, I am positive that once these lovely plants are tucked into their new homes, they will put on the same amazing leaf show as all the others I have. The blanket flowers are quite healthy as well and I can't wait to see them blooming their bright daisy-types flowers.

The hosta is potted and looks healthy and happy. I have no concerns that it will grow and multiply and emerge as a much bigger plant next year.

GH Wild's is a fabulous company and sends strong, excellent potted and bare root plants! I haven't gotten their surplus catalog yet but I've gone to their site to browse and suspect that I will be placing another order this year. I love this company!!!!!!!!

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