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Positive kingsplacefarms
(1 review)
On Jan 26, 2015, kingsplacefarms Brandon, MS wrote:

Great Service - Fast Delivery and the trees looked great.

Positive wdrowland53
(1 review)
On Jan 14, 2015, wdrowland53 Nashville, GA wrote:

From the very beginning, my experience with Thuja Gardens was superb. The information online was extremely helpful, and the trees I ordered arrived in packages that were very secure -- it was as though I just brought them home from a local nursery.

Roy was very helpful when I called regarding information about my order. Unlike many folks, he actually answered his phone; did not have to rely on voicemail and hope of receiving a call back. Roy also responded to my emails very quickly, which was even more surprising.

When I changed my order to take advantage of a reduced price for buying two trees instead of one, Roy quickly refunded the cost savings back to my bank card. He also provided FedEx tracking information when my trees were shipped to my home.

I most definitely recommend Thuja Gardens for anyone who wants to order trees and plants online. Roy will look after you and make sure you get what you expect.

Positive kxhawkins
(1 review)
On Oct 21, 2014, kxhawkins Alexander, AR wrote:

Bought 25 thuja trees and was surprised at how fast they got here. Sent two emails to Roy and both were responded to very quickly. Just finished getting all the thuja in the ground and they look fantastic. All were packed well and arrived in great shape. Will definitely do more business here.

Positive iceblink
(1 review)
On Oct 1, 2014, iceblink Elizabethtown, KY wrote:

We bought Green Giant Arborvitae trees from Thuja Gardens. The trees we received were great - very healthy and also the correct size we ordered. We received everything that we ordered. The costs of these trees was also very great and much better than other sites. We also couldn't buy these trees in our city. So we will buy more of them from this company in the future. Roy Lawing responded to me very quickly with good communication in email also. So overall we are very happy with these great trees and we love them.

Positive farmervern
(1 review)
On Sep 25, 2014, farmervern Topeka, KS wrote:

I simply could not believe my eyes when my order of 100 Thuja trees arrived. They are the best I have ever seen. That said, while communication was a tad slow; it was WELL worth the wait> I look forward to ordering from these guys because you can tell they really LOVE their plants!

Positive twhoffma
(1 review)
On Jul 23, 2014, twhoffma Mooresville, NC wrote:

I ordered 25 Thuja Green Giant Hybrid arborvitaes Seedlings and received my shipment in a timely manner. They transplanted well and all already triple the size. I am super excited about the product and would recommend placing an order with the company.

With respect to the customer service, it has been great. Any email has been replied to and with great information. I am extremely happy that I choose to order from Thuja Gardens.

Positive biancaalynn
(1 review)
On Jun 1, 2014, biancaalynn Bratenahl, OH wrote:

A+! I would highly recommend Thuja Gardens for their superior product and outstandingly positive customer service!

Positive alankacz
(1 review)
On May 30, 2014, alankacz Hamburg, NY wrote:

I purchased 12 of the five gallon green giant thujas in the fall of 2013. We had a very very hard winter here in Hamburg New York. The average daily temperature in Feburary was 8 degrees. Three of the 12 trees I had planted died. After speaking with Roy Lawing at Thuja Garden Center and explaining the situation, he promptly sent three replacement trees free of charge. The replacement trees were of very high quality. To date in the last three years I have purchased a total of 50 Thuja Green Giants to create a privacy screen in my back yard and these were the only three that died. The trees always arrive in excellent condition and help is always available via e-mail or phone if I have any questions concerns about the trees. They are very hardy and survived the drought of 2012 with minimal watering. I would recommend the trees and Thuja Garden Center to anyone needing trees of high quality and reasonable pricing. ---- Alan Kaczmarczyk Hamburg, New York.

Positive BMinIL
(1 review)
On May 28, 2014, BMinIL Jacksonville, IL wrote:

I recently ordered trees from Thuja Gardens and although a mix-up occurred, Mr. & Mrs. Lawing came through with flying colors in customer service. Not only did they correct the problem but they went above and beyond their responsibilities to compensate me for the confusion. I would definitely do business with them again. I give them an A+ for customer service.

Positive NancyL322
(1 review)
On May 24, 2014, NancyL322 Cave Spring, VA wrote:

I purchased 6 trees from Thuja Gardens last year. I was encouraged by the 18 month guarantee. Unfortunately, over the winter, I lost 3 of the 6. I dreaded calling and putting that guarantee to test, but Roy absolutely made it right. He had me measure the remaining trees so he would know which size to send. I provided him with the info on a Monday morning. He said the replacements would ship on Tuesday (and emailed me to let me know they were on the way!) Sure enough, they arrived on Wednesday. They looked great! No problems at all! Would definitely buy from them again!

Positive okiefam
(1 review)
On May 19, 2014, okiefam Oberlin, KS wrote:

I placed an order in March 2014 for 57 Murray Cypruss trees and received delivery in less than a week. I was very impressed with the quality of the trees and the time and effort that was put into the packaging. Roy and Thuja Gardens have delivered more than I expected and I have been very satisfied with my experience. I will not hesitate to order again from these folks again. Thank you so much!

Positive ldycabdrvr
(1 review)
On May 13, 2014, ldycabdrvr Iowa City, IA wrote:

Very Happy Customer! I ordered a clump of three 5' to 7' Heritage River Birches from Thuja Gardens on 4/03. On 4/08, I was surprised to receive an email notice from Roy that I had been refunded nearly 55% of the purchase price. When my order arrived on 4/11, I opened it to find three beautiful, carefully packed 4' trees with healthy root systems, lovely shapes and tiny leaves! I paid far less than these were worth! The trees were doing great until a rabbit bit one off two days ago. I was crushed. I emailed Roy to ask if I could order just one birch instead of a clump and, get this, Thuja is sending me a free birch!! My experience with Thuja has been great. I look forward to doing business with them again, and I will recommend them to friends!
-Helene Lubaroff (ldycabdrvr)

Positive jtucker350
(1 review)
On May 13, 2014, jtucker350 Mansfield, OH wrote:

I ordered 10 Murray Cypress trees at the end of 2012. They were nice trees and grew very fast. Unfortunately they died over this winter. We had unusually fridged temps, which I am sure is why they died. Thuja replaced them for me, no problem.

Positive Tolkien1
(1 review)
On Apr 26, 2014, Tolkien1 Pittsburgh, PA wrote:

Posted on April 26, 2014, updated April 26, 2014
I have been using Thuja Gardens for two years and have had four orders completed. Shipment was made immediately and all the items were in good condition. In the course of dealing I have obtained over 20 different shrubs and tress, and I have had one item which did not do well, mostly because of deer damage. Larry sent me a replacement at a fraction of the cost, even though I suspect the issue had nothing to do with the shrub I received. Would recommend him to anyone. Bill from Pittsburgh.

On April 26th, 2014, Tolkien1 added the following:

I meant "Roy" not "Larry" in my previous comment.
Positive ranata
(1 review)
On Apr 25, 2014, ranata Tonganoxie, KS wrote:

I just received my 100 trees they looked & smelled great. I will order more plants from this company. Very happy with everything.

Positive lcnye
(1 review)
On Apr 25, 2014, lcnye CRANBERRY TWP, PA wrote:

I placed an order for 6 Murray Cypress 3 gallon trees in September of 2013. The trees arrived within a week and were one of the best looking trees I have received from an internet order, not only were they healthy looking it was one of the best packaging jobs I have seen.
I planted the tress within two days after arrival and maintained them daily as you would do with any new plant. They took off like wildfire never wilted or became stressed and even grow a few inches.
In January of 2014 I noticed that they were not doing very well they were losing their color. I was not very concerned due to the unusual cold and long winter we had in Pa. last year.
April 19th 2014 I contacted Roy at Thuja Gardens and explained that the trees have died. With no questions asked replacement trees were ship April 22nd and I just received them April 25, 2014.
In my opinion Roy and the Thuja staff are top notch. I would not hesitate to place a another order from Roy.

Positive Gelfla
(1 review)
On Apr 25, 2014, Gelfla Gardere, LA wrote:

I ordered 8 Thuja Green Giant trees (1 gallon size) from Roy in January and they were shipped immediately. Then I ordered 4 more in April since I was so pleased with my first order. The trees from January have already doubled in size and are extremely healthy. I can't wait to plan the other 4 and create the privacy screen across my back yard to hide the apartment complex behind me. Roy is great to work with - Thanks for the fantastic service

Positive mturina
(1 review)
On Apr 10, 2014, mturina Kennedy Township, PA wrote:

My experience with Thuja Gardens has been outstanding. I have ordered and planted over 100 green giant thujas on my property, using the provided planting instructions, and not one has died. The trees are remarkable. They grow quickly, are nicely shaped, drop nothing in the fall and deer do not eat them. I smile when I drive past neighbors yards where they have planted other evergreen varieties as several in the row are always dead. They should have ordered from Roy at Thuja Gardens. I recommend Thuja Gardens to all of my friends and neighbors who ask about my beautiful trees and will continue to do so. Wonderful prices, product, shipping and service Roy!

Positive Barry53
(1 review)
On Mar 31, 2014, Barry53 TOANO, VA wrote:

I ordered 4 Nellie R Stevens Trees. They arrived within 4 days of ordering, free shipping. They were packaged 2 per box. I ordered 3 foot trees and that's what I received as advertised. They were in potted moist soil with fertilizer in the soil. I planted them promptly and they look marvelous. I did a review of this company prior to ordering and am completely satisfied with the final product.

Positive boatman999
(1 review)
On Mar 13, 2014, boatman999 Mead, OK wrote:

Awesome company great people they have the best service and by far the very best plants I have ever received
I have bought from almost all on line companys selling
plants ( Thuja Gardens ) has shown me how much I have been missing when it comes to getting top quality stock and the people are very helpful if you buy from anyone else your cheating your self
my experience was the best I have ever got

thnx Thuja will be getting all my bizness

Positive domlazz
(1 review)
On Feb 15, 2014, domlazz Glendale, CA wrote:

I guess what you need to understand is that this is not CostCo or Amazon. This is a guy in the country growing a lot of plants. My experience was not necessarily smooth, but that's mostly because of some freak storms in the south, which delayed shipping. He doesn't answer emails 24/7 and he isn't always quick to answer the phone, but he is a professional businessman once you get in touch. When everything finally arrived, the plants were exactly what I wanted. The plants were in a bit of shock from the 5 days in a box (and probably from the surprise snow before that) but they are greening up nicely after just a week. The packaging was excellent and the plants seemed to be well cared for. I'd definitely use this place again.

Positive Landowner
(1 review)
On Dec 3, 2013, Landowner Arroyo Grande, CA wrote:

Thuja Gardens provided me top-notch service and plants. I called and spoke with Roy. He did me right. He did what he said he would do. The 125 Murray Cypress arrived within the time stated. The boxes were all in good condition. When I opened the boxes, the plants were very firmly tied in and packaged. The plastic pots with root balls were neatly wrapped and tied in plastic bags, with no wetness inside the box. The plants and potters were tied in with nice plastic twine. (I admit that I used some of the twine to replace my work boot laces - very tough stuff.) After a trip from NC to CA, the plants arrived vibrant and beautiful; lovely green with plenty of turgor. Obviously, Thuja knows how to pack and ship these plants! The size of the plants was as stated, and for one-gallon size they are big: 24-36 inches. I will buy from Thuja Gardens again.

Positive notronick
(1 review)
On Nov 19, 2013, notronick Churchill, PA wrote:

I had an exceptionally good experience. I ordered samples from 3 different site to test the thuja's to plant 32 trees during an initial landscaping project wave and more later.

Thuja Gardens delivered instantly, communicated well (emailed me to call to discuss a larger than 3g rest post). The first test tree I received was excellent and I followed up with the 32 for a privacy hedge. Delivery was again instant with tracking and phone updates. Trees arrived extremely well secured, root balls wrapped, fertilizer discs for all. They were very lovely, fragrant, healthy and much taller than the other stores I had tested. In fact, I felt that I might have received accidentally the larger size for the same price. I much appreciated Roy's informative videos about sizes and tips.

The experience has been very good and better than other online plant orders. I will follow with a second batch in the next wave of our landscaping project.

Positive Jonesy78
(1 review)
On Oct 11, 2013, Jonesy78 DELAPLANE, VA wrote:

We've had two excellent experiences with this company this Fall.

We ordered a dozen Thuja Can Can plants on Sept 1st and received them within 2 weeks. They were packed very well and arrived in excellent condition. Based on this experience we ordered six Sunny Knock Out rose bushes (3 gallon). They shipped a week later and again were packed expertly and arrived in great shape. The roses were even bigger and healthier than we had hoped for.

I highly recommend Roy and his company. I am not affiliated in any way other than being a happy customer.

Positive RobertPHen
(2 reviews)
On Sep 28, 2013, RobertPHen Dumbarton, VA wrote:

My experience with this company was excellent. I ordered a half dozen Little Gem and Bracken's Brown Beauty magnolias this spring, they were delivered on time and in excellent condition, but, more importantly, they set some kind of record for growth and blooms for their species. I was awestruck by how well they did and continue to do, and plan on ordering more this fall. I give ThujaGardens a 5-star rating on all aspects of the transaction.

Positive OYFarm
(1 review)
On Sep 5, 2013, OYFarm Allentown, NJ wrote:

In March 2012 we placed two orders (200 plants total) for Thuja Green Giant seedling for our small 20 acres farm with 10 acres of woods and 10 acres of field to start our nursery.
Shipping was very fast and plants arrived in absolutely great condition with very developed root system.
All 200 plants survived and now, 1year and 5 months later, we have beautiful plants 5' 3" tall at sunny location and 3' to 4' tall in shadow area. These plants love sun, so next time I'll plant them at full sun to reach full potential.
Great experience, will buy again from this company.

Thank you Roy!

Our hardiness zone: 6B
New Jersey, 08501

Positive cor_dog2
(1 review)
On Aug 19, 2013, cor_dog2 Clemmons, NC wrote:

I was a little skeptical ordering from Thuja Gardens given the mixed reviews, but I went ahead and placed an order on August 8th, 2013 late in the day for 6 Little Gem Magnolias and 6 one gallon knock out roses. In the comments section I wrote to ship immediately when available when checking out. You immediately get a receipt displayed and an email confirmation within 10 minutes. It says to then just wait until FedEx sends you a tracking number. I was very patient and by the evening of August 13th I did infact recieve a tracking number stating it would be delivered on August 14th, 2013.
Sure enough the next afternoon on the 14th, 3 big boxes arrived and everything looked just as expected and packaged up very well. Given the positive experience I've had I do plan on ordering more from Thuja Gardens, most likely some Green Giants next. I hope this review helps someone. Thanks!

Positive joekool1
(1 review)
On Jun 11, 2013, joekool1 Highlands Ranch, CO wrote:

I have ordered trees from Thuja Gardens last year and again this year. Both times my order was received promptly and the trees were in good shape and ready for planting.
I will order again from this company when I have a need for nursery plants or trees.

Positive dolphiin62
(1 review)
On May 15, 2013, dolphiin62 Hermitage, TN wrote:

I purchased a Heritage Birch tree from Thuja and had a very positive experience. I received my order confirmation immediately and received my order in about 10 days. The actual transit time was only 1 day which is great for the tree. The packaging was good and the tree looks great. I am happy with my purchase.
I have seen the negative comments after I completed my order and must admit I was a bit concerned but, in my case, all went smooth. Thank you Thuja!

Positive chrisp4321
(1 review)
On Mar 21, 2013, chrisp4321 Galena, MD wrote:

Order was received within 10 days of purchase, freight prepaid that is certainly reasonable. Plants arrived in good shape and as described, and by far less expensive than the closest online competitor, including ebay.
Absolutely no complaints, as long as the plants survive.
Thanks Roy.
(26) Cryptomeria Radicans

Positive housboyz
(1 review)
On Oct 14, 2012, housboyz Olmsted Falls, OH wrote:

Thuja Gardens - 10/02/2012 I ordered a Brandywine maple . When you order online - Thuja Gardens clearly states you will be notifed by the shipping company the day your tree is picked up, and true to their word that is exactly what happend. I heard nothing, so I started looking for feed back on the seller -- and became a little concerned. On 10/10/2012 - I wrote an email inquiring to the status. On 10/11/2012 received a note from the shipping company - and the tree arrived on 10/13/2012. Seems to be a perfect speciman in great condition. This company did exactly what they said they would do - so I rate this as positive.

Positive mayefskyx3
(1 review)
On May 15, 2012, mayefskyx3 Goshen, NY wrote:

I just wanted to share with you that we recently purchased 40 (3-4 foot) green giant thuja's which arrived within one week of our original purchase date and they all looked GREAT! They were very full and healthy and all of them appeared to be in beautiful condition. Roy Lawing and his staff did a fantastic job packing and shipping them and I think you will be very happy with anything you purchase from them.

Positive rosietwo
(1 review)
On Apr 15, 2012, rosietwo Delavan, IL wrote:

I had no problems with Roy. I did email him several times and it did take a few days for him to get back to me, he was polite and very easy to work with. I called him once and he answered right away.
I ordered 4 redbud trees and after 4 weeks he emailed and said he could not send them but would have them sent from another vendor. I got 3 trees 2 days later. I assume they could not send 4 as no one had them. Roy gave me a credit for 25.00 which was over and above what he had to do. I was happy with all comunication and happy with the way it was handled. I will do business again with him.
Thanks Roy.

Positive WVHaven
(1 review)
On Mar 27, 2012, WVHaven Leon, WV wrote:

Posted on March 12, 2012, updated March 27, 2012
After researching Thujas on the internet, I decided to order from Thuja Gardens. I had been interested in these trees for several years based on their reported performance. The question was, where to order from?

Well, we ordered twelve Thujas and they all arrived very promptly, in great condition. They are well-shaped and look to be in great health. We planted them beside some we bought last Fall from a local hardware chain and these from Thuja Gardens put those other Thujas (if that is even what they are!) to shame.

We are very satisfied with our purchase and our experience. After reading other information on the rest of the site, we are now going to order 40 seedlings. Will post a comment after they arrive, too.

On March 27th, 2012, WVHaven added the following:

After being so pleased with the Thujas that came, we decided to order 40 seedlings. I wish I could attach a picture - they were great. Very healthy and full and,well, they sure don't look like seedlings! We were expecting some kind of wimpy stick with a little growth but these are a great value and came very quickly. They are planted and we took pictures so we can keep a photo log of how they are doing.

So we are now officially HOOKED on Thuja Gardens! We just ordered (Now you know where all our spending money is going LOL!) five of the hybrid willows and they are supposed to arrive 3/28/12. Will give you an update on these too.

Thank you Roy! We are so happy with your product and your service.
Positive ews1
(1 review)
On Feb 28, 2012, ews1 Cornelius, NC wrote:

Roy could not have been any easier to work with. Great plants
received quickly. Fair pricing - overall excellent experience.
Would purchase again if in need.
Thank you,

Positive dpath
(1 review)
On Feb 20, 2012, dpath Russellville, KY wrote:

ordered 100 semibareroot thuja giants monday, got wednesday as promised all were perfect condition, all are planted we even kept some in a cool spot in the box over a week because of bad weather we loved the service, talking to roy, and he has our trust sorry if others had a different experience, it isn't always the nurseries fault i plan on doing lots more business with them as I liked him doing the videos and showing what to expect he is being very straight forward and honest in our opinion and his prices beat the socks off other websites like fast growing trees (that site is good for general info, but not prices) which has nosebleed prices will be calling again soon we like roy, give him your support disclaimer (we have no relationship with any nursery and have no special incentive to rate someone other than plain old fashion good service) dpath

(1 review)
On Feb 13, 2012, LUCKYSTRIPES Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM wrote:


Positive snuggles2
(1 review)
On Feb 7, 2012, snuggles2 Jefferson City, MO wrote:

Just a couple of weeks ago I was about to order again some more Green Giants Evergreen Trees from a place here in my state as I had several times in the past. I was disapointed in the size they sent me. As I later found out, they measured the heigth of the tree from the bottom of the roots and not the base up. So I checked around and viewed this vedio found on Dave's Garden and realized that they measure from the crown (or top of base) to the top of tree. So when they came in, within a week, I was very well pleased with the way they were packed, the over all color was good, the fullness of the trees were better then any I have received before (from my state) and last, they were the height promosed me. So, yes I do recommend and if I need more trees in the future, they will come from Dave's Garden Center!
Thanks Again, Leo

Positive becholl
(1 review)
On Feb 7, 2012, becholl Little Rock, AR (Zone 8a) wrote:

I ordered 6 Thuja Green Giants from them. There was a slight delay in receiving the trees because of confusion as to which planting zone I live in, but when I contacted the company everything was corrected and the trees were shipped. The staff were very courteous and helpful. I received healthy beautiful trees very quickly and I was really impressed in how carefully the trees were packed for shipping. I plan to order more trees this fall and have already recommended this company to several friends

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