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Negative IndianaGardener
(7 reviews)
On Apr 7, 2010, IndianaGardener wrote:

They have stolen my bristlecone bonsai photo and used it without permission on two separate occasions on multiple sales websites each time! I have even asked them not to do so. Very dishonest! No company who commits intellectual property theft should be trusted.


Negative InsaniD
(9 reviews)
On Mar 30, 2010, InsaniD Columbia, MO wrote:

We spent $86 before shipping totals and bought through their eBay store, last spring. Here are two pictues of what we recieved (you'll need to copy and paste the links in the address bar above):

After fighting with paypal (Hirts refused to talk to us about it), we were told that nothing could be done.

The red hot pokers were fine, if tiny, but everything else died before the season was out (we have a lovely bed full of healthy plants - we were not to fault).

Would never even consider ordering from them again.

Negative manuretea
(10 reviews)
On Mar 23, 2010, manuretea Medina, OH (Zone 5b) wrote:

I ordered Dr. Earths Organic Citrus Fertilizer from their Hirts Garden site. After waiting two weeks I received Espoma Citrus with a Dr. Earth's UPC sticker over the Espoma one.
There wasn't any return info or invoice so I called Allan Hirt. He said they didn't do it and all fertilizers are chemicals. I have not been able to return the product for a refund and it seems Hirt's doesn't care! I live within ten miles of Hirts and had shopped there for two decades. I do not like their new irresponsible attitude and will not shop there again! I thought tampering with product labels was illegal.

On Mar 23, 2010, Hirt's Gardens (formerly Hirt's Greenhouse & Flowers) responded with:

"I have not worked for Hirt's Greenhouse & Flowers for over 6 years. The purchase she is referring to was actually purchased directly from and must be returned to them for the refund. She purchased the Espoma Citrus Food by mistake instead of the Dr. Earth Citrus Food.

Allen Hirt"

Negative gilligansroomie
(1 review)
On Mar 17, 2010, gilligansroomie Millsboro, DE wrote:

Buyer Beware- I wish I would have researched her before I purchased from them. There are so many other Honest and reliable companies to work with, why choose one that is about 50/50 with good and bad feedback? Is your garden and time worth a 50/50 shot? I ordered several tomato plants from Hirt's and selected a delivery date of May 1, so that I was able to plant them when it was time. March 2, I had a box arrive to me with the plants in them, 2 MONTHS early. I was offered a refund, but only if I PAID FOR SHIPPING the plants back to them. Not my fault, should not be at my expense. Did not respond to my emails, POOR Customer Service!!! Like I said there are so many other Honest and reliable companies to work with, why choose one that is about 50/50 with good and bad feedback? Is your garden and time worth a 50/50 shot? Mine isn't. Shop elsewhere.

Negative Kelsey_grow
(1 review)
On Feb 22, 2010, Kelsey_grow Mason, MI wrote:

I ordered several packages of seed from Hirt's - in particular, broccoli romanesco. When the seeds sprouted, I was skeptical about having the correct seed. Well, they had mislabled the seed and it grew out to be dinosaur kale! Of course, this is a much more common and less expensive seed. I contacted the company by e-mail, and got no response. I then checked Dave's Garden (which I should have done first) and saw all the negative responses. I believe all I got was a bait-and-switch routine and in my opinion this company is dishonest.
*Please think twice about ordering from Hirt's Seeds!!!*

Negative pwr4
(1 review)
On Jan 23, 2010, pwr4 Salinas, CA wrote:

I purchased a "P. lutea" from Hirts Greenhouse; I was very happy to receive it as I had lost my other plant to a fungal attack. I received that plant and it did indeed look to be P. lutea....until it flowered. The ping labeled as P. lutea is purple flowered which either means I have a super rare P. lutea (yeah right) or Hirts sent me a misidentified plant. I contacted hirts and was told to send my order and payment information along with an image of the ping in question. I submitted all the evidence and got such a short reply "Our grower assures us the plant is lutea" So fundamentally Hirts when presented with indisputable evidence will not do anything to resolve a mistake on their part. It is my suggestion all davesgardens members refrain from purchasing from Hirts. Matt Hirt is indeed a poor owner/grower/businessman and has no issues with committing what amounts to fraud - take this from someone in the Horticulture industry DO NOT buy from Hirts Greenhouse you might not get what you ordered and the quality of the plants you do receive is no where comparable to the price paid.

Negative msimonel
(1 review)
On Oct 17, 2009, msimonel Ridgefield, CT wrote:

I am an experienced gardener. Ordered 100 saffron crocus bulbs. Received in fall 2008. Planted. Assured excellent drainage, etc. This year 2009, no bloom! I have other types of bulbs all over the property and in raised boxes, behind fences to keep pests away etc. These are all winners year after year. Crocus - nothing.

Negative xenabui
(1 review)
On Sep 24, 2009, xenabui Baton Rouge, LA wrote:

I had ordered a few GHOST PEPPER PLANTS online from HIRT'S. Paid with my credit card and got the plants. I had put a lot of time and effort in growing these pepper plants. A few months had gone by, my plants are starting to have peppers. But the bad thing is that I realize they were not as hot as I thought it should have been. Then I do some research and realize it was not ghost pepper they had sent me. I had called and the lady told me to send the pictures and my information straight to the owners email. Which I did. The owner respond to my email, stating that i need to send the plants back and my proof of purchase. So I reply to the email stating that i have no problem sending them there plants back but i don't have my proof of purchase because it have been at least 3-6 months long. I mean how was I suppose to know that they ship me the wrong plants and therefore I need to keep my receipt for 3 to 6 months. So i asked them if they keep there records for that long, if they think I should still have mine. In that case they should check their record for my purchase. They reply to me saying that they will not issue a refund if i don't have proof of purchase. These people are very bad business. DON'T BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!

Negative tulatulip
(1 review)
On Sep 7, 2009, tulatulip wrote:

what is with the horrible service? when you ask a question, you are lucky to get an answer, and when you do, it is a short rude response. matt hirt should consider being a little more professional since he is representing his company with his succint and gruff replies!

Negative RebloominRose
(1 review)
On Aug 25, 2009, RebloominRose Holbrook, AZ wrote:

I bought six OSO easy roses from Hirt's. Two arrived dead--dried up!--and the others looked pretty roughed up. I contacted them and they said that I needed to take pictures. Well, I am behind the times and don't have a camera, particularly a digital one. They would not refund or make any other suggestions without pictures. I feel that their customer service really is awful. Basically they called me a liar. Never will I buy from them again!

Negative habanero500
(1 review)
On Aug 13, 2009, habanero500 Spring Valley, CA wrote:

I have many friends who like to grow chiles. This past growing season I have had 4 people contact me to identify their plants. All of the plants were not the species they were supposed to be. All of them were purchased from Hirts through E Bay. I already got the wrong plants from them myself this year. They sold me 4 Bonda Ma Jaques habanero plants that were not Bonda Ma Jaques. I did get a refund. But now I fear my 12 Chocolate Bhut Jolokia plants are not what they are. I still have to wait to see pepper pods. My friend on the east Coast bought the same plants and they are all another species. I talked with a woman from Illinois who tried twice to get Scotch Bonnet and both times got the wrong plants. Another man from Ohio purchased Bhut Jolokia that is not Bhut Jolokia and my friend from LA also now has discovered she has the wrong plants. So far I am the only one that got a refund. Hirts refuses to give a refund to these others. They swear they have the correct seed. But what kind of nursery makes this many errors!!! I truly believe they do not have the correct chile pepper seed and know it. They count on the E Bay transaction being too old, because it will take awhile before your chile plants bear fruit. So if my 12 Chocolate Bhut Jolokia plants turn out to be something else I will sue them. I sell rare chiles for high dollar so I have the right to sue them for wasting my time. So if you are mad here is another thing you can do. Most states require Agricultural paperwork to ship live plants. Find out if this applies to your state. If so report them. The fines they will pay will be far more than the money they make by not making a refund!!!

Negative midrashist
(3 reviews)
On Jun 8, 2009, midrashist Philadelphia, PA wrote:

I ordered roughly three hundred dollars of plants this spring thru ebay. They were shipped immediately. Most of the plants arrived looking o.k.
The packing IS deplorable. The bottom of one box nearly fell through when I first moved it.
But for a price usually less then two dollars a plant, I didn't expect much more (and besides by then I'd read the reviews here.)
The meconopsis however looked awful. (I don't think they have anything to improve drainage in their medium, so if they soak plants and it's hot, the plants can rot.)
I e-mailed them and four replacements were sent out immediately. And arrived much healthier. Of my whole order so far I have only lost two of the replacement meconopsis. So the plants, though sometimes small, can grow.
However, they rarely reply to e-mails. Obviously from stories here, and obviously from their pretending to write a customer review here they can get quite over-sensitive and defensive. Their replacement practice and policy can be rather random.
Another plant which I had ordered 25 of arrived in the wrong color. I have had one response to many, many e-mails about these plants.
I suspect a company which has grown wildly; a mom and pop outfit which has been unable to keep up with normal customer service, and hasn't even realized it should be either positive and consistent. I don't think they intend to cheat people, they just can't manage their business.
They think their good ratings on e-bay and amazon will be enough, and had never heard of dave's garden before this spring.

Negative jvhagerman
(1 review)
On Jun 4, 2009, jvhagerman Banning, CA wrote:

I have purchased from Hirt's Gardens on ebay prior to attempting to purchase again now. The plants I received before were mostly good and did well. However now he and his company won't even bother to reply to my before purchase questions. Evidently they don't need business as customer service is terrible. After reading all the comments especially the negative ones it's enough to make any one not purchase anything from this place.

Hirt's and all of your others names you'd better do something fast or you will be out of business soon

No customer service ===== no customers!!!

Negative SKNBR
(1 review)
On Jun 3, 2009, SKNBR wrote:

This company stinks. My plants arrived, just about DOA. The roots were so matted, I can't imagine how long they've been sitting in the pots they arrived in. I also ordered seeds from them and I don't have high hopes of germination. It's $30 of my life I'll never get back again. Buyer beware. This company is horrible and should be ashamed of the products they sell.

Negative perenniallyme
(15 reviews)
On May 24, 2009, perenniallyme Jamaica Plain, MA (Zone 6a) wrote:

Last fall I bought several packets of seed from Hirts through Amazon, because I had gift certificates there, and they had some unusual varieties. One packet they sent me was not what I ordered, but I didn't complain. However, most of the 8 or so not inexpensive packets contained no viable seed at all. Of course it took me through the winter and into the spring to determine that they were not viable, so I doubt I can do anything to get my wasted money back.

Negative lkinnj
(1 review)
On May 20, 2009, lkinnj Hoboken, NJ wrote:

Recently bought 4 tomato plants from this place. They came in a box. When I took the plants out of the box, they were all twisted and one had broken at the stem. The leaves have diseased spots all over. I worked with the merchant to get a refund. After sending pics, the merchant said they looked fine. Well they don't look fine comparing to tomato plants I have seen at local nurseries! Buyers beware. I will never order from this place again

Negative eileentibet
(4 reviews)
On May 14, 2009, eileentibet Center Barnstead, NH (Zone 5a) wrote:

This winter I won item(s) on ebay that had been posted by Hirts. Yes, Hirts uses ebay to sell plants! I couldn't read or see my winnings on ebay from Hirts Garden even though I was the winner.

Numerous times I contacted them and it was always Ccathy, from Hirts, that kept claiming she couldn't see it either (?) I continued asking when my winnings would be shipped by them. My queries were being responded to by Ccathy who kept claiming she couldn't "see" my winnings either. Then out of no where Ccathy claimed it must have been "my cart must have been emptied out and so I never paid for my order, thus there is nothing to ship. (?)

Finally she asked was it something I bought through Amazon, herself, or Hirts. Again, I told her Hirts. Back and forth the emails went. Me, constantly trying to find out when my ebay/Hirts winnings would be shipped. Ccathy was completely ignoring my emails by then so I sent a email with ALL of Ccathy's emails attached - to a email I addressed to "Supervisor" of Customer Care Hirts. No response.

This morning I received a email from Ccathy that my monies for my ebay/Hirts winnings, $26.12 Hosta's , have been refunded to my Pay Pal.account. Rather than shipping my ebay/Hirts winnings.

All of a sudden Ccathy can "see" my winnings on ebay/Hirts from Hirts , know exactly how much I had bid on my ebay/Hirts order, managed to refund my order instead of shipping my plants.(?)

This IS Hirts on Ebay

. Apparently Ccathy IS the Supervisor at Hirts Customer Care, and their spokesperson for Hirts/Ebay.. That is my take on it.

This IS Hirts on Ebay. NEVER bid on anything out there by Hirts. Never.

Eileen Wilson.

Negative Tex68
(6 reviews)
On May 12, 2009, Tex68 Long Branch, NJ (Zone 7a) wrote:

I ordered 8 echinaceas and 4 globe thistles through eBay. I was aware they were STARTER PLANTS grown in 2x3" containers. Shipping was timely and the starter plants were shipped with tape all over to protect the dirt on the tiny pots. The plants looked healthy but obviously they were soo tiny as if they just sprouted from seeds. So tiny that 20 days later despite TLC, out of the 8 echinaceas, only 2 are growing new leaves, 3 are holding their breaths, and the other 3 looks like they're gonners.
This is not really a big deal but what I don't like about Hirt's is their return/refund policy which is not worth the hassle. First they only give you 15 days to return the plants (in most cases it takes more than two weeks to know for sure if your plant is growing or not). Second, they require to fill up their return form and actually ship the dead plants back to them at your expense. The money you pay for shipping some dead starter plants is not worth it.
The globe thistles are showing signs of life nevertheless. I would have leaned more towards a NEUTRAL rating, but because of all the hassle you have to go through for refunds/exchange and only 15 days allotment for starter tiny plants, I'll give them a negative rating.

Negative maryamd
(1 review)
On Apr 23, 2009, maryamd Chicago, IL wrote:

I will never buy anything from them. BEWARE if you are buying from them!!!
I spent $44 and I can't believe what they have sent to me. feel cheated and disappointed. People don't expect lies from gardeners.

Negative knpeterson
(4 reviews)
On Mar 27, 2009, knpeterson Waynesville, MO wrote:

AKA "Seed Mart". I purchase many seeds on Ebay from this company. I was attracted to the low shipping cost. These are the things I found wrong:
*About half of the seeds I received were packaged to sell at places like Walmart with a price stamped on the package. I paid a WAY higher price than what was printed on the package. Several of the packages had permenant marker blacking out the price...guess they missed a few. I should have went to Walmart!

*Usually when you order seeds a company throws in a few extra to account for any damaged seeds. Not this company, the seeds that are packaged by them have exactly the amount of seeds listed...which is fine if all of the seeds are good. Many of my seeds are damaged or broken. Also, not all of those packages have the correct amount of seeds. I was shorted on several. I guess they think people won't bother to count the really tiny seeds. I did and I don't appreciate being taken advantage of.

*Last but not least...the germination rate is not even half!! I planted their tomato seeds on one half of a flat, and tomatoes seeds I bought from another supplier on the other half and all of the seeds sprouted from the other supplier and maybe half from Seed Mart! This is going to throw some kinks into my garden plans for the year.


Negative LarryR
(3 reviews)
On Mar 9, 2009, LarryR South Amana, IA (Zone 5a) wrote:

I recently received an email from Hirt's, stating that I had purchased a packet of very expensive seeds (Meconopsis poppy). I had visited the site of this seller while doing some research on an article I was writing. At no time did I place an order nor did I supply my credit card number or my address. Interestingly, those two items ARE stored on the web site.

I sent an email to Hirt's immediately, advising them of the error and asking that the bogus order be canceled. They responded the same day saying that my order had already shipped. At that point I did some research on this company. I was not surprised to find it has received negative reviews.

Suspecting that I would get nowhere with Hirt's (they had advised in their email to contact them directly, not Amazon), I tried to contact via an email from the Amazon web site. An order number was required in order to send comments. The order number from Hirt's was not accepted ("please enter a valid order number"). I tried three times, just to be sure I was entering the number correctly. After much searching, I found a way to contact Amazon by phone. The person who answered was pleasant and cooperative. I reported my experience with Hirt's, and she immediately removed the charge from my credit card.

I will not deal with Hirt's in the future.

Negative frenchy87128
(2 reviews)
On Feb 12, 2009, frenchy87128 Muncie, IN wrote:

These guys couldnt grow weeds if they had to! I've bought seeds from them which when sprouted ended up being MISLABELED! There's a big difference between a temperate and tropical plant!
I order a Nepenthes from these guy and when i got the package everything was frozen, one little heat pack was inserted and almost no packaging. The plant was literally thrown in a box and covered with peanuts! I got a Sarracenia at the same time ( mid - January) and it wasnt dormant! It was not a seedling or young plant but at least a 2 ft plant when I put it in a CORRECT environment. Needless to say I will NEVER buy from them again and I suggest you look elsewhere unless you want something incorrect!

Negative plantgnome
(26 reviews)
On Feb 4, 2009, plantgnome Coram, NY wrote:

This is the last time I order from these people. None of the seed germinated-i mean none, bears breeches, peony, primrose etc. The jasmine plant i got was about 1 inch tall and is still 1 inch tall after 8 months, I should be lucky its not dead yet.
I gave them one last try with irises, bare root may I add-(the site said pots. So I got bare roots in a pot :( ). I ordered them, the site says begins shipping in February, I figured shipping for the really hot zones would start in February-I am zone 6B-7, there is 6 inches of snow over frozen ground. The handwritten note in the package says plant immediately???????? Most nurseries send plants when it is safe (or possible) to plant (I need a jackhammer to plant anything right now. what type of nursery is this? Never again.

On February 4th, 2009, plantgnome added the following:

Oh-just to be fair-the amaryllis bulbs did bloom very nicely. So I guess bulbs are okay with this company. I give bulbs a positive and the rest, just read above.
Negative Rubicant
(1 review)
On Sep 17, 2008, Rubicant Woodbridge, VA wrote:

Ordered Pansy Chalons from them, my first and last dealing with this company. Pansys are very easy to grow, this is the first time I ever received a generous quantity of pansy seeds from anywhere and saw all of them fail to germinate after 7 weeks. I used my traditional seed starting methods and 4 different pots with sterilized soil, good light, moisture and air, to no avail.

Unfortunately this company covers themselves against refunds from the beginning, and I failed to notice that:
"Claims must be made within 15 days of shipment."

Small loss, live and learn. But beware, they are on ebay as well as "seedmart" "bulbmart" and "hirtsgardens". They state this on their homepage. They have great ratings of course, because people get their shipment and leave feedback, if there's a problem with plants, it's usually too late to leave negative feedback on ebay.

Negative tweetybird123
(1 review)
On Aug 19, 2008, tweetybird123 Patchogue, NY wrote:

After ordering 50 seedlings of New Mexican Anahiem Chili Plants...I recieved my delivery only a week late. The packing was OK for the most part as they use alot of tape to keep the soil from falling out. They were healthy and hearty.
With that said, what was suppose to be Anahiems weren't them at all. All through the early summer months, we couldn't understand why they weren't growing. To make a long story short......THEY ARE TOBASCO CHILIS!. After being dissapointed and unable to eat or make salsas out of them (unless you want to numb your tongue) I called them 3 times and was put on HOLD. I sent 5 E-mails requesting an explanation or at very least some type of compensation. N O T H I N G!!!! I Heard N O T H I N G!!!!!!!!. Not only is it rude, but it is unprofessional.

So, anyone who is willing or interested in ordering from them. ( I went through AMAZON). All I can say is BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!. Now they have my money and I have hundreds of chilis that will blow your socks off. Oh well, I learned a lesson about buying seedlings online. SHAME ON HIRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
PS....Does anyone wanna buy any Tobasco Chilis at a bargain???? ha ha!

Negative mcollum83
(6 reviews)
On Jul 31, 2008, mcollum83 Hay Springs, NE wrote:

At first everything was fine. I bought a hindu rope plant from the company. There was a lot of pink and green in the plant, and I was impressed. Though it did look like plugs were just carelessly thrown in the pot, the dirt was real loose, it was potted right before it was sent...but hey, everybody does their own thing. Then shortly thereafter my mother calls me and tells me to take a good look at the plant, because I had gotten her one too! And, it seems that my plant and hers as well, came with buddies! Mealy bugs everywhere! And yes, they came from these plants, this is my ONLY house plant, and it has never been outside (not that there are mealy bugs out there either). I understand that things like this happen, but I want the company to acknowledge it. I emailed the company, and over a month, and no response. So, I guess they just must not care about what their customers think! Heck, there are lots of other suckers out there that they can sell to! If you are prepared for bugs, and can isolate and treat immediately...then take your chances. But if not, then don't even think about buying from here. And I never suggest buying from somebody that you can not get in contact with...that just spells trouble. I would stay clear.

Negative njoh786
(1 review)
On Jun 18, 2008, njoh786 Cincinnati, OH wrote:

I ordered at least 25 tomato and pepper plants from Hirt's because my normal supplier was out for the season. When the shipping package arrived,the box hadn't been taped or packed properly.The bottom of the box was falling apart due to improper taping.The plants and styrofoam began falling out of the bottom of the box as soon as I accepted the delivery. Once I opened th box,I realized that there were hundreds of styrofoam peanuts lying on top of the plants that were all jumbled-up. The plants were all tangled up and in a mess.Once I got the plants out of the box,I soon discovered that one plant was broken,one plant was diseased,most were in poor condition and some were very wilted.I called and complained about the shipment and asked to speak to the owner.The person who answered the phone was the incompetent individual who packed the order in the first place. She was defensive about my complaint.I asked to speak to the owner and she took the message. One day later I hadn't heard from the owner,so I called them back. The same incompetent person answered the phone,got defensive again,but then put the owner on. The owner was defensive and argumentative. The owner tried to avoid the customer service issue and ultimately hung-up on me.Don't order anything from these people!!!

Negative johnsvmf
(8 reviews)
On Jun 17, 2008, johnsvmf Morgantown, WV (Zone 6a) wrote:

I placed an order for 2 plants in mid February 2008 that Hirt's indicated were in stock and would be delivered in days. 30 Days after I placed the order (mid March) I called to inquire about the status and I was told they would ship early spring. 60 days later I received a snail mail notification that the primary plant I wanted was not in stock. I called to cancel the order since Hirt's didn't reduce the cost of shipping and I only ordered the plant they had in stock to defray the shipping cost in the first place.

I was informed that the lone plant was en route. Hirt's customer service told me to refuse shipping and I would receive a full refund to include shipping. 60 days after the plant was returned and Hirt's didn't refund my money I again inquired about my account status. I received unprofessional treatment and was generally given a hard time. Since I placed the order through Amazon I decided to seek resolution through them. Amazon refunded my money with 8 hours of investigating the situation.

I had previously purchased peonies and fruit trees from Hirt's gardern and everything was fine. This experience was unrewarding and I will not be back.

Negative kathrynfw
(1 review)
On Jun 9, 2008, kathrynfw wrote:

Purchased two kinds of lily bulbs. They came in paper bags marked in black felt tip pen.
Arrived dead. They told me to follow package directions and send them back to Holland Bulb company. I wrote back to tell him there were not package directions and they did not respond. I looked up contact information and called the number. I asked if Alan Hirt was available and he asked what the call was about. He said I had the wrong number. I asked if I had dialed (and read the number aloud) he said I had mis-dialed. I dialed redial and read that the number did match the contact number he gave. Subsequent calls all resulted in hangups on his end.
Ebay said that he is required to have legitimate contact information and says I can also report him via Paypal "significantly different from description." I did this as well. With such a negative history, why don't people shut them down?

Negative Myralee
(1 review)
On May 24, 2008, Myralee Cincinnati, OH wrote:

My best friend and I are both avid gardeners. We went in together to purchase 2 prayer plants from this company in an eBay auction a few months ago. The auction was for 2 different kinds of prayer plants, one that she wanted and the other one was for me.
They arrived 2 weeks later. Many of the leaves on my friend's plant were crumpled, broken and torn. She removed the damaged leaves and the plant has since grown back.
On the green one that was mine, a lot of the leaves had large brownish spots and brown edges. I removed the leaves with spots but new spots kept coming up on other leaves. My friend and I sent several emails to Hirt's asking for help. They only answered one of the emails, in which they asked for pictures of the plants. We sent the pictures then heard nothing more from them. No apology, no offer to replace the plants or offer a refund. They did not even answer our requests for advice on how to get rid of the leaf spots from my plant. This company is severely lacking any kind of good customer service ethic.
Luckily, I decided to purchase another prayer plant from a different ebay seller to replace the one I got from Hirt's. That seller not only sent me a bigger, healthy prayer plant but she also helped me get rid of the leaf spots on the other prayer plant I got from Hirt's.

Negative rbigg
(2 reviews)
On May 19, 2008, rbigg Louisville, KY wrote:

Purchased a bunch of stuff via multiple orders from their website. Everything came except for one order, 2 sets of netted peat pellets, a whopping $5 of price. It didn't come. After repeated attempts via email I was told "USPS has it marked delivered, ask them where your stuff is." This company has no idea of customer service.

Negative KELLY123
(1 review)
On May 18, 2008, KELLY123 PINEVILLE, OH wrote:

I ordered through I ordered tomato plants and vegetable seeds in April and they sent the plants US mail and it was 19 degrees here and snowing so the plants arrived frozen solid. When they thawed they were limp and dead and I notified them immediately. and they were very rude and will not refund my money or replace them. I have a complaint in with the Ohio Attorney General and BBB right now,so I am hoping they will help me......I am in a very rural area and very far from stores and unable to drive the distance to the grocery store very often so I wanted to grow fresh vegetables at home.
I have not planted the seeds yet as it is still freezing here,so I don't know whether they will grow or not.

Negative plantobsessed
(2 reviews)
On May 1, 2008, plantobsessed (Zone 8a) wrote:

A bad business! Won't find a repeat customer here. The negatives reviews on here, Amazon, & Ebay are right. I received a damaged plant (many broken branches, droopy leaves, dry soil). I contacted them, they asked to send pictures, I sent them multiple pictures as proof, didn't hear from them since. There are good and bad mail-order businesses out there, this is a bad one.

Negative dogwalker
(3 reviews)
On Apr 29, 2008, dogwalker Marlborough, MA (Zone 5b) wrote:

I ordered a Monkshood from Hirts through Ebay. Made my payment right away. Plant arrived about a week later. It was in a very small box filled with those white peanuts. When I took the plant out I found that it was damaged. The stock was about 5 inchs long but was bent and broken about 1 inch from the soil. When I called they told me to take a picture of the damaged plant and email it to them. I guess they didn't trust me over a $7.00 plant. I took the picture and emailed it along with the invoice. About 2 days later I got an email back that said, "just cut the stem below the damage, it will grow back".
That was it!
No, "sorry sir about the damage"
No, "we will be glad to replace that plant for you".
No, "we'll be glad to refund your money sir".
If this is their idea of customer service, I don't know how they stay in business.
There are too many other places to buy my plants and spend my money then with someone who plainly shows that they really don't care.

Negative mbabbitt
(8 reviews)
On Apr 8, 2008, mbabbitt Bothell, WA wrote:

I bought a daylily from Hirt's via Amazon. I received the plant within one week. It arrived in excellent shape in a 4 inch square pot, fully filling the pot ; it was also packed very well. I have bought daylilies from several suppliers and this plant was definitely in the better quality class.

On May 7th, 2009, mbabbitt changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

I ordered 2 diferent dahlias from them via Amazon -- 2 to a bag, 4 in all. I got dead stuff -- and nearly dead stuff. I will never buy from these guys again. They should never have been sold and should never have been sent. Their phone customer service is only 4 hours per day. Good luck getting through. When you get such garbage, you realize these people really don't care what you end up with. What a disgrace.
On May 9th, 2009, mbabbitt added the following:

I tried the email address and asked for my money back. I got an email saying I would get a refund. At least that was good, but nonetheless, garbage like was sent me should never have been sold or sent in the first place. Have they heard of quality assurance or quality control? Obviously not.
Negative knexsen
(10 reviews)
On Apr 7, 2008, knexsen Virginia Beach, VA wrote:

I am soooo not impressed with this company. I found them as seed sellers on Ebay, and decided to peruse their website for exotic and tropical seeds. I placed an order of about $100 with them.

It took longer than I expected to receive my order. The seeds were packaged in tiny ziploc bags with VERY little information about the contents. I had to spend hours googling the genus info to know how to propagate and care for anything I planted.

As it turns out, all that time researching was completely wasted. NOT A SINGLE seed I received has sprouted. MANY were not even viable at the onset. Even the ones that did not float (i.e.--the test for viability) have done NOTHING.

I use the chamomile/hydrogen peroxide method of pre-soaking and scarified the hard seeds, and still have had NO LUCK. This method works with about a 90%+ success rate for me, usually. It HAS to be the seed quality. I am so disappointed to have gone through all the money and trouble of researching, waiting, planting, etc. just to have all hopes of pay-off dashed.

Luckily, I have since found Garden Store & More. Although they don't seem to carry the exotic and tropical non-flowering tree seeds I was hoping for, they have MANY, MANY other types of tropical and exotic plant seeds to choose from. Their customer service has also won me over, and 99% of the seeds they've sent me have germinated!

I really wouldn't recommend wasting your time or hard-earned money on Hirt's.

Negative 1977
(1 review)
On Mar 28, 2008, 1977 East Sparta, OH wrote:


Negative tomatogrower21
(1 review)
On Mar 16, 2008, tomatogrower21 Orange Park, FL wrote:

They may have wonderful products, but beware and make sure you read all the details regarding delivery dates.
Terrible customer service, I'm not sure they understand
they are dealing with people who can find other sources
for product where the seller is glad to have the business.
One time dealing with them was enough for me. And, yes,
I agree some of the positive "experiences" do sound

Negative MistyPetals
(3 reviews)
On Mar 13, 2008, MistyPetals North Augusta, SC wrote:

I purchased two plants from this company on Ebay last spring and waited and waited and waited for them to bloom or do something. Summer came, not a leaf or anything else. These plants did absolutely NOTHING!!! I am more than a little disappointed.
I am very angry regarding this situation.
Tonight, I ordered seeds from a company named SEEDMART, which I now after 'winning', realize is affiliated with HIRTS. When I realized they were the same company, I quickly tore up the invoice. They can never have another dime of my money. They DISGUST me!
A better way to spend cash is to donate it to charity. Also, I have the sneaky suspicion their positive feedback here is self-produced. BEWARE!

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