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Positive peepul
(1 review)
On May 2, 2002, peepul Birmingham, AL (Zone 7b) wrote:

I have bought plants from Bluestone for many years. Their plants are always healthy and grow rapidly to full size. This year two plants arrived with their tops broken off during transit. They were promptly replaced. It is the best company I have ever dealt with.

Positive judyk
(3 reviews)
On May 1, 2002, judyk W Hartford, CT wrote:

Love this place. Very unusual varieties. Knowledgeable order takers. Great service. You may specify preferred arrival date. Little tiny plants arrive on time, in cells, with your name stuck on the side. The tinier the plant the more likely you are to get multiples in each cell. Each three-pack makes a decent clump. Because they're in cells, you can safely delay planting. (Good instructions for this are included.) Last year's perennials made a good showing at bloomtime and are back this year ready to go. Catalog a little confusing, but index is accurate.

Positive mikeaustin
(2 reviews)
On May 1, 2002, mikeaustin wrote:

I have ordered over $800 worth of plants (which goes an incredibly long way with this company) and couldn't be more pleased. Their 3 - packs are an incredible value and I have filled my entire garden with waves of perennials from Bluestone. The plants are small, but no less so than White Flower Farm and are generally larger than those from Heronswood. They have all arrived in very good shape except one group which was promptly replaced, no questions asked. They ship quickly, are incredibly responsive to email, have a great online catalog with huge selection and lots of photos...and did I mention the value. It is the one company that receives the bulk of my mail order business.

Positive charlottemcc
(3 reviews)
On May 1, 2002, charlottemcc wrote:

I have been dealing with this company for 5 years and have NEVER been disappointed. Friendly customer service, no hassle replacements, the plants do VERY well the second year. The prices and service are the best around. Shipping conditions are excellent!

Neutral SiberianIris
(8 reviews)
On Apr 18, 2002, SiberianIris Paducah, KY (Zone 6a) wrote:

Disappointed in this years plants half were yellowed and root
bound. I am sending them a note as they always replace anything that is damaged or dying. Will give them another
chance as I believe in turning the other cheek.

Positive mltmnz
(1 review)
On Apr 17, 2002, mltmnz wrote:

All I can do is repeat all of the previous comments. Outstanding company to deal with and beautiful plants. I planted them this weekend not realizing it was going to be 90 degrees all week. A little water in the evening and these babies are standing tall! Starter kit and additoanl plants are a much better value than the "larger" plants I can find at my local home center. Keep up the great work Bluestone and I'll be ordering for years to come. Michael.

Positive hostagirl
(1 review)
On Apr 10, 2002, hostagirl wrote:

Have ordered several plants over the past two years - always very satisfied. All plants healthy. Great value when you get 1 3-pack free for each two ordered. Looking forward to receiving this year's order soon.

Positive ivanhoe
(5 reviews)
On Apr 4, 2002, ivanhoe wrote:

Got my orders today (and I ordered a lot!!). Everything looks great, and the plants are not as small as I expected. The packing job was outstanding. I have no reason to believe these plants won't grow like crazy once I get them in the dirt. I will definitely go back to Bluestone's website(much sooner than my husband would like!).

Positive Brander
(1 review)
On Apr 1, 2002, Brander Terra Alta, WV wrote:

I ordered from Bluestones for the first time last year and was completely satisfied with all aspects of the experience. The plants arrived when they said they would and in excellent condition. Although the pots seemed small, they were packed with roots and ready to grow.

Their special offer - Buy 2 packs of three and get one 3 pack free is a good deal made better by the fact that they give you the most expensive 3 pack as the free one. I placed an order again this year and received the same courteous phone service as before. I think this is an excellent company.

Positive luke32
(3 reviews)
On Mar 31, 2002, luke32 Sebastopol, CA wrote:

Plants received quickly after ordering and in excellent condition. Prices are competitive and selection is broad; every year I am surprised by "unusual" plants they have added - at much lower prices than specialty nurseries.

Neutral Amsoniared
(4 reviews)
On Mar 22, 2002, Amsoniared Toledo, OH wrote:

I have had good experiences with this company for several years, but I have stopped ordering from them. First, I feel that they're getting awful pricey ( $8 to $12 for 3 tiny plants seems expensive to me!). The buy 2 get 1 free deal helps some, but I feel they should just lower the prices a little and not bother with that. Also, I don't NEED 3 of many plants, they used to let you purchase 1 of something for a slightly higher price, but they have stopped that and when I emailed them asking about it, they never replied.
I started dealing with them because they had unusual plants ( my specialty ), but their selection hasn't changed much in the past few years.

On April 7th, 2002, Amsoniared changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I was contacted by Bluestone after my initial posting. I was pleasantly surprised that they read it and were concerned about it. They said that they still allow purchases of single plants, and that they reply to all emails, so they may have not received mine (which is very possible ). They were very nice about it and just wanted to clear up any wrong assumptions. I decided that maybe I was too harsh and told Bluestone that I would check out their catalog again since I feel they were really concerned about how their customers felt !
Positive SteveA
(2 reviews)
On Mar 8, 2002, SteveA Cheshire, CT (Zone 6a) wrote:

Bluestone has a buy 2 get 1 free deal (or buy 3 and get 1 free) which I just took advantage of. Rather than higher price prevailing, which I expected, the person I spoke to made sure that the LOWEST price prevailed. The selections I got free were the higher priced ones. What type of company would do that for their customers? Whenever I need to order plants by mail, I'm checking here first. Because they care about their customer, they have earned my loyalty.

Positive anitahuffman
(6 reviews)
On Mar 1, 2002, anitahuffman Mouth Of Wilson, VA wrote:

I really like Bluestone Perennials-good plants, reasonable prices, excellent customer service.

Positive WalterMuelken
(3 reviews)
On Mar 1, 2002, WalterMuelken wrote:

Just received an order from Bluestone - my 3rd or 4th over the last few years. They did even better than their usual great job. Strong plants, well-packed, fast delivery, complete order, no hassle, good prices.

Positive bjs
(1 review)
On Feb 8, 2002, bjs East Moline, IL (Zone 5a) wrote:

I love this company! At first I thought the plants were a little small upon delivery but, boy did they take off and bloom profusely with minimal attendance. I have ordered from them for the last 3 years and each time my plants were
shipped timely and were in very good condition upon arrival.
If there was a delay in shipment, I was notified immediately. When I lost a plant or two,due to my errors, they were replaced quickly and efficiently. Two thumbs up!!

Positive Legit
(5 reviews)
On Feb 7, 2002, Legit Porterfield, WI (Zone 4b) wrote:

Ordered from them for the second time. Last year I lost one of the phlox I ordered from them, and they replaced it promptly. That's enough to get my vote, so this year I placed a larger order. I thought their packing was superior.

Positive doghill
(1 review)
On Feb 1, 2002, doghill wrote:

We order from this company every year and are very happy with the plants. Last year, however, the company switched to postal delivery from exclusively UPS. We don't get mail delivery to our home, and our first box sat at the P.O for days, and then they lost the second box. Bluestone cheerfully replaced all the plants from the first box, even the ones I said looked okay. They also replaced the lost box, which turned up after 10(!) days. Most of the plants in this grossly delayed box lived, which is a credit to Bluestone's wonderful packing. We will be loyal customers forever, however I hope they stick to UPS. My only comment other than "GREAT" is that they are a little slow to introduce new varieties. If they had everything I want, I wouldn't order from anyone else.

Positive kansashort
(1 review)
On Jan 28, 2002, kansashort wrote:

I'm new to mail-order gardening, but through my 2 years of ordering, I've not found a staff more phone friendly than Bluestone perennials. I also find their catalog easy to naviagate (plus this years is very nice.) Can't wait for that first shipment of 2002!

Positive Jaan
(4 reviews)
On Jan 21, 2002, Jaan wrote:

Having done business with this company for years, I can highly recommend them. The plants are small but hit the ground running once planted. On the rare occasions that I have had a plant arrive in poor shape, it was quickly and cheerfully rectified. I had spectacular success in my NJ garden and look forward to more of the same in my new garden in NW Wyoming. The new catalog format is great, as is the selection. They also offer many shrubs at low prices. They are small but, given a couple of years to grow in a nursery bed, they are a great bargain.

Positive mivory
(2 reviews)
On Jan 11, 2002, mivory wrote:

Great selection, reasonable prices. Healthy plants that grew fast.

Positive motts1
(9 reviews)
On Jan 5, 2002, motts1 south central, WI (Zone 5a) wrote:

Plants were always healthy, well-packed and as described in their catalog. A nice selection of perennials for my zone 4/5 garden and at reasonable prices.

Positive DeeBlackburn
(7 reviews)
On Jan 5, 2002, DeeBlackburn wrote:

I've been dealing with this company for about 10 years and my experience has always been positive. Even though their plants are very small on arrival, I've had a greater success rate with Bluestone's plants than the plants from any other nursery I've dealt with. The few problems I've had with failure resulted in a prompt replacement of the plants when I notified Bluestone. I highly recommend Bluestone.

Positive katsrmee
(1 review)
On Jan 1, 2002, katsrmee wrote:

I have ordered from Bluestone as well as other mail order organizations. Bluestone wins hands-down on quality, reasonable price, and of course, keeping shipping costs down. I only had a single plant die in a spring shipment, I assumed it had not survived our New England summer drought, The following spring, I mentioned the dead "rhodie" in passing. The woman quickly added a replacement one to my order. Very impressive. As for the small plants, I as a gardener, am a patient person and the perennials do grow quickly. No complaints at all.

Positive sophielohn
(2 reviews)
On Jan 1, 2002, sophielohn wrote:

BLUESTONE PERENNIALS has been the place to shop...healthy, decent size, decent prices and everything that I got from them the past 2 years has grown beautifully.

Positive Kelly333
(16 reviews)
On Dec 8, 2001, Kelly333 Longview, TX wrote:

Great selections. Plants were smaller than expected. Healthy plants. Good experience. Thumbs up.

Positive Lorie
(11 reviews)
On Dec 6, 2001, Lorie Muncy, PA (Zone 5a) wrote:

Great selection of perennials. Plants are small, but grow fast. YOu really get more for your money. Their sales are great. I would order from them again.

Positive Debby
(8 reviews)
On Dec 4, 2001, Debby Milo, IA (Zone 5a) wrote:

Very good selection, nice people to deal with. Prices are right. Will definately order from them again. Overall my favorite for plants.

Positive marcapando
(3 reviews)
On Dec 1, 2001, marcapando wrote:

Bluestone Perennials is absolutely amazing. These places are so honest and they deliver on their promises

Positive andrewgoldberg
(1 review)
On Oct 1, 2001, andrewgoldberg wrote:

So far so good, my plants arrived in fine form. I put them in the ground quickly and hope they do well.

Positive yvonne578
(3 reviews)
On Oct 1, 2001, yvonne578 wrote:

I have ordered and received 4 orders from Bluestone since last fall. I am delighted with every plant. They send detailed directions for unpacking and planting. Those instructions need to be followed carefully. The plants are small - but very healthy. For example, after ordering a campanula plant I saw one at a local store. I could not wait for the mail order so I purchased the local one - in a 4-inch pot. The Bluestone order arrived several weeks later. The same variety of campanula was only a third the size of the recently purchased one. Three months later they were both the same size. A phlox that I ordered was damaged in shipment. In May I planted a healthy root system with 3 inches of bare stalk - not a leaf on it. This fall it bloomed! I will continue to order from them.

Positive tinamartinez
(1 review)
On Oct 1, 2001, tinamartinez wrote:

I recently ordered 3 of Bluestone's Specials (170 plants in all) and am very pleased with the plants. There were a few (6 in all) that looked a little distressed and when I mention this to their customer service they sent me new ones for no charge. There were some substitutions due to a bad year with the mums, but I was still pleased with plants. I recommend this company for their excellent prices and plants.

Positive gtymchak
(1 review)
On Apr 1, 2001, gtymchak wrote:

This company has been so great to deal with. Any plants that didn't make it were quickly and cheerfully replaced with no questions asked. Most of the perennials that I received from them last fall are now blooming beautifully. I would highly recommend Bluestone!

Positive TracyHoffmann
(5 reviews)
On Apr 1, 2001, TracyHoffmann wrote:

Nice selection, good prices. Plants that I ordered arrived looking pretty sorry (lots of leaf rot) and very small, but all seem to be alive, so no complaints.

Positive begete
(1 review)
On Mar 1, 2001, begete Ambler, PA wrote:

Last year I ordered about two dozen plants from Bluestone Perennials very late in the season, and on the whole, was quite satisfied. The plants were small, but in excellent condition, and performed better than some landscape size plants I purchased the same year from local suppliers. Thus, this year, I put in a very large order very early in the season, with a proposed shipping date of April 10. On the 12th I phoned to see if the plants had shipped, as I was trying to plan my weekend and thought I might have a lot of plants to plant. I was told they had shipped on the 11th and I should have them the 13th. As of yesterday late afternoon (the 17th) they had not arrived and I called to ask for the UPS shipping number, so I could look it up on the net and see where it was. I have physical limitations and my husband was planning on taking a vacation day to help me plant the plants. They gave me the number, but UPS said there was no such number. I called Bluestone back and they said they would research it. An hour later they called, very apologetic, and said that for some reason, while their computer said my order had shipped, UPS never heard of me. They feared the wrong address label had gone on the boxes and promised to express mail my entire order, at considerable extra expense to them, for next day delivery (Thursday) so that I would have the plants for Friday planting. Apparently they have begun using a new UPS computer program and are having a few problems with it. I asked what I should do in the unlikely event that both orders arrived, and they asked that I donate the extra plants to a church or charity. I spoke to a friend who is on the board of an environmental education (for children) park operated by our township, and she said they would be happy to have the plants. I had figured that I needed to decide to whom to donate the extras even though it was unlikely that there would be extras because if they ever arrived they would be stressed and need to be planted immediately. This morning I was awakened very early and it was a UPS man, not in a truck, but a car, with my boxes of plants. They had shipped with the wrong zip code, and the UPS man was delivering them on his way to work!! I immediately called Pat at Bluestone to tell her the plants had arrived, and to stop the shipment of the replacement order. I happened to mention the story about the environmental park and BLUESTONE is sending them a gift certificate as a donation!! There is absolutely no reason for Bluestone to make a donation to our local environmental education park. I think it is a tribute to their integrity and commitment to customer service that they are doing this. And every single plant, despite their long journey here, is in excellent condition.

Positive johnharris
(1 review)
On Mar 1, 2001, johnharris wrote:

Bluestone perennials is absolutely the best mail order nursery out there. Their plants come in great condition and if they should die, they replaced them with no questions asked. I will order from them every year.

Positive ADuverre
(4 reviews)
On Jan 1, 2001, ADuverre wrote:

Of many mail-order nurseries I've dealt with over about 10-15 years, I've always been the most overall-consistently delighted with Bluestone Perennials.Perennials selection (also some shrubs & vines) is always great. Prices are genuinely competitive with if not less than many of my local nurseries here in VA and other mail-order sources for the same size plants. The big difference, in my experience: Bluestone's small potted 3-pack plants and the somewhat larger single potted plants always seem to have much healthier and more vigorous root systems, and get established more quickly. Something I especially appreciate is the friendly, efficient customer service, also that this is one of the very few good-sized nurseries you'll find that honestly welcomes and actively solicits customer input. On almost every website page is the following encouragement: Suggestions, comments, ways we can improve, plants you wished we carried? Please tell us [direct email link given] or call us at [toll-free 1-800 phone number given]. I'm almost ashamed to admit I recently called Bluestone with this real-life Stoopid Situation I accidentally deleted their emailed order confirmation and lost the postcard they sent, could they tell me what I ordered and when it's supposed to arrive?The customer service lady somehow managed not to laugh OR cry -- instead she cheerfully thanked me for offering her the opportunity to check up on how a particular records system was working!

Positive karenblake
(2 reviews)
On Jan 1, 2001, karenblake wrote:

We have been most pleased with Bluestone over the past 8 years. Their customer service is great, as is the quality of their stock. Some of the plants went plant heaven a bit early, but we have suffered a severe drought here in southeast Michigan for a couple years, and were not caring for them as much as we probably should have. However, most everything survived and flourished, except the Cardinal Flower. Evidently, these plants are a bit fussy in my area. The New England Asters were outstanding in size and bloom. We highly recommend Bluestone if you wish to purchase many plants at a good rate. Their two for one specials are nice to take advantage of also. Please give this company another chance if you have had a bad experience with them.

Positive christiscott
(1 review)
On Jan 1, 2001, christiscott wrote:

I also have ordered from bluestone perennials and was very happy with all the plants I received. Very nice packing, plants were nice and healthy.

Positive steveandwend
(1 review)
On Aug 1, 2000, steveandwend wrote:

My order from Bluestone was sent promptly and everything lived. My echinops, while it was sent in the tiny three-cell pack, has become huge and bloomed nicely its first year. Two out of three of my white coneflower has grown and bloomed nicely, the third has remained just as tiny as the day I planted it. I was pleased with my plants.

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