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Negative sspugs
(1 review)
On Jul 7, 2014, sspugs Ambridge, PA wrote:

I placed an order with this company in early June for 5 items. I received them on 6/15 and they all looked dead! Very dried out and crumbling. I emailed them o 6/16 and told them the problem and since they claim they will replace all dead or missing items, I asked for a reship. Well, guess what - not only did I not receive any replacements but they never answered any of the half dozen emails I sent them! I told them in my last email that I planned to report them and give a negative review but that didn't seem to phase them. I will never order from them again and will post as many bad reviews about them that I can - I lost $50!

Negative Feodosia
(3 reviews)
On Jul 2, 2014, Feodosia Versailles, MO wrote:

Posted on May 1, 2014, updated July 2, 2014
I placed an order at a website called Online Tree Farm . After I placed the order I was notified that an outfit called Summerstone Nursery would be filling the order .That made me nervous because of all the bad reviews for Summerstone . Was this going to be a con ? Are they are using 3rd party online sellers because they have a bad reputation ? I crossed my fingers and waited. I received trees that were kind of small but were ok considering the price . The red bud trees were tiny , about 6 inches stick up above ground after planting . The willow trees were nice , about 3 ft. tall and eager to grow . The cherry trees were nice also , a bit thin but about as tall as I expected them to be .The only real bummer I got was a $20 " 3-foot " Seckel pear tree ( I ordered a 3 ft) that turned out to be about a 12 inch twig if you included the roots in the measurement too . I mailed the Seckel twig back to them along with a letter explaining why I was disappointed . Didn't hear from them in a long while and thought it was a lost cause . But this spring they mailed me an actual 3 ft Seckel Pear and threw in a bunch of free trees to make up for it . And they were great free trees ! Some cherry trees , a sugar maple , a purple ornamental plum , a flowering cherry tree , etc. And all of them about 3 ft tall ... I waited awhile to post this because I wanted to wait to see if these trees were dead or alive . So far , most of them have either sprouted buds or have leaves coming out ... so these trees are alive and I am happy with the company . Sounds like they have had problems but also have good people working for them trying to fix things and make it work . So I have to give them a positive rating for how they treated me . If they make a mistake just give them a chance to fix it . I will order from them again .

On July 2nd, 2014, Feodosia changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

I have to update my rating to a big fat negative for this Summerstone company . After a few months of everything being in the ground , here are the results . None of the tiny Redbud trees ever woke up - all dead and brittle . Of the 3 walnut trees , 2 trees never woke up , dead and brittle . Only 2 of the " free " trees stayed alive . The " Seckle Pear " has weird looking leaves that do not look like the leaves on my real seckel pear trees . And here is the biggest laugh of them all that makes me wonder if they have any clue about running a plant nursery business - now that leaves have popped out on the trees ( that are not dead ) and I can get a good look at them - out of the 6 cherry trees I ordered , 5 of them are some kinda tree of the peach family ! Not even close to being cherry trees ! And the 6th " cherry " tree has got leaves that look like no other fruit tree I own , so I'm guessing its maybe some kind of ornamental ? So now I have to rip these peach-things out of my cherry orchard and find a place to put them . So yes , it is true , it'd best to stay clear of these guys .
Negative midgey
(1 review)
On Jun 26, 2014, midgey Denver, CO wrote:

Like everyone I should have read the local bbb , f. Rating. And the multitude of horrid reviews of this rip off of a company. I'm on a campaign to warn all gardeners. Unbelievable, made order in January 2014, for delivery 1 April. To my surprise they were delivered on April 1. Was so excited,they offered wonderful romantica, David Austin , a plethora of choices in hard to find roses. All but one were in decent shape, impressed with the root structure for 1 1/2 grade roses. We ordered 13 varieties , over 150.00 . Planned and built a very nice growing area, spent a lot of money. The first flush is done and out of the 13 roses ordered, ONE , is correct. Omg, we are bewildered , ONE. 8 are tropicana, and the others are roses we do not recognize , much less what we ordered. When contacting this pathetic nursery, their resolution is send a replacement for the following year. While we knew that was the policy, never would anyone imagine this. Much less their complete fraudulent way of doing business. Filed a complaint with bbb , going no where of course, however everyone needs to now this and not spend money on such ineptness , with the expectation to lose an entire season , much less the wrong plants for the plan we had. They refuse to refund, why would I ever order from this horrible company again or take a replacement of all the wrong plants. They would expect you to grow season after season after season till they get it right. BEWARE

Negative leemcvey
(2 reviews)
On Jun 23, 2014, leemcvey Leeds, AL wrote:

Order 4173-0098-8727-6892

Ship Date: June 2, 2014.
Order Date: April 26, 2014

I ordered two bare-root Kiowa blackberry plants from Summerstone. They offered a free third plant, so I chose another Kiowa.

The shipment arrived well-packed, and the roots were wet and covered with a wet gel substance. The stalks were very dry and brittle. I planted them immediately, as instructed, in wet soil.

The instructions stated that the plants were dormant from being in cold storage, but that they would sprout new growth in a week or two.

As of today, June 23, 2014, there was no growth. I checked the stems and all were dry and brittle. I pulled one up. The roots were dead, but moist as they should be. The other two were exactly the same.

I will never order from Summerhill again. They’re only 2 days by mail away from me, so the plants were just as they packed them. And it took them well over a month to get around to shipping them.

Negative borzol
(1 review)
On Jun 17, 2014, borzol wrote:

Last year we ordered from Summerstone Nursery a gooseberry plant. When we received that we were in doubt about identification of that plant. Now as it blossomed and have some berries we see this is something like raspberry or blackberry. This is our unfortunate experience of having business with Summerstone Nursery.

Negative whisperingangel
(1 review)
On Jun 2, 2014, whisperingangel Glen Park, NY wrote:

I placed an order May 6, 2014 order number 6314-0232-9195-0910. They charged my card and the order was shipped 5/16/14. The order came on 5/21/14 and everything was dead accept for strawberries and they didn't send the watermelons. Cherry trees were broken sticks, tomatoes, grapes and raspberries all dead. I called immediately and spoke with Kelly @11:40 am on 5/21/14 and told her that there were no watermelons (empty cups of dirt were sent) and everything was dead accept the strawberries. She told me they were backordered on the watermelons and would send replacements for everything the next day. The order wasn't shipped until 5/27/14 and arrived today 6/2/14 and again everything is dead. I called and spoke to Kelly again and told her what had happened and asked for a partial refund for the dead items and she said we don't give refunds we only give plants. I told her I didn't want anymore dead plants and she said too bad they don't give refunds and she could give me someone else to talk to but they would tell me the same thing. I told her I was going to file a dispute with my credit card company and with the Better Business Bureau and she told me to do what I wanted that they weren't going to give me a refund and the credit card company would side with them because of the guarantee they have to send replacements and I wouldn't get any money back from the credit card company. She was very nasty to me the entire time on the phone. Don't deal with these people
I have now filed a complaint with both my credit card company and the Better Business Bureau and am going to contact the state of TN to file a complaint. I live in Northern NY near the Canadian border and is now too late in season to wait for more dead plants that I can't plant.

Negative centreville
(1 review)
On May 29, 2014, centreville Gloster, MS wrote:

I have made several orders with Summerstone none of which I would brag about. Some of us are slower than others to learn. I am writing this with respect to order no. 5479-2327-6430-1750. The bulk of the order was for plum trees which arrived wrapped in wet newspaper but with dry roots. I called about the condition when i received the order and was told to soak them and them plant them. I should have enacted the First Promise. None leafed out this spring. I was getting ready to return for replacement but read about the company on this website and determined that it was not worth the effort. Their 2nd Promise is that I ship the dead plants back and that for 1/4th the price they will replace the plants. I will take my losses and run.

Negative wrighjl
(1 review)
On May 28, 2014, wrighjl Cuba, KS wrote:

On April 24, 2014 I placed an order (Order Number: 2794-7632-1866-1116) with Summerstone Nursery and paid $22.40 (Transaction Code: 94D53478ET135960D) via a credit card. I called back on April 25, 2014 to cancel the order. I was told that I would receive a refund to my credit card. I have called several times asking when I will be credited to my credit card account (as recent as May 27, 2014). I get nothing but a run around. I believe that Summerstone Nursery is committing fraud. Since I live in Kansas and the nursery is in Tennessee I believe this is Interstate Commerce with intend to commit fraud which is a Federal violation. Since the Internet has been used I believe their Website should be closed down with further investigation regarding Federal violations to perpetrate Fraud.

Negative xword
(1 review)
On May 25, 2014, xword Sanford, NC (Zone 7a) wrote:

The first order of 25 plants, two or three survived; the replacement order (had to send them some dead parts!) was slightly better, it looks like 4 might survive.

I give up. The person in the Tennessee state office who is monitoring their compliance to an earlier agreement is:

Jane Salem

I suggest sending a copy of each email back and forth to Summerstone to her.

summerstone does not raise anything. USPS deliveries from them to NC take at least a week, almost as if the USPS is not helping.... they refuse to consider priority mail, or any option for UPS type service....

the business plan, I am sorry to say, seems to be to keep sending out lousy plants and to try to keep as much of the money as possible.

When I was doing a similar business, selling other grower's stuff, I took the order to the nurseries myself, selected the plants, cleaned off the dirt and packaged them in wet paper inside plastic, and sent them priority mail the same day. One complaint in three years by a person whose mailman left the plants at a door she didn't use in 100 degree weather. She contacted me after a week and then found the plants. The replacement shipment went well, she was happy.

Negative Oldsarge4188
(1 review)
On May 21, 2014, Oldsarge4188 Freeport, NY wrote:

Ordered 6Tomato, 6 cucumber, 6 pepper and 6 cantaloupe plants May 4. Called and cancelled order May 5, due to finding this website and reviews. Emailed my cancellation as well. After 4 hours of calling I believe the woman I spoke to was Debbie, she said no problem she would pass it along to the order dept and it would be cancelled. Well yesterday I received all the above plants in the mail. Not only were they dead but so poorly packed they were broken on almost all the stems. This nursery should not be in business period. Terrible customer service and even worse product. Called credit card company and got credit for this purchase. Horrendous nursery do not even think of buying from them.

Negative nathan2014
(1 review)
On May 19, 2014, nathan2014 Broomall, PA wrote:

I wish I'd read these reviews before I ordered my trees.
I made my order mid April, some grape and persimmon trees,
didn't receive yet. I called several times, no one even pick up the phone.

why a company like this could still keep breathing?

Negative yrralrellim
(2 reviews)
On May 16, 2014, yrralrellim Staunton, VA (Zone 6b) wrote:

I ordered six tomato plants and two blackberry plants in mid April. I received my shipment on 5/9/2014 . To say the least, ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!! In the first shipment, all six tomato plants were totally fried -- what was left of them was dry, black and brown, primarily due to their shipping method and packing -- hardly fit for shipping rocks. I called immediately (on 5/9) and they reshipped six plants which arrived today. If the plants survive at all I will be surprised! I will NEVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN nor can I recommend them for purchasing live plants. This second shipment had the plants basically stuffed inside an improper shipping container. On the exterior of the cardboard box there was no warning of live plants being inside. So far my two thornless blackberry plants are sprouting -- they probably will survive but are not even worth the shipping charges.

Negative ETNGUY
(1 review)
On May 13, 2014, ETNGUY Colonial Heights, TN wrote:

If I had read this forum or the BBB entry I would not have ordered from them.

I ordered a Bing cherry and Black Tartarian cherry tree 4-5' on 4/13/14 and received them on 4/19/14. There were small green leaves on the Bing but the Black Tartarian and the free Black Hawk raspberry were "dead sticks" as described in many other posts.

I planted them anyway. Two weeks later, 5/3/14, still with no growth from the Black Tartarian or the Black Hawk, I emailed them with no response. I called them 5/12/14 to report my experience, I have received a form to fill out and if I send the dead plants back to them (shipping at my cost) they will send me replacements.

Since the Black Tartarian only cost $20, shipping the dead plants back will cost me at least half that. I'm not sure this effort is worth it.

I do not like wasting my money or receiving "dead sticks" in the mail, I will not order from them again. Please review their entry in the BBB website before you even think or ordering.

Negative Ciaobobd
(1 review)
On May 9, 2014, Ciaobobd White Plains, NY wrote:

I ordered a pink dogwood nearly a month ago. They charged my credit card and the tree never arrived.

Negative dktucson
(2 reviews)
On May 7, 2014, dktucson Picture Rocks, AZ wrote:

Posted on April 11, 2014, updated May 7, 2014
Posted on April 5, 2014, updated April 11, 2014
Posted on March 28, 2014, updated April 5, 2014
Posted on March 26, 2014, updated March 28, 2014
Like a lot of folks posting..I ordered then saw the negative reviews and was worried i had been suckered. About 2 weeks after ordering my plants arrived in a box with the bare root ball encased in still-moist newspaper. Some of the root systems looked better than others--I would say the grape & blackberry looked the worse for the wear. All the plants have green showing when you scratch the bark--none are what i would call dead dry. some had signs of green buds peeking out which surprised the hell out of me. All are soaking in a tub of water overnight & I plan on potting them first before commiting them to holes in the ground--wish me luck

On March 28th, 2014, dktucson added the following:

additional stuff--in looking at the plants, summerstone shipped extras--I have 2 persimmons , 2 grapes and 3 "strands" of blackberry shoots . I ordered a bing & lapine cherry, both cherries were larger 3-4 ft size but one had a very limited root system. I'm not a Phd in horticulture so maybe thats normal for that species--like said earlier--wish me luck
On April 5th, 2014, dktucson added the following:

update 4/4/2014: soaked the bare-roots and put them in starter pots. in a bit over a weeks time the red crape myrtle (free plant) has sprouted . The 2 cherries and one persimmon and one tuilp polar are showing signs of emergence but no leaves officially..nubs where they were smooth previously. Still awaiting activity on a 5-in-1 orchard graft, the other persimmon, the grapes (free) and blackberries (free)...The grapes looked the saddest upon arrival & I'm not expecting much.
I'll keep posting as they progress--good or bad.
On April 11th, 2014, dktucson changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

update--the lapine cherry looks like a goner, no green when scratching the bark. bing cherry is OK. 5-in-1 graft has buds/green popping out all over. little activity on the persimmons--small nubs. Changing rating to neutral

On May 7th, 2014, dktucson changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

from the original order the only ones that grew were a free crape myrtle and the 5-in-1 orchard fruit--all others failed to sprout. replacement cherry trees were small twigs 1/3 the size of what I ordered the first time--I won't mail order plants ever again--local nurseries only or lowes/home depot etc
Negative kamalis
(1 review)
On May 5, 2014, kamalis Shirley, NY wrote:

I ordered some plants without checking reviews. Month later received credit card statement; company took payment same day even their polity states to bill credit when ready to ship. So I email them asking for estimated time of shipping. this answer came two weeks later " we moved your order in front to be shipped when we are able to ship." 14 days later I requested shipping update again. No response. Another two weeks later I sent an email cancellation request. No response. Tried to fax their fax line for days----fax not receiving! Finally this morning (5-5-14) got to a lady. "She will get to it." the answerer told me, not even asking me what order # I was calling about. The unprofessional way of answering the phone, and talking to me instantly told NOT to waste any time with these folks. I called Chase bank and explained the situation and they ve done a charge back. This company is beyond SUCKS. From now on I ll stick to ordering local; and when not available locally will order only Starkbros ( 1 great experience with them) and Jung ( repeated great experience over the years--- ) or Park ( good 2 good experience with seed ordering ).

Neutral chris67mustang
(1 review)
On Apr 28, 2014, chris67mustang Emerson, NE wrote:

I had no idea that Summerstone Nursery was a scam. I just ordered trees from them. I will be on the watch as it is too late to discontinue my order now. I placed the order Friday 4/25/14. Now I am worried.

Negative ThomBroGar
(1 review)
On Apr 19, 2014, ThomBroGar Gresham Park, GA wrote:

DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE EVER FOR ANY REASON! I made a huge mistake by not seeing something that was too good to be true and doing my on line research first. I place a $257 order only to get a box of dried up dead sticks. (Now why would someone go to all the effort to grow, dig, pack and ship plants that were in that condition?) Some of the plants did not even have roots. I sent a e-mail complaining. They told me to ship the plants back. This is in direct conflict with their guarantee. I have heard nothing back. There are 162 complaints against these people with the Better Business Bureau and many more on other sites like this. This is their MO. Dead plants, no refund, they say they will ship in the fall but don't, No communication. They hope you get tired and have more important things to do and just go away so they get to keep your money. My saving grace is I charged it on my Visa and will charge back and get my money. Why the authorities don't shut these people down I don't know.

Negative ssokaj
(1 review)
On Apr 14, 2014, ssokaj Graysville, PA wrote:

I placed an order w/ Summerstone Nursery totaling $68.10. More than half of the plants died or were dead on arrival because they never grew or produced more than a leaf and then died. I received the plants in the spring and sent my replacement form in the fall hoping to receive new plants the following spring (as promised). I did not send the dead sticks or root balls back to Summerstone when I sent the reorder form. There was never a response from Summerstone and when I attempted to call, the phone rang and rang and rang w/ no answer. I, instead, contacted them via email to ask about my replacement plants and gave them my phone# also. There was no response from them either by email or phone.

It is two years later and I attempted another phone call. This time I did speak w/ someone but was told that because I did not return the dead material there will be no replacement.

I will not purchase from them again.

Negative texpug
(1 review)
On Mar 31, 2014, texpug Gorman, TX wrote:

ordered several tomato and pepper plants before seeing the info on this company - so of course was worried and with good reason-- when the order arrived after several weeks-- the tomato plants (14) were nothing but a dead stem in some kind of very dry planting medium - none of which I could save - the peppers were not much better - out of 12 plants I have managed to salvage 2 plants - the 2 "free" grape vines were nothing but dead stems wrapped in dry paper towels --- very disappointed and will never order here again -- worse company for plants I have ever used!!!!!!

Negative rwalli
(1 review)
On Mar 8, 2014, rwalli Knoxville, TN wrote:

Beware! Summerstone charged my credit card the same day I placed an order, which was to be shipped in two weeks. They never shipped -- and they won't acknowledge my e-mails asking them to cancel the order and issue a refund. DO NOT TRUST THESE THIEVES. They have earned an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Negative Gabbypepper
(1 review)
On Feb 28, 2014, Gabbypepper Lauderdale Lakes, FL wrote:

Charged our credit card immediately, shipped almost 2 months later, due to weather, they said. They sent dead twigs. No refund policy. Our bad for not checking them out first. We learned to never buy until we check the vendor out here and at the BBB.

Negative grandbayou
(1 review)
On Feb 22, 2014, grandbayou Coushatta, LA wrote:

Ordered fruit trees from them...when they came in they said they were dormant, but they were dead...after hassling them over the order they agreed to send replacement trees...all of them were dead but one and it broke off of the graft and died...contacted the BBB and they couldn't get them to answer the phone or emails...finally got in touch with them early this year ( after acting like I was a new customer) and they sent me the same old lame form to send them money for replacement trees...still email them weekly requesting a refund or live trees. BBB sent me a government place to file a complaint with but they will probably just pop up with a different name and start over...nice scam selling dead trees and then requesting 40% more to send you some more dead trees.

Neutral Cymbelina
(6 reviews)
On Oct 9, 2013, Cymbelina Prattville, AL (Zone 8a) wrote:

Just wanted to update everyone on this company. I just received a catalog from them this week and having learned my lesson from buying without checking here first, I checked on Garden Watchdog. The catalog listed Summerstone Nursery, P.O. Box 274, Morrison TN as the address. I typed in the name and got a "No companies found!" response. So I typed in the zip code to see if it was maybe had another company with a similar luck. So then I went to find their website and googled it and got a review page from Garden Watchdog on the same name. Well, the address is different but the name and state, etc. are the same. It's pretty apparent that they have just gotten a P.O. Box so they could keep scamming. I'm so glad I wasn't suckered in by their low prices and I found this page on Garden Watchdog. How can we list this so it comes up under the search because I'm not the only one they're mailing to, I'm sure. Thanks Dave and thanks GW!

Neutral sped0716
(1 review)
On Oct 3, 2013, sped0716 Newport, TN wrote:

I ordered a Pink Dogwood tree and got a Pear tree for free. The dogwood was DOA. The pear tree lasted a couple days. I contacted them, and they sent me a request form for new plants. I sent it to the address on the form and it was sent back to me as no such address. I finally found the correct address online. I am suppose to be receiving my duplicate trees this month. It was for my mother for mother's day, so it will only 5 months late.

Negative pussy_willow
(1 review)
On Aug 1, 2013, pussy_willow Devola, OH wrote:

Posted on September 11, 2011, updated August 1, 2013
EVERYTHING SHOWED UP D.O.A. !! I have NEVER received such poor quality plants from anyone, anywhere before! Their catalog does NOT say whether the plants are shipped live or dormant... so considering I am new at Southern Gardening, I thought I would call for information. Well I was assured by 2 'associates' I spoke with that my hybrid tea roses would not only be between 1 and 2 feet tall, but that they were live and had FOLIAGE! I placed an order for 16 HTR's (at $9ea) 6 rhododendrons, 4 hydrangeas, 2 patio rose trees, and 8 double-blue balloon flowers. EVERYTHING showed up dead including my "free gift" stella d'oro daylilies. Not dormant-DEAD. When I called on a Saturday (don't ever try THAT!!) the man who answered kept telling me that no, nothing is shipped with foliage, and I was wrong, none of it was dead, and how HE didn't take orders OR pack them so it wasn't HIS problem!! OMG when I finally spoke to a supervisor on Monday I found her to be as disillusioned with Summerstone as I am. She basically told me she had tried over a dozen of the roses she picked for herself and managed to get 2 of them going. She was very nice and re-shipped my entire close to $300.00 order, but it was in even worse shape. Dead AND soggy. Out of everything I have, I have managed to salvage 2 tiny double blue balloon flowers and over the entire summer I have nurtured them. This is my first time with this perennial and also my first summer of gardening in Mississippi rather than Ohio. I have done very well with all the plants I have bought myself at various local nurseries and my roses I put out from bags in March are enormous. I'm sad that the beautiful, yellow, purple, white and red rose garden I envisioned has yet to be. i wish I'd spent the money on raising my beds instead. Just FYI, some of the employees are okay to deal with but this is a rip-off racket; don't expect anything if you do order from them, and don't even think about trying to get your money back!!!

On August 1st, 2013, pussy_willow added the following:

**ALSO the review left by Whirlwind2000 on the bottom of page one of 'negative Comments' is 100% accurate! "The Stella's D'oro" did indeed revive in my plant cemetery. It was a HASTA though, while I do like Hastas, i didn't particularly want one, but in the end, it grew so large, and spread so much, I was able to use it as ground cover near my Gardenia bushes (6 foot tall bushes) to cover the dirt and mud where grass doesn't grow. BEWARE ordering from 'Scammerstone Nursery' if you are still intent on doing so. I now know that all mail-order nurseries ship dormant, and the claim that I would receive live foliage plants was ridiculous. i didn't know better at the time. However; I DID follow ALL instructions and everything stayed dead. of course, they are a 'No Refund' company. If a company wont offer refunded monies for poor goods, ALWAYS use caution!!
Negative Crystalmari
(1 review)
On Jul 21, 2013, Crystalmari Emory, TX wrote:

Ordered 6 pine trees and a hummingbird vine. They sent a free crape myrtle and this was the only thing that lived. I started calling about 3 weeks after I planted them as the needles on the pines started turning brown and the hummingbird vine did nothing. They said wait about 6 weeks and they should come back. They did not and when I called they said they would replace in the fall. By this time all 6 of the pine trees had broken off and fell over. They said they would send me a form to fill out and then they would send the plants when fall came. Today I got the form, almost a month later, and it stipulates that I have to return the dead trees. I talked to them and even asked if they had to be returned and they said no, just return the form. Now, I can only get a replacement if I pay a portion of the original cost PLUS shipping and handling. I should have looked at this website and the BBB before I ordered.

Negative johnnitek
(1 review)
On Jul 11, 2013, johnnitek Wallington, NJ wrote:

Ordered 4 trees on 4/11/13. Planted. Two trees were dead and two other had green leafs when it was to be PURPLE leaf plums. Contacted company Summerstonenursey 6/4/13. Sent replacement same . Two dead plants and two wrong colored leafs. Called company and they hung up on me. After first order contacted VISA and complained. The sent form to me then charged me interested on disputed amount $50.30. 07/11/13 will contact company again and VISA. DO NOT buy ANYTHING from this company .

Negative salrubino
(1 review)
On Jun 13, 2013, salrubino Scottsdale, AZ wrote:

ordered 2 Thompson seedless grape plants. Planted them and after four weeks, nothing. I emailed them and asked them what next steps should be. No response until I withheld payment through the credit card company. With no response, I found the plants at my local Walmart @ 1/3 less than I paid to the nursery.

Then I get a letter asking me to pay 1/4 of the original price plus $3.50 in postage to replace the plants that were dead. I don't want the grapes anymore. Nor do I want to throw good money after bad.

Negative EllaRose
(1 review)
On Jun 10, 2013, EllaRose Philadelphia,
United States wrote:

Very Angry.

I ordered twice from this company. Last year I ordered a rose and once it finally came and bloomed it was the WRONG ROSE. It was doing well & they never sent me all the info to return it-- so I let it drop.

I ordered again this spring; hoping the wrong order was a fluke. I ordered three roses. ALL of them came with cane borer holes in them. I contacted them and WAITED AND WAITED for a response. Finally a few weeks later I gave them a call (hard to contact during business hours). The woman said she'd send a return form the next day... I waited a week and nothing-- called again and they said they hadn't sent it out yet... but soon it'd be out.

Finally get the form and it says that "your replacement request reach us past our spring shipping schedule" so I won't receive my roses until the Fall, possibly the spring. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. I am furious. If I don't get my roses ASAP & in good condition I will NEVER order from them again. I know for a fact RU is still shipping and they are only located a few hours from Summerstone.

Positive cougar01
(1 review)
On Jun 1, 2013, cougar01 Butler, PA wrote:

I placed an order with Summerstone back in April before finding this website. I was a bit nervous after reading the many Negative reviews that have been posted here. I didn't know what to expect, and was relieved that I only spent a small amount. I figured that if things didn't work out, I wasn't out much.

It was only a small order for a Halls Hardy Almond Tree.....and a Canadian Hemlock as my free gift.

The plants arrived in early May. The Halls Hardy Almond tree was bare root and a "stick". The roots were wrapped in wet packing material and a gel. Basically, the same condition I received my other fruit trees from both Stark Nursery (apple(s) and cherry) and Gurneys (pear) earlier in the season. I immediately placed the roots of both plants in a bucket of water to soak for 24 hours. After that time, I planted the Halls Hardy Almond tree in a previously prepared site, and mulched the site to keep it from drying out. Not having a definite spot for the Canadian Hemlock, I simply potted it up.

I waited to write a review to see how both trees would do. I'm happy to say that this past week the Halls Hardy Almond tree has sent out new buds, and the Canadian Hemlock is doing fine in the pot.

If you are expecting trees that look like the pictures in the sales catalog, then go to your local nursery and buy directly form them. If you are buying via mail order (Summerstone, Stark, Gurneys, etc) you will receive a bareroot stick with roots wrapped in some sort of packing material. It's up to you to take the proper steps to get the plants growing. If you don't have the green thumb, then, like I said, go to your local nursery, spend 5x the amount, and buy a plant that is already potted and growing.

After reading the many negative I just the "lucky one"? Who knows. But, I cannot fairly give them a bad review at this time. In fact, considering their prices, I will probably place another small order with them in the future as I continue to add to my garden and orchard..

Negative Attica_Farmer
(4 reviews)
On May 28, 2013, Attica_Farmer Attica, MI wrote:

I was looking for small and inexpensive apple trees so I wasn't expecting shooting stars when I opened the box for my recent order but this was way beyond my worst expectations. This was by far the worst shipment of trees and/or shrubs I have ever received and we are on year 7 of reforesting 70 acres. For starters the order was in transit through US mail for 7 full days, by the time they arrived even the gel paks had dried up much less the roots. After unpacking everything, one third of the packaging was a ball of roots that had basically fallen off during shipping. It's pouring rain and I'm going to get these little guys in the dirt to see if I can save even one of them but I have very low expectations.

Negative Mike_R
(1 review)
On May 22, 2013, Mike_R Commack, NY wrote:

My experience was HORRIBLE! I ordered 3 cherry trees - 2 arrived as dead twigs & the 3rd arrived snapped in half with no hearty braches (the "free" pompass grass arrived all dried out also). When I spoke to Summerstone customer service the first time, I was assured that I would receive a complete re-shipment of my order. Well, after receiving a shipment notification email & waiting 3 weeks, I called back only to find out that they want me to ship the trees back at my expense & pay 1/4 of the tree's price. Shocked, I reminded the customer service rep that their NUMBER 1 promise of replacement of any trees if I'm not 100% satisfied...
While being put on hold & calling back several times to speak to a manager, I was told that I would get a call back shortly....that was 3 days ago & 10 phone calls later. I placed this order in March & spoke to the first rep as soon as the trees arrived, now its May...the trees are dead & long gone. What do they expect??? I honestly tried to work things out but to NO avail!
Save your money & time - DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM SUMMERSTONE!!!

Negative therder
(1 review)
On May 15, 2013, therder Lexington, KY wrote:

I ordered several fruit and nut trees from autumn ridge nursery in 2006. The 2 pecan trees I ordered turned out to be white oaks. I ordered 3 varieties of apple trees which turned out to be crabapples. The 5 in 1 pear tree turned out to be an ornamental pear. To be completely accurate I also ordered an english walnut tree which was correct and is on the way to being a beautiful tree. This company was apparently sued out of business by the TN attorney general and they deserved it. I see they are back in business as summerstone nursery. Their ads look really nice but do not be fooled as I was. I strongly advise anyone reading this not to order from them.

Negative lhuffman615
(2 reviews)
On May 10, 2013, lhuffman615 Bethpage, TN wrote:

I ordered fruit & nut trees in the spring of 2012. They arrived looking completely dried out & dead. I contacted the company, and they assured me they were just dormant. I planted them with hopes they would bud out. Most never did, so I contacted the company and they sent out replacements. The second shipment didn't look much better & with the season heating up by that time, I decided to pot up the plants and placed them in a shaded area where I could water them easily. Very few of theses plants budded out and grew. I contacted the company again and they said I would have to dig the dead plants up, send them back at my expense and they would replace them in the fall. I did that and in the fall I did receive another shipment. Again the stems of the trees were shriveled and appeared to be dried out. This spring I watched the plants in hopes they would live. Out of 28 fruit & nut trees I ordered, 15 failed to live. I contacted the company again and they have ignored me and will not respond.

Negative CherryMN
(3 reviews)
On Mar 10, 2013, CherryMN Anoka, MN wrote:

What can I say? There's a reason why they are F-rated by the BBB. If something is too good, it probably is, right? With prices like those advertised, I should have known better. I ordered from Summerstone in Spring 2012. After doing an online order, they mailed me a catalog with a special offer letter. So I thought I would take advantage, and did a second order by mail. Firstly, after my second order was overdue by 2 weeks, I had to call them. The woman I spoke with couldn't find the order, so I had to recite the medium-sized order back to her.

In the end, the quantity of plants they promised did arrive. In fact, I received a few extra plants. The plants were apparently of the correct species/genus. Most, however, had the distinction of being well on their way to a glorious future as the precursor to crude oil---dead plants. Of most of the trees I ordered, there was barely any green under the bark, and no trees made it, save two small maples. The roses were alive, and actually in good shape. The strawberries were barely alive, but amazingly thrived within hours of planting. All other berries and trees were DOA.

I would like to think that I received some live plants merely because whoever is running that operation was too incompetent even to kill everything they have for sale. Really, it was probably just luck. I never wasted another moment trying to get my money back. Clearly these people are scam artists, given the repeated violations over apparently decades. So to you who reads this, caveat emptor. I tried to play my usual hand---being a cheapskate--and I got screwed. There are lots of other decent online nurseries to shop at, and I will review ones that I know tonight and let you know of them. On a positive note, my strawberries (Surecrop) went into winter looking strong and healthy, even staying green into December. In about 3 months I'm looking forward to tasting the one sweet spot out of this sour deal.

Negative rieslabs
(1 review)
On Jan 21, 2013, rieslabs Iola, IL wrote:

My wife purchased 22 (various) trees from this terrible, terrible place. When they arrived, they looked lifeless, but we planted them and watered them for several months. 3 of them made some very small partial leaves but then died. The rest never did anything other than rot away. I called them and they said they would replace the trees in the fall. Nothing ever came. I called them again and the guy basically just laughed at me. DON'T EVEN THINK of ever buying anything from them, EVER is my advice. If my wife had checked out Dave's web site and this nursery before she placed the order, she would have saved us over $131.00 and a whole lot of useless work.

Negative giussepata
(1 review)
On Dec 26, 2012, giussepata Aurora, CO wrote:

Summerstone nursery is a joke wrapped up into a thief.

I ordered about 20 trees. the apple trees arrived OK but all other fruit trees ( peach, apricots, plums) arrived ungrafted and as twigs. My horses eat bigger alfalfa twigs than summerstone send its trees out as. So I contacted them, returned the trees to a PO box they gave me, at my cost ( $15). and the whole box came back because there is no such PO box. I'm certain it must be a "mistake".
I hate these basturds and hope they eat manure and turn into compost real soon. I hope somebody does some shooting down there. I can't believe they still get a business license by the state of Tennessee.
I gave up, cut my losses and ordered from Van Well nurseryin WA and can already tell they are a real outfit. $15 for a 1/2" tree. They earn their money like I do. I guess I'm not old enough.....stay away, far away from summerstone and all its aliases. Thieves.

Negative virginia0369
(1 review)
On Dec 10, 2012, virginia0369 Adrian, MI wrote:

I ordered 10 dwarf fruit trees from this company, I also ordered 5 dwarf fruit trees from another company.
The trees I received from Summerstone Nursery(the 10 trees) showed up and looked like nothing more than twigs. I ordered the exact type of tree that were the same age from another company, these trees were at least 3 times the size of Summerstone trees.
Being completely unsatisfied with Summerstone, I sent them 2 emails ( they never responded). I called them, explaining the situation. The response I got was to send them back at my expense and they would replace them. They refused to reimburse me my money or to pay for return shipping. I will NEVER use this company in the future. I WOULD NOT recommend them to anyone!!!

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