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Positive VAhorselady
(2 reviews)
On Feb 26, 2012, VAhorselady Charles City, VA wrote:

I almost didn't order from them because of all the negative reviews, but I'm very glad that I did!

I have a growing rose garden (60 different varieties and counting!) My garden is a large area and I can't afford to pay $20plus for a rose (unless its a very special type).

I found that this company has a large selection of unusal roses, plus they have a bargain price $6-$11. I ordered 5 bare-root roses and they gave me two free Rugosa roses. They came about two weeks after I ordered them. They were a little dry, but I soak all of my bare-root roses in a bucket of water for at least 24 hours. I soaked these for three days. The canes were all green and looked great after I soaked them. In fact, some of them are beginning to grow little tiny red buds. I planted them today and we'll see how they look in a couple of months.

Last year I ordered my bare-root roses from Burgess (another company that gets a bad rap). Those roses are thriving. I only lost one and that's because I forgot to plant it!

I can't tell the different between my discount catalog roses and the fancier nursery bought roses.

I highly recommend going with this company (and Burgess) for bare-root roses. Take a chance! Start with a small order and see how it goes. I'll be ordering from this place again.

Negative shafted
(1 review)
On Feb 9, 2012, shafted Quartz Hill, CA wrote:

Placed an order online. After placing my order I found all of the really bad reviews online. I obviously should have looked at the reviews prior to ordering. I immediately called them within 5 minutes of placing my order online and cancelled my order. Over a week later and still no refund to my account. I called to find out what was going on and was told that I should see my refund in the next three weeks. Really, a month to see a refund to my account. Unacceptable.

Positive diwucbs
(1 review)
On Dec 14, 2011, diwucbs Minneapolis, MN wrote:

I live in MN and the reason I gave this bad-famed company a positive rating is that I experienced 4 positive and 3 negative issues with them, and considering that I only paid less than $9 for goods+S&H, i think they are doing a ok job. Maybe they learned their lesson from the lawsuits and are behaving better now? anyway, I would use caution when buying large orders from them still, but for smaller orders they are my nursery to pick.

4 positive things: a good email response apparently written by real person; a protective case with an apparently strong free plant and two sachets of seeds I ordered; case labelled with the packing persons' names; CHEAP.

3 bad things: ordered in early Sep, requested to ship on early Oct, they played a trick on the confirmation page so even I get a screen display saying the system received my shipping date request, the confirmation email they sent later does not say so, and luckily I had the screenshot of the correct date so they responded and admitted their mistake; emailed me saying delivered in late Nov, actually delivered on Dec 12; the strong roots of the free plant have some tear and wound, and the paid seeds are intended for sowing latest by Dec 2011, but at the website they claimed the seed to be fresh and ok for 2012 sowing.

so, overall, they have still a bad and dishonest image in me, but i would still use them to put a few small, not urgent, and cheap orders. After all, you can't find a foot-tall dormant blackberry plant and 800+ wild flower seeds at your local store for $9.

My guess of how this company makes money is that they buy weak plants at dirt price from other good name nurseries, and sell them to you at a low but final price, and only ships when the stock accumulates to a large volume that they can find a carrier to do so at discounted price.

My advice: buy cheap, popular and plants, and learn to do some first-aid for plants, so that you have a good chance of spending 10% of the money you would spend in a good name nursery and get a plant that s 30% as good as the more expensive counterparts.

Negative rajadave
(1 review)
On Nov 24, 2011, rajadave Centerville, TN wrote:

Posted on June 18, 2011, updated November 24, 2011
I ordered 15 trees and bushes.
11 were dead on arrival.

2 of the living trees were of the wrong type. I requested replacements, and was shipped the wrong product again!

I lost $84.55 because of the dead trees and bushes. I would like my money back from this vendor.

Keep others from getting burned:

1) File an online complaint with Tennessee Consumer Affairs: . . . click on File a Consumer Complaint.
There is already a lawsuit against Summerstone:

2) Complain to the BBB:

These are online forms, and only take a minute . . . .

On November 24th, 2011, rajadave added the following:

State of Tennessee Sue Summerstone Nursery
Following More Than 400 Consumer Complaints

"These defendants sell nursery goods through mail order catalogs and from their websites. Primarily, the defendants allegedly ship non-viable nursery goods, fail to ship complete or accurate orders, and employ deceptive refund and replacement policies in violation of the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act. The State and these defendants have entered into an Agreed Judgment resolving the State’s lawsuit. The agreement provides for extensive injunctive relief and money for consumer restitution for unresolved complaints."

Better Business Bureau Rating

Summerstone Nursery, Inc.
Score = F
On a scale of A+ to F
Factors that lowered Summerstone Nursery, Inc.'s rating include:
• 151 complaints filed against business
• Failure to respond to 38 complaints filed against business.
• 28 complaints filed against business that were not resolved.
• 8 serious complaints filed against business.
• Government action(s) against business.
Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.
This company has a serious pattern of complaint. Specifically, complaints allege consumers paid for live trees and plants; however, when the merchandise arrived it was not as advertised. Consumers describe the items as dry, dead sticks. In addition, complaints indicate delivery took longer than promised or items were never delivered.
On January 3, 2011, BBB sent certified correspondence to this company requesting their immediate attention in resolving the unanswered and unresolved complaints on file with BBB by January 12, 2011; however, the company failed to cooperate with BBB's request.

Summerstone Nursery sells fruit trees, nut trees, roses, berry plants, flowers, flower seeds, vegetable seeds, shade trees, flowering trees, grapes, lilies, hedges, organic seeds, ornamentals and more. They are located in Morrison, Tennessee. Their website is:
Negative Sapello
(1 review)
On Nov 14, 2011, Sapello Wichita, KS wrote:

Negative dominator_1320
(1 review)
On Nov 5, 2011, dominator_1320 Haymarket, VA wrote:

Everyone should be aware these people are everyday plain thieves. I ordered $300 worth of trees six weeks ago and nothing has arrived.

Multiple attempts at reaching the Womaks by email and phone has had no results.
Sad for these people really, as they have ripped off the wrong guy here...the TN State District Attorney will now take up this case of good old, plain and simple theft...anyone else want to join the fun?

Negative plantgnome1
(31 reviews)
On Sep 23, 2011, plantgnome1 nowhere land, NY (Zone 6b) wrote:

I had ordered Peonies from them before there was this site-I got the bareroots which did not grow. I put a stop payment with my credit card company immediately because I never received a response from my numerous emails. Amazingly they sent new plants. which did grow-but its now been over 5 years and neither plant ever got a flower on it. So I have moved them to what I call my plant cemetery (ie: any plant that doesnt do what its supposed to gets planted there) lets see what happens. I feel so bad for all you people who got scammed. If your plant does not grow and you can't get hold of the company-immediately put a stop on your credit card-do not wait months for a dead twig to sprout. Do not pay by check or money order. If per chance the plant does sprout after waiting months-contact the credit card co. again and they will release the funds to the company.

Negative Whirlwind2000
(8 reviews)
On Sep 13, 2011, Whirlwind2000 Monroe, CT wrote:


In late Spring I received my order of :
1 Aconitum - Bicolor (bare root)
1 Aconitum - Eleanora (bare root)
plus a bonus plant of 1 Stella D'Oro Day Lily (bare root).

They offer a 12 month guarantee which states that they will replace at 1/4 cost plus 3.50 shipping if they fail to grow.

The Aconitum - Bicolor never came up, the Stella D'Oro Daylily bonus turned out to be a hosta and the
Aconitum - Eleanora turned out to be a plant I don't reconize.

The bareroot plants were in a bag clearly marked as the plant that I ordered. 2 of the 3 plants were not the plant I ordered. Probably the dead plant wasn't correct either.

I feel that they are sending out the wrong plants intentionally. I only had a small order, but I learned my lesson. Just thought I would add my experience to help others who read this review.

Negative ruthiebell
(1 review)
On Sep 3, 2011, ruthiebell Indianapolis, IN wrote:

Posted on September 3, 2011, updated September 3, 2011
THIS COMPANY IS RUN BY SCAM ARTISTS! Please take the time to read this and inform yourself before making the same mistake that I did.

Summerstone Nursery sent me completely dead "bareroot" roses that were actually completely dead - not dormant - and never sprouted a single leaf bud. I am an experienced rose gardener and grew 5 bareroot roses purchased from a big bin in Menard's right beside these "dead sticks" that they sent me and those 5 are all thriving and 4 feet tall. The 3 I purchased from Summerstone Nursery are the same dead sticks I put in the ground the day they arrived.

To add insult to injury, this company assured me they would grow when I called with my concerns about the appearance of the "sticks" they sent me after the package arrived. Now that they have kept my money - they do not respond to voice mails and do not respond to emails.

Beware!! I should have done more research before ordering - as it would have been abundantly clear based on the experiences of others.

On September 3rd, 2011, ruthiebell added the following:

After doing some research, I learned that Summerstone Nursery has a government action against them for advertising live plants and selling people dead plants that do not grow. There is a way to file a claim against them.

Check out this website at the Better Business Bureau in Nashville for information about filing a claim with their state consumer protection agency. They were fined $30,000 to provide restitution to consumers who have been ripped off.
Negative summerkrae
(1 review)
On Aug 19, 2011, summerkrae Bloomfield, IN wrote:

I am an experienced gardner. On April 15, 2011, I placed two large order with Summerstone Nursery. The orders arrived, and the following items were dead sticks upon arrival and never came out of dormancy: Iceberg Rose ($9.95); Bolera Rose ($10.95); Bonica Rosa ($9.95); Climbing Angel Face Rose ($8.95) Fredric Mistral Rose ($10.95), Betty White Rose ($8.95) and Climbing Garden Sun Rose ($8.95). Total of dead merchandise $68.65. The roses never came out of dormancy even after immediate and proper planting, and careful watering. One of the free white birch trees was dead. Regarding the other order of 15 April, 2011, only 1 of the 7 trees was other than a dead stick, and the climbing Fourth of July Rose was a dead stick. Total of dead merchandise: $54.65. The company has no refund policy. I do not want to again pay one-fourth of the original purchase price plus shipping for plants that will likely be dead on arrival. The dead merchandise totaled $123.30 plus a portion of the shipping and handling I paid of $17 for the dead merchandise equates to $10.00. I do not recommend doing business with this company.

The blueberries we ordered (6 each) and crepe Myrtle (free tree) were fine and lived. However, the bad outweighs the good with this company. Recommend definitely not ordering roses from them. Thank you.

Positive onionfarmer
(1 review)
On Aug 10, 2011, onionfarmer Cody, WY wrote:

Prices enticed me into giving this place a try. I ordered 10 apple trees, 5 burning bushes, and 6 red weigela. I was surprised to receive the dormant plants in February, as I expected to get them nearer to a later planting date here in Wyoming. However, I kept the plants covered with a towel in a dark cold place and dampened them about once a week. In March, the ground thawed enough to plant and water them. We had a cold late spring, but when it finally warmed up, all 21 plants produced green buds and started growing. Now it is mid-August and every plant looks healthy and promising, making allowances for rabbits chewing on the burning bushes.

Though a bit concerned when I ran across the negative comments online, I now think this was a good deal. I have mail-ordered plants from "big name" nurseries several times in the past, with mixed results. So, (for me) Summerstone provided acceptable service.

Negative majdan
(1 review)
On Jul 29, 2011, majdan FAIRFAX STATION, VA wrote:

Posted on July 5, 2011, updated July 29, 2011
I ordered 10 roses and 2 lilacs in early May, a bit late for my area but not excessively. It took 4 days before they shipped and another week before they arrived. I was NOT pleased when I opened the box; everything was packed in tightly and the plants looked dreadful. The lilacs had small leaves on them, but the leaves were all yellow from being in a dark box for at least a week. All of the roses were domant, but some looked pathetic. The free trees thrown in were all brown and dried (they did NOT recover after planting).

After soaking the the plants in buckets of water for a day I went ahead and planted the roses and within 3 days more than half of them sprouted leaves. It's been about 6 weeks now and all of the roses are alive. One is just now opening leaves and looks like it may make it. Two have already bloomed; all 10 are thriving. One of the roses was mislabeled; instead of a yellow climber it's a red. I put the lilacs in a bucket of water in a shady spot for a week until the leaves turned green and then planted them. They're doing well.

Bottom line is that what I paid for has survived, the freebies were worth what I paid for them. I disliked how long shipping took and he way they were packed, but I can't argue with the fact that most everything is greening up nicely. I see from other reviews that I may have been the exception (perhaps in part because I'm experienced with growing roses). I may order from them again, but next time I will spring for expedited shipping.

On July 29th, 2011, majdan changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

Okay, nearly all of the roses have bloomed now. I ordered a wide variety of colors (no two roses in my order were the same), but what I got were two varieties of red roses (only 3 of them should have been red). The weak one that I thought MIGHT make it did not survive. While 9 of 10 roses are doing well, I have no confidence that ANY of them is actually what I ordered. Their guarantee states "If by mere chance any plant or tree, due to an error on our part, turns out to be the wrong item or color from that ordered, you may return it to us at our expense for a free replacement within six months after arrival." This was no mere chance or error... it was outright fraud (they all had individual paper labels indicating they were what I'd ordered). I have no intention of digging up perfectly healthy (although of unknown variety) roses to send back to them, especially since other feedback here indicates what I get will likely be even worse. I'll just say "STAY AWAY!!!" and order future roses from elsewhere.

Negative kathystrong
(1 review)
On Jul 20, 2011, kathystrong San Juan Capistrano, CA wrote:

Posted on February 27, 2011, updated July 20, 2011
Posted on November 17, 2010, updated February 27, 2011
Posted on June 27, 2010, updated November 17, 2010
I am an expert rosarian and bought 6 bareroot roses from them this year. I could not get a single one of them to break dormancy, no matter what I did to try and save them. They were dead on arrival. Save your money.

On November 17th, 2010, kathystrong added the following:

Update November 2010 -- I send them an email every month asking for either replacement roses or a refund. I have NEVER gotten any response from them. Do not even try to do business with them. I got ripped off.

On February 27th, 2011, kathystrong changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

Well, I'll be darned. They actually shipped a replacement order to me, which arrived yesterday, with all roses in good shape, and alive. So I will change this to a neutral. A year late, but at least they did it.
On July 20th, 2011, kathystrong changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

Back to negative -- all the replacement roses they shipped to me were mislabeled. I had ordered a variety of hybrid tea and floribunda roses, and what I received was all one variety that bears no resemblance to any variety that I actually ordered.
Negative amyrosez
(1 review)
On Jul 15, 2011, amyrosez Clarksville, TN wrote:

I am a military wife whose husband is gone the GREAT majority of the time. I am also the mother of a now 3 year old daughter who was 2 at the time of my order. I say these things to stress how precious our time and money is. Spring of 2010 my husband was deployed and I ordered $150 worth of Apricot Sparkles daylilies from Summerstone. They were healthy when I got them and I planted them right away. That summer when they started blooming I saw that not ONE of them was Apricot Sparkles. They looked to be the purple Stella d'Oro type and some kind of banana yellow type that is larger than the purple ones. I promptly emailed Summerstone. After emailing them several times, I called them. Incredibly unprofessional. They seemed to have no clue as to what was going on or how to resolve the situation. I told them I was willing to dig them all up and send them back to them, at their cost, if they can assure me that I can receive what I actually ordered. They agreed to that and told me they were sending me a form of some kind in the mail for me to fill out and send with the daylilies. I never received it. I get no email responses from them. When I call, I ask for a supervisor and I'm on hold forever or they hang up on me. At this point I have given up except I am considering going to the BBB. I get ticked off everytime I look at those flower beds. My color scheme is coral/apricot and purples. These flowers totally throw it off along with the wasted work, time, and money. I will warn everyone about my experience with Summerstone in order to try to spare them the trouble for as long as I can speak/type or Summerstone goes out of business.

Negative Shimi
(1 review)
On Jul 14, 2011, Shimi Santa Fe, NM wrote:

I was looking for a blue girl rose as I had lost several roses in the extreme freeze coupled with extreme drought that New Mexico experienced last winter. Summerstone seemed to have reasonable prices and a reasonably professional-looking website, so I ordered from them. Ten days later I also ordered a pink peace rose, as I had loved the one I had gotten from Costco a few years before. Both orders arrived in a timely manner, so I soaked and planted them and the free altheas. Six weeks later the blue girl rose finally sprouted, as well as one althea. I called Summerstone to ask about the dead peace rose. The phone rang and rang. I checked the hours, and it was supposed to be their business hours. I e-mailed. No reply. I called again the next week and reached someone who said they'd send me a form to fill out. No form arrived. I called again and let it ring for ten minutes at a time. I e-mailed with the heading URGENT, a week ago. Tried to call again today till the phone company automatically cut me off. Finally looked at reviews on this page and saw the Better Business Bureau alert and the info on lawsuits. I've asked Discover Card to dispute it. Thankfully it's a small amount, but I'd rather donate to orphan children, disaster relief, local food bank etc. than have these scoundrels at Summerstone get it! I don't really have a lot of time to look up reviews on every single merchant I do business with, but from now on I will take the extra time to look at the Dave's Garden site. What a shame that the regulatory environment in this country is now so weak that corporations and online businesses are allowed to get away with this kind of business practice.

Negative richy_rich
(1 review)
On Jul 10, 2011, richy_rich Pearce, AZ wrote:

Ordered 10 trees and 3 other plants. Received 19 pathetic trees of wrong type and no plants. After 2 months, 5 trees actually came alive. But of course they are not the ones I wanted!

Negative ntugman
(1 review)
On Jul 8, 2011, ntugman Jefferson, NC wrote:

I ordered $160 worth of Echinacea plants in May and have never been more disappointed. I would have rather received an empty box which is what my shipment was worth. I have ordered from nurseries across the country for 20 years and almost all of my experiences have been positive. I wish I would have checked Dave's Garden before I ordered from this company. I will never do business with them again and will go out of my way to tell everyone that I know how unprofessional this company is.

Positive yo_mare
(2 reviews)
On Jun 15, 2011, yo_mare Raleigh, NC wrote:

my favorite nursery!

Positive gamody
(1 review)
On Jun 15, 2011, gamody South Bend, IN wrote:

Ordered some fruit trees and with that they also added in some ornamentals. All arrived in about a week and were shipped dormant (i.e. they looked like sticks) Followed directions and kept them watered and in about 2-3 weeks all had 'woke-up' with green buds and clear signs of life. I was only really worried about the peach as it was the last to bud but it too eventually came out of its shell although I will need to prune off quite a bit that looks to be well and truly dead at the ends but overall I am pleased with the results and impressed with the prices.

Negative dsharka
(1 review)
On Jun 15, 2011, dsharka Methuen, MA wrote:

I ordered $80 worth of of plants from this place - (15 hedges and four grasses) all but five died. I've been trying to contact them for some sort of refund of explanation on what happened and I am unable to reach them. I've made 3 attempts now and today will be my fourth.
I would NEVER buy from them again. I think I am completely out my money.

Negative fred40
(5 reviews)
On Jun 8, 2011, fred40 Middletown, NY wrote:

These are the same vile scum that ran Autumn Ridge nursery. Few years ago I ordered dozens of trees from them. Four survived, and instead of the european pears they were labeled as, they turned out to be rootstock. So I had to dig out these now 8' trees. I also had shipped back a bunch of dead sticks that they had sent me at my cost and never heard from them again, despite many attempts to contact them. In my opinion, the worst thing a nursery can do is send the wrong item, since it can be years of effort and care only to find you now have a hard task of digging it out and have wasted precious time. To the few positive reviewers (those that are not shills for the putrid Womacks) be very careful until you confirm that fruit tree you think you have is not something else entirely.

Negative spowen
(1 review)
On Jun 6, 2011, spowen Blacksburg, VA wrote:

i ordered 12 creeping phlox, 10 dragon sedum and was sent 1 fountain grass, a crepe myrtle and red maple as a prize for the size of my order. all but the sedum arrived bone dry. i hydrated everything according to directions and got them in the ground. they came a little early for my region which surprised me since they said they'd ship at the appropriate time. a quick check of my zipcode would have showed i'm in the mountains and stay colder than the rest of VA. sigh.

so far 5 of the phlox ordered have made it and nothing else lived. they were notified and weeks go by with no response. i have responded to the 2 emails they sent but am waiting 2 months now for word on how they plan to make this right.

i am particularly enraged by the religious materials they included in their catalog and shipments. do they think that smoke screen will distract us from realizing they despicable? this company is offensive on so many levels. they should be shut down. i wish i had read about them before ordering.

Negative MichelleSt
(1 review)
On May 20, 2011, MichelleSt Arlington, TX wrote:

I ordered plants and flowers on May 13. Got an email telling me my plants was shipped on May 16. Today is May 20, they have debited my bank on the day the order was placed but I still havent seen the ghost of my plants yet. I sent email but no reply. Called but nobody picked up. Cant spend all the time calling them. Probably already lost some money on this order and I do not want to add up to the statistic. Do not buy from this company. Not worth the heartache and single dime of saving.

Positive dattilo0691
(1 review)
On May 16, 2011, dattilo0691 Erie, CO wrote:

I ordered about 20 various fruit trees in the 2-4ft. range (bare root) at the end of April. The plants arrived in a prompt manner (I did spend the extra $7.50 for express shipping) and they looked to be in good shape. I was missing a couple of the ordered items though so I called them and talked to a very nice customer service rep. This was over the weekend and I just received a notification that the missing trees had been shipped (Monday morning).

One thing to note is that all bare root trees look like dead sticks but they will most likely start growing after a couple weeks of sitting in moist soil. So, beware all the negative reviews... They had a great selection of fruit trees that are well suited to growing in Colorado and I am very satisfied with the entire transaction (especially given the price).

Neutral makenice
(1 review)
On May 12, 2011, makenice Greenwood, IN wrote:

Okay, now i'm a little scared! On May 7th I just ordered a big order that included some trees and various flowers. They did have a huge discount compared to other sites and I thought, well it's a nursery, surely it will be good. But I didn't do my homework, I never would have taken a chance with so many negative reviews. I received a confirmation of my order but what made me a little suspicious is no dates were listed for shipping ect... Also words were spelled wrong (petty I know, but supposed to be a professional site.) and I started looking for reviews. I will let everyone know if I ever receive my order and if it's good shape. Fingers crossed! I will only anticipate the best at this point but i'm scared. It was a lot of money to lose out on.

Negative spiregrain
(1 review)
On Apr 30, 2011, spiregrain Marlborough, MA wrote:

These people should be ashamed of themselves -- at least as ashamed as I am for having given them my money. I paid for a bunch of plants and when I never got a shipping confirmation or an order confirmation, but my money was taken immediately in spite of this. I attempted to contact them on multiple occasions. No response whatsoever.

So, after waiting what I felt was a pretty reasonable amount of time for some explanation, about three months, I challenged the charge with my bank. About a month after the challenge, and WELL into the time when the ground in my area is frozen solid, a package arrived containing numerous EXTREMELY dead plants. We're talking snappy brown sticks that crumble at a touch. These things did not die in transit. It was obviously done in order to attempt to continue to have my money without ever sending me what I had paid for.

Also around this time, I started receiving a large amount of spam in my email all the time, so on top of it all I'm fairly certain they sold my info. They are stalling with my bank, and I still have yet to receive a refund. However, I would encourage anyone who has had a negative experience with these guys to contact your bank and dispute the charge. Most banks will take it on, and it provides a paper trail for eventual prosecution of these cons. You may even get a package of stuff for your compost, as I did! Lets hope it wasn't just poison oak or something.

Positive anchel11
(1 review)
On Apr 30, 2011, anchel11 Maryville, TN wrote:

I ordered 2 big orders from Summerstone Nursery in February, I guess I was carried away with the prices they have and variety. It did take long for them to ship and I got concerned. However, when I called, I always got someone to answer and Nicole was very nice and helpful and answered all my questions. Then I decided to check this nursery out online and ran across these negative reviews. To be honest I really freaked out reading them because my orders were big. Finally, when they arrived, I found all the plants in good shape except for a few that were small and kind of dry. But since I ordered so many and many of them came freeas a bonus, I didnt not worry much. I wanted to plant and see how they would do and all the plants are doing just great, all broke dormancy in the next few days after planting and look very healthy and happy now growing leaves and blooming. I ordered roses, fruit trees, burning bushes, red weigela, they all came big and healthy and they are all doing well. I would not recommend ordering azalea, globe arbovitae, they came really small and dry. Other than that I am very happy with the order and would order again.

Positive anzawalker
(1 review)
On Apr 29, 2011, anzawalker Anza, CA wrote:

Order was shipped 7 days after receipt. Received entire order within 8 days after shipping(we're in a rural area)...everything in good shape. The 4-5' Keiffer pear was 5' -very strong stock. Everything had gel and newspaper wrap and was still VERY wet. Rose was very green, roots looked healthy. One red Hydrangea looks dead on top, but bottom is bright green and looks like good stock. Will cut and try. Very pleased, read the reviews after ordering and was really leery. Yeehaw...I'm happy. Will order from them again...prices are great!

Negative palermo21
(1 review)
On Apr 16, 2011, palermo21 Rancho Palos Verdes, CA wrote:

I placed an order for 2 roses and some seeds from Summerstone Nursery (right, a nursery for growing thieves). I should have read reviews about this company before buying from them, but I was naive. That was 2 weeks ago. I just now got a message that they are no longer shipping "due to seasonal" difficulties. That's all fine and good, but they took my money and have not returned any of my emails, or phone calls (they don't pick up, then send you to a dead line!) Thank God I only lost $20.00. I feel horrible for those who lost more.

If you're reading this, DON"T order from this rip-off outfit, you'll be more than sorry!

Negative tooner2
(6 reviews)
On Apr 11, 2011, tooner2 Charlotte, NC wrote:

Posted on February 18, 2011, updated April 11, 2011
I received, small, damaged plants (tree branches were broken.) There is no toll-free number I am aware of to call this company. After paying for the phone call, I was told by Nicole to take my tree back to the post office where she imagined they would ship the package back to the nursery at no cost to me. This is how the "guarantee" is fulfilled. Also, while I was trying to get some satisfaction from her, someone was heard yelling "get off the phone." I have added by name to the list of complaints the Attorney General of the state of Tennessee has received about these people.

On April 11th, 2011, tooner2 added the following:

Summerstone did eventually replace the items that I complained about, but the quality of the replacements was in no better shape, and in one case in worse shape, than the original items. You will also have to pay for postage and make a trip to the post office to return the poor quality items you will receive from this company. Do yourself a favor and just don't do business with them.
Negative jglenncox
(1 review)
On Mar 31, 2011, jglenncox Antlers, OK wrote:

Their prices are great, but I guess "you get what you pay for". Two out of five plants in one order were incorrect. Most of the plants from three different orders looked dead when received. After potting-up, great care and extensive waiting, I am convinced most were dead when received. The plants seemed to have been allowed to dry out between when they were dug and when they were boxed for shipment. They have a good guarantee policy, but it is not worth the effort to utilize it, plus it is too late in the season to await replacements. I'd rather pay more and receive quality plants.

Negative cats_meow_0911
(3 reviews)
On Mar 29, 2011, cats_meow_0911 Minneapolis, MN wrote:

I had placed an order with Summerstone in July, 2010, before I saw this website and all the problems people had with them (and found out about their lawsuit). I had ordered a couple of roses (I wanted a Whiskey Mac rose, and Summerstone was the only nursery where I located one). Of course, they had immediately charged my credit card. After seeing the problems that people had with them, I requested a refund via e-mail. No response. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau in Tennessee, but because Summerstone is being sued, the BBB could not pursue any action with them. Then, in September or so, I received a letter stating that my shipment had been delayed and asking if I wanted to still receive the order or get a refund. I made a copy of the letter and sent one back, once again, requesting a refund. My money has never been refunded.

Today I received an e-mail that they are shipping the order. In Minnesota, we still have several feet of snow on the ground and the ground is still frozen. So even if I wanted to try with the plants, I will not be able to plant them. I sent them an e-mail back letting them know I would be returning the package and that I expect a refund. Unbelievable.

Positive TupeloMS
(1 review)
On Mar 15, 2011, TupeloMS Tupelo, MS wrote:

I am new at planting trees, but must say that I took all into consideration from the posts, and even read a court document regarding complaints. Since I had already ordered the plants, I felt pretty good about it since, I bought 8 trees and plants plus shipping for 52.00. Very Inexpensive compared to other online sites. I figured it was worth the gamble. Especially since they were very clear about no refunds, but would offer replacements under a myriad of circumstances, that seem to be very natural risks of planting plants of trees from anywhere, anytime.
My trees arrived within four days. They were packaged and wrapped in plastic with news paper. I waited two days to plant so that I could have time to plant them on Saturday. I left the plants in the box outside in the garage in the cooler temperature. They had instructions in the box, which I read because I am new at this. I also read up on terms like "dormancy". When I unwrapped the plants, the roots had some type of gel on them and they were cold from refrigeration. I put the roots in water while I dug the holes. I purchased potting soil and mulch to help with planting.
I planted all 8 plants/trees. The flowering peach tree, willow tree, and the bonanza peach tree broke dormancy immediately. They "woke up", upon planting them. They had small blooms and leaves on them that began to perk up. On day 3, they have more blooms and leaves. The red bud, mimosa and forsythia haven't had any movement, but have green in the bark telling me that they are alive, and may need more time. The fountain grass is changing and getting stronger. I am only on day 3 and I am new at this. However, recognize that these are young trees and their little lives are fragile. One other point from a new person, Summerstone does not always tell the zones for these plants, so you want to research a little to make sure you are properly zoned for the plants you buy. It is a little time consuming, but worth it to me, to save a little money. Not to mention, I learned a lot about the trees I was buying. Hope to learn more in Dave's Garden.

Positive bigbike4
(1 review)
On Mar 11, 2011, bigbike4 Rogersville, TN wrote:

I have ordered several times from this company. I find their shipping to be slow-10 days to get items from Nashville area to 50 miles west of Bristol? I could have walked them here faster. But they blame the post office.

Items on all occassion arrived in decent well packed shape. I have ordered rose bushes which were unique and beautiful, fruit trees and nuts, tubular begonnias which were spectacular. If anything died during its first year, I notified the company and they sent replacements that fall or the next spring.

Plants will be on the smaller side of their advertised height and plenty of patience is required, along with water and fertilizer to get decent growth, but in a few years you have good trees. I order from them every year, because they are here in TN and I have been satisfied with the quality of their plants and their follow thru on replacements.
Janice-Rogersville TN

Negative Russell372
(1 review)
On Mar 5, 2011, Russell372 Salt Lake City, UT wrote:

Posted on June 24, 2010, updated March 5, 2011
Bad, bad, bad. Only one item out of 5 is growing. I have e-mailed and faxed Summerstone several times about replacements and zip response. I see why the attorney general is filing a suit against the Summerstone owner. Do not use this company to order your plants or trees. I wish I had seen this blog before I ordered. Lesson learned.

On March 5th, 2011, Russell372 added the following:

Beware, just received a mailing. There back in business of scamming people. March 2011.
Positive beesfarm
(2 reviews)
On Feb 28, 2011, beesfarm Loganton, PA (Zone 5b) wrote:

I have had problems with Autumn Ridge Nursery but I just received 4 trees from Sumerstone Nursery (which is affiliated with Autumn Ridge Nursery) and they were packed well and in great condition. Hopefully they grow up to be what I ordered!!!

Neutral lawNorder
(1 review)
On Feb 18, 2011, lawNorder Lafayette, LA wrote:

Posted on February 18, 2011, updated February 18, 2011
Didn't this company get a cease and desist order from the TN Attorney General? I can't believe they would still be allowed to be in business after the years of negative reviews and the the legal action that was taken against them by the State of TN. I heard the heat got put to them so much that they even filled for BANKRUPTCY last year, to try and avoid legal action. Don't believe their website full of lies and trickery read the following links before ever considering doing business with them. The following link is direct to the TN Govner's Office of Consumer Affairs . If you have been ripped off by this company or Autumn Ridge I would suggest you take a number and call the TN Govenor's Office, someday justice should be done.

On February 18th, 2011, lawNorder added the following:
Negative joanna_carlson
(1 review)
On Jan 27, 2011, joanna_carlson Fuquay Varina, NC wrote:

In the spring of 2010, I ordered daylilies, strawberries and a number of trees and shrubs from Summerstone. The plants arrived in poor condition, especially the trees. I planted everything and very little grew. None of the six daylily plants grew. Only five of the 50 strawberry plants I ordered survived. Of the six trees that I ordered, 3 came out of dormancy. The trees that survived were not the correct trees. The "lilac" turned out to be a hydrangea, the "magnolia" was a silk tree, and the "royal empress tree" looks like a tree of heaven.

I tried calling the company and could not reach anyone. I emailed the company 10 emails over a month with no response. Finally, I faxed them a letter and they agreed to send replacement trees.

I received the replacement trees, planted them and nothing grew. I gave up at this point. Do not order from Summerstone Nursery.

I have had good results with other online/mail order companies. Arbor Day Foundation is great for trees and Colorblends is great for bulbs.

Negative nantego
(1 review)
On Nov 28, 2010, nantego Nanticoke, PA wrote:

My story is the same for Summerstone. I just wanted to be added to the list.
APRIL: Plants ordered, credit card charged
MAY: All plants arrived in POOR condition several weeks after order was placed. Despite the condition, I planted everything the same day hoping for the best. I was patient and waited for something to happen. Nothing ever did. No email was ever replied to and phone call attempts always resulted in a busy signal. Late May I finally reached the nursery, only to be told to be patient and give it a few more weeks.
JUNE: Out of my $120 order, only 2 Crape Myrtles budded.
More emails and phone calls. Finally reached Carrol at the nursery. She told me to send all the plants back to the nursery for replacements. Paid $14 for the shipping.
JULY: Got a call from my post office that my package was sent back as non deliverable. When I called the nursery, they had no explanation for the non delivered package. They said it was to late in the season anyway to ship anything and wait until the fall.
SEPTEMBER: Talked to Carrol again at Summerstone. She said my replacement plants would be shipped during their normal shipping season in a few weeks. Nothing arrived.
OCTOBER: Talked to Carrol again, she took my order number and gave me the same line, "Plants will be shipped soon." Again, nothing.
NOVEMBER: Spoke to Carrol again, this time it was "Sorry, that order was sent to shipping several weeks ago." You should see them by next week." 2 weeks passed and nothing arrived. Spoke to Carrol again. Got the line "We will overnight your plants to you and send you a tracking number. Never got a tracking number, and you guessed it, never got any plants.
This is just a brief review of what it was like dealing with this nursery. There were more phone calls and unanswered emails that would fill up the entire posting. I will be adding my name to the growing BBB case against this nursery.

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