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Negative Wrestle215
(1 review)
On May 23, 2016, Wrestle215 Reedville, VA wrote:

I placed a large order on April 4, 2016, received a confirmation of the order on the same day and my credit card was debited the same day. After emails and telephone calls, I finally spoke to a person on May 20 and was told that the bulk of my order could not be filled. I cancelled the order and requested that the debit be refunded to my credit card. I will never order from this company again.

Negative AnneKern
(2 reviews)
On May 21, 2016, AnneKern Edmond, OK wrote:

I ordered a Garden Annie dwarf apricot. It arrived as a stick, and when I unwrapped the papers around the bare roots, I discovered a huge ants nest-complete with masses of eggs. Not only that, but when I planted the stick, I waited for over a month, and no growth appeared. I emailed and called but got no response from either method.
I would NEVER buy from this company again, nor would I want anyone else to given the number of negative comments.

Anne Kern

Negative Rasheru
(1 review)
On May 18, 2016, Rasheru wrote:

My wife and I recently bought a small farm in W.North Carolina. Our intention was to create a homestead with a food forest and fruit tree orchard.We ordered several fruit trees from Summerstone Nursery and not one was viable. We also bought some Apple trees and Persimmon locally and planted all the same day. Every one of the locally bought trees have set leaves and flowered. Not one of the trees from this nursery have done either.I have a bunch of sticks in the ground. Repeated attempts to reach their customer service have failed.All I get is the response"This mail box is full,please try your call at another time or a busy signal."The funny thing is that before my order was shipped I had no problem reaching them. I regret not looking for reviews on this company and will never do business with them again.At this point I'm not even sure I want to return the plants I bought because I will probably get some more dead trees.

Negative clusterbuster75
(1 review)
On May 17, 2016, clusterbuster75 Claremont, IL wrote:

These folks are a joke. I've planted 1000's of bare root stock and these guys were a month late in getting me my stuff. But the worst part was the condition of the stock. Some stuff completely dead. Some stuff had leafed out, then dried up and died back. Hardly anything was dormant. They won't answer the phone(always busy) or answer my e-mails. I would almost call them fraudulent, but maybe they just suck really, really bad.

Negative gnilop69
(1 review)
On May 13, 2016, gnilop69 Painesville, OH wrote:

On 3/25-16 I sent a check for 67.10 to this company for fruit trees an sent them a email several weeks later asking where is my order? The response I got was "the order is in processing " and nothing more after that. I sent them a warninng that I would contact the POSTAL SERVICE for mail fraud which I did this AM. These crooks need to be locked up.! Gary Poling Painesville Ohio

Negative lana_alana
(1 review)
On May 9, 2016, lana_alana Sophia, NC wrote:

FRAUD ALERT! They took my $177.45 in 11/2015, and never shipped anything, citing some "shipping error". After I called 5 times looking for my order, and got the same "we will ship it today" I asked for a refund. They told me it will be 2 weeks for a refund, but it never was posted, Then they told me 1 more week, and still nothing. I then started looking and found out that Sam & Melinda Womack (owners) have a judgement against the company that continues to operate with revoked license under two different company names. They live at 28 Lakeland Dr. McMinnville, TN, 37110, according to white pages. So, go ahead and write them a letter !!!! I also found this: Still no money, no order, do not order from them!!!! Be smart and check reviews first, do not be like me!!!!

Negative Ed192
(1 review)
On May 7, 2016, Ed192 Chaffee, MO wrote:

As with many others, I ordered before researching the company. Sent an email requesting shipping date, recieved back a few days later, answer of mid April. Late April, recieved an email stating order processed. Three days later, an order Was recieved. Not necessarily my order. I ordered 3 southern magnolias with a free white dogwood. Recieved a dogwood (died), and 3 Mystery trees (one died, maybe Some kind of magnolia), not a hint of a southern magnolia. No response to calls, no response to email to try to fix. Just Don't Order from them!

Negative Muserudita
(1 review)
On May 7, 2016, Muserudita Mount Pleasant, MI wrote:

My experience with Summerstone has been similar to some of the other reviews here. I sure wish I had known about these reviews BEFORE I placed my order with them.

I ordered a few things in early March. I did not see any results by the end of March, so I went to the website to see if I could ask for feedback. The site offers the advice that they are frequently overwhelmed by emails, and if you want help it is best to call during the business hours listed. I did that- more than 20 times in one day before anyone ANSWERED. The person was very rude, but I chalked that up to "probably busy". She was brusk when she told me that my things would not be shipped until April because I live in Michigan. I thanked her, and waited for my things. Nothing showed up. I emailed at the end of April seeking an update. No reply. I emailed again after May 1- no reply. I tried calling a number of times during the listed office hours and got a voicemail recorder. I left two messages. NO RESPONSE. I tried calling again this morning and found that the voicemail box was full. I tried two more times today to see if they might answer the phone or empty out the voicemail. Nothing doing. SO- I got in touch with my bank to report that I had attempted to contact these people a number of times regarding my things- to no avail. The person there told me that they would credit me in ten days or so.

In any regard- I did think something "smelled" a little because of the VERY low prices, but I went ahead and did a small order to see if their products were even a little viable. Had they followed through with live products then I would have given them a MUCH larger order next year.

Buyer beware.

Negative linglewoman
(1 review)
On May 4, 2016, linglewoman Lake Ozark, MO wrote:

I ordered two Tulip trees, a white crape myrtle and a pink crape myrtle and a hummingbird vine. When they arrived I opened immediately. They looked like dead twigs. However, I planted same day (April 6th , 2016) I notified the company the next day my concerns by email. I heard nothing from them. I emailed again on April 27th and asked that they resend my order only send me live plants this time as the twigs I originally received are still dead twigs. I heard nothing. I sent another email on April 30th. asking why I haven't heard from them and to date I still have not heard from them.

Negative user3838
(2 reviews)
On May 1, 2016, user3838 Francestown, NH wrote:

I ordered a bunch of blueberry plants in March which have not arrived nor has a shipment date been given to me.

I'm cancelling my CC payment (which is an option for all others who have been scammed).

Negative neferset
(3 reviews)
On Apr 25, 2016, neferset Rockwood, TN (Zone 7b) wrote:

I hate to be yet another negative reviewer for this company. I made our first order in March of 2014. A Black Tartarian Cherry tree, a Ranier Cherry tree, and a Bonanza Dwarf Peach. The trees arrived dormant, not dead, and they had thick trunks by comparison to the trees I had gotten from other discount mail order places. The root systems were small enough to worry me, but the trees took hold, leafed, and grew. I was pleased enough to make two more orders. One pretty immediately (seeds that time) and one this past January (trees again).

I admit I looked at the leaves strangely when they came in on the cherry trees. They were close, but not quite right. Not as narrow as I'm used to seeing on peach trees, but not as wide as you see on our cherry trees. I thought it might be because the trees were young.

My parents visited and my Dad accidentally hit one of my locally purchased cherry trees (a Stella), so we placed the January order with Summerstone in case the young tree died. We bought two Danube and two Lapins. These arrived in March, around the time the first ever flowers appeared on the previous Summerstone bought cherry trees. (I thought something might be wrong then, because the flowers were pink and resembled those on our peach trees more than cherry blossoms, though they were smaller flowers.)

I labeled pots and unpacked the new trees. The size surprised me. These were skinny whips instead of the hardy trees I had previously gotten. They reminded me more of the Nankings from Gurney's. I had two bundles with the names printed on the paper wraps. I broke the Danube bundle and put them into the Danube pots, then I broke the Lapins bundle and put them into the Lapins pots. Three of the trees broke dormancy right away. Both Danube and one Lapins. They flowered pretty much immediately. I was surprised.

The flowers faded and fell off without producing fruit. (Nankings from Gurney's would have been better.) These flowers were followed by small, oval shaped purple leaves. I waited to see if the leaves would change as a few weeks passed.

Around the time that I saw the first small peaches on my older cherry trees, I was willing to admit that my new cherry trees were purple leaf sand cherries and utterly useless for fruit.

I called Summerstone. While they are perfectly willing to resend my order from this year, I'm on my own for these unknown peach trees. (I honestly don't even know if the one peach I ordered is the correct peach. Since the cherry trees turned out to be peach trees, I doubt it is.)

I don't really know if I can trust what I get from them and I wonder, seeing all these negatives for dead plants, if they don't bother about making sure they ship the right plants, believing that all their customers won't be able to revive them anyway.

I'm going to talk to the owner tomorrow if I can get him on the phone. If he's unwilling to help with his company's mistakes on the first trees, I'm going to see what legal option I can pursue.

Negative cring1
(1 review)
On Apr 10, 2016, cring1 Mauston, WI wrote:

I placed an order on 04/06/2015 with this company. Near the END of the planting season the order finally arrived. The majority of the order was dead, dying or missing. A couple of plants were alive but seriously undersized (1' fig tree that was 3" etc...). I also ordered a hummingbird bush and received a double pink hibiscus. I called repeatedly to seek a refund to no end. I then saw all the negative comments posted and came to the conclusion that I was just out of my money but much wiser about this scam company.

I was shocked and extremely upset this morning to receive and e-mail saying that my "order" has been "shipped". It seems that they saved my credit card information from last year and "placed" ANOTHER ORDER with my information. FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD!!!!!!! This order is the exact same as the dead order they shipped last year - costing me over $200.00. BEWARE TO ALL. THEY ARE NOW STEALING CREDIT CARD INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!

Negative Almtnman
(1 review)
On Apr 3, 2016, Almtnman wrote:

I did a Google search looking for a Bosc pear tree and found the Summerstone nursery site. I called and asked if they had any in stock and they said yes. I told them that me and my wife would drive up and pick it up and they said OK. We made a 3 and one half hour drive and when we got to Morrison I called and asked for directions as I didn't see it anywhere. They gave me directions which turned out to be wrong. I stopped at a business and asked them for directions and they told me it was back in Morrison in the old part of town. I still couldn't find the place and stopped at the town hall for directions. The town clerks first question to me was did I give them any money yet. I told her no that I hadnt. She said, "DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THAT GUY AS THEY HAD BEEN GETTING COMPLAINTS FROM ALL OVER THE COUNTRY". She even called the guy up and told him what she had told me. She told me that there was NOT a Summerstone nursery in Morrison and that the guy was running a scam operation out of a hole in the wall in s building in town. She said if I gave him any money I would never get it back!

Do not do any business with Summerstone nursery. All we got out our day of dealing with them was a scenic drive to Tennessee.

I filed a complaint with the BBB and found out that my complaint was the 302 complaint filed.

Negative kenjo5
(1 review)
On Aug 3, 2015, kenjo5 Canton, MI wrote:

Ordered a Francois Rabelais tree rose 5/5/2015.
Got a tree rose on 5/29/2015 labeled as what I ordered but upon
blooming, it was Pink instead of the Red. Emailed Summerstone about the problem but never received a reply.

Negative troutfishing
(1 review)
On Jun 30, 2015, troutfishing Woodcliff Lake, NJ wrote:

Do not purchase anything from this company!
I purchased 3 plum trees 4/12/45 enticed by the low price however you get what you pay for. The plants arrived 4 weeks later an unacceptable amount of time seeing they charged my credit card the day of the order. Like many other customers on this site, the trees were dead upon arrival and also the 2 free plants. The trees looked like they were ripped up from the field and had basically no root system. I have purchased other bare rooted plants before from other companies and knew these plants were dried out and dead. I did plant them but it was no use they are dead. I tried to contact Summerstone -- very difficult to do. This company is far from professional, the phones are always busy or they put you on hold and do not pick you up again. E mails to them are ignored. Got hold of someone today and they wanted proof of purchase sent to them-- I suggested can I fax a copy of the paperwork. They responded the fax machine is turned off for the season. Like I said ( what a professional company) . The fax machine is off for the season??? They want me to send them proof of purchase by mail. I feel I have wasted my money and time with this company and they are far from reputable. I am getting the run around. My advise is stay away from Summerstone Nursery.

Negative eviesdharma
(1 review)
On Jun 24, 2015, eviesdharma Lake Odessa, MI wrote:

Ordered fruit trees, plants and flowers. What came was dead and they never sent it all. Filed with the Better Business Bureau and got nothing so far. They do not answer phone or emails. They did not send the "free" items. $80 wasted. They apparently just want to wait people out until they give in and give up.

Negative oma2max
(2 reviews)
On Jun 15, 2015, oma2max Clear Spring, MD wrote:

The plants were small and dead. I planted them anyway thinking maybe they only LOOKED dead. Nope, they were dead! Save your money.

Negative harryliu
(2 reviews)
On Jun 8, 2015, harryliu wrote:

Do not buy from this company! I ordered 2 trees on 04/20/15 and my card was charged the next day, but I never received anything as of today, 06/08/15, despite numerous phone calls and emails.

Negative shisomadness
(4 reviews)
On May 29, 2015, shisomadness New York City, NY wrote:

This place makes me grateful for decent nurseries out there. Throwing plants ripped out of soil into a box and hope for the best? All the berries looked DOA which didn't surprise me since there was no air flow or moisture. And raspberries are hard to kill. I tried to get ahold of somebody, anybody, no luck. One big waste of time.

Negative Firewife777
(1 review)
On May 29, 2015, Firewife777 Independence, KY wrote:

Like many other people, I received an entirely dead order. This was composed of trees, shrubs, rose bushes, blackberry, raspberry, mulberry canes etc. I have been trying to reach this company for days, dialing up to 50+ times per day only to receive a busy signal. Today I got through on my 40th try, rang once, and was put on hold without ever speaking to a person. Sat on hold for over 10 minutes when their phone disconnected me. Tried again, and after 20+ tries, got through again, same thing, however, I have now been on hold for over an hour, with no one answering. I have sent an email requesting a refund, as when I took delivery directly from the mail man, and then opened the box (completely sealed with tape and no ventilation holes), the temperature inside was over 100 degrees and every plant was baked dry and crispy. I live in Northern Kentucky and it took well over a week for my order to get from Tennessee to me, and yes, they did charge my credit card on the day I placed my order, but they didn't ship anything till early May (2 + weeks after charging me). I paid with a credit card, and called my credit card company to dispute the charge, which now means I don't have to pay the charge until it is resolved. Something to think of if you haven't done this yet. I have emailed the company, and have given them a chance to make it right, but I did say I would be contacting the Tennessee Department of Consumer Affairs as well as the BBB if they refuse to issue a refund. I do not recommend this company to anyone considering buying mail order plants. Customer service is non-existent!!

Negative Hank_B
(1 review)
On May 27, 2015, Hank_B Lincolnia, VA wrote:

I don't know if this nursery is criminally incompetent or just criminal. I had an experience very similar to other bad experiences described on Dave's Garden. Unfortunately, most of it happened after I thought I'd cancelled my order. After seeing so many complaints online after I placed my order, I called the nursery to cancel my order. I was told that my order was cancelled and I would receive a refund. Neither happened and, about three weeks after my originally-requested delivery date, I was sent a handful of dead plants and a blueberry bush that was half the size I had ordered. Interestingly enough, this 6-inch blueberry had a tag on it saying it was 12-18 inches.

Three calls and one email to Summerstone over the course of three days failed to reach anyone, so I submitted a complaint to both the Better Business Bureau and the Tennessee Department of Consumer Affairs. Only then did I receive a refund. Yes, I got my money back, but it was only after registering official complaints outside the business. If you've had trouble with Summerstone, I recommend doing the same. It's likely the only way you will get a refund and it's necessary that the BBB and the State of Tennessee have documentation that the same problems continue after years of consumer complaints.

Negative d2003cor
(1 review)
On May 19, 2015, d2003cor Selden, NY wrote:

I never checked their reviews before ordering. I had to call 3 times to get product shipped (and even then it came in after planting season started for my area). Product came in mostly dead, items were missing, wrong items were in the shipment, now I'm working on getting credit for what wasn't shipped.

Negative cassipia98
(2 reviews)
On May 18, 2015, cassipia98 Middleburg, FL wrote:

The plants were dead.

Negative primrose_b
(1 review)
On May 16, 2015, primrose_b Lockhart, TX wrote:

My credit card was charged on April 24, but the order was not shipped until May 11. I received a partial order on May 15. The gel that had been packed around the roots had dried to an orange crust, and the roots were desiccated. One of the plants had had new growth coming up from the roots (it appears that the top died prior to the time the item was boxed, and it was trying to grow back from the crown). It had been languishing in the box long enough for the new growth to turn black and gray and powdery. It appears that the order may have been packed on April 24 when my credit card was charged, but not shipped until May 11. The plants had paper labels that were folded with the print on the inside. When I tried to unfold the labels, they fell apart. So it is impossible to identify the plants that were sent. I can tell which ones were rose bushes, for example, but not what variety they were. The order was incomplete. It's not possible to say exactly what was missing, since the plants I received were not properly labeled, but I should have received 12 plants and only received 9. The company offers to replace items upon return, but it's now too late in the season to ship bare root, and based on the other reviews here, it seems quite likely that I'd receive another batch of dead plants, or perhaps nothing at all, after spending time and money stuffing the mess they sent me into a box and shipping it back to them. I think I'll just try a charge-back on my credit card. I wish I had checked the reviews here first, before placing the order!

Negative MarianL
(1 review)
On May 15, 2015, MarianL Spicewood, TX wrote:

Not one single plant they sent lived. Neither the strawberries nor the trees/bushes. They don't answer emails and when you call the line is busy.
If you finally reach a person, they put you on hold. It does not appear any of their four promises are worth the paper they are written on, so the money for plants is pretty much down the drain.
I ordered a "Tomato Factory" to plant tomatoes in. It arrived as did the two spray bottles of Hot Pepper Wax. As it turned out, those items were very expensive when you consider the dead plants as part of the invoice.
I would NEVER order from these people again and I would not recommend anyone else do so.

Negative dreamersgame
(1 review)
On May 4, 2015, dreamersgame Hermiston, OR wrote:

Posted on April 17, 2015, updated May 4, 2015
I ordered fruit trees from Summerstone Nursery the end of March. They shipped the trees quickly but the trees and free plants were dead on arrival. I emailed and never received a reply so I called them. The person that I talked to was very nice and said they would ship out new trees. True to their word they did ship out new trees. Trees arrived today 4/17/15 but once again they are dead. Came wrapped in plastic bag with dry newspaper. I called the company again and they tried to tell me they were just dormant. I explained that a live dormant trees limbs will bend not snap. The bark on the trees was dry and rough not smooth like a live tree should be. So they said they would send out new trees again. I requested a refund but was told no because they had replaced the trees for me once already. I regret ordering from this company!! I believe they are sending trees that are already dead when shipped. The free raspberry plants were alive when shipped because they had leaves on them but on arrival the leaves had dried up and turned to powder when touched. I am very unhappy with the quality of the fruit and nut trees that I ordered. The individual that I talked to (Jamie) today said she would go down and oversee the packing and shipment of the new trees. Had to ask her to wait till Monday to ship because they would be in post office over the weekend. I don\'t know what can be done if the third shipment is DOA. Frustrated and upset with the waste of money.

On May 4th, 2015, dreamersgame changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

Well here we go again. They shipped my trees out on a Wednesday instead of Monday and I didn't receive them until today, week and half later. Dead again. I soaked my first batch of trees, as was a later comment, in water and miracle grow for bare root stock. But they did not grow. They are truly dead. I have been growing trees for 40 years and this is the worst trees I have ever seen. The last batch they sent me were not even the size I ordered. They were a lot smaller. In between times I ordered trees from Van Wells nursery near Wenatchee and they were wonderful and already have leaves on them. As for Summerstone Nursery I don't know what my options are now.
Negative PatJ1959
(2 reviews)
On Apr 23, 2015, PatJ1959 Clifton, TX wrote:

Negative Crepes4Suzette
(1 review)
On Apr 20, 2015, Crepes4Suzette Ligonier, PA wrote:

Posted on April 8, 2015, updated April 20, 2015
This place isn\'t taking any responsibility for their e-business and should be avoided like the plague. Ordered over a month ago, called 2 weeks ago and was told plants would be here by now. Called today (31 days since order) and they still hadn\'t even shipped. The phone representative launched right into blaming customers, starting with: \"What people don\'t understand is that we have so many orders coming in.....\". This nursery clearly feels no obligation to ship in a reasonable amount of time and expects customers to wait well into planting season because the company is overwhelmed. I pointed out that it was unreasonable to expect that customers would be OK with waiting for plants indefinitely until it was convenient for Summerstone to get their orders filled (I ordered some specialty plants from eBay that were here in 6 days), but only got more excuses blaming the customer. When I asked when I could expect my refund, the customers service representative had no idea, saying only that she was turning the cancellation over to accounting. I asked for a number for the accounting department (as several commenters had trouble getting a refund), but she was unwilling to produce another number to check on refunds. Will repost if no refund within 2 weeks of today. This place doesn\'t seem set up to do e-business at all.

On April 20th, 2015, Crepes4Suzette added the following:

I've just filed a complaint with the consumer complaint dept. of Tennessee's State's Attorney's Office - will repost with whether they actually help or not. To recap, they verified that they never sent the plants after they told me they'd be here in a month, but aren't able to tell me when my refund will be here - it's been two weeks. SCAM ALERT!!
Negative terrypacifica
(1 review)
On Apr 16, 2015, terrypacifica Magalia, CA wrote:

THIS COMPANY WILL IMMEDIATELY TAKE YOUR MONEY AND NEVER SEND YOUR PRODUCT OR THE PRODUCT WILL BE DEAD. THE STATE OF TENNESSEE HAVE NOT SHUT THEM DOWN BUT THEY ARE A SCAM. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. we have very little money for food and spent a large portion of out budget on plants that i was told were being shipped but never arrived. i cannot believe they are still in business. no one has had a positive experience in over a year with this agency. coincidence? i think not.

Negative pepper1966
(1 review)
On Apr 10, 2015, pepper1966 Kingsville, OH wrote:

ALL I CAN SAY IS BUYERS BEWARE!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! I purchased in june 2014....dead plants...emailed for two months. Finally got back to me in Nov.2014. it was a battle...reported to Tenn.BB. they told them a story I bought plants in 2013 over ayear ago. I sent all my emails and receipts to BB. when they tried to get a hold of company again no answer or reply. sent all my info to my credit card and got it taken off. VERY EXPENSIVE LESSON LEARNED>this so called company needs to be shut down!!! I do not know how they get away with selling twigs as plants!

Negative Kutsmail1
(2 reviews)
On Apr 6, 2015, Kutsmail1 Pineville, LA wrote:

Heed the warnings in spite of the low prices!

Summerstone Nursery sent my order, but it was incorrect and several plants are non-viable plants. I ordered 5 peonies. I received 2. One had a visible eye. The other had what "might" have been an eye on it. Peonies really need to be divided with 3-5 eyes each.
The hostas and peonies I ordered had dry roots. The tiny plants were pretty shriveled.
They did send the free plants and they might or might not make it.
I tried to contact them, but have not been able to speak with anyone or get an email response.

Negative twobuddy
(1 review)
On Mar 13, 2015, twobuddy Lugoff, SC wrote:

In 2014 I purchased 2 grapes, 3 apple and 1 cherry from summertime nursery in 2014. The trees were very thin hardly any roots. The grapes and cherry tree prompty died. The compamy would not replace the bad items. I thought well, maybe it was just a fluke, so this year I ordered 2 cherry trees, 2 pear trees, 1 scupnine grape. When the trees arrive the 2 Pear trees had no roots and it looked like they cut the limbs off anoter tree and sent tem to me. The grape bush was the same just a cutting from the vine. Very disappointed. I prompty called the company to complain. They wnated me to send these items back and pay the freight before they would replace them. My advice is not to purchase items form th8is company. They do not have good customer service and have inferior products.

Negative chaka7119
(1 review)
On Nov 17, 2014, chaka7119 Odenville, AL wrote:

Ordered a few things which totaled around $50 dollars. I found all the negative reviews after I ordered and proceeded to cancel my order that same day, not 1 hour after placing it. I emailed and got no response. So I called and no one answered all afternoon. I called early the next day right when they opened and someone answered. They explained that a refund was no problem and I would be put on the list and get the monies put back on my card no later then 2 weeks. 5 months later because I honestly forgot about it I find that they never refunded my money. So I called them and got, oh it looks like they didn't put you on the list. I will do it right now and it will be taken care of. Guess what, it wasn't. I called again 3 weeks after and got the I don't see where you have ever been put on the list, but I do see the note where you cancelled your order back in May. I will take care of this today and mail you a check since they claimed it was over 90 days so it couldn't go back on my card. So this started May 26 and its November 17 and still am fighting to get my money back. Oh and they never shipped me anything so they can't claim its due to unreturned items.

Negative seredelfs
(2 reviews)
On Jul 16, 2014, seredelfs Green Valley, AZ wrote:

We placed an order for $159.55 on May 5, 2014, and the order was shipped on 5/16. The order was for 9 dwarf fruit trees and 1 seedless grape. We paid for the upgrade of the larger size. The trees were tiny sticks and all appeared dead. We planted everything hoping they were just dormant. It was very discouraging to find not one plant had a bud on it, and never broke dormancy. They were indeed dead. We contacted Summerstone and we were told they would send replacements this coming fall. I will update if we DO receive replacements and if they are alive. I wish we had seen this site before ordering.

Negative lwbuchholz
(6 reviews)
On Jul 15, 2014, lwbuchholz Manhattan, MT wrote:

How I wish I had found this site before I ordered from this company. I placed 2 orders adding up to more than $100. Their customer service people were very nice but all the plants died. I checked their replacement policy and it appears like I have to pay more or lose part of that purchase money to get replacements. It looks like a scam to make money for them. I can't recommend this company to anyone. I am sick about losing all that money since I have limited income as it is.

Negative bumblebee123
(1 review)
On Jul 13, 2014, bumblebee123 Aliquippa, PA wrote:

I wish I would've had an experience better than the other folks so I could leave a positive review, but I did not. I ordered a lot of plants: fruit trees, magnolias, garlic, pineapple tree, etc. After reading reviews after I ordered, I was happy to actually receive a package and not lose all of my money. However, I only received half of my order which was my first disappointment. I didn't bother to call to complain because my free raspberry plants and rhododendrons never grew and died. I felt the remaining order wouldn't live either, so I didn't bother. The fruit "trees" (typical dormant cuttings) aren't doing well, and my magnolias never came out of the ground. I've had much success from mail order companies in the past and am an experienced planter/gardener, so don't think it's me. This company stinks and don't gamble your money away. Go to a local nursery or a well regarded mail order nursery.

Negative sspugs
(1 review)
On Jul 7, 2014, sspugs Ambridge, PA wrote:

I placed an order with this company in early June for 5 items. I received them on 6/15 and they all looked dead! Very dried out and crumbling. I emailed them o 6/16 and told them the problem and since they claim they will replace all dead or missing items, I asked for a reship. Well, guess what - not only did I not receive any replacements but they never answered any of the half dozen emails I sent them! I told them in my last email that I planned to report them and give a negative review but that didn't seem to phase them. I will never order from them again and will post as many bad reviews about them that I can - I lost $50!

Negative Feodosia
(3 reviews)
On Jul 2, 2014, Feodosia Versailles, MO wrote:

Posted on May 1, 2014, updated July 2, 2014
I placed an order at a website called Online Tree Farm . After I placed the order I was notified that an outfit called Summerstone Nursery would be filling the order .That made me nervous because of all the bad reviews for Summerstone . Was this going to be a con ? Are they are using 3rd party online sellers because they have a bad reputation ? I crossed my fingers and waited. I received trees that were kind of small but were ok considering the price . The red bud trees were tiny , about 6 inches stick up above ground after planting . The willow trees were nice , about 3 ft. tall and eager to grow . The cherry trees were nice also , a bit thin but about as tall as I expected them to be .The only real bummer I got was a $20 " 3-foot " Seckel pear tree ( I ordered a 3 ft) that turned out to be about a 12 inch twig if you included the roots in the measurement too . I mailed the Seckel twig back to them along with a letter explaining why I was disappointed . Didn't hear from them in a long while and thought it was a lost cause . But this spring they mailed me an actual 3 ft Seckel Pear and threw in a bunch of free trees to make up for it . And they were great free trees ! Some cherry trees , a sugar maple , a purple ornamental plum , a flowering cherry tree , etc. And all of them about 3 ft tall ... I waited awhile to post this because I wanted to wait to see if these trees were dead or alive . So far , most of them have either sprouted buds or have leaves coming out ... so these trees are alive and I am happy with the company . Sounds like they have had problems but also have good people working for them trying to fix things and make it work . So I have to give them a positive rating for how they treated me . If they make a mistake just give them a chance to fix it . I will order from them again .

On July 2nd, 2014, Feodosia changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

I have to update my rating to a big fat negative for this Summerstone company . After a few months of everything being in the ground , here are the results . None of the tiny Redbud trees ever woke up - all dead and brittle . Of the 3 walnut trees , 2 trees never woke up , dead and brittle . Only 2 of the " free " trees stayed alive . The " Seckle Pear " has weird looking leaves that do not look like the leaves on my real seckel pear trees . And here is the biggest laugh of them all that makes me wonder if they have any clue about running a plant nursery business - now that leaves have popped out on the trees ( that are not dead ) and I can get a good look at them - out of the 6 cherry trees I ordered , 5 of them are some kinda tree of the peach family ! Not even close to being cherry trees ! And the 6th " cherry " tree has got leaves that look like no other fruit tree I own , so I'm guessing its maybe some kind of ornamental ? So now I have to rip these peach-things out of my cherry orchard and find a place to put them . So yes , it is true , it'd best to stay clear of these guys .
Negative midgey
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On Jun 26, 2014, midgey Denver, CO wrote:

Like everyone I should have read the local bbb , f. Rating. And the multitude of horrid reviews of this rip off of a company. I'm on a campaign to warn all gardeners. Unbelievable, made order in January 2014, for delivery 1 April. To my surprise they were delivered on April 1. Was so excited,they offered wonderful romantica, David Austin , a plethora of choices in hard to find roses. All but one were in decent shape, impressed with the root structure for 1 1/2 grade roses. We ordered 13 varieties , over 150.00 . Planned and built a very nice growing area, spent a lot of money. The first flush is done and out of the 13 roses ordered, ONE , is correct. Omg, we are bewildered , ONE. 8 are tropicana, and the others are roses we do not recognize , much less what we ordered. When contacting this pathetic nursery, their resolution is send a replacement for the following year. While we knew that was the policy, never would anyone imagine this. Much less their complete fraudulent way of doing business. Filed a complaint with bbb , going no where of course, however everyone needs to now this and not spend money on such ineptness , with the expectation to lose an entire season , much less the wrong plants for the plan we had. They refuse to refund, why would I ever order from this horrible company again or take a replacement of all the wrong plants. They would expect you to grow season after season after season till they get it right. BEWARE

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