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Comments regarding Territorial Seed Company

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23 neutrals
18 negatives


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Positive firinn
(3 reviews)
On Apr 26, 2011, firinn Eugene, OR (Zone 8b) wrote:

Territorial Seeds has been my go-to source for seeds since I began gardening in the Pacific NW about 12 years ago. While their prices are somewhat higher than those of many seed producers around the country, the quality of the seeds is unmatched anywhere. For years, I would do multiple seed plantings (as you must do with most seeds) and invariably, I would either end up with far more starts than I could use or having to pinch off many many additional starts. Now, with Territorial's seeds, I plant one seed per pot and get nearly 100% germination rate. The seeds and plants, in my experience, are unmatched in quality. I even have some seeds that are 5-7 years old from Territorial that I planted this spring, and their germination rate is equivalent to what I've found from new seeds from other mail order companies and off-the-shelf seeds.

Additionally, their customer service has been phenomenal. I have always found them to be friendly, helpful, and available for advice and information.

I can't say enough nice things about these guys.

I should note that their catalogue prices for non-seed items are really high, though. They find high quality items, but seem to mark them up from retail, so get your ideas from the back of the catalogue, then go find these things elsewhere. :)

Negative Gardener5b
(8 reviews)
On Apr 25, 2011, Gardener5b Kansas City, MO wrote:

I intended to place an order with this company. Upon reaching the checkout screen, I found that my $13.10 order for three seed packets would be charged an additional $7.50 for shipping, insurance, and other fees.

This is exorbitant. I have spent around $700 on my garden and orchard so far this year alone, and intend to spend a similar amount next year. I notified Territorial by e-mail that they had lost a potential customer.

Rather than express any concern about the loss of a potential repeat customer, I received the following cut and paste e-mail in response:

"I'm sorry, but let me share what our president wrote as a reply to explain shipping charges, just so you know how we operate, and we totally understand about small orders, but do not have anything in place for a different rate at this time.

Each year we spend quite a bit of time evaluating different ways to implement the charges for shipping, handling, and insurance. For the vast majority of our customers, the flat fee system that we use is the most advantageous for them.

You can purchase one packet of seed or 1001 packets of seed and the shipping, handling and insurance fee will be the same. Furthermore, Territorial offers a wide range of gardening products, which ship at several different times throughout the season.

For example, a customer could order seeds, potatoes, blueberry plants and garlic; each of which is sent out separately but are all included in the standard flat fee. You can see in this example how the flat fee of $7.50 would be a bargain.
Tom Johns
President, Territorial Seed Company
Most sincerely,
Lori T @ TSC"

Positive dmmason
(1 review)
On Apr 8, 2011, dmmason Fairburn, GA wrote:

Posted on July 12, 2009, updated April 8, 2011
I saw a most unusual plant on their website and ordered it - an Escargot Begonia. The price was perfect (although shipping a little high) but had never seen it in a store before, so ordered it. Well, the shipment was sent right out, but what I got instead was a Fuschia plant. My delivery was on a Saturday and I had to wait until Monday to call them. To my delight I was told that I could keep the Fuschia plant and they would immediately ship out my Escargo Begonia. As you can imagine I was extremely delighted and thought I will definitely order from them again. I immediately did as they told me and re-potted the Fuschia and sat back and waited on the Escargo Begonia. It came within the week and all was well. NOT. It hasn't been 3 months and it appears that BOTH plants are dying. I am very dissappointed. I have never seen plants that have died this fast and both from the same company. Even with watering, the leaves have dried up on both plants like they have been in the hot, hot sun all day, which hasn't been the case. I bought another begonia at the same time from a local company and it is thriving. Needless to say, I am quite dissappointed in my order from Territorial.

On April 8th, 2011, dmmason changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

Although this happened back in 2009 (found it again while cleaning out some e-mails) I wanted to make sure that it was noted that Territorial has great customer service. This is my note back to them after their response to my original comment.

> Thank you so much. I received back the refund and appreciate that.
> Based on your quick response I may try to order it again as I still have not seen it anywhere else. It is such a very interesting plant (Escargo Begonia). Again thank you so much for your quick response and based upon your customer service, I will indeed order from you in the future.
Neutral obeltane
(4 reviews)
On Mar 29, 2011, obeltane Flourtown, PA wrote:

I marked this as Neutral even though it feels pretty Negative to me. I placed my order January 10 for 4 packets of seeds as well as potatoes and onion plants. The seeds arrived fairly quickly except for the Graffiti cauliflower seeds. I ordered from Territorial rather than from the other million companies whose catalogs I get because they offered the Graffiti variety of cauliflower. I was not happy when my seeds arrived minus the cauliflower. Generally a company will tell you that something is out of stock and offer either a replacement or cancellation. I emailed their CS mid-February and they said they expected their supply to come in mid-March. Since the indoor planting date for me is Feb. 15, I had to go to a garden center and buy whatever variety they offered. The good news is, germination of the other seeds was 100%. I'm getting a little worried because my onions are supposed to go in this weekend.

Positive Starwolf13
(3 reviews)
On Feb 19, 2011, Starwolf13 Westlake, OH wrote:

I have ordered from Territorial Seeds for several years, and have always had good experiences with them. I like their wide selection. My orders have always arrived quickly, and there are plentiful seeds in the packets. I fully intend to keep ordering from them.

I compared their overall costs with other seed provider catalogs, and since I tend to order a lot of seeds at a time, their shipping costs combined with their seed packet costs appeared to me to be in line with the others.

Neutral Bartleby1945
(1 review)
On Feb 10, 2011, Bartleby1945 New Britain, CT wrote:

Used them for three or four years and always had decent luck with their plants, but the shipping costs are exorbitant. Even if they aren't gouging you—and maybe they're not—spending that kind of money on shipping is absurd. More and more organic greenhouses are springing up and they offer rare varieties and heirlooms. Even if you had to drive 100 miles, you'd come out ahead. As a last resort—if money is no object—then a yes to Territorial Seed. But for the other 99% of us, I say no.

Positive aileen246
(19 reviews)
On Feb 9, 2011, aileen246 Priest River, ID wrote:

Ordered some seed starting items on 2/4. Was concerned when there was no acknowledging e-mail. But not to worry, they arrived today. Nice items, just as pictured in their catalog. So all is well.

Positive JumpinJim
(1 review)
On Feb 8, 2011, JumpinJim Seward, AK wrote:

I noticed that a few people have said they thought that Territorial's shipping and handling charges were high-I certainly don't think so. I raise a small garden here in Alaska and I don't spend that much on seed right now, and I'm sure I'd buy much more if I gardened in the lower 48 like many of you. I just compared my $55 seed order from Territorial with some of the other seed companies I've done business with in the past and this is what I found-the shipping and handling charges would have been with them. Burpee: $11.95 Johnny's $11.95 Seeds Of Change $10.95 Harris $9.90
Seed Savers Exchange $9.00 Pinetree $8.95 and guess what my Territorial order was.....$7.50!!! And from territorial you can order as much seed as you want on that $7.50, most other companies charge you more for the more you order. So for my small garden Territorial is a bargain!

Positive midwestfigs
(6 reviews)
On Jan 25, 2011, midwestfigs Springfield, IL wrote:

The black fig I got last spring grew well and is now leafing out in my kitchen. I also got a blood orange citrus tree, but that was not so great and it was really expensive. It hasn't grown a bit, but maybe that's me. I recently got some really good arugula seeds that gave me the tastiest arugula I've ever had. And they have a lot of kale varieties, I think I planted the tuscan kale. Good germination rates. I didn't find the shipping bad for a large amount of seed packets. So overall, a positive experience with good turnaround times.

Neutral jkleffner
(1 review)
On Jan 24, 2011, jkleffner Chattaroy, WA wrote:

I've ordered from Territorial for years, but this year, with the exception of some onion plants (which I've had very good luck with in the past) I will be ordering from other places. Their prices are not very competative and their shipping is really high. I can get certified organic potato seeds from Peaceful Valley or Fedco for a LOT less $$.

That said, with the exception of one winter squash variety that was not true to type (I did notify them -with pictures - got no response) I've always had excellent germination and product from them. Seed shipping has always been timely. Not a bad company, just a bit steep if you are on a tight budget.

Neutral jonille
(2 reviews)
On Jan 19, 2011, jonille Datil, NM wrote:

This used to be my favorite seed company. The seeds have always done well. One problem I did have is it takes a long time for the shipment to reach me. And this year the shipping is just to high.

Neutral paulbarden
(1 review)
On Jan 4, 2011, paulbarden Corvallis, OR wrote:

I've bought seeds from them for several years now, via their Web site. I think their seeds are generally of high quality and true to name, but I have had one issue with Territorial, and it is a BIG issue, in my mind: they WILL sell your customer data to other seed/plant companies and you WILL get a boatload of catalogs from companies you have never dealt with. While some people won't mind that, I regard it as spamming. Apparently somewhere in the tiny TOS print there is a box to UNcheck to opt out of this, but of course, the default behavior should be to OPT IN, if desired. I didn't see it, so I got screwed.

I won't buy from them anymore because of this. Nothing wrong with their products or the rest of their service, so decide for yourself how you feel about issues like the one I described. I am giving them a neutral rating: one star for "privacy policy" and four stars for quality of product = neutral rating.

Positive basilandbella
(5 reviews)
On Oct 21, 2010, basilandbella Valdosta, GA (Zone 8b) wrote:

Love this company. Asparagus crowns were robust and at least twice (maybe three times) the size of crowns ordered from Gurney's (that never came up and arrived covered in mold). Friendly and helpful customer service, look forward to ordering from them in the future.

Positive EllenHolt
(2 reviews)
On Jul 11, 2010, EllenHolt Panorama City, CA wrote:

I love this company. Everything I have ordered from them has been consistent and flourished. I also like the fact that they ship fast, and communicate!

Negative sherman99
(7 reviews)
On Jul 9, 2010, sherman99 Menifee, CA (Zone 9a) wrote:

Was going to order 1 pkt of cardoon seeds as this is the only company i have found to carry them. cost of seeds= $2.40 cost of shipping, for one packet of seeds= $7.50. needless to say i did not order from them. priority mail is only 4.95 and the post office provides the box. why is this company so high? first class postage would have been about 88 cents. plus the cost of an envelope. what gougers. what a rip off. they must make all their money on postage, so what does that say about their seeds?

Positive dchu
(2 reviews)
On Jun 28, 2010, dchu San Francisco, CA wrote:

TSC has been my "go-to" seed catalog for years. I have had consistently higher germination rates on their seed than any other source I've tried. As a gardener in coastal California my climate is conveniently similar to theirs, so I know their varieties will perform well in my area.

Positive sfenster
(7 reviews)
On Jun 12, 2010, sfenster Pemberton, NJ wrote:

Ordered 2 kiwi plants last year - arrived quickly in good condition. One thrived, the other is struggling. Wrote to Territorial almost a year later and received refund (replacement was unavailable).

Positive podster
(5 reviews)
On May 29, 2010, podster Deep East Texas, TX (Zone 8a) wrote:

Seed order placed on Sunday was shipped quickly on Monday with an email notification and rec'd by Thursday. It was packed well with another package of seeds included to "plant to feed the hungry".

Their website is easy to navigate and I will shop there again when they have what I am in need of...

Thank you.

Positive VAgardener2
(10 reviews)
On May 12, 2010, VAgardener2 Richmond , VA (Zone 7b) wrote:

I ordered from the Territorial Seed company for the first time this year. I placed my order on April 28th, it was shipped the same day and arrived 2 days later. I was able to track the package. The seeds were packaged well.
I recommend this company.

Positive fridayharbormd
(1 review)
On May 10, 2010, fridayharbormd Friday Harbor, WA wrote:

I've had a number of orders filled by Territorial over the years, all without problem. This year, I had a number of issues and all were resolved promptly and without question. Service recovery is as important as quality of product, price, and primary service. The company absolutely delivered!

(5 reviews)
Ecuador wrote:


Positive gretzky99
(10 reviews)
On Apr 13, 2010, gretzky99 Randall, IA wrote:

Posted on March 6, 2007, updated April 13, 2010
Fourth year in a row ordering seeds from Territorial and once again very happy with their products. A class act company with great customer service.

On April 13th, 2010, gretzky99 added the following:

Territorial continues to be one of the best seed companies out there. Keep up the good work!
Positive bmngrove
(2 reviews)
On Apr 10, 2010, bmngrove Davis, CA wrote:

I have been buying plants from Territorial Seeds for about 10 years. I only purchase things that aren't available locally, and I like that they are located in the Willamette Valley, so I am familiar with the climate there. I have consistently good luck with their plants. I like being able to select a shipping date. I ordered the "Escargot" begonia this year and it arrived in very good shape and is doing well after transplanting to my pot. On the rare occasion when something doesn't make it, Territorial is very cooperative about refunding the cost of the plant.

Positive shihtzumom
(11 reviews)
On Mar 27, 2010, shihtzumom Pearisburg, VA (Zone 7a) wrote:

Great prices, FAST shipping at a low cost. I received my order in less than 5 days from ordering. Free seeds, highly recommend.

Positive stamfordgarden
(1 review)
On Mar 15, 2010, stamfordgarden Stamford, CT wrote:

We ordered a variety of seeds, mulches (green, black, red), netting, and trellises. I was originally wowed by their very thorough seed catalog, which enticed me to try out their products. Not only did the products come more quickly than expected, but the prices were very fair on the products and shipping (a huge order for just $7.50 shipping!!! crazy!), and everything appears to be in great shape. I am eagerly awaiting the plants they will be shipping to me when it is safe to plant in my area, and to see how the seeds turn out once they are planted.

Positive miss_sassy
(4 reviews)
On Feb 10, 2010, miss_sassy Milwaukee, WI wrote:

Posted on February 6, 2010, updated February 10, 2010
Posted on February 6, 2009, updated February 6, 2010
I ordered 18 packets of seeds on February 4 and received them on February 6 which I think is outstanding. I ordered from another company on the 3rd and I don't think they have even shipped them yet!

None of the seeds were out of stock. The seed packets are lovely and appear to have a lot of information. Their catalogs are full of great, detailed information and their website is easy to order from. The cost of seeds are a bit on the pricey side but I decided to order from them based on reviews on this site.

I, too, think their shipping rates are high. I was charged $7.50 when actual shipping was under $3.00. I understand a handling charge but in my case, over $4.50 for a padded envelope and the time spent shipping is overblown. I have a small mail order business and would never dream of that handing charge. A sliding scale would be great with perhaps an incentive for free shipping after a certain price limit.

I ordered garlic last fall from them and will find out in June how that fares. I may consider ordering or buying it elsewhere next fall if their shipping prices don't come down a bit.

I will update this review after planting!

On February 7th, 2010, miss_sassy changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

I'd like to update and say that we are still enjoying our garlic from our late summer harvest.

However, I have changed my comment to neutral as we had a few problems with Territorial's plant shipments that went unresolved.

I ordered several tomato plants from them and quite a few were mislabeled. I carefully labeled the plants when planting and found that the tomatoes did not fit the descriptions. I ordered 9 different varieties so that I could test which ones I wanted to start from seed the following season. I called customer service and there wasn't really a resolution or an apology. She was real nice but I hung up not feeling confident to order from them again.

I also ordered two Barbeque Rosemary plants in hopes of having a nice large plant to use on the grill. Unfortunately, it ended up being the smallest of 3 Rosemary plants I had over the summer. Customer Service recommended bringing it in over the winter since it is a tender perennial in our area. I have done so and it is still the smallest of my Rosemary plants. I felt that the catalog information was misleading as it doesn't state that it could take a few years to get so large or may not even do so in our region. I notice that the catalog literature has not changed on this plant item this year. And again, customer service did not offer any apology.

So I am on the fence about ordering again this season. I have ordered 38 seed packets from Baker Creek and Seed Savers and have a small 8 seed packet order prepared for Territorial this season. However, I know I'm going to be irritated about their high shipping/handling fee so I'm not sure it is worth it. If things had gone well with customer service with the problem plants, the 38 seeds I ordered would have been with them.

Service matters, Territorial!
On February 10th, 2010, miss_sassy changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

I must say that I am very happy with Territorial Seed once again. Josh from Territorial called me and was duly empathetic and apologetic with my concerns. He made things right with me and I will be placing my next order right away. Thanks so much, Josh.
Positive hlebear
(9 reviews)
On Feb 9, 2010, hlebear Yukon, OK wrote:

Posted on February 2, 2010, updated February 9, 2010
I placed an order with them for a few flower seeds, onion and leek plants, and garlic. I received the seeds quickly though I was charged $7.50 shipping. I am assuming that I will not be charged the same price for the rest of my items as I ordred them at the same time and paid shipping then. So, I will report back when I received my onion and leek plants. Everything good so far.

On February 9th, 2010, hlebear added the following:

Update: Territorial contacted me and I will not be charged additional shipping costs. Thanks!
Positive Calalily
(40 reviews)
On Jan 28, 2010, Calalily Deep South Coastal, TX (Zone 10a) wrote:

I love this company! I use online catalogs but sometimes I just need to talk to a live person. They are always super nice. Their shipping is reasonable to me, about the same as most other good companies.
The seeds I've ordered from them germinated fast, were consistant and produced healthy plants.

Negative audreymarmot
(6 reviews)
On Jan 22, 2010, audreymarmot Annapolis
United States (Zone 7a) wrote:

I would order some seeds but the shipping cost is too high. May I suggest to the company that they have a special shipping rate for people who just want a few packets of seeds?
It would be a bargain if I wanted 1001 seed packets, but unfortunately I don't.

Neutral redjeep
(9 reviews)
On Jan 17, 2010, redjeep hillsboro, OR wrote:

Territorial thinks it knows what should go in your garden better then you do. Note that there is no place to put "substitutions not allowed". If you know what needs to go in your garden, and chose carefully, remember to put in the comments section "NO SUBSTITutions, and i mean potatoes TOO!". In 2008/2009, I ordered in Dec/Jan, months later, when the potatoes showed up, just ahead of their planting dates, they were all the wrong potatoes. They were niether the types, nor had the mix of maturities, that I had ordered. I had ordered well ahead of the crush, I had routinly spent over $1000 a year between Territorial's summer and winter catalogs, so I was extremely mad. They had MONTHS to tell me those potatoes were not available and instead they sent generics and I was supposed to take them and shut up. I didn't. Despite the squeeks of protest from the woman on the phone, I sent them back at my own expense, because I don't have room for things I don't plan for, and I don't throw living things in the garbage - let Territorial watch them rot. This is a neutral, not negative, because despite Territorial giving itself an out with a sneaky little disclaimer about no refunds on substitutions, they did, in fact, refund the money fairly quickly. I still order from Territorial (about 10% of last year) but not onion starts (they substituted without telling me, and I did not know they were wrong until I pulled them in the fall) or potatoes, or tomato plants (spindly, tiny, I bought a seed cart and my own looked much better). I wrote this now because if you are looking for Buttes and the other potato varieties Territorial used to offer in the kitchen collection, the ones that loved Werstern Oregon, a quick search online will show you there is another place that sells all of those at the same prices Territorial used to.

Positive Spriggin
(19 reviews)
On Dec 14, 2009, Spriggin Selma, OR wrote:

Posted on May 11, 2009, updated December 14, 2009
My infant bay laurel arrived when promised, was securely packed and is now making itself at home. It looks to be very vigorous and I have great expectations that it will live up to its promise.

On December 14th, 2009, Spriggin added the following:

New purchase. I ordered the 'Can of Worms' worm condo. My worms love it. They are chowing down on my kitchen scraps. I can keep it inside as it doesn't smell or drip. The previously mentioned bay laurel is continuing to thrive despite the dreadful cold spell we had recently. Whee!
Positive RussMartin4154
(6 reviews)
On Nov 25, 2009, RussMartin4154 Omaha, NE (Zone 5b) wrote:

If there was a rating higher than 'positive', I'd give it to Territorial Seed.


My first two orders were without issue, prompt and perfect.

With my third, their payment processor and my credit card provider collided, creating problems at both ends. To resolve the problem, knowing that a birthday present was included in the order, they upgraded the shipping to UPS 2nd day. Then, faced with a holiday, they further upgraded to UPS next-day. I didn't request either; they just did it!

They were as unfailingly polite and courteous as I was cranky and difficult.

Kudos to Territorial Seed!

Positive Moonglow
(21 reviews)
On Jul 29, 2009, Moonglow Corte Madera, CA wrote:

The plants I have ordered from Territorial Seed Company are among the healthiest I have growing in my garden this season. The plants arrived in excellent condition.

Customer Service is superb as well. Lori responded right away (a couple of hours) on an email query, and when she could not help me further, she relayed my question to Mr. Josh Kirschenbaum who is also equally fast in responding.

Thank you TSC. I will be a returning customer.

Neutral rvnsbrk
(6 reviews)
On Jul 23, 2009, rvnsbrk Leesburg, VA (Zone 7a) wrote:

The seeds from Territorial are far superior to any other. They are more expensive than Burpee, but they offer a different selection and so far everything I have grown is very vigorous. That said, their shipping costs are EXORBITANT!! Shipping for a small bubble envelope is $7.50. According to my account it should cost 1.20 for the postage. I can allow something for the supplies and the time, but I can't get to $7.50. I have even mentioned it politely to them, and gotten no response. In the last few months I have placed several orders for specialty lettuces and now winter harvest items. For about 15 packs of seeds I have spent $23.00 in shipping!! I must be out of my mind.

Positive LeahJoy
(2 reviews)
On Jul 11, 2009, LeahJoy Hawthorne, NJ wrote:

I placed a large seed order with the company in Spring 09. I have had success with every seed type I ordered (and I ordered a lot) with the exception of their little loup cantelopes. These grew for a short time and then shriveled and died. I'm most pleased with the peach envoy impatiens. They have an unusual color and are larger than what I see in the nurseries around my town. Overall, I've found the seed yields to be high and the resulting plants to be large and healthy. I'm still waiting to taste the vegetables, but the plants are growing nice and healthy right now and I'm sure they'll be delicious when ready to pick. I have ordered from Burpee in the past and the quality from Territorial is by far superior. I will be ordering again from Territorial next spring.

Neutral magnolialover
(14 reviews)
On Jun 20, 2009, magnolialover Southern, WI (Zone 5a) wrote:

Months ago in the winter I placed an order for two echinacea. They offered a shipment time selection which I selected mid-May. It was late May and I hadn't heard from them. I phoned in to the number located on the web site and was given another number to call because evidentally the order number on the web site did not deal with existing orders.

I did reach someone on the number I was given and was told it would be a week or so before they would be shipped. My order arrived mid June with only one of the plants. The plant that was shipped has to be the smallest plant I have ever recieved by mail. It barely had roots. The second plant said it was discontinued on the invoice.

It would have been nice if they would have let me know in some way, that the second plant would not be shipped. To pay $9.95 to ship one tiny plant would not have been worth my trouble.

Unfortunately I will not likely be ordering from this company again. First experiences are worth their weight in gold and one miniscule plant and one missing plant with a large shipping fee do not weigh in much. They came in highly recommended by the Watchdog as a top rated company when I placed my order. I just did not find them to be worthy of that spot, having ordered from several of the Watchdog favorites in the past and being 100% satisfied with those companies....not this one.

On June 24th, 2009, magnolialover added the following:

After typing up this review, I was contacted by the company in regards to this order. They said that would credit the shipping charges and apologized for the lack of communication regarding the order. It's nice to know that companies value what is typed here and actually read the comments.

Keep on typing up your feedback on mail order companies everybody ^_^ It matters.
Positive loveblossoms
(14 reviews)
On May 15, 2009, loveblossoms CA
United States (Zone 8b) wrote:

This was the first time I purchased from Territorial Seed Co. I just received my order today and my little hellebore seedling plant arrived safely and in excellent healthy condition. Super bargain, great communication and exceptional packing. I only regret I did not buy more to save on shipping. I definitely look forward to purchasing from Territorial again in the future.

Positive NancyMcD
(3 reviews)
On May 12, 2009, NancyMcD Grand Marais, MI wrote:

Territorial Seed is a real favorite with me. I love their seed and equipment selection, and am favorably impressed with their service. I had a genuine problem with one of the products they sell, and they immediately gave me credit for it. Any mail order company can, without meaning to, sell a product that is inferior - the acid test is how they deal with an unhappy customer. The woman who had to listen to me whine was courteous and patient. I'm very pleased and relieved, and wholeheartedly recommend this company to other gardeners.

Positive anitar49
(7 reviews)
On May 2, 2009, anitar49 Ridgeley, WV wrote:

My seed order arrived quickly and I had good germination. I'm glad to see more organic items are being added to the catalog, but I agree with a previous poster that I'd like to see more OP and fewer hybrid choices. It's disappointing to see a plant I'd like to try and then realize it's a hybrid. That being said, I ordered their Sun Gold Tomatoes (hybrid). I tried a few last summer that someone else had grown, and they were the best I've eaten.

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