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Companies with names that begin with B

526 companies found

B & B Cactus Farm, Inc.
B & B Orchids
B & D Dahlias
B & D Lilies
B & E Crape Myrtle Farm
B & K Tropicals
B & T Grower Supply, Inc.
B & T World Seeds
B & Z Nursery Inc.
B.C. Greenhouse Builders, Ltd.
Babbette's Gardens
Babikow Greenhouses
Baby Blue Blueberries
Bachman's Floral, Home & Garden
Back to Eden Daylily Garden
BackHome Magazine
Backyard Beauties
Backyard Berry Plants
Backyard Biodiversity (Morning Dew Farms)
Backyard Bird Store (Wild Bird Marketplace)
Backyard Bird Watcher
Backyard Birds & Discovery Center
Backyard Birds and Gardens
Backyard Bistro Ltd.
Backyard Bonsai
Backyard Greenhouses
Backyard Guru
Backyard Heirloom Seeds & Herbs
Backyard Style
Backyard Wildlife Refuge
Badgersett Research Corporation
Baia Nicchia
Bailey Family Christmas Trees
Bainer Gardens
Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.
Bakker Holland
Balash Gardens
Baldan Orchids
Baldur-Garten GmbH
Baldwin Lake Perennials
Bali-Hai Mail Order Nursery
Ball Point Gardens
Balsam Ridge Christmas Tree Farm
Bamboo & Koi Garden
Bamboo Down Under
Bamboo Fencer, Inc.
Bamboo Garden Nursery
Bamboo Gardener LLC (L&I # BAMBOGL913BH)
Bamboo Gardens of Washington
Bamboo Guy
Bamboo Headquarters (Botanical Partners)
Bamboo Man (Gary Rich)
Bamboo Plantation
Bamboo Ranch
Bamboo Sourcery
Bamboo Texas (formerly Nueces River Groves), a SpiritLiving Co. (Bamboo Furniture)
Bamert Seed Company
Banner Daylily Gardens
Banner Flower Farm
Bannister Creek Nursery
Banyai Hostas
Barbara Kirkman
BarDavo Orchids
Barn in the Sticks
Barney's Ginseng Patch
Barnhaven Primroses
Barnsdale Plants (
Barnyard Products (
Baron's Orchis
barons brothers nursery
Barracott Plants
Barry's Front Porch
Bartoli's Wreath Shop
Barwacz Farms
Basin Tobacco Seeds Bank
Bass Pecan Company
Batchelor Farms
Bates Sons & Daughters Inc. Caladiums
Bates Water Gardens
Baumschule Horstmann
Bay Flora
Bay Gardens
Bay Laurel Nursery
Bayberry Row Daylilies & Hosta
Baycreek Gardens
Baylin's Daylily Farm
Bayou Blooms Tropical Plants
Bayou City Heirloom Bulbs
Bayou Orchids
Bayou Trader's Peppermania
Bayou Violets
BB Peony Gardens
BBBseed (formerly Beauty Beyond Belief Wildflower Seeds)
BBC Gardeners' World
BC's Wild Heritage Native Plants
Beachwood Daylily & Perennial
Beans and Herbs (The Herbary)
Bear Creek Seed Company
Bear Valley Store (Waterwood Gardens, LLC)
Bear W Daylily Farm
Beau Basin Gardens
Beautanicals (also dba Australian Gardener)
Beautiful Blooms Quality Garden Seed Company
Beautiful Orchids
Beauty and The Bamboo
Beaver Creek Greenhouses
Beaver Creek Plantation
Beaver Pond Estates Small-Plot Garlic Variety Trials
Beckwith Family Christmas Trees & Wreaths
Bedford Dahlias
Bedrock Seed Bank
Bee Bayou DayBloomers
Bee Fork Water Gardens (WoodsEnd, Inc.)
Beech Mountain Fraser Fir Farm
Beeches Nursery
Beersheba Wildflower Gardens
Beijing Century-Qianjing Import & Export Co.,Ltd
Beijing Forestry University Forest Science Co. Ltd.
Beijing Green-Sunny Eco-Science Development Co.,Ltd.
BEing Plants
Belisle's Violet House
Bell's Daylily Garden
Belle Epoque Rozenkwekerijen
Bellerive Gardens
Belt Hatchery
Beneficial Insect Co.
Beneficial Insectary
Benner's Gardens Inc. Deer Fencing
Bennetts Water Gardens & Aquatic Centre
Bent Tree Hostas
Bent Wood Shoppes
Bentley Seeds, Inc.
Bentz Road Farm
Bergeson Nursery
Bergstrom Orchids
Berkeley Rustic Birdhouses
Berkey Supply Inc.
Berkeys Nursery
Berlin Seeds
Bermax Industries
Bernardo Beach Native Plant Farm
Bernwode Plants
Berries Unlimited
BerriesPlus (Botanical Growers Network)
Berry Hill Irrigation, Inc.
Berry Hill, Ltd.
Bert's Gourmet Horseradish
Berton Seeds Company
Best Buds Garden Supply Company
Best Buy Worms (also dba Rabbits Etc.)
Best Carnivorous Plants
Best Friends Daylily Corner
Best Juicy Tomatoes (ebook)
Best Nest (Best Cool Seeds)
Better Flora Gardening Products
Better Garden Tools
Better Heads LLC - PIVOTRIM
Better Homes and Gardens Store (
Better Homes and Gardens® (Meredith Books)
Better Than Rocks
Better Yield Insects
Betterbee Inc.
BetterGrow Hydro
Betty's Amazing Dahlias
Beverly Dahlias
Beylik Hydroponics
Beyond Yonder's Native Plant Nursery
Bezanson Family Christmas Tree Farm
BFG Supply Co.
Bianco Iride
Big Apple Bonsai
Big Creek Ginseng & Garlic Farm
Big Daddy Farms
Big Horse Creek Farm
Big Island Daylily Company
Big John Leyden's Christmas Trees
Big John's Garden
Big Leaf Orchids
Big Plant Nursery
Big Red's Equipment Sales & Rentals
Big Rock Trees
Big Stump Daylilies
Bigfoot Collections
Bijou Alpines & Water
Bill Moore & Co., Inc.
Billinda Daylily Garden
Billy's Buds Orchids and More
Biocontrol Network
Bionic Gloves (Hillerich & Bradsby Co.)
Bioscape, Inc.
Birch Bay Dahlias (formerly SB Dahlias)
Bird Houses by Mark
Bird N Garden Village
Bird Rock Tropicals
Bird Shopper
Bird Song Farm
Birdhouses in Paradise
Birdhouses Plus
Birding Depot
Birds & Blooms
Birds and Such (
Birds Choice
Birds Eye View
Birdwatcher Supply Company
Birstall Garden Centre
Bitterroot Evergreens
BJ's Dahlias
Bjorn Malkmus Rare Seed Nursery (
Bkinterplants (
Black Bear Ridge Studio Gardens
Black Forest Poultry
Black Jungle Terrarium Supply
Black Lake Organic
Black Plants
Blackfoot Native Plants Nursery
Blackjack Soil Company
Blackmoor Nurseries
Blackmore & Langdon, Ltd. (Stanton Nurseries)
Blacks Nursery
Blackstone Clivias
Blackwater Creek Koi Farms Inc.
Blazing Star Nursery
Blevins Daylily Farm
Blisscapes Landscape & Nursery
Blofield Nurseries (Hall Road), Ltd.
Bloms Bulbs, Inc.
Bloom River Gardens
Bloomfield Orchids
Bloomin Beauties Daylily and Iris Gardens
Bloomin Designs Nursery
Bloomin' Basement (Ingrid Nelson)
Bloomin' Jungle
bloomin' on the East End
Bloominbz Beekeeping and Billy B's Lip Balm
Blooming Flower Seeds
Blooming Prairie Gardens
Blooming Sensations
Blooming Woods Nursery
Bloomingfields Farm
Blooms of Bressingham
Blossom Creek Farm
Blossom Farm Perennials & Herbs
Blossom Gulch
Blossom Hill Delphiniums and Peonies
Blossom Nursery
Blossoming Gardens
Blossoms, Birds and Butterflies
Blowin' in the Wind
Blue Belly Farm
Blue Bird Haven Iris Garden
Blue Dandenongs Bulb Farm
Blue Flag Farm
Blue Fox Farm
Blue Green Solutions (PLANeT Food)
Blue Heron Daylily Gardens
Blue Heron Farm
Blue Hill Country Garden
Blue Iris Water Gardens
Blue J Iris
Blue Mountains Flora
Blue Planet Nutrients
Blue Rag Gardens
Blue Ribbon Tomatoes
Blue Ridge Bamboo, LLC
Blue Ridge Bracket Co. (Rail Rockit)
Blue Ridge Daylilies
Blue Ridge Vermiculture
Blue River Nursery
BlueBell Nursery & Arboretum
Bluebell Seeds
Blueberry Croft Farm and Nursery
Blueberry Hills Farm & Nursery
Bluebird Greenhouses
Bluebird Love, Inc.
Bluebird Nursery, Inc.
Bluebird Orchard & Nursery
Bluegrass Blueberries
Bluegrass Daylily Gardens
Bluegrass Garden Beds
Bluegrass Gardens
Bluegrass Gardens Daylily Farm
BlueGreen Trading Company LLC
Bluestem Nursery
Bluestem Prairie Nursery
BlueStone Garden
Bluestone Greenhouse
Bluestone Perennials
Bluff View Nursery
Blumen und Passiflora
Bob Carr's Daylilies
Bob Scott's Nursery
Bob Smoley's Gardenworld
Bob Wells Nursery
Bob Wines Camellia Gardens, Inc.
Bob's Goldenseal & Ginseng
Bob's Tropical Plants
Bobba-Mike's Garlic Farm
Bobbie Brooks (formerly Gardens In An Old Fashioned Way)
Bobcat Creek
Bodiam Bonsai Farm
Boehlke's Woodland Gardens
Bois d'Arc Gardens
Bon Vivant Nursery
Bonanza Seeds
Bonnie's Greenhouse
Bonnie's Plants
Bonny Farms
Bonsai Art
Bonsai Boy of New York
Bonsai By the Monastery
Bonsai Collectables
Bonsai Concepts Canada
Bonsai East
Bonsai Empire
Bonsai King
Bonsai Northwest
Bonsai of Brooklyn
Bonsai Outlet
Bonsai Palace Pty Ltd.
Bonsai Superstore
Bonsai Supply
Bonsai Today
Bonsai Tree Shop
Bonsai West
Booming Native Plants
Boondockers Farm
BooneBrier Farm
Borden's Daylily Garden
Border Gateway Bulbs
Borghese Gardens
Borglum's Iris Gardens
Borlovans Nursery
Borries Open Pollinated Seed Corn Farm
Boston Mountain Nurseries
Boston Seeds
Botani Wipes
Botanic Center
Botanic Wonders
Botanica LTD
Botanical Imagery Stock Photography
Botanical Interests, Inc.
Botanikka Seeds
Botanophilia LLC
Botanus Inc.
Botany Buddy
Botany Shop Garden Center
Bottoms Nursery LLC
Boughen Nurseries Ltd
Boughen Nurseries Valley River Ltd.
Bouncing Bear Botanicals
Boundary Garlic
Bountiful Bulbs
Bountiful Gardens
Bourdillon Iris
Bovees Nursery
Bow-Ridge Herbs
Bowden's Hosta (Cleave House)
Bowley Plants
Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve
Box Elder B-Gone
Box Turtle Mexican Imports
Boyd Nursery Company
Boyer Nurseries & Orchards, Inc.
Bracken Garden Center
Brad's Buds and Blooms
Bradeen Farm (formerly Beltane Gardens)
Braevallich Nursery
Bramble and Rose Nursery
Bramble Berry Farm (formerly Winfrey Valley Nursery)
Bramcote Bulbs
Brandt's Fruit Trees, Inc.
Branham Farms, Ltd. Daylily Gardens
Brawner Geraniums
Breck's (Canada)
Breck's Bulbs
Breezeway Iris
Brenlissa Fuchsia Nursery
Brennan's Orchids, LLC
Brent & Becky's Bulbs
Brewery Creek Garden Center
Brian's Botanicals
Briarpatch Desert Plants
Brickman's Botanical Gardens
Bricko Farms Inc
Bridgewater Gardens
Bridgewood Gardens
Briggs Nursery, Inc.
Brighter Blooms Nursery
Bristol Mums Inc.
Brite Leaf Citrus Nursery
British Bonsai
British Seed Houses Ltd.
Broadleigh Gardens
Broadway Gardens Greenhouses (
Brockamin Plants
Broersen Bulbs Pty Ltd.
Broken Arrow Nursery
Bromagic Bromeliad Nursery
Brome Bird Care
Bromeliad Specialties Inc.
Bromeliad World (Country Garden Nursery)
Bromeliads n Such
Bronwood Worm Gardens
Brookbend Outdoor Furniture
Brookeville Glove
Brooks Gardens
Brooks Tree Farm
Brooks' Daylily Garden
Brookside Nurseries
Brookside Orchids
Brother Nature Organic Seeds
Brothers Herbs & Peonies
Brown Envelope Seeds
Brown's Edgewood Gardens
Brown's Kalmia & Azalea Nursery
Brown's Omaha Plant Farms
Browning Seed Inc.
Browns Ferry Gardens
Bruce Kovach's Michigan Garden
Brugmansias etc
Brumunddal frø
Brushwood Nursery
Brushy Mountain Bee Farm
Brussel's Bonsai Nursery, LLC
Brynawel Fuchsia & Garden Centre
BryWin Garden
Buck Canyon Gardens
Buckeye Pepper Company
Buckingham Nurseries & Garden Centre
Buckland Plants
Buckley Nursery Garden
Bud Bullard
Budd Gardens
Budget Plants
Buffalo Berry Farm
Bug Biting Plants
Bug Blaster
Buglogical Control Systems (United Spray Systems, Inc.) (BULBS4U)
Bulbs & Blooms (
Bulbs Direct
Bulbs Direct (
Bulbs N More Nursery
Bulldog Cactus Ranch
Bundles of Bulbs
Bunton's Seed
Buntyn Daylily Garden
Burchell Nursery
Burgess Seed
Burks' Nursery
Burleigh Park Orchids
Burlington Rose Nursery
Burncoose Nurseries
Burnham Nurseries
Burns Water Gardens
Burnt Ridge Nursery
Burpee (W. Atlee Burpee)
Burrendong Gardens
Burt's Greenhouses
Burton Agnes Hall Nursery
Burton's Bamboo Garden
Burwood Clivia Nursery
Busby's Daylily Garden
Bushnell Gardens Nursery
Bushwood Acres Nursery
Busse Gardens
Bustan Urban Gardening Essentials
Butchart Gardens
Butler Bamboo
Butler Farms
Butterbrooke Farm
Butterfield Organic Growers
Butterfly Encounters
Butterfly Oasis Nursery (formerly Butterfly Bush Nursery)
Buy Plants Now by Enchanted Bonsai Gardens (Pleasant Ridge Nursery)
Bwarts Plants Maine
By the Yard
Byrd's Orchids
BZT® Compost Activator (United-Tech, Inc.)

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