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Dave's Garden: About us

Dave's Garden is one of the largest sites for gardeners in the world. With tens of thousands of encyclopedic files on plants, bugs, and birds, as well as helpful articles by our gardening experts, you'll find everything you need help your garden grow. Founded in 2000, Dave's Garden caters to the interests and needs of gardeners and horticultural professionals worldwide. Beyond informational articles, our community supports an open and safe place for advice, shared experiences, and an active seed and plant trade.

Plant, Bug, and Bird Files

The world's largest collaborative database, we have over 200,000 files on plants, bugs, and birds. All submissions are subject to an extensive review process by our team of editors to ensure we have the most accurate information possible.

The Garden Watchdog

Easily look up mail order companies, rated by members of Dave's Garden. Before you do business with a company, find out about their plant quality and trustworthiness.


Instantly locate vendors with the exact plant, seed, or bulb you're looking for. Search by common or botanical names, see comments from real gardeners, and go directly to the source to buy it.


An invaluable tool for keeping up with all your plant, bulb, and seed trades from start to finish. Message fellow traders, keep track of what you need to send, and check the status of everything in real time. Want gardening advice and information sent right to your inbox? Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for informative articles, seasonal plant information, fun gardening trivia, and more!

We'd love to hear from you! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out to us on our Contact page.

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