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JeffreyinGA wrote:
[quote=\"Zen_Man\"]Hi Jeffrey,

Good photos, both posted and linked. The only creature I see that is potentially harmful is the white one. The little flies are harmless, possibly even beneficial. Oddly, that grasshopper-like creature is also probably a \"good guy\", in that it looks like a katydid, and not a grasshopper. Grasshoppers are herbivores (plant eaters) while Katydids are carnivores and they eat other insects, so they are potentially beneficial.

A lot of the leaf damage appears to be mechanical -- like something hit the leaves. I didn\'t see any fallen acorns on the ground, but your rose bushes seem to be in the shade of a tree. They would probably do better in a sunnier spot.

That little white creature doesn\'t look very athletic. If you sprayed a strong spray of water on the bush and knocked him off on the ground, he might find it too much of a challenge to make his way back onto your rose bush.

The mechanical damage to your rose leaves doesn\'t seem to be too bad, and I don\'t think a homemade spray would be a solution to it. Foliar feeding with a good soluble nutrient formula could be beneficial.

The shade of a tree also won\'t be solved by spraying. I assume there is a good reason why you put the rose in the shade of a tree rather than in a sunny spot. But would it be feasible to move the rose(s) to a sunnier spot?


Thank you very much for the informative post. I truly do appreciate your time. And that\'s good to hear that it may be a harmless katydid. I have actually already killed one, and will leave the rest I see alone. I do see one or two other tiny green looking bugs every day. They\'re about the size of the tip of a pen. I\'ve been mashing those too when I can, but they\'re so quick and hop away. Maybe they\'re young katydids? I do not see many of those tiny white bugs, but have been killing them when I get the chance. They\'re quick also. For the last few days, I have been thumping the rose bushes very lightly to knock off any of the little critters, and have killed a few doing this. I also went out there tonight with a battery powered lantern and looked for bugs. I can lower it down on the ground and light up the leaves from underneath, which will show if there are any bugs hiding under there to mash. I just started doing this tonight, and will try and go out there every night and check for bugs.

And no, I have not hit the leaves with anything mechanical. It has to be some type of bug, or bugs, that chewed on them. I did kill a green worn of some kind yesterday after knocking it off. Maybe that\'s what had chewed on them.

I do have my roses planted under a live oak tree that only gets a few hours of sun each day, but not the recommended amount. (I made a thread about this here: [[email protected]] )They do get a little morning and late evening sun. I planted them there because that\'s where I buried my dear cat, Lady G. She was killed back on January 14. I am simply trying to make it pretty around there for her. I did buy a bag of rose soil and mixed it with the native soil when I planted them. I also bought a bag of Vigoro rose feed and put some around them the other day. I\'ve also watered them nearly every day. They do look like they\'re growing well to my untrained eye, and it looks like I see several rose buds on them. So I pray they\'ll grow nicely and produce a ton of roses for her. Lady G. meant the world to me, and she certainly deserves a pretty gravesite. If interested, you may read her memorial thread at this link: [[email protected]]

Again, thank you very much for your help, my friend!

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