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Subject: Does My Roof Have Hail Damage?

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Photo of Does My Roof Have Hail Damage?
blakeluby wrote:
The roof of your home is your first line of defense against the elements. After a major storm, you should inspect your roof to make sure it is not damaged. How is this inspection done? let\'s find out.

How did the hail
After hail, you can damage your roof by looking at four places. Before going to the roof, you can see these signs on gutters, siding, air conditioning and paving.

Gutter damage is a good indicator of hail damage. Ola that nuts can damage the roof as well as the gutters, so check the gutters and downspots (which are easy to see from the ground). In addition to denting, you should look for debris in the gutter or near downspots. When shingles are damaged, they often spit asphalt, which builds up in gutters and downspots.

Coating, air conditioning and flooring
Siding and window walls on the exterior of your home can indicate hail damage. While Ola can damage or damage these parts of your home, Ola can also damage the roof. While checking the floor for signs of problems, you can also inspect your air conditioning unit. If he is killed, it is a bad sign. Wooden decks, stone pavers, or other areas of the field that show you how badly the hail has struck can help you determine the danger on your roof.

Eventually, you want to go to the roof (or have a professional do it) and inspect for damage. The roofs are made of different materials, each of which deals damage in different ways. However, some things are universal for all roofs. They all have vents and bumps regardless of material. Check your vents to see if they are dented or over-damaged. Skylight and chimney are also good indicators.

Shingles are one of the most difficult roofing materials to inspect. Asphalt is often a sign of mask damage. What you are looking for are places where there are wear holes or marks in the asphalt. There is no rock cover of shingles in any area, a potential leakage hazard. Of course, large dents are a big thing and missing herpes is obviously a problem. But more often than not, you have to be on the lookout for signs of more subtle damage.

Metal roof
For metal roofing, see signs of denting or warping. The metal is strong, so hail has to be very tough, making it one of the easiest materials to cause the most damage to the metal. If the metal is damaged, it can cause leaks. Hail can also damage the outer layers of some metal roofs, causing water damage or corrosion on the metal.

Clay or tile roofs are very common. Although they are strong, they are not impervious to hail. Trouble in the soil can be difficult to find. Most importantly, look for cracks or cracks. Although the soil is strong, it is brittle, so any damage should show up as cracks or chips. Each of these can pose a risk of theft, so always take them seriously.

Loss management
By the way, you have seen hail damage. Now that? Obviously this needs to be fixed, but what is the best way to do it? Will the insurance company cover it? Who should fix this? Let us review these issues.

The first thing to consider is a roof warranty. If your roof is more than five years old, your warranty coverage will be reduced. But if you have a new roof, then you need to see warranty coverage first. This is the easiest and fastest.
If the guarantee path does not bear fruit, the next step is to work with your insurance. Going through an insurance claim can seem like an exam, but you need to be able to work with a representative or specialist who can help you through the process.

Insurance companies would like to see signs of damage, so take pictures. They can also request a professional roof inspection and repair estimate. The key to working with an insurance company is to remember that they are trying to save money. The point is to convince them that it will cost less than to leave it alone to repair or replace the roof.

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