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Tomatoes & Peppers: Stagnated Seedlings, 1 by januaryhou

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Subject: Stagnated Seedlings

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Photo of Stagnated Seedlings
januaryhou wrote:
I recently tried (for the first time) starting plants from seedlings. Some of the plants like cucumbers are doing well, but most have stagnated. In particular, the tomatoes don\'t look great.

We started these a little late, but our season is long so we figured we\'d at least get some yield off of them.

They get about 16 hours of light a day (from LED lights ~3 inches above the seedlings), and I have a heat mat that keeps them at around 76 degrees. I\'ve been watering them from the bottom and have fertilized them twice.

They shot up in the first week, but have stayed roughly the same in the _four_ weeks since. I\'m kind of afraid that they\'re a lost cause, but even if they can\'t be fixed, I\'d be curious to know what might have gone wrong for next time.

Thanks for any help!