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Indoor Gardening and Houseplants: A Discussion about Houseplant Soils (long post), 1 by gessiegail

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Photo of A Discussion about Houseplant Soils (long post)
gessiegail wrote:
I am sooo excited. Today I called Southwest Fertilizer in Houston which is the best of the best in stores for any kind of soil or fertilizer. I asked him first what the value of Turface was and he said exactly what you did. He started explaining and all of a sudden it finally made sense to me. (I am pretty dense and stubborn) You have tried so hard to help us understand the value of the right soil compostion.

Then I asked him what he would want to sell me for a soil for all my outside pots using Turface. He suggested a part of a loamy sand top soil , one part sheep manure and then as much Turface as I need for aeration , etc. (he compared it to several being perlite except that Turface doesn't break down.

I can hardly wait to make a trip to Houston and get what I need for both inside and outside and give it a whirl this spring as I start repotting. The end door is open and the sun is coming in.

You are just too nice to care about the rest of us and we do greatly appreciate your help.

Take a look at some of my plants on the front porch which is wrapped in poly which doesn't have good light transmission but is better for the plants with good circulation on days when the sun is shining. Tonight will be in the 30's but I close the doors about right now for the night.

The plants fell in love with the fertilizer of 12-4-8. Let me show you a few as I am shocked in the middle of winter that they look this good outside.