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Australian and New Zealand Gardening: BROMELIADS FOR NOVICES & ADDICTS MAY & June 2012, 2 by splinter1804

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splinter1804 wrote:
Good morning everyone Ė Well it looks like winter is well and truly on the way this time as itís only 6 degrees here this morning and donít my old bones know it.

Well you wouldnít think it at my age, but Iím back to ďschoolĒ today; well in a way that is. Iím going to be taught how to prepare a Power Point Presentation which will be quite an achievement, as computers and I donít usually get along together too well. You may remember some time ago I mentioned that after giving a talk at one of our Bromeliad society meetings about growing bromeliad seed had written a small booklet on the topic as well. Well our society has just purchased a new projector which when used in conjunction with a laptop computer will be used to give presentations on various topics to members.

One of the members gave a short demo on how it works at the last meeting and it was suggested that I be the ďGuinea PigĒ and prepare a Power Point Presentation on the same topic as the booklet as there was a lot of interest in it at the time of writing. When I said the only power point I knew was the one you plugged the kettle into, our sales manager offered to show me how to prepare one of these presentations, so thatís where Iím off to today. By the way, if any more of the members on this site didnít see my offer of a copy of this little booklet previously, itís still available, (free) to anyone who would like one. All I need is your email address and Iíll send a copy as soon as my Emails are sorted out and working again.

Sue ĖSo good to see you back again. Itís always great to once again meet up with friends. It looks like youíre still signed in here and the new computer is behaving itself so hopefully we may hear more from you in the future, I hope so. The point you make about not mentioning personal information on here is a very good one and I know Iíve sometimes been guilty of it as with a small friendly group such as this we tend to think we are the only ones who can read what we write and forget the rest of the world is watching as well, a good example is a lot of the problems young kids are now experiencing worldwide which have often started with an innocent Face Book entry.

Shirley Ė What I wrote is what I do as far as insecticides are concerned and there are many more experienced growers than I who may well have other ideas, but then I was always probably a bit overcautious in most things person especially poisons. The bromeliad forum I visit daily and have done since it first started is simply called ďThe Bromeliad ForumĒ (It was originally called the ďBromeliad and Air Plant ForumĒ but the name has recently been changed). Originally I always visited the bromeliad section of the Garden Web Forums which is still operating but now with fewer members in the bromeliad section as they have mostly changed over to the new one or like me there are still a few of us on both. The reason the new forum was started was that although the Garden Web was a great site and a wonderful learning tool for bromeliad growers, it wasnít a dedicated bromeliad site. It was much like Daveís Garden and covered all aspects of other plants and gardening as well. With the new site, it is just about bromeliads and the members range in experience from the ďnewbiesĒ right through to the international professionals which is why itís so good. Everyone shares information and there are constantly good tips there from the experts who along with everyone else willingly answer questions and identify plants. To look at and/or join either of these sites, go to for the Garden Web forums or go to for the newer Bromeliad Forum which I find much better as itís much more user friendly once you get familiar with it.

Thatís a nice Ae Ensign you have there Shirley, itís always been a plant Iíve much admired, however also one Iíve never have any luck with as it always seems to just ďgo backwardsĒ down here. I donít know whether or not itís too cold in winter or maybe the local clone isnít a good one, who knows? Maybe I need to get a clone from another state and try again as Iíve tried the local one three times already. Are there any special tips associated with growing this plant? I donít have any problem growing the other orlandianas or the Reverse Ensign for that matter, just this one.
I suspect the plant you list as Bill. pyramidalis striata could be Bill. Fosterís striate (See Wendyís pic in recent post). I havenít seen a variegated Bill. pyramidalis except for Kyoto which is an albo-marginated plant and very different. However that doesnít mean one doesnít exist as plants sometimes mutate and produce a sport entirely different to the original. You may have something completely new and different there but we wonít know until it flowers so I hope you will post a pic as I will be interested to see it.

Mike Ė I havenít seen you on here before, but then Iím only a recent ďblow-inĒ and havenít been posting for long. I hope you stay around for a bit as itís pretty lonely being the only bloke here. I think the girls seem to frighten off the other blokes that have occasionally posted as they donít seem to stay around for long.

I love your three picís, all nice well grown plants, I have the Kiwi Sunset as well as Kiwi Dusk and Kiwi Cream, but they arenít grown as well as yours. Kiwi Cream put up a spindly looking flower spike and then the leaves all started to die, very disappointing. The other two grow well but I just donít seem to be able to get the colour in them that other growers do; do you have any cultural tips?

The Ae. Harvís Pride is a real "beaut" and beautifully grown as well. Do you live up north in the warmer climate? Iíd love to get one of these but fear the cold winter down here wouldnít agree with it. The Neo Groucho is certainly something different, is that one of Chester Skotakís (very pricey) hybrids? All nice plants Mike and I hope you stay around and share your picís with us.

Colleen Ė Iím a bit slack as I saw that I had a D-Mail yesterday and didnít get around to opening it but Iíll answer it today I promise. As for the ĎSomething Specialí seedlings, I seem to be finding more every time I sort out plants and the latest ones although still only about 6Ē high do have nice wide leaves, so fingers crossed for a good one amongst them. Your pic looks like a Neo. concentrica or hybrid from it. I bred quite a few of these with my fist cross and it looks very similar to some of those, was it one of the early pups I sent you with just a number on the name tag? If so let me know and Iíll find the name for you. Itís been a bit chilly here as well but Iím pleased to say, not as cold as it is down your way.

A few picís to finish with now firstly a little Orthophytum Sucrei, 2nd is Nid. Procerum ĎOrangeí 3rd is Nid. Procerum ĎTangerineí, 4th is one of my own seedlings Neo Bea Hanson x Rosea Striata and finally the beautiful Neo. Pink Sensation.

All the best, Nev.

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