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Australian and New Zealand Gardening: Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012, 5 by perke_patch

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Photo of Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012
perke_patch wrote:
Hi everyone. Did you miss me yesterday??? I went to the theatre for the first time since about 1990 when I was at uni. we often went then as a group of fellow students. I forgot how much fun it was to see a live performance. This one was so funny. It was called "A kick in the Baubles" and was about a couples Christmas day and family and friends who come to visit. It was adults only so a bit of language and double entendre involved but that just made it all the more funny. The quote that stuck in my mind was one from the main male character called Frank talking about his wife's niece who was a typical dumb blonde. He said "If I ate a can of alphabet soup I could shit a more intelligent conversation than you could have with her."

Nev we have one of those Ae Bromeliifolia Albobracteata. I also loved the shape of it and when the infloresence was rising we expected something a bit more in proportion to the size of the plant. when it opened to this tiny little thing on top it was a bit disappointing. It is nice to now have a name for it though. thanks to you for naming it for me. (see pics please as now I'm not sure) Nev I'm happy to send you the stamps as I'm sure you've sent me more parcels than I've sent you so I must owe you postage and if a packet of stamps helps I'm happy to oblige now and then. I have been sowing more of your seed this week as I've been cleaning out the fridge before Christmas. Had lots of containers with just a bit of seed in so they've been emptied into little packets and trays used for sowing seeds instead. now to just wash out the inside now that all the containers are gone.

Shirley your shadehouse pics were lovely with lots of colour but those pipes in the middle look like they need some totem rings to give you another layer for your broms.

Ian I wish we could work out how to collect seed from the quesnelias. I recently tried crossing q. lieboniana with a billbergia. I don't know if this will work or not. I did get some seed on the billbergia and have about 5 or 6 seedlings starting to grow. Like the Ae Bromeliifolia Albobracteata I also love the shape and teeth of the bracteata. We never seem to have any problem selling these seedlings especially when they turn red growing in full sun. Sue gave me a batch of her seedlings that she couldn't get rid of and I think we are down to about 5 or 6 of them left now. we'll have to reort to just pups for a while till we get another batch of seedlings coming on. they are still only in little seedling tubes at present.

Ian your pic 1 doesn't look like queens tears to me. either DG as swapped around your pics or dropped one out completely.

Nev I meant to take an update pic today of ae caudata variegata flower but just ran out of time. I want to take pics of all the vriseas that Johnny has already put out the front for the sale. I've promised a friend in NQ a list of vrisea pups available as I have a Vr Dillings black beauty to send her and she wants something else in the parcel to make postage worth while. Shirley you are always welcome to come over on the Friday before our sales for first dibs. Johnny always stresses out that we are not going to be ready in time for a sale but today we filled our 7th table with some lovely full grown plants. we only have 3 more tables to fill and we have to keep one for Jen's plants. Shirley we have that ae you were wanting but I don't think Johnny has any out for sale yet. we do have a few round the yard though so he should have one to spare. we are trying to build up numbers again after almost running out last year. Jen restocked us from her supply and we have a few pups from those. we are going to put out a heap of freshly removed pups this time and sell them bare rooted to save potting. let someone else do that partinstead. we certainly have lots of pups we can take off and I even started today. cut down some foam boxes with no holes in bottom to leave only about 4 inch sides. I put empty pots inside this and stand pups up in them. All pups will have names in felt on side and a label in middle. we use laminated pics attached to the pups to show how pup will end up and this seems to sell them for us.

Pic 1 is the caudata infloresence developing for Nev. Today I noticed lovely yellow flowers peeping out of that big orange infl. meant to get a pic for you Nev but I promise I will tomorrow.
Pic 2 is ae freckles also flowering in the front yard.
Pic 3 & 4 is the plant we had labelled as triangularis that I thought was your Ae Bromeliifolia Albobracteata Nev but I think the shape of the infl may be different. can you confirm if it is one or the other of those names??? (sorry DG mixed the order up... now 3 & 5)
Pic 5 is our alcant extensa flower spike now sticking up over the top of the shadehouse. we can see it from the front verandah now when we are having our cups of tea. last couple days have been just too damn hot to enjoy too many cuppas through the day though so we've just been sitting downstairs and have a cold drink instead unless it is just too hot to sit down there. This usually means there is no cooling breeze to keep it cool under the tin roof. but usually we do get a breeze in there and that is where my potting table is set up. Johnny will insist that I move everything away this week though so it is nice and clean and tidy for sale. which annoys me as I only have to retrieve all my pots and bits and pieces again to set up next week fo continue potting.

ah well time for bed again. thanks Sue for the new thread. I was wracking my brain trying t remember how so was glad when you did it. Sorry if I missed anyone. Trish an Bree lovely pics again.
Night all

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