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Australian and New Zealand Gardening: Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012, 4 by bromishy

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Photo of Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012
bromishy wrote:
Hi Everyone!

Yes finally it’s the weekend, so very pleased the weeks over because it was a big one and I am utterly exhausted, I have noticed this heat is really knocking me around this year compared to last for some reason, maybe it’s just because I am getting older or maybe it’s those bloody stairs I climb up and down most days, all I know is that it really takes it out of me by the end of the week and I want to find a happy place to hide from everyone including exercise, but I suppose a day out in the garden is better than any other exercise as far as I am concerned and funny that I always seem to have an exuberant amount of energy for gardening and that I never complain.

Hi Nev, nah I am really not the true “Bob the Builder” incognito lol even though I do have to wear long sleeve shirt, pants, safety boots and safety helmet when I am out on our job Sites. My original background is Mechanical Engineering, but when we moved to Qld I became very interested in Contract Management so started working with Contracts when I took a job with Hamilton Island Enterprises and worked in the Concessionaires Dept., then when we left Hammo I got into the Construction Industry with my background and started working as a Contracts Administrator and have been doing this for about 8 + years now except instead of being in the Construction Industry which is very unstable at present with not much Construction Projects going on and companies struggling to win work because there is less to pick and choose from. So I am now working in the Mining Industry which is far more fruitful at present given the slump is over and I find it to be more secure, rewarding and comes with great benefits. Anyway contractually I look after our Civil, Electrical and Mechanical sections for the company I work for. I find the Mining Industry far less stressful than the Construction Industry and am proud to say I have a life now and get to spend quality time with my hubby which is great.

Nev thanks for sharing more wonderful shots of your beautiful garden, I can’t see any weeds; you did a great job hiding them with those camera angels lol. You know the excuse I use in my garden when I have weeds is that some of the grass that comes up in my herb garden I keep because the dogs like to eat it for when they have an upset tummy etc. Although I do feel really badly if I do totally weed the garden because they have nothing to chew on if they do need to eat some, so I make sure I keep a patch for them here and there in the same spot and they are great at knowing exactly where to find some to graze on. I am such a good mummy to them. But I did notice today that they have more than they need growing in my herb patch and if I am not careful I could soon be starting up a turf farm business lol.

Nev great to hear you would like me to post you some Pink Ginger; I will get them in the mail to you as soon as I can (hopefully before Xmas). Yeah that would be great if you could pass on advice regarding packaging things correctly, I would find this information very useful indeed.

Nev I promise to tell my Goldfish story over my Xmas break as I think I have gone overboard with this long winded thread already and probably bored everyone.

Hi Shirley, yes I am very pleased it is the weekend and am also very pleased that you would like me to post you some Pink Ginger, yeah by all means D-Mail you with your details and I will get them in the mail to you as soon as I can (hopefully before Xmas like with Nev’s).

Shirley, bugger – sorry to hear you are experiencing internet problems again, hope the issue gets resolved real soon given the time of year and bad timing for same issue to continue, you must be well and truly over the service provider you use.

Hi Sue great thanks for the swap offer of Ae. Blanchettiana for Neo Kismet, any change of the swap being the Orange form rather than Green form or am I stretching our friendship too far? The reason I am partial to the Orange form is to inject more colour into our garden as presently we have a lot of green in the garden in the form of hedges, palms and gingers and heliconias everywhere, hence why I luv collecting broms being that they are so very colourful even when they are not in flower, but I don’t have very many just green type broms as I try to avoid them because I prefer instant colour rather than having to wait for a green brom to flower.

Yeah Sue it was a hard life living on Hamilton Island lol. There is heaps of staff living on the island, when we lived there, there were at least a couple of thousand staff that lived on the Island in accommodation, there would be heaps more now especially given new resort accommodations they have built and additional shops and restaurants they now have. Even Hayman Island has staff living there and some of them use underground style tunnels to get around so you hardly see them apart from the ones in the restaurants, shops, water sports etc. We enjoy going to Hayman Island because it is quieter especially if you are staying only for a long weekend, it gives you time to unwind and relax.

Sue really luved you’re Pic 4 of JC Superstar, can this one take a fair bit of sun?

Hi Ian you sound like you have been very busy cleaning and potting up seedlings. You also sound like you are going to be very busy building more shade structures; you will have to show us the finished product. I tend to build temp shade structures just to get over the summer period as our back yard is too long to be putting anything permanent in without encroaching too much of the garden / lawn area. I liked all your Bill pics by the way.

Hi Bree where are you are you OK??? Talkie Talkie to us as we miss hearing from you and seeing your brom pics; plus you still have not got back to me with your D-Mail details.

Hi and BIG Welcome Newcomer Kristi from Texas, so this sounds like the first time you have posted to this forum but you say you have been looking in and reading our threads which is great to hear, which means you should be used to us by now and by the looks of things we have not scared you off which is great lol. Hopefully you will get as much enjoyment out of joining in with our discussions and our lives as I do, I can assure you will not be disappointed as this forum is wonderful and an absolute wealth of information from some people in the forum how have been collecting for years and some of us who have been collecting for a couple of years. I have learnt so much since joining this year and learn something new every day and I really adore all the people I get to chat with when I can, hence why my threads are so long because I do not always get to thread during the week, mostly on the weekends. I really liked all the pics you posted, your broms appear to be doing really well by the looks of things and you sound like you are collecting a few different types which is great to hear. I am the same I collect a bit of everything but really luv collecting mostly Vrieseas and Neorgelieas as these are my favourites. I only have a couple of the Crypt type broms and I only know the name of one because Ian kindly identified it for me as ‘IT’. Anyway Kristi welcome aboard and hope to hear from you sometime in the not too distant future.

We spent most of today spring cleaning the house before our visitors arrive which was a bit of a drag but the house looks so much better organised and this means I have less cleaning to do over the festive break. Friday night was spent putting up our purple fibre optic Xmas tree and hanging decorations around the house and we turned into kids by the end of the evening and went a little bit overboard with the tinsel (apologies to Lexi for dog abuse) but we are proud to say it now feels like Xmas and if we had a chimney Santa Clause would definably come to visit lol.

Tomorrow we are off to Bunnings to buy more brom mix, pots etc as I have some more broms to pot up as per the pics below.

Hi to everyone else who may be looking in or is on the Sick List. Until next time take care everyone, speak soon and Happy Gardening!


Pic 1 Lucy waiting to open her first present under the tree from a friend
Pic 2 Lexi – attack of the purple tinsel – what a bad mum I am
Pic 3 Vr. Snows of Mauna Kea F2
Pic 4 Vr. Fosteriana White Bands F2
Pic 5 Ae. Pinkie

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