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Photo of Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012
bromishy wrote:
Hi Everyone!

Well the weekend did not pan out at all like I had expected, spend most of the weekend cleaning the house so that it sparkles for us as much as all the decorations we have managed to hang around the whole inside of our house. Anyway as much as I was shitty with myself that this was nearly all we did over the weekend it was refreshing waking up this morning with the house so clean and organized, now itís really starting to feel like Xmas. We also had visitors over for a good part of Sunday afternoon through to late evening which meant no time for getting out into the garden for the cooler part of the day. We are planning a Cape York trip with these friends in 2013 which will be great.

So during the week I have some more broms to pot up (about 12) so I plan to do this in the evenings after dinner is out the road. Joe also has some Orchids to pot up.

Hi Sue, yeah Lexi did not mind too much me wrapping her in Xmas Tinsel while she was having a wee sleep on our bed, but I did try to get her to pose with a Merry Xmas sign we have so I could use some to pop in Xmas cards but she did not like that one bit, although I did managed to get one pic that wasnít too bad, the other 6+ shots I took of her were of her trying to run away or not sitting still for the camera, or she had a shitty upset look on her face like kids get when they donít want to get their picture taken lol.

Sue thanks and itís great that you are fine with sending me Ae. Orange form, I D-Mailed you with my details late last night after our visitors had gone.

Sue you guys must have so much fun all together when you go on your motorbike trips, you must get to visit a lot of beautiful places. My sister used to go on motorbike trips with her husband but she gave it up because she kept falling asleep whilst she was passenger holding onto hubby and I think he was pleased with her decision because he was really concerned about her falling off and was forever having to wake her up lol.

Thanks Sue, got your D-Mail.

Hi Bree glad to see youíre OK and just have not posted because you have no pics to share with us, that no excuse, we need a better excuse than that to not hear from you lol. Bree can you D-Mail me with your Contact/Postal details as I have that pup nearly ready to separate / pot up to send to you and hopefully by then I might find some more pups that might be ready but I really have to look and see?

Hi Colleen glad to hear from you as we have missed hearing about what you have been up to and seeing your always lovely pics. Thatís a shocker of a black eye your grandson Braden is wearing, hope it heals up quick so he feels better soon as he looks really sad in that pic you posted. Luved all your colorful brom pics you posted too, are some of them Neo Princeps Select?

Hi Nev great to hear you had a beautiful day with your grandson on the steam trains, sure it would have been a beautiful and relaxing day for all of you. I laughed till I cried when I read your story of your scooter incident as a child with those friendly eels sliding all over you, I havenít laughed that hard in a very long time so I thank you Nev so very much for sharing such a beautiful and funny story. Joe thought I was dying when I started laughing because I could not catch my breath and he looked at me like do you need your asthma spray or something, I had to get up and get some tissues to dry my eyes and blow my nose to catch my breath and I had pretty much laughed all the breath out of me lol.

Nev thanks for providing advice on how much light J.C. Superstar can take, I want to get some more sun hardy broms to put in the front yard but sounds like best not to subject this beautiful type of brom to the harsh rays of summer we are in right now.

Nev thanks heaps but for some reason I did not get that info you say you sent me regarding packaging plants, would you mind resending?

Wow Nev, look at all those beautiful seedling babies and brom pics you have posted, everything is doing so very well and as I always say look so well kept and organized and full of wonderful color, you should be very proud, they all look so amazingly beautiful all your broms.

Hi Wendy, pleased to hear you liked my recent purchase of Ae Pinkie, I do not have many of these types of broms but I really like them as they really stand out and luv the fact that they are very tuff and hard to destroy. I have most of mine growing in the front yard in full sun except for Pinkie and Ensign given they are still quite small and I am working out where I want to keep them. You sound like you have a big collection of different types growing and would luv to see some of the different ones you have growing and where best to grow them. The Strawberry one sounds very interesting and canít wait to see pics of this one as well as Snowflake. I will have to take some pics and post a thread on some of the ones I have in the front yard over Xmas as I think some are NOIDS.

Hi Ian great pics you posted of all the hard work you achieved in the garden; it looks like you had a very busy weekend indeed, I am jealous because I got to spend zero time in the garden this weekend and am still recovering from the shock of only doing housework the whole weekend. I really like all the shade you have with the trees, somewhere beautiful and shady for you to sit you broms under. Itís a shame trees loose so many leaves and branches though and make such a mess that always needs to be cleaned-up, but then where would all our broms be without such beautiful shade and a place for us to sit under and keep cool over summer after a big day spent in the garden and to reflect on our day.

Anyway I better head off before it gets too late.

Take care everyone and Happy Gardening! Hi to anyone looking in.


Pic 1 Grace x Break of Day - Gold Form
Pic 2 Vr. Ginoti x Fost. White Bands
Pic 3 Lexi Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas lol
Pic 4 Lucy Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas lol
Pic 5 Neo Prince of Darkness (Thanks Nev ;-)

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