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Photo of Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012
bromishy wrote:
Hi Everyone!

They are forecasting rain for here this Sunday and Monday so I hope the weather mans predictions are right because we could really do with some rain out our way to put out some of these dreaded fires happening around the outskirts of Townsville. Although the fires are not that large they are really leaving no room for wildlife to graze or hide anymore especially with all the housing developments going on all around us, so we are at present seeing a lot more wildlife living in the dry wetland area behind our place, as well as too much wildlife dead on the side of the road that I am really sad about. I normally stop when it’s safe to do so and check Kangaroo and Wallaby pouches and have been very fortunate this year in finding the occasional Joey alive needing rescuing. When we lived out bush I used to look after a lot of rescued wildlife, now unfortunately with work commitments I normally drop them to a wildlife carer who does an absolute amazing job hand raising them and they release a good majority of the wildlife back into the wilderness or depending on their condition they sometime end up in Wildlife Sanctuaries which is fantastic. The cutest animal I have ever rescued had to be Wally the Wombat, I will never forget how small he was when I found him, he was that small he fitted in the palm of my hand and was just this little pink thing with hardly any hair on him, so I wrapped him in a towel and cranked up the heater in the car to keep him as warm as I could. I will never forget that day for as long as I live.

Hi Wendy, sorry to hear the Max had a tough night last night and that the evenings are getting hard on him and you and Johnny are missing out on sleep, I really feel for you guys and must admit that I had a cry early this morning when I read your thread and I read about you thinking of doing similar like I have with my girls and take some Xmas pictures with Max, that would be so lovely for all of you to have special pictures of Max and with Max so you have ever lasting memories of what a beautiful boy he will forever be. We have countless pictures of the girls and I know that people must think us crazy but hey they mean the world to us and our lives would not be the same without them.

Wendy thanks for sharing those pics with us of all your beautiful Aechmea’s, the one’s that really intrigued me where you’re Pic 2 and Pic 4, they really stood out among the others with all their beautiful markings and gorgeous colors.

Hi Sue, great to hear you and your hubby pose for Xmas shots each year, I reckon it’s fun to post a nice or funny picture in with the Xmas cards, I know our families always can’t wait to get our card just so they can see what picture we have taken each year, we sometime dress the girls up and they get a big kick out of seeing them in their Xmas outfits but unfortunately they have outgrown their suits to wear them this year to welcome the house guests that are coming to visit lol.

Sue you sounded like you slaved away cleaning the house like I did and yes like you I am really happy things are ship shape for Xmas and before all our visitors arrive.

Hi Nev yeah like you I have never heard of Neo Grace x Break of Day (Gold form) until we saw it on EBay the other day and Joe won it for me - yeah. The only ones I thought existed were Neo Grace and Neo Break of Day, so like you I am very curious to see what it will look like when it matures, I will have to remember to post a pic down the track so everyone can see.

Nev that pic of Neo Ipswich Gold is AMAZING; I can totally understand why you have been chasing this one as it is gorgeous. If I ever come across one you will be the first to know.

Nev the reason why everyone is getting to see more threads from me during the week instead of only on the weekends is because I read them at night and then again first thing most morning before I head off to work, so that when I do have a lunch break I try to commence preparing a thread in Word rather than leaving it until the evenings when I have so many thread reading to catch up on, which leaves little time to prepare a thread before bedtime. I really enjoy being part of this forum and enjoy the fact that not only do we get to talk about our very evident brom addictions that we all share, but that we also get to share in one another’s lives in one way or another and this truly warms my heart and I feel like one big happy family.

Yeah I know I go on a bit but that’s just the type of person that I am and sometimes it’s ok to just say hey Trish I wish you would just shut up for a bit – now back to broms lol.

I still have not started potting up those broms I was supposed to start doing when I got home from work yesterday; a slack attack hit me out of nowhere and all I wanted to do after dinner was sit in front of the TV with a bowl of salty potato chips and I totally chilled out that much I fell asleep on the couch and apparently I was snoring a bit. Ah well maybe I will pot them up this arvo when I get home – I must focus on the task at hand and stop stuffing around.

Does anyone happen to be the happy owner of a Neo called Exon Tigra? I was checking out a picture of one on the net the other day and really like it and added it to my Want List. If anyone has one and can post a picture that would be appreciated so I can see if I really, really like it before I try purchasing from the seller as it is a supposed new release.

Hi Ian I just checked your thread and it looks like you may have had a blind fold on when you were typing, either that or all your fingers are broken because I could not work out what you were trying to say other than “Hi All” and “Have a Good Day” lol. Nice pips you posted of all your broms though.

Hi Bree great to see you posting again and with great brom pics, The Neo Nelson pup you sent me is doing really well, nice to see the Pic 1 you posted of your mature plant. I also have your Pic 2 Neo Boldstreak x McWilliamsii and I luv it because it is such a nice looking brom and can handle a fair bit of strong light, mine gets half day of full sun in the morning and is coping very well. Pic 5 of your Neo Stars & Bars I really like because it is just that little be different, does it get more markings than what it has now?

Anyway that’s about it for today (up to page 2 in my Word Doc) which is a bit scary given I want to check the treads when I get home this evening and send this thread off tonight with only hopefully a few more add on depending on who else I must catch up with.

Take care and Happy Gardening Everyone! Hi to anyone looking in or on the Sick List.

Pic 1 - Another brom garden bed that I am preparing in between the Avocado and Mango Tree
Pic 2 - Neo Lime & Lava – I luv the markings on this brom
Pic 3 - Neo Oh No Very Cherry
Pic 4 - Neo Sweet Heart (Mini)
Pic 5 - Assortment of NOIDS

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