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Photo of Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012
splinter1804 wrote:
Hi Everyone – Another day closer to Christmas and still I haven't got any closer to finishing all the jobs I'd set myself as a project. Oh and Sue, once again you've beaten me to the punch, even though I thought I'd start yesterday typing afternoon so I had a head start on you.

Bree – Good to see you back posting once again. Two Christmas diners eh? Gee you're doing alright for yourself aren't you? I hope you've put your order in to Santa for a couple more nice brom's to compliment the ones you already have. That Neo 'Grace' is a beautiful plant, however the red isn't as bright and “glaring” as it appears in the photograph. I still can't seem to be able to photograph reds accurately, even after doing Sue's trick with my hand.

They're nice pic's of plants you've posted today, especially the Neo 'Boldstreak' x McWilliamsii which you've done a particularly good job of growing. I don't think I've ever seen it with such nice wide leaves as well as great colour; you must have the ideal spot for it so whatever you do, don't move it. It's really interesting when you look closely at the patterns on the leaves of some brom's such as this one and it looks just like the pattern is painted on.

I really like the colour of the last one in the first group as well, but I have my doubts whether or not it's Neo. 'Stars 'n Bars' and certainly not like any 'Stars 'n Bars' I've ever seen. Are all of the leaves that colour or just the centre ones? There are a few plants getting around in various colours and all claiming to be 'Stars 'n Bars' but they look absolutely nothing like the ones in the pic's of the registered plant on the BCR.

I know a lot of the images on the BCR are often old “pre-digital” and poor quality, but the images in this case are very clear. Have a look and make up your own mind.

Actually I like the colour of yours better than the Neo. 'Stars 'n Bars' on the BCR. What do you know about it and do you remember where you got it from? I'd really like to know a bit more about it as I like the colours which are a bit unusual.

Ian – Whatever you have you been drinking, I want some too if it will make me type like that. What's the name of the Billbergia in the corner of your first pic? I like the little seedlings also; do you find like I did that the Bill seedlings grow a lot faster than the Neo's?

Trish – It's great to hear of your concerns for our wild life, it seems like you and I have a lot in common. I often get criticised for feeding native birds in our back yard but I just say to these people that if we didn't keep destroying native habitat with new housing developments the animals wouldn't be coming in to surburbia looking for a feed and I tell them that I'll feed anything that's hungry, even if it was them!

I don't think any of us would ever think or say (as you put it) 'Trish, I wish you would shut up for a bit', it's great to see you taking the time to share your thoughts and knowledge with us. If anything, it's probably me who should “shut up” as I sometimes tend to think I'm taking over the forum with my “long winded” explanations and sometimes think that's why a lot of people don't post very often. I like to share information and that's the way I am, but if anyone thinks I'm saying too much, just say so and I'll do more reading and less writing.

When I saw that cross name of Neo 'Grace' x 'Break of Day' I immediately sat up and took notice as I don't remember seeing either of these two plants used in breeding programmes before. It's only this year that I have put down some seed my self using 'Break of Day' as a parent. I love the colour and the smallish compact size so I've crossed it with 'Small World', 'Cheery Day' and a couple of other similar size plants.

I wish I did have a plant of Neo 'Exon-Tigra'; I first saw a pic of this plant about 2005 and have been looking for it ever since. I think you people in Queensland would have more luck than I as that was where it came from originally. It's certainly has most unusual markings and the history is interesting as well. The BCR tells us that:
“Mature rosette to 45cms. diameter. Seed-grown mutation from intraspecific concentrica cross which over several generations since 2003 has retained purplish brown central stripes with minor variations. Reg Doc. 5/2011. Country of origin: Queensland Australia “

If anyone wants to see the pic it can be found at:

I like the collection of colour in your first pic, which reminds me that I have to put a few variegated plants throughout my garden to liven it up a bit. Neo. 'Lime and Larva' is another plant I'm still chasing, so if anyone has a pup they want to swap, please let me know.

I don't know Neo 'Oh No Very Cherry' although I have heard of it before; It does look similar to Neo. Oh! No! But I can's find it as registered on the BCR so maybe it's a “pet name” or possible it's a cross between Neo's 'Oh! No!' and 'Very Cherry' as both of these plants have been around for a while and maybe the name tag was Neo's 'Oh No' x 'Very Cherry' and over the years the “x” has been dropped off.....just a thought.

The plant in your last pic looks a bit similar to Neoregelia 'Midnight Moment', but I can't be sure. I'll see if I can find a pic later today and post it tomorrow for comparison.

Shirley – Nice to see you can post again. Did BigPond give you and early Christmas present? Thanks for asking about the “cooked tummy”, everythings good now, just a couple of little bits to heal and then back to normal, unfortunately it didn't burn off any of the fat I've been trying to loose.

That's good to get some feedback on your 'Galactic Warrior', it's almost impossible to estimate size from pic's unless there is some sort of grid (like in Ians pic's) or a sandal (in Sue's). Even the BCR doesn't always give sizes. However having said that, I've never seen one that big down here; are you feeding it and do you have any cultural tricks you would like to share with the rest of us? That's certainly a nice “bushy” setting in the pic you've posted, just my cup of tea.

Sue – It will be good if you do a fertiliser trial as well as me as it will prove once and for all if the plants at fault for its “slow growth” or it's our cultural methods. Pleased you say what fertiliser you'll use too, that way I can make sure I sue something different.

Where do you get your “Nutricote” from? I can't find it anywhere down here not even in the wide range at Bunnings. I'm told it's supposed to be better than Osmocote as Osmocote can sometimes give a sudden release of Nitrogen resulting in a “growth spurt” which is less than desirable, especially if you're grooming a plant for showing. As for the trial, I'll use Osmocote High K and boost it with Phostrogen. It will be interesting to see the results. Don't forget to take some “before and after” pic's and also measure the plants so we can more accurately compare results.

You've done a nice job with your Mr. O' Dean, it looks great. I have a few of my “Sunbird Hybrids” which have Mr. O' Dean as the seed parent so it will be interesting to see what they produce.
Bill. 'Dark Ladd' eh? Seems like you've been shopping at Ross's also; I have this plant as well, it's another from the “Allan Ladd Stable” and has to be the darkest Bill I've ever seen down here or any where else for that matter. I seem to remember getting a Cockabell pup some time back but I just can't find it anymore. Seems like a stock take is called for after all this time! Your Neo Freddie is nice also, but don't you just hate it when they produce NOVARS? (For anyone new reading these posts, a “NOVAR” is when a variegated plant produces a pup with no variegation. The word NOVAR meaning NO VARiegations)

I also like the NOID (NOIDentity.) in your last pic, it seems to me to have a lot of Neo. concentrica in its breeding background, don't you think?

Time to go so I'll finish with a few pic's, Pic.1 is a little hybrid I made from a Neo. 'Painted Lady' (sport) cross, nothing special but I like the colour that's why I kept it; Pic. 2 is another of my crosses, this time Neo. Concentrica x [Charm x Cracker Jack], I think the ants may have had a hand in this one as it's nothing like any of the others from that same cross; Pic.3 I think is Nidularium 'Leprosa'; can anyone confirm this? ; Pic.4 is Neo. 'Fire Wheel' and Pic.5 is the centre of one of the may types of Neo Cruenta showing a close-up of the flowers.

All the best, Nev.

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