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Photo of Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012
weed_woman wrote:
good Morning all. What a nice spot of reading to do this morning.
Shirley, glad to hear the spindle palms are not too hard to keep clean. I've seen the fronds from the Cuban Royals, which line the road to the botanic gardens here, and they are massive! They would certainly damage anything planted underneath. We only have bangalows and Alexander palms, but they are beginning to get some height on them now, and it is getting harder to remove the fronds before they fall, but both hubby and I are quite vigilant.
Good luck with the complaints department. I hope it is sorted before xmas.
Your xNeophytum 'Galactic warrior'is a beaut. I have one from Nev, that I must have a look at. It is hanging up near the top of the brom house, slightly forgotten! Yours has coloured up well since you got it!
Wendy, it sounds like you had another great visit at Ross'. There is always something to see there. I was there once when the Aechmea mariae-reginae was in flower too. Its a big plant!
Depending on what you call the right price, there are quite a few spare blanchettianas here if you want any, but most are damaged by wind , cold, or sun burn, so I am slowly going through and removing damaged leaves, as well as repotting any that are in need. They are quite bitey too!
There have been plants of Billbergia 'Domingos martins' x 'Hallelujah' floating around in Coffs for a couple of years, and they are very similar to B. 'Domingos Martins' in size and colour. I would think it pretty hard to improve on one or the other? It will be interesting to see how yours turn out. Very steep price for one pod, I agree.
As for Neoregelia 'Mister Odean' I was quoting the spelling on the label, so now must go and correct it. Poor Ross. It must be hard having a name fetish! I think every time I have visited with him, he has a bee in his bonnet about some name or other. Thanks to people like him and Derek Butcher (and others) at least we are informed and things get sorted out....eventually!
While we are correcting names, Wendy, did you know that you spell Vriesea wrong? Been meaning to tell you for ages. just needed the right reminder.
Ian, congratulations on your new stove and your gemination success! What did you cook to christen your stove?
Luckily for your wife, and the orchids, orchids seem to thrive on the same care as bromeliads, at least in my experience anyway.
Another nice lot of photos for us there too, I see.
Trish, my Neo. 'Mister Odean' was similar in colour to yours, while it was growing in the garden under shade from the trees, but now it is in the brom house, under 70% beige cloth, but getting all day light. I was surprised to see it getting so much colour. I wonder how much more it will get? I'm not sure that I like it, as I was attracted to the 'wood finish' initially.
I think the same as you, that N. Red Macaw' and N. 'Cockabell' are very similar. I tried to find out on the Bromeliad photo index, but no parents are listed for either, and the link to 'Uncle Derek says' (on N. 'Cockabell') doesn't appear to work.
The NOID Neo I posted previously, doesn't change colour more, from memory. This was the first pup. The original plant was a big green Neo, similar to a 'Gee Whizz' that doesn't get enough light, but not a Gee Whizz. I introduced it to more light, because I knew it had to be more than a green plant, else why would the grower have it at all? I did gro the first one in more light, almost full sun, and it was a bit more yellow, but this one is grown under the 70% beige, which usually gets the best from the neos.
Nev, I do think it might have concentrica in it. (same NOID as above)
I get my nutricote from the horticultural supplier. Its quite exxy, as i buy it in a big bag, but it lasts me years. I am down to my last 4 litres though, so will have to scare myself and put in an order, and see how much it is now! I used to work in a wholeslae nursery, and thats what thy used, so I followed their example. I noticed i had already sprinkled some around both Aechmea 'Rodco's when i potted them, so i will pick the bits off the one i will not fertilise.
I may have a pup off N. 'Cockabell' if you find you dont have one. I am selling the mature one this weekend (if I get a buyer) and have two pups in the garden. I only need to keep one.
I'm pretty sure I have some of your N. 'Mister Odean' seedling crosses. I will go and see how thy are getting on, today.
I love the neo in your second pic. It has some very nice colour. well done
Seems the computer is telling me I've been on too long, so lucky last....
Bree, I also bought a Neo. 'Stars and Bars' from Ebay. I was dissappointed with it, and on sold it before it matured. I wish i had held onto it now, as the mature one looks quite interesting. I like the white centre. I also like your Neo. 'Ring Leader'
Photo one is Neo 'Ashanti' I'm am guessing that is the maximum colour. It IS alot like Cliff siverd'?
Photo two is Billbergia 'Peggy Sue' which I thought might be good breeding stock? just for the dark colouring.
photo three is for Nev. Whats that in hubbys hand?

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