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Australian and New Zealand Gardening: Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012, 2 by perke_patch

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Photo of Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012
perke_patch wrote:
HI everyone.
I played with the new phone last night and whatever I did the contacts transferred across. My daughter in law Jess, said there is a program called 'BUMP' and if loaded you can bump 2 phones together and the contacts transfer. Not sure if this is what happened or not. maybe the numbers were saved to sim and therefore came across with it. Anyway I had a phone call on it today and I couldn't even answer it. These smart phones are smarter than me obviously. I was tapping the answer buttone when I should have been sliding it across the screen. Now why didn't I know that????? Lucky Jess came to show me how to do it a bit later. It was only my son Chris on the phone trying to see if we were home.

Nev the seedlings we got were mostly heiroglyphica but at least 2.5 years of growth so saves us growing them from seed. We also got a heap of red chestnut again 2 years of growth. I got some species seed from Ross on the proviso that I grow them and give him back some of the seedlings. That's a couple of different ones now that I am growing for him. I told him I will probably have to give him a heap of pitcairnias when they grow as I know I'm not going to have the room to grow them. I'm also over them already. They look a bit messy most of the time and only look nice when they flower. anyway I am growing lots of seed to share with Ross now. Latest lot is ae arapensis. see pic 1. this is sometimes called 'the club' as it makes a good weapon with a hard woody stem with solid hard infloresence on top. I wouldn't like to be clubbed on the head with this one. We also got a very good sized pup of this from down the back of the property with lots of roots on pup so it will take off immediately.

our auction wins were from Gray's online auctions. I have purchased a lot of stuff from them and mostly at really great prices. I got carried away last night and before I knew it I had bid on over $1,000 worth of items. now I am sitting here hoping someone will outbid me on some of them. The ones that caught me out were some planter boxes we saw when we were over there and when I bid on them I thought I was bidding on 19 of them at $9 the lot but didn't realised I had bid on them at $9 each. to make it worse I put in an auto bid with maximum bid of $19 so I'm probably going to be stuck with some expensive used pots. they were listed in 3 different lots grouped by colour and I didn't put auto bid on last 2 groups so thankfully I've been oubid on one lot (phew that was lucky). Anyway I'm now the proud owner of 15 packets of 1,000 in each packet of zip ties in 3 different sizes .... 5,000 of each size. Winning bid of $14 so not bad. so wire and now zip ties. if we have to put up another shadehouse we'll be right for those items. they are things we use a lot of so bargains.

Nev did I tell you I tickled a flowering billbergia foster's striata with quesnelia lieboniana and got 1 ripe pod on the billbergia which is growing. 5 nice seedlings. today I noticed one quite plump berry on the quesnelia so the tickle must have worked both ways. will watch for it to ripen completely. anyway now keen to tickle the tim plowman with something. can you suggest anything Nev???? we have quite a few aechmeas flowering at present so might try a few of those.

Shirley, I also love your chloristicta F2. it has a lovely shape and colour. Pic 2 is hoenbergia correa arrujoi so you can compare with you NOID pic 5. I agree with Ian that is what it is.

Oh I saw Santa in Bunnings today and he gave me a bag of mixed lollies which I've just finished last one. don't remember eating them all but just had last one so I must have. whole packet. damn there goes the diet again. damn you Santa. I should never have accepted them but I told myself they were for Emily but I didn't give them to her today when she was here. Damn damn damn.

ah well. CSI is over now so time for bed.
Night all

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