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Australian and New Zealand Gardening: Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012, 3 by bromishy

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bromishy wrote:
Hi Everyone!

It’s threatening to rain today with lots of thick cloud cover all around us but still no rain in sight which is a bit of a disappointment. Ah well it has got to rain sooner or later and I like nothing better than gardening in the rain in the middle of summer.

Hi Sue yeah you did write ‘Live Plant’ all over the box, Australia Post can be pretty rough with the post, they broke a couple of orchid flasks right at our front door once, Joe was really peeved with them and gave them an earful. Thanks for your kind offer of another Ae. Orange form, that would be great but only if you can spare one, but can I please get some money in the post to you for going to all that trouble? Yeah the brom was broken at the stolon unfortunately the tenderest part of the bromeliad.

Sue we brought a new hammock for the pool area (not for the broms) to swing in over the holidays as our previous one finally disintegrated and my bum fell through it the last time I tried to swing on it, not a nice feeling swinging on a hammock in your bathers with your bum dragging on the ground OUCH lol. The shade cloth area I was talking about was a temp shade structure that I built over my broms, I decided that it probably would not take the onslaught of falling mangos and soon to fall avocado’s so I rebuilt my original design with stronger stakes that I hammered deeper into the retaining wall, it should last a good couple of years which is what I am after and I am just going to leave it in place rather than taking it down in winter.

Sue how cute is that Ae. Red Bands pup, yeah I agree how nice would it be if it stayed that wonderful color.

Hi Shirley thanks yes please I would still really appreciate a pup from your Neo Grace x Break of Day now found out to be a NOID. I liked the look if it anyway with those long slender leaves.

Shirley / Sue / Nev glad to hear you all liked the sound of what I cooked on Saturday; I had been promising a friend for ages that I would cook her Peking duck with pancakes as she has been reminding me for a good 6+ months that I still have not cooked it for her. Anyway it was nice to see how much they all enjoyed it, even the kids had some as it was a novelty for them to wrap their own pancakes and put what the wanted in them, I was laughing at some of the combinations they came up with and a first time in a long time that they got out of their comfort zones and tried something a little bit unusual to the norm.

Hi Nev although a new fridge does not sound all that exciting for Xmas it is such a necessity that we just can’t do without, and unfortunately this time of year is normally when things tend to break down, never perfect timing. We also have to buy a new dryer before the wet season sets in because it takes forever to get things dry (days) and we can’t afford to be going to work in damp smelly clothes, shower towels take forever to dry.

Nev you are most welcome, I was so pleased that I got the Gingers posted to Shirley and you before Xmas; I hope you get them in time and that they travelled well. If for any reason they don’t look happy please let me know and I will look at getting some more posted in the new year as by then hopefully some more of the old flowers would have thrown some seedlings. I could not dig any large bits out of the garden as they would have been way too large and costly to post but you will be surprised how quick the little seedlings grown, I like to give mine a little sprinkle of some indoor plant fertilizer granules to get the seedlings growing but I usually wait a couple of weeks until they settle down and acclimatize so they can recover from the shock of being transplanted.

Nev yes I agree that by you having a “Retirement Village” for your old Mother Plants that it would definitely complete the system as you say as you already have everything else in order of precedence and this would make it a complete bromeliad circle of life and I can think of nothing more wonderful than that. I really like having a retirement village for my older broms, especially the ones that have lost their lust or have been smashed by something in the garden lol, I normally find I can salvage at least one more beautiful pup out of them before they are ready to go in into my compost bin, even ones with only half a body I have been able to get beautiful pups off, it is just a matter of looking after them like I do with all my other broms, apart from I place them in a sunnier spot in the garden with no shade cover which prompts them to stress and pup quicker than the ones grown under shade cloth. It is really worthwhile doing Nev if you have the room to spare, or if you can’t dedicate a special area for them then it is easy enough to pop one here and there in the garden and they are easy enough to find because they look so drab compared to the others. Nev that article you read sounds interesting, I too fertilize my old Mother Plants because it can’t do them any harm because they have lost their lust, but I have not got the heart to throw them out until they really look like they need to be thrown out. For now I have the luxury to be able to do this because I have the room, maybe one day I won’t but for now I can so I will keep doing this for now.

You know what Nev I kept the Ae. Orange form pup because I did not have the heart to throw it out yet normally when they are broken at the stolon I would because I have never had one come back from this, I will give what you say a try and keep everyone posted, you never know? I just thought they needed the most important area intact from the stolon down which is where all the roots sprout from but this whole area has been snapped off. Joe thought it funny that I put it in a vase but when I came home from work late that night and saw it broken in the box and went ‘what a shame’ I went and got a vase out and popped it in water just out of sympathy for the brom as silly as that may sound and I still have not had the heart to throw it out, especially after all the trouble Sue went in preparing and posting it to me.

Nev I really liked all the pics you posted, especially Pic 4 Neo Mulford Foster, I have not seen this one before and am intrigued by its pretty center and matching flecks through the leaves.

Anyway I better head off, early start in the morning – yawn!

Hi to everyone who may be looking in and Happy Gardening!

Just a couple of pics tonight as I am running out of time:

Pic 1 – Neo Grace x Break of Day (Gold form) – not my picture one I got off the internet, I hope my pup grows up as glorious, so tropical looking in color.

Pic 2 – My Vriesea’s

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