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Photo of Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012
bromishy wrote:
Hi Everyone!

Still no rain here, most mornings this week have been overcast and it looks like it is going to rain but by the time I get to work the sky has cleared. Although I know that hosing the garden usually relaxes me just of late I am really starting to get annoyed having to hose every couple of days the areas of grass that the irrigation is just not reaching that is going brown where the grass is starting to die.

Hi Jen nice to hear from you and see all your beautiful pics, I especially liked your Pic 3 Neo ‘Blast Off’, how gorgeous is that white contrast with blushing pink centre. It is way too early for me to tell what my Neo ‘Blast Off’ will grow up like as it’s still only a pup but has grown considerably since purchased some months ago, I hope it grows up as gorgeous as yours. Pic 5 of Vr. ‘Bianca’ cultivar is really nice too; you are doing such a great job with your broms as they always look so big and healthy.

Jen thanks for your kind comments regarding the last brom pics I posted. Jen great I will have to go in and have a look on the FCBS and see what flower Vr. altodaserrae looks like so I know what to expect from my brom, yeah I agree it is very different to most Vriesea’s, it has really nice pointy leaves and the base of the plant is a nice smoky black that really stands out. Thanks Jen for correcting me on using large letter for species when it should be a small letter for species.

Hi Shirley so pleased to hear that you’re Gingers arrived OK apart from the repeated damage received to the packaging Grrrrr, were the leaves whiltered at all? Unfortunately I had to send them in a cardboard box because I could not find a foam container small enough at the time. I sent Nev’s in the same foam container that Nev had posted my brom in as I knew I had the Gingers to post so thought I could reuse the same box. Nev have you received your Gingers yet, hopefully your box travelled better? Also Nev where do you get your foam boxes from, the size is perfect for posting and it only cost about $6 something to post the foam box and it was much larger than the cardboard box I posted Shirley’s Gingers in, but in the end they both cost me the exact same to post, so the size of the foam box was perfect and in future I would prefer only using a foam box, as well as the sticky tape is easy to take off if you want to recycle again like I did. Oh before I forget I emailed through those Ginger Cultural Notes through to you last night, did you get them Shirley?

Shirley thanks for letting me know that Neo Chantilly is a small grower; I really like that one as it has a really nice shape about it. Also pleased to hear that you liked my pic of Vr. Angela x Milky Way, I have a real soft spot for this one and she really stands out amongst my other Vriesea’s. Yes I agree that Vr. altodaserrae is very unusual, I too have never seem one like this before and I am hoping to get pups off it at some stage, it has not flowered yet and is doing really well outside and appears to like the semi-shade spot where I have it.

Shirley I really liked all the recent pics you posted, not too sure what your Pic 3 NOID is though? But I really like its markings and spots. Pic 1 of Neo ‘Mandella’ is really nice too and I think those teeth give the brom great character and suit the thickness of the leaves.

Hi Sue yeah I know how annoying gum tree debris is because we get heaps falling over our fence from the Wetland area that is chocka-block full of paper bark trees. About three of the gum trees partially hang over our back yard so I am constantly picking up fallen branches, bark and gum leaves. We mow the leaves up but I have to naturally hand pick all the leaves out of my broms every couple of days, but without them I would have no shade for my broms so would be totally lost without them and would have to look at shading the whole back yard. I agree doesn’t gum tree mulch makes the best compost and I luv the smell of it. I wear a big green apron with a big pocket in the front when I collect all the gum leaves around my broms and put them into the front pocket as I collect them and when it’s full I go and empty it out into my compost bins, the leaves don’t take very long to break down when mixed with everything else, same with the paper bark off the gum trees, the lot gets composted.

Yeah Sue I agree you would think that the pic I posted of Vr Angela x Milky Way would turn out more pink but it is the other way around, but she does have some really nice pink tips that really stand out. I will have to see if I can find a grown up picture of the mother as we purchased her from EBay and possibly there may be a photo I can post? I remember when I got her in the mail and saw her for the first time I went Wow, so think if I had this reaction while the pup is still so young how pretty she is going to look as she matures and colors up and flowers, anyway time will tell.

Sue I really liked all the pics you posted recently, especially Pic 4 of Golden King, that orange coming through is beautiful, will she go completely orange all over when she flowers? And Pic 5 Billbergia ‘Catherine Wilson’, those curly leaves are really nice as well as that ever so cute little pup coming up. I am always amazed how quickly pups grow on some of my old mother broms, I normally check them weekly and am amazed from week to week how much they can grow.

Hi Nev so pleased to hear your thumb has not dropped off yet and so pleased to see you typed a beautiful long thread as I really enjoy reading all the stuff you have to say and all the valuable advice you give.

Thanks Nev I will try that great advice you mention about giving my retirement village plants a little more fertiliser as well as adding a “prill” or two in the lower leaf axils, what a great idea. I will definitely give it a try as the mother plants in the retirement village won’t last another year so if I can get the most pups out of them that would be wonderful as I really like them all and do not have anything in my garden that I don’t like, so the quicker I can duplicate or triplicate something the better as at the moment I really only have mum and pup with most of my broms and one of the golden rules in brom collecting is to never get rid of your first pup in case mother dies otherwise you have to start all over again trying to track another replacement brom down. Anyway I will let you know how I go.

Nev that is so very interesting what you say about putting pup in base of larger brom cup to get it to strike roots and that it’s something special in the water, I have never heard of this before but it sounds like a great idea and I will give it a try hopefully over my holidays as report back how I go. Gosh you are full of wonderful ideas Nev, keep them coming I learn something new from you nearly every single day, you are like a wonderful book of information and I quiet often yell out to Joe when I read your posts “Nev said try this” and then Joe and I get into a conversation on the subject and I sometimes write notes in my garden diary so I don’t forget to try some of these wonderful suggestions that come out of this great forum.

Yeah Nev I really like Neo ‘Kings Ransom’ also it really stands out amongst some of my other broms I have in the garden.

Does anyone happen to own a bromeliad called Neo ‘Reverence’ I have been chasing this bromeliad for some time as it is the very first brom I ever wrote in my Want List, it reminds me a lot of Neo ‘Kings Ransom’ but I think Neo ‘Reverence’ is much nicer. Anyway if anyone could spare a pup down the track I would be forever grateful.

Nev we absolutely adore the pics you posted of Orchid Brassia Verucosa – WOW how old is that Orchid? I showed Joe and he could not believe how beautiful all those flower spikes are and how many there are. Joe has this Orchid but it is only a couple of years old and it flowers every year but I was not aware that the flower smells. Nev your Neo ‘Break of Day’ pic you posted looks lovely and healthy and I really like its colors. Nev you did an awesome job with those Wind Breaks for your bromeliads, what a great idea, that look so neat and professional and really suit the garden, I wish our garden was wider instead of long so we could build something like that but I just do not think it would suit the way our back garden is situated. It must be nice not having too much grass to mow.

I finally went out and brought Milton Anti-Bacterial Tablets today to spray my Vriesea seedlings with as I noticed a couple of the trays have what looks like green algae starting to grow in them. I chickened out taking the lids off and letting a bit of light in to get rid of some of the algae because with the heat I don’t think the seedlings will be able to handle it as it’s real hot in the nursery at present 44 degrees. The seedlings are only about not even ½ cm in height yet so I am trying to be very careful what I do to them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated – help!

Anyway, better head off and go do the dishes.

Happy Gardening!


Sorry, OLD pics tonight as I have not taken any fresh one’s yet.

Pic 1 – Neo ‘Cane Fire’ (on the left) and Neo ‘Hot Gossip’ (on the right)
Pic 2 – Neo ‘Blushing Tiger’
Pic 3 – Neo NOID – any ideas?
Pic 4 – Vr. ‘Yellow on Black’
Pic 5 – Bill. ‘Rosea’

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