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Australian and New Zealand Gardening: Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012, 3 by splinter1804

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Photo of Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012
splinter1804 wrote:
I was going to say “Hi All”, but surprisingly there's you and I Shirley - P.S. (Oh! I should have known, Sue's just popped in as I was about to post this and beat me at the post once again). I suppose everyone else is rushing around doing all the last minute Christmas things before Santa comes. I guess having limited mobility does have some benefits, as I don't have to do any of this frenzied Christmas shopping and can just look after my brom's here in my own yard instead.

Jean – I missed you yesterday as we both must have posted together, either that or D.G.'s playing tricks on me again. Anyway it's nice to see you dropping in as it's been a long time since we previously heard from you .

Shirley – The reason for the long post yesterday was that I had a lot of catching to do, and I think my thumb is on the improve as it isn't throbbing as much as it was the day before, that is until I bumped it last night, but it soon settled down again, and as you've probably guessed by now, I'll talk about brom's all day, given half a chance.

Seems you are in the same boat as me as I lost a list I had of swaps I was to do with other brom mates. I will find the plants eventually as I always write the name of the people wanting pups on the back of the name tag so come re-potting time, all will be revealed.

I think there was another one of yours I was after as well so I'll look back through the posts and see if I can find it. Of the ones you sent on the list, I have 'Prince of Darkness', 'Amazing Grace', 'Orange Glow' (I think) and 'Golden King', so I'll get them to you after the Christmas rush and if there's any others you think of in the mean time, please let me know.

You've posted two nice pic's again, 'Jewellery Shop' is always a very popular plant and although I don't know the second one, there's very few of the hybrids released by Alan Freeman that weren't worth growing as he made some beautiful plants.

Sue - We haven't had any rain for a week or two now although they keep fore-casting it, but it seems like a nice coolish day today so I'll water everything to be on the safe side. That Bill sure has nice dark colour and the good thing is that I'm sure Jean sent me a bit a while back also, all I have to do is try and find it today in my jungle.

I understand what you say about your finger you tried to sew, I found it wasn't the wound that was causing the pain, but the swelling and bruising on the side opposite the actual wound.

You say you have a lot of Neo. 'Fireballs', why don't you mix them up with the yellow ones as I'm sure they'd look great as red and yellow seem to compliment each other beautifully.

I found that Vr. Ospinae was one of the plants that responded well to the extra fertilising plus extra prill in the lower leaf axils. I tried it on one of the ones I got from this lady and at last count I had taken 13 pups from it and it's not finished yet as there are still some grass like pups appearing all around the bare stem - a really interesting plant.

I'm fortunate with the Coco Peat as I don't seem to be troubled with these "gnats" you speak of, maybe because our climate is a tad cooler than yours, who knows? Anyway I don't see why finely chopped sphagnum wouldn't work as well as it will hold water also and I expect you will get the same result as I do.

My son-in-law went "outside" fishing on a charter boat with some of his work mates yesterday and the westerly wind came up and bugged up the fishing and as they were coming back a "southerly buster"came up and all he got was a good dose of sea sickness.....bugger.

I'll finish now with just a few random pic's from around the back yard taken yesterday. This is an area which I'm re-arranging and some of the plants are in temporary positions as you will see by the pot hangers still attached.

As well as hanging pots with these hangers, I also use them as handles to facilitate easy handling and save me bending down to pick up plants. So every plant I re-pot, I attach a (handle) and leave it attached until I've found a permanent location for the plant at which time it's removed. So anyone with a crook back that has trouble bending, try this out; it will save you a bit of back pain.

The last picture is of a young Pewee who flew onto the table on the back porch; I could see he had some sort of thread wrapped around his right foot, so over a couple of days I made friends with him until I could coax him into the back (closed in) porch while my wife went around the back from another direction and closed the door. I was then able to catch him and together we removed the threads from his foot before releasing him.

I fear he was in very poor condition though as the "keel bone" (sternum in a human) in his chest was very prominent which is a sign of a sick bird, so maybe he had been caught up somewhere for a while and unable to feed or drink , so we'll just have to hope he's OK.

All the best, Nev.

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