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Photo of Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012
bromishy wrote:
Hi Everyone!

Yes finally it’s the weekend and I also have some quality time off over the festive season so it’s like double hooray!!!

All the Christmas shopping is out of the road which is a huge relief.

It was nice this morning waking up to no alarm going off, apart from the girls woke us up at about 6am to take them for a walk on the beach which we did and it was really nice. A sleep in would have been nice but we have time for that.

It’s stinking hot today out in the garden. Joe hedged the hedges; whipper snipped and mowed all the lawns today so it looks really neat apart from the dead patches of lawn. I racked up all the leaves of the Avocado and Mango so I can mulch them all up, then I temp shade covered yet another large section of garden where I have my bromeliads as we cut back some of the shrubs / gingers that slightly sheltered some of them but have noticed over the past couple of weeks that unfortunately the bromeliads are not getting enough shade from the paperbark trees out in the wetland area, they are not burning thankfully but some of them are losing their beautiful colour. It won’t be much to get their colour back and the shade cloth will do the trick.

Hi Shirley glad to hear the gingers I sent you survived and you have them potted up. I have ours growing in the garden as they grow to about 2mtrs. You can grow them in pots also but they would eventually need a bigger pot and a lot of watering. You can get miniature gingers and I have a miniature red ginger that grows to about 1mtr and it is really cute and the smaller flowers it produces are gorgeous (just like the large Pink Ginger but smaller in size and colour). Great also to hear you got the Ginger / Heliconia Cultural notes I emailed, hope they are of benefit.

Thanks Shirley for explaining postage cost, that it’s not calculated on size of box but on weight, I am very new to posting plants so appreciate you letting me know.

Yeah Shirley thanks I too think Vr. Yellow on Black is a beauty, it is so dark compared to all my other vrieseas. Yes I too like Neo. Cane Fire, I have mine in the garden with 70% shade cloth over it. All the shade cloth I use around the garden is 70% even the stuff in the entertainment area where all my vriesea’s are. Shirley your Neo. Cane Fire looks so different to mine?

Oh Shirley if you can spare one down the track any chance of you putting me down for a pup (after Nev as he got in early lol) of that unusual unnamed small black neo pic you posted on 20/12, it’s SO very different to any of the mini neo’s I have, I am so blown away by how dark she is? Pic 1 Neo ‘Hazel Mac’ is also very cute and has great shape.

Hi Sue glad to hear you have been getting some rain, we are still waiting in anticipation as our grass is getting fried out there and it makes no difference how much we water, but if it rains I know this will make a huge difference because it always does as you can’t beat a good bit of fresh rain to bring everything back to life.

Yeah Sue I agree Vr. philippo-coburgii (round chocolate tips) is very different to Vr. altodasserae (pointed tips), I have both and they are very different when comparing them side by side. I have never seen either of them flower but I have seen pictures of Vr. Philippo-coburgii’s flower which I really liked.

Sue / Jen Vr. Black on Yellow I purchased from EBay back in June 2012, with not much info provided by the seller at the time other than “Rarely ever offered on EBay, the outer of the leaves on this Vriesea are much darker than the centre, the picture had not captured the contrast between the centre and the remainder of the plant. It is a medium sized grower”. I really luv it because it is the darkest Vriesea that I have so far and is just that little bit different when displayed amongst my other vriesea’s. Unfortunately I know nothing about its parents?

Thanks Sue that would be great if you could keep your eye out for Neo ‘Reverence’, I think it is such a pretty brom.

Sue that Neo ‘Exotica Satin’ or whatever pic you posted on 19/12 is gorgeous. We also like the Orchid Pics you posted on the 20/12, I have seen Joes Oncidium ‘Sharry Baby’ flower and got to smell it, isn’t it a beautiful little orchid with those cute little flowers, it’s amazing how strong the perfume smells from something so tiny.

Hi Jen sorry to hear your Vr. Angela x Milky Way turned out to be a real dud. We got our one from EBay from a reputable seller that we always buy from and the pic the seller had posted was identical to what we got in the mail and we went WOW when we unwrapped it from the box, the pup is doing really well and I think it will change colour when it flowers.

Jen no worries, I will keep you in mind for a pup from Vr. Yellow on Black, hope you don’t mind being patient though because she is still relatively small and I want to keep at least a couple of the first pups I get from her because she is not as tough leafed as some of my other Vriesea’s, her leaves are a lot more delicate, so easier for her to get damaged so I want to make sure I have a couple of back up plants of her. In the interim if I see her again for sale I will probably look at getting another because I adore her that much.

Jen luved all beautiful brom pics you posted on 20/12, especially Pic 3 Neo ‘Marmorata albo with Cane Fire (purple), and Pic 4 Neo ‘Pink Sensation’ those cute pink babies are gorgeous.

Hi Jean so nice to hear from you; and wishing you also a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Hi Nev hope that your thumbs much better, glad to hear it’s only throbs now and again when you hit it by accident. Thanks for clarifying that Jen’s Neo ‘Blast’ that I mentioned I like is not Neo ‘Blast Off’. Thanks also for the info on Neo ‘Reverence’ I have been chasing this one for years but still no luck, I have looked high and low without any luck. If I ever stubble across one I will probably question if it is for real or not lol.

Nev thanks for your advice regarding my little vriesea seedlings with algae growing in a couple of the trays, I will give your advice a go while I am off and let you know how I go, at least I am home to monitor their progress.

Nev that’s fantastic what you do with your seedlings and the cocoa peat, I will keep that in mind for my babies once I have set-up some shelving in the nursery. I also liked Sue’s idea with the sphagnum moss too if it was cut up fine enough.

Nev great pics also of your shutters in open position, they look great, as well as all the Pics you posted on 21/12 WOW look at all those gorgeous bromeliads, all that glorious colour. I would want to set up camp in there if I visited because all those colours mixed together are breath taking. That was very kind what you and your wife did for that poor little bird, anyway you never know with birds sometimes, hopefully it comes back to visit for food and a drink of water and keeps coming back to visit.

Pic 1 and 2 - Took some random pics today of some broms that I temp moved under the Avocado tree while I cleaned the area where they usually live. If you want to know what any of them are please let me know.
Pic 3, Pic 4 and Pic 5 – Mixture of broms under temp shade area, they have been there at least a month now and seem happy.

Anyway that it for me tonight time to put the kettle on.

Take care and Happy Gardening Everyone! Look forward to speaking with you all real soon.


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