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Australian and New Zealand Gardening: Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012, 2 by weed_woman

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Photo of Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012
weed_woman wrote:
good morning all, two more sleeps!
Nev, glad to hear you are feeling better. The length of your posts is better also! I like your little pee wee and he's lived up to his name on the table!
I have got a couple of Neoregelia 'Fireball' in the garden with the yellow minis, but they don't seem to do as well. Now that I have plenty to play with, I can always try a few more. I also thought about putting some Aechmea gracilis small form up there, as a bit of green also looks good as a contrast, and I have a tray of them.
Hubbys fishing trip resulted in a few being sea sick, no fish, and, no doubt, a bit of a hangover later this morning. I have absolutely no symathy!
Your shade houses are looking very colourful,and the Vrieseas look to be a good size. I hope you get alot acheived while everyone is out Xmas shopping. I have done all mine, I think, although it looks like we might have another two ring ins on the day, so might have to dig out extra everything.
Congratulations grandaddy Ian! How convenient for your daughter to have your grandson there for your arrival. I hope you have a great Xmas and find some brom treasures while you are away.
Trish, I am glad you finally have some time off. You won't know yourself after a bit of a relax and a few sleep ins!
Out of interest, what was the Ebay seller name on that Black on yellow Vriesea. You can Dmail me if you don't want to broadcast it here. Just curious.
I'm glad you and Joe enjoyed seeing Onc. 'Sharry Baby' I bought it at the markets quite sometime ago, and have split it a couple of times and given bits as trades, and it keeps on flowering every year. The next orchid to flower is Epidendrum fragrans. I am checking the buds ever day, and hope nothing eats them before they flower. As the name suggests, it is fragrant, nd it will come inside while it is flowering, to waft its scent around the living room.
Your random garden shots are very colourful, and as you say, the temp shades are working well.
Shirley, The house work won here, but I am glad its done, although a vacuum on monday afternoon will be needed, as I have tracked in grass clipping and bits of leaf matter, as happens after a day in the garden. I cleaned up bark in the brom gardens and mowed and edged the grass and blower vacc'd the veranda as well as a few other odd jobs around the place. I am going to dead head Agapanthas today, and prune a few bits here and there, nothing drastic.
No rain yesterday, and feels warm here already, so I'll get out and do an early water.
I figured the Alan freeman hybrid must have been slightly different to the pic. There seems to be alot of purple shade in alot of his hybrids. I have a few that I inherited from Leisa, with bromagic labels on them, and every now and then one will stand out and say 'look at me'.
With your V. ospinae, I too heard that it likes a bit more moisture. maybe keep it in a potting mix, rather than a brom/orchid mix, so that it retains more moisture in the soil? I find that works with alot of guzmanias too.
Wendy, just a thought, your Billbergia seedlings might have what is called 'Damping Off' It sometimes happens with annual seedlings. Although, I just googled it, and according to wikipedia, it usually due to COOL wet conditions, so your thoughts on too much heat might be more on the money. What a shame.
I hope Max stays well till Xmas is well over, and hope he gets some relief so you can have a better nights sleep. My hubys snoring aftera big drink will leave me a bit tired today too! heh heh
Anyway, lets see what I shot with the camera yesterday.
Photo one is some Till scheidiana seeds wiped onto a casaurina tree, sprayed with water and I wrapped some fishing line around the trunk a couple of times to keep at least some of them attached.
Photo two is Neo. 'Furnace' in the garden, a slightly larger mini
Photo three is some N. 'Satsuma' seedlings in the garden. All just slightly different in colour or shape, or size.
Photo four is a portion of Leisas garden, just to show Trish I don't always plant in rows, heh heh. Its actually getting cowded and hard to step between to get the debris out.
Photo five is the same plants from a different angle. And I have just noticed there is a smudge on my camera lens! Must clean that now.

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