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Australian and New Zealand Gardening: Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012, 4 by perke_patch

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Photo of Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012
perke_patch wrote:
Merry Christmas everyone belatedly. WHat a hectic few days hence the no show on here. we had the girls for 2 days so mum and dad could build the santa presents. We took them down to the shopping centre to see santa. I accidentally let slip to Emily that Pa went to school with that Santa. As soon as it came out I could have bitten my tongue off but Emily came back with "did Pa go to Santa school?" Anyway Santa was very quick and said that he was a boy once too and went to school so yes he did go to school with Pa but Pa failed and they picked him to be Santa when he was all grown up. He jockingly told Pa to sit on his knee as Rylee wasn't keen to sit there. So we got a pic of Pa on Santa's knee and Rylee on Pa's knee. Anyway the shops were far too busy for us then so we came home. The girls were picked up from here about 3.30 on Christmas eve to go to nanna and poppies house at Dayboro where they were sleeping the night. As soon as the girls were gone we had to race to the shops to grab our food stuff for Christmas day. Then we had to go next door for Christmas drinks with a few of our neighbours. I came home about 7pm to do the cooking then fell into bed. So CHristmas morning I had to do all those things I didn't get around to doing the day before. house to be cleaned, tables to be set up, even a couple of presents to be wrapped and food to be cut up. As soon as the kids left after lunch we had to rush out to Johnny's sisters to catch up with them for drinks. Got home about 7.30 and sat with a cuppa and a few leftovers and promptly fell asleep in the chair so I was in bed way before 9pm. Needed that sleep that's for sure.

I've just been reading up on about 4 or 5 days of posts. can't possibly remember all the things I was going to comment on so I'll reread and respond to a few as I go.

Shirley I love that pink guzmania. I think to have lasted 6 months it has to be a species as they do last longer than hybrids. when you get a spare pup I'd love to swap you something. Johnny has repotted all his (note they are now his not mine) guzmanias into a more soil type mix than brom mix after learning they prefer this. he is also feeding regularly and foliar spraying regularly so hopefully we will get bigger and healthier plants with larger infloresences. thanks for the info on them Nev. I will certainly print that out for Johnny and his sister who is now into broms.

Jen your vriseas are colouring up very nicely and I'm sure you have some we didn't get from Richard and vise versa. lucky you having today in your broms. We had another do to go to so only had a little time this morning potting up seedlings before my sister and her husband popped in for a cuppa and chat then Darren and Hayden called round. I showed Hayden a couple of WII games I got for him so we had to connect that up for him to have a go then it was time to get ready to go out. Again it was around 7pm when we got home. luckily I had that sleep last night so was able to stay awake long enough to get onto the computer. LOL

Nev I love that neo fairy dust. and Sue those satsuma seedlings look interesting. I'll have to look for some seed on those and give it a try. Emily discovered some very purple berries on the leudemaniana rubra so we had to collect it and squeeze it into our strainer and wash it. Half has been potted and I'll do another container in a few months. I'm looking forward to the orlandiana and leudemaniana seedlings maturing. I think I should get some good stuff from them. I also collected seed on a quesnelia lieboniana down the back. There were 4 very red pods which fell away when I touched them so knew they were ripe. other pods were all just orange so they are stil on the plant. I checked the lieboniana down among the billbergias and it still only had the one red pod which must be the one I crossed with the billbergia so I now have that also planted out beside the straight quesnelia from down the back (I assume it is straight but could be crossed by nature).

Time for bed I think. I'll reread tomorrow night and respond to a few others. I'll add a few random pics from Christmas for you all to enjoy.
Pic 1 is of course pa and the girls with Santa
Pic 2 is Emily with her gingerbread house but what you can't see is the other side with no decorations as Emily ate too much of the icing straight out of the piping bags so we had to dash to the shops next morning to buy more decorations and pic 3 is the updated version with freckles filling in the gaps. NOTE TO SELF: next time decorate gingerbread pieces before assembling the house as we spent more time holding bits on while icing set otherwise they just slid straight off. lucky we had Emily, Hayden and me to hold different bits while they set.
Pic 4 is Rylee hamming it up with a santa hat on Christmas eve
Pic 5 is Rylee with a new fairy dress we gave her and she just had to put on straight away and the horsey we gave her. just a horse head on a stick with wheels but she loved it as she could squeeze it's ear and it made noises while she rode it.

Anyway my bed is calling me and it's already after 12.30. I'll post as soon as the pics load up.

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