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Australian and New Zealand Gardening: Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012, 3 by bromishy

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Photo of Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012
bromishy wrote:
Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone had a memorable and enjoyable Christmas. We had a great couple of days spent with friends who stayed over a couple of nights who left yesterday and although we had a fantastic time with them we secretly must admit that the peace and quiet in the house right now is ever so blissful. The kids (three girls aged 6 and 9) had a wonderful time swimming and playing with our dogs, they also enjoyed promenading around the garden looking at all my bromeliads and were very intrigued about their names and how to grow them and it was nice hearing them running back to their parents to tell them about some of the ones they liked in the garden and grabbing mum or dad by the hand to go and show them. They also got a real kick out of discovering the little frogs in them and kept squealing each time they found one. They also discovered quickly that some bromeliads bite when they lost some of their lollies amongst them and tried to retrieve them, let’s just say Neo Hannibal Lector of all the broms was a horrible choice for them to mess with and I had to sooth one of the girls arms with some Aloe Vera I picked from the garden lol.

Hi Jean sounds like you have been very busy reorganising all your bromeliads, isn’t it a nice feeling when you have them organised or find a bromeliad hidden amongst the others that you have not seen for a while, and then there are all the lovely pups when discovered that you get to separate and pot up, it is such a satisfying feeling don’t you think.

Hi Jean like Sue I think the NOID Pic 4 you posted on 27/12 (second thread) that they both could be Vr. Splendrite, they will colour up nice if given the right light but they do not like too much direct light. I have mine growing under 70% shade cloth and the markings on the leaf are very distinctive. I will post a pic if I can find one or take another picture today to post so you can compare.

Hi Nev it was a very interesting read the information you provided on 27/12 regarding mounting specimens on trees, would a mango tree be suitable given that it has rough bark?

Nev luved all your brom pics posted on 28/12. At first glance I thought Shirley’s Neo ‘Bold Streak’ x McWilliamsii (the one on the l/h/s) was just that but just not as mature as the one I have? I will post a pic. The one on the right has very different markings; Shirley is this labelled the same name or a different name? Nev your one has a lot more colour than mine, mind you mine is still only a mature pup and still has a lot of growing and colouring up to do.

Hi Wendy that pink Epiphyllum flower Pic 4 you posted on 27/12 is gorgeous; the flower really stands out doesn’t it. The little hothouse you built for your triangularis seedlings are also working a treat by the looks of how well they are growing.

Wendy, Johnny – so very sad to hear about beautiful Max, our thoughts go out to you both, we completely understand what emotions you would be going through right now as we have been privileged to have owned, luved and lost some beautiful dogs in our lives and there is not a day that goes by that I do not think about them all with the fondest of memories. Our lives are whole because of them and they are such a huge part of our lives and I know we will always have them in our lives no matter what and if I had my way I would want to adopt as many as we possibly could and am a firm believer that they luv and treat us better than we luv and treat ourselves and they are so good for our health and wellbeing.

Hi Ian hope you’re enjoying spending time with your daughter and new grandson. Great to see you are still managing to find brom around the garden to post pics of.

Hi Bree great to hear your trees are growing and providing much needed shade for your broms. What about popping a bit of shade cloth up here and there in your garden, it works a treat in our garden and we get to still see all the broms and it is easy enough to get to them for shuffling pots around or weeding etc. Luved all the brom pics you posted by the way, and how cute is your pup of Neo Blushing Tiger, mine should be pupping soon, I’ve just popped mine in more shade because it was getting too much light and loosing colour but the colour is starting to come back again.

Hi Sue glad to hear you got some rain, so did we for a couple of days. Really liked the Epidendrum Pic 2 you posted on 26/12, what a gorgeous flower it has, its shape is so very different to anything I have seen before. Does the flower smell? Your Pic 4 of Neo ‘Smithii’ is also very nice, luv the purple blotches all over it, is this one a mini grower?

Sue sounds like you are busy as usual in the garden and I can totally understand that it is hard to get motivated in this heat. I am just finishing a cup of tea and then heading out into the garden to weed the front yard as I want to inject some more bromeliads into the area (go figure) as there is a fair bit of shade there and this saves us having to put up more shade cloth for now.

Hi Kristi great to hear from you, really liked all the pics you posted. Hope we hear from you some more in 2013.

Jen, thanks yeah hubby and I are having a great break together and making the most of every day. We went for a swim last night and it was nice just taking time out to look at the stars in the sky and listen to all the noises in the dark, then we woke up bright and early this morning and took the girls for a walk on the beach and it was high tide which was nice and we sat under a tree that was full of black cockatoo’s that were having a good old munch on some nuts in the tree.

Jen I adored each and every vriesea pics you posted on 25/12, by the looks of things you are doing a great job growing them as well as the gorgeous colours that are coming out in them all, what is your secret?

Jen in relation to your question on what do I feed my broms, well I must admit I don’t feed them as much as I should but I don’t think they need that much feeding really as they get plenty enough nutrients out of the bromeliad mix I grow them in and on the odd occasion my vrieseas get a bit of slow realise fertiliser or Condy’s Crystals and sometimes some of my husband’s orchid food, but I make sure that whatever I feed them is at a very weak dose. Whenever I cut off pups I usually check the mother for disease or pests and normally put her into a fresh new pot with new bromeliad mix as well as the pups get fresh pots and new mix also and once the pups have settled they get a quarter teaspoon of slow release fertiliser granules every couple of months or so depending on how they are travelling.

Hi Shirley hope your sore throat and headache has gone away and that you are feeling much better, take it easy and remember that housework can wait conserve your energy and then tackle it when you’re feeling better. I am thinking of hiring a cleaner to do all our windows next year as I just don’t have the time or energy to do them properly as there are just too many of them to do.

Shirley I don’t think that the Pic 2 NOID you posted on 28/12 is Neo Gunpowder? I will attach a picture of my one for comparison. I was going to say the same as Sue Neo Grey Nurse type and will post a pic of both for you to see.

Anyway time to get my butt out into the garden, hopefully I can find enough shady spots to hide and get some stuff done while I can before I run out of time and have to go back to work (sad face :( ).

Hi to anyone else looking in and anyone on the Sick List, we miss hearing from you all.

Take care and Happy Gardening Everyone! Look forward to speaking with you all real soon!


Pic 1 – Neo ‘Splendrite’ for Jen to compare with her’s.
Pic 2 - Neo ‘Gun Powder’ when comparing against Neo ‘Grey Nurse’ in Pic 3 for Shirley.
Pic 4 – Neo ‘Bold Streak’ x McWilliamsii’
Pic 5 – Nidularium ‘Rutilans ‘Spotty’

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