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Photo of Bromeliads for novices and Addicts - Dec 2012
bromishy wrote:
Hi Everyone!

Well we experienced another scorcher of a day here in paradise so I got up early and continued weeding the front garden bed where I had to keep chasing the shade to shelter under as it was too overwhelming to work in the sun. The neighbours next door had the exact same idea just that they ran out of shade to hide under so they went back inside. Anyway I should have the front garden bed done this arvo as I want to relocate some brom’s to the area as well as inject some more colour into the garden.

Hi Bree glad to hear you like my Vr. ‘Splendrite’, I luv it but find it to be such a slow grower. I only have the one and it is yet to pup, I would like to get more of these to place in the garden because they really do stand out even when not in flower.

Bree nice pic of your Neo ‘Bold Streak x Mcwilliamsii’, yours has great markings and colour more so than mine.

Hi Shirley pleased to hear your feeling much better, sounds like you have been very busy in the garden; isn’t it a great feeling when you get tasks out the way and things are nice and tidy in the garden. We noticed too that everything is growing so quickly, even the dead patches of lawn in the garden have nearly mended with the beautiful rain we experienced the grass is growing back nice and quick. We decided not to mow this weekend just to give the grass time to grow a bit more and for new roots to take hold.

Shirley your pic of Neo ‘Small World’ is so nice, what a beautiful compact shape it has and I really like the multitudes of markings all over it as well as its colour and pink tips.

Hi Sue yeah definitely making the most of our time off, especially since all the visitors have gone, it’s nice to have everything back in order where I can go and spend quality time out in the garden. Joe wanted to spend some time with me so sat outside on a chair in a shady spot in the garden with the laptop watching me weed my brom garden bed lol, I really enjoyed his company and chatted madly to him until he went back inside because the battery was going dead on the laptop lol. We too have been using the pool a lot, we jump in at least 3 or 4 times a day when we are off, it’s handy for cooling off when you are in the garden all day as the heat really knocks me around especially because of the amount of time I try to stay in the garden.

Speaking of water, today I managed to hose the inside of our house LOL when I dragged a garden hose around to the front garden bed I had weeded to do some watering and went around to turn it on a little bit (but turned it on more than I had thought) but did not realise the hose nozzle was pointed at our front entry door which was open, I scared the crap out of Joe who was sitting on his lazy boy chair when water started hitting one of the walls and water started to flood the entry way, that’s when I heard Joe yelling loud enough for the neighbours to hear “What the hell are you doing” LOL. Next time I will have to remember to throw him a cake of soap, some shampoo and conditioner so he does not even have to get out of his seat LOL.

Yeah Sue I suppose I do feed my broms a bit lol but it is all over the show and depends on how I feel and what I see when checking them. I definitely feed the pups I buy or separate and I always feed my Vrieseas as I know they benefit from it. I am very careful with my mature Neo’s though and would prefer just giving them a fresh pot of brom mix rather than fertilise them, but again it depends on how I feel when I check on their progress and if I feel they need a little food I give it to them but at all costs I try not to feed them too much or this might strip them of their colour.

Sue luved all your brom and orchid pics, especially was interesting to see vriesea ospinae var gruberi’s grown in different light conditions, I find them to be such an interesting vriesea because they are so different to all my others in the way their leaves look so thick and rubbery. I am just starting to feed mine more to see if this makes a difference to their drooping leaves as they always appear thirsty or hungry to me and I can’t help but worry about them lol.

Hi Nev luved reading about your grandsons and the “jungle track”, sounds like they have hours of fun and it will be something they will remember for the rest of their lives. I remember as a kid picking wild berries in Bordeaux - France in what to me was a magical forest full of thick mist and fog, I truly believed this forest was where fairy’s lived because it was such a magical place to me full of many trees, moss growing on everything and I will never forget the smell of the earth, decomposing leaf matter and the beautiful smell of the trees. The berries I have never tasted anything like them since and whenever I do eat berries it reminds me of the beautiful magical forest I discovered as a child in Bordeaux.

Nev I have a Till growing in our Mango Tree but it is growing on its own bit of wood, I wonder if it would grow just as happy attached to the Mango Tree, maybe one day I will give it a go and report back to everyone? Joe has some Bush Orchids growing in the centre of the tree and they appear to be content, growing and they flower well. I just have not tried any of my other bromeliads that do well in trees yet, I suppose as my collection expands I may have to try other options.

Nev, Joe and I were only commenting the other day that we get more of a reaction out of children when it comes to gardening then we do out of the adult friends we have, a good majority of them just can’t be bothered in doing any form of gardening other than mowing because they have to and some of them do not have any hobbies what so ever. I can’t imagine life without my garden, my bromeliads or hobbies. Children are great because they take in a lot and want to learn about things, they are like sponges, so over the time they stayed I had them out in the garden teaching them things and answering all their questions and when I was inside cooking something they all wanted to help and you could see they were so proud that they had made something from scratch rather than out of a packet. I had them picking fresh herbs out of the garden and showed them what we would cook them with and I had them picking vegetables out of the garden to eat fresh/raw and they were amazed that they had come from the garden and not a grocery store. Anyway by the time our visitors were ready to leave the kids did not want to go to their holiday destination where they had plans to go horse riding, snorkelling etc, the kids got very upset wanting to stay with us and pleaded with their parents to stay with us, one of them even cried and chucked a tantrum when they got told to get in the car. To be honest I had more fun with the kids than I did the adults because with the kids we interacted, with the adults they preferred just to sit, drink, smoke cigarettes and ignore the kids. I just can’t sit for that long or I go steer crazy and as much as I luv my friends and don’t want to be rude I just have to sometimes get up and do something to keep myself motivated otherwise all I want to do is go to sleep lol. Lucky all my friends know how I am and appreciate how precious home time means to me and often we could be sitting outside having a cup of tea and I am pulling weeds out of my brom pots lol. Maybe I am just a big kid at heart lol?

Hi Ian welcome back must feel great to be home, look forward to seeing pics of your new brom purchases.

Hi to anyone else looking in and anyone on the Sick List, we miss hearing from you all.

Take care and Happy Gardening Everyone!


Seem to be having trouble attaching pics so only one pic tonight of Bill’ ‘Rosea’:

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