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perke_patch wrote:
Hi everyone. sorry to have been awol for a few days. Just couldn't face everyone after our sad loss. had a few early nights with a book instead. we had a good last day with Max on Friday knowing the vet was coming about 5pm. His last night with us was pretty difficult for Johnny as he had Max pawing the bed as though he was asking for help but there was nothing we could do for him to help with his breathing. then Friday morning he had another majoy nose bleed which made the decision for us that it was time. after sleeping off the nose bleed he was right as rain by the time the vets arrived at 4.30. He rushed out and greeted them with wagging tail. But they were absolutely incredible, taking the time to make friends with Max and make him comfortable with them. the one with the tackle box full of needles and medicines had a drawer full of liver treats so every time he got something out of it Max anticipated another liver treat. While he was inserting the canula Max had a nice pile of liver treats between his legs to concentrate on. And the rain was falling the whole time they were here. Anyway we now only have to break our habits. For example I cooked 4 large chops last night for tea...... 1 for Johnny, 1 for me and 2 for Max. Never even thought till I was dishing up and realised there were extras and no Max to eat them. Then when we went shopping and I chose a tray of steak with 3 in it Johnny said we only needed 2 now. In the habit of getting one for Max. so those are the times when we really miss him. Also this morning when we got up I stayed in the room to strip and remake the bed before coming out for a cuppa. I found Johnny sitting downstairs as it was too windy on the verandah. Anyway he was by himself down there and I could see he didn't like being alone with no Max to talk to. I'll have to remember to get out there to talk to him instead of have him sitting there thinking too much. Anyway we had the whole family (except Paul in Hervey Bay) around tonight for a BBQ to farewell Max. The little ones kept talking about Max being in the heaven farm now. Emily is convinced that animals go to live on a farm when they can't be with us anymore.

Back to broms. Nev I checked on your link to Blake Street Beauty and was intrigued to see "alleged to be sport of manoa beauty". even though they finally registered it they still don't believe it is a sport. I saw that striped pup on a manoa beauty and a lot of other respected brom growers saw it also at Phyllis Hobbs place but because she removed the pup before taking the picture of it with its mum they said they couldn't be sure it came from that plant. I know it did as Blake street is in Cleveland where Phylis lives. anyway we now have a blake street beauty which threw 3 pups all totally different and one of them looked very similar to Shirley's "bold streak x mcwilliamsii" with the irregular stripes including big chunks of solid red stipes. I'll find the pic I took of them. (can't find one but I'll keep looking)

Ian I also think your vrisea is a tiger tim. lucky you getting one of those. I've been potting out seedlings like your tray. I either thin them out a bit and transplant into a tray like you did or I transplant the whole of a small tub into a larger tray to give them more growing room. also I've found the deeper round tubs have been too hot with little air flow around the base of the seedlings and they have rotted off so I've been transplanting what hasn't perished into rectangular trays. lost a lot of billbergia seedlings. I thought the deeper round tubs would provide support for the taller billbergia seedlings till I could pot them up but they have simply fallen apart when I tried to repot them. those that I had already thinned out weeks ago are growing nicely but any left in these round tubs are mostly gone now. lesson learned.

Nev I love your 'rosea striata x beau hansen' seedlings especially the little dark one bottom corner of pic 3 and also pic 4. I know I have some of these seedlings so i'll have to have a close look at them tomorrow. I have pics to download tonight but running out of time to do it so I think that will be a job for tomorrow night although we will have the girls so the office might be a bedroom so we'll see if I get computer access.

Pic 1 is a canistrum/edmundoi lindenii seedling grown from seed of the variegated one. shoe is placed to show size. this one I potted up quite some time ago and fed so it has matured way faster than others still in smaller pots. pic 2 is same plant flowering now. I love the mottled leaf patterns on these.

I've done a lot of potting up of seedlings this week but pics are still in the camera so I'll leave them for another night.

Hope you all have a lovely new years eve tomorrow. I'm sure we will be busy with the girls and look forward to getting at least one of them to bed early. maybe Emily will be able to stay awake long enough to share the fireworks with Pa as he won't have Max to go down to the boat ramp to watch them with him. we might just have to go to bed instead and ignore them.

Night all.

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