Cking on car insurance coverage

Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

Not sure how to put this...but...I was involved in a 5 car collision Friday at a stop light. Not my fault!!!!...I was the 4th to get hit. But when our insurance adjuster called today, she noticed that we only had $25,000. liability coverage IF it was our fault. "Said they had just had a member involved in a rear end collision with a Ferrari (over $100,000)." Wanted to let us know that if we'd been at fault..which wasn't the case....we could have been sued for being under insured. Just what I needed to hear! We hadn't been updated as far as insurance for years, I guess. Fixed that a few hours later. Added about $.80 a month to the policy.
I've been called by two of the other insurance companies already. My little Accord is totaled. I was on my way to a flower show. Minding my own business at the light when BAM! I heard it coming. A truck failed to stop and took 4 of us out.
I just wanted to remind you to check your coverage. We didn't. It could have been a different outcome, if it had been my fault....and not enought coverage. Very scary......

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