Mould in houseplant soil

Leiden, Netherlands

I'm not sure if anybody is able to help, but I have a tall houseplant that had mould all over the top soil. I have since taken it out of the pot, and put in with some new soil. My concern is that this mould will return - is this a common problem? Is there a way to prevent mould on the soil?

The plant itself looks to be healthy.

Exeter, United Kingdom

Ok well from my experience every so often just use a fork and getting break up the top soil, this should hopefully stop the mould but also are you sure its mould as sometimes its a build up of salt, if there is salt in the water or anything it could be that.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

If it really is mold and not a salt buildup as Sklya mentioned, then most likely it means that you are watering a little too much so you check to make sure you're watering appropriately. The best way to check is to stick your finger down into the pot an inch or two and see how wet the soil feels--if it's still wet then you ought to wait before watering again.

Minneapolis, MN

I had white mold that started growing in my African Violet when I repotted it into a self watering planter. It appeared to be only on the soil...It was due to the consistent moisture and lack of ventilation. It stopped instantly once I redid the soil mix with atleast half perlite to improve ventilation. I also opened up the windows to improve air ventilation.

Leiden, Netherlands

Many thanks! I repotted it, and will lay off the water for now, we'll see what happens. Thanks again.

Westerly, RI

you could be over watering the plant

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