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one week later sting site is still painful

Huntersville, NC

One of my honeybees got caught in my curly hair and stung the back of my head a week ago. The site is swollen and tender and is at the base of my head, just left of center. Everytime I move my neck it stretches or sqeezes the area and hurts. The site isn't red or bumpy--just painful and occassionally itchy. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it because I got stung on the head? I've never had a sting cause so much discomfort.

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Williamsburg, MI(Zone 4b)

I got stung last week they day after some surgery where they gave me a BIG dose of benadryl so I wouldn't react to the contrast dye. I scraped he stinger off and it never reacted a bit, within an hour or so, you couldn't even tell where it was. Well, 4 days later when all the benadryl wore off, I got a bump and terrible itchies. If you got a big dose of the venim, it couls react for days. t also may be possible that the stinger got broken off in the skin and is causing the reaction. Have someone take a close look. Otherwise, because there is nothing between skull and skin on the head, a bump we wouldn't notice anywhere else of the body makes a tight swelling on the head.

Try a little benadryl cream and if it is not better, I'd have it checked.

Kenosha, WI

I'm using an essential oil to treat the area. Last year as I was tending my beans I got stung on my upper lip. After immediatly applying the essential oil the swelling and discomfort were minimal - within 24 hours you could not tell that I was stung.

I'm using an essential oil blend made by Young Living called Purification - you can google to find the company - if you want to order directly you need a sponsor number to set-up an account. My number is 782355 and you are welcome to give my number as your sponsor.

Please post a testimonial if you try it and you are as impressed as I am. My bees are very gentle and I don't get stung very often, but I have used this oil every time with great benefit.

On the Olympic Penin, WA(Zone 9a)

Charcoal poltice on the sting!! (

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