Salvia discolor

DeLand/Deleon Spring, FL(Zone 8b)

I'm thinking I'd like to get this one, anyone have experience w/ it?

Fallbrook, CA(Zone 10b)

I have largest has been in a half barrel in part shade, stems arching to about 4 ft. It's been in there several years and the barrel's falling apart, so I was a bit worried about how well it would problem, root ball was actually pretty small and it's gone into a large clay pot for now.

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DeLand/Deleon Spring, FL(Zone 8b)

I was thinking I'd need to give it some shade, at least thru the middle of the day. I have a couple of spots that get much more shade in summer under an area that has large oak trees. In winter it's sunnier. I can always build up the beds..just wondering about the humidity in summer. I'll probably end up trying it...found a place where the price isn't too horrendous, but then again haven't checked out their shipping yet.

Fallbrook, CA(Zone 10b)

It's possible that it may take more sun than I've given it. Others here with more experience may be able to tell you if so. I tend to err on the side of less sun. I think it does look best if it can be placed in a spot where it's elevated and I may keep this one potted and try to find a 'perch' for it. How is everyone else treating it?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I just got one this spring and it's planted in one of my many very full sun beds (sun from 10 AM until sunset). It does get a little shade from the corner of the deck, but still gets plenty of sun. So far it's doing fine but we haven't had much hot weather yet so it's hard to say whether it'll be OK there in the long run or not. I can't remember if it was planted before one of the 100+ heat waves that we had in the spring or not--our summer so far has been very cool.

Keaau, HI

I have it in full sun with little does fine here under those has been in that location for about 5 years. My guess is it won't like Florida's humidity as it seems to really like dry conditions and good drainage.

London, United Kingdom

Here, in the UK, it gets killed by the 1st frost. So I take cuttings in summer which are over-wintered under glass. It is happy in full sun here (when we have some), and only grows to about 12 inches. Therefore it gets "lost" in a border, so I tend to grow mine in a raised basket, where its unique flowers can be seen at eye level. Have you noticed the strong blackcurrant smell from the leaves and stems?

Candor, NC

It did very well for me in a raised sandy loam bed one summer in North Carolina. In Florida, much rain in summer would probably mess it up.

DeLand/Deleon Spring, FL(Zone 8b)

That's where it's kinda of a guessing game here. Some summers, lots of rain, others reasonable. ( or like this spring where is was monsoonal, which is unusual ! ) I do build up the beds, and I'm about 15 miles from the coast and it's often breezy here.
Nights can be still tho. If it doesn't get all that big I might just keep it in a pot, and put it in the Oak Hammock, Full sun am, shade midday, more sun late afternoon thru evening. Many of my Salvia's like that arrangement. It's so beautiful, I'd be willing to give it a try.

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